Preetan, Abhigya & Rabul FF : Shades Of Relationships Part 2

Small area of Mumbai 

The police firing continues with some goons hidden inside the old building . One of them main officer is Purab khanna who uses his sharp skills and become ruthless. Constabel

“All set with everything, with my orders fire but make sure nobody gets harm inside” Purab talks on walkie

After long brawl Purab is finally able to catch the goons and saves the people.

Commissioner Chauhan appreciates his bravery of saving his team and people inside.

Purab : thank you Sir

Chauhan : see you in headquarters jai hind

“Jai hind” Purab leaves after saluting

BSS college 

Bulbul and Shrishti who are in last year goes to BSS college.

Navya : hey Shrishti, I am so excited we are  almost graduating, whats the next plan

“Photography baby, I want to make my own documentary you see in future I will become big and marry a rich guy” Shrishti shares her dream of becoming wealthy

Navya : you are so ambitious I am sure one day you might end up getting what you want

“I am Shrishti Arora, always get everything I eye on by hook or crook” takes pictures around for her portfolio submission.

Bulbul who is in fashion designing league is interview by Mumbai’s top most fashion company on recruitment. She does not hope for high salary but only to learn something.

“Bulbul, help me choose the dress for the youth festival, only two weeks left before even” Sona tells her to choose dress for participants

Bulbul : I told Amy to put all of them in back room and make sure you check with the designer alright

Sona : okay thanks (leaves)

Cricket field 

On other side people are cheering in cricket stadium for last wicket. The batsman hits the last six up high will ball out of boundary. The crowd raises the flag for one more victory in BPL and name of the star “Karan Luthra”. He removes his helmet holding his bat up high and cheering with the whole team. Outside Karan is surrounded around high security where his fans cheer for his success.

Karan goes to Gurudwara to bow down his head like after every match. Preeta at the same time goes to pray there after getting new job. Both bows down praying for their families and career. They tie thread in the corner accidentally touching hands. Karan feels a strange sensation with her touch never like before with anybody. He could not see her face properly due to the wall with loops. Before he could reach Preeta, she leaves from there after praying.

Preeta runs to the bus quickly, in rush her scarf  blows on Karans’ face.

Bodyguard : Rishab sir have called you in the office shall we go

Karan : yea (lakes the scarf from his mouth) and sees around)

Bodyguard : we are getting late sir

Karan : yea come on (keeps scarf in his car)

Luthra office 

A young dashing guy with blue blazer runs through the files.

Karan : bhai

The guy turns around in chair known “Rishab Luthra” elder son of Luthra family

Rishab : welcome my brother and congratulations for another victory

Karan : thank you bhai but this is not fair you missed my another match

Rishab : don’t worry you just get selected in international then say that your brother will not come there

Karan : love you bhai, come lets celebrate

Rishab : not right now in evening only you and me okay now go enjoy your freedom

Karan : don’t forget your promise (hugs and leaves happily)

Rishab : drama king my little brother

Phoenix company 

Pragya starts her work as intern under event manager for country’s most popular rockstar Abhi Mehra. She sees the crowd outside the building to welcome their celebrity. A young charming with black leather jacket and sunglasses comes down from stopper. He gives flying kisses to all this fan as token of love. Preeta is not able to see his face properly due to crowd and goes back inside.

“Abhi, Abhi” the crowd roars with his name everywhere

Abhi Mehra, another high profile celebrity of country after Luthras. He has been winning million hearts with his voice. However he have huge conflict with Star Karan Luthra in terms of professionalism.

Bodyguard : Sir, the staff is waiting for you

The event manager Sophia (Navina Bole) introduces him to the whole staff of the office except Pragya who left for the day

“Nice to meet you all” Abhi gives attitude smile

Sophia : there is one more who just joined our company but she left early today

Abhi : okay but make sure when I am rehearsing nobody should disturb me

Sophia : don’t worry sir nobody will (assures him)

Abhi goes to his studio for practice

In evening 

Luthra house gets in full swing for celebration of Karan’s one more victory

Rishab : no today only we both brothers will have our own time sorry everybody

Rakhi : and your brother is my son too what about that

Karan : mom you spend time with dad enjoy that freedom

“Mom’s spoiled brats, instigating my wife” Mahesh scolds them

Dadi ; okay now stop it, always fighting for no reason let my kids enjoy you both go

“love you dadi” boys give hers flying kiss

Dadi : love you too

Mehra house 

Abhi goes to his house to meet his Dadi after long time.

“Dadi where are you” Abhi calls her but she does not respond

He finds her sitting in temple room as usual praying for him

Dadi : can’t you keep quiet for few minutes every time I pray and you roar

Abhi : come on dadi tell me what do you get with doing this prayer everyday we have everything now

Dadi : exactly you have this because of god and your hard work also

Abhi : just tell me what you want? I will bring it in your feet

“What I want is not to put on feet but make that sit on your head” Dadi tells him

Abhi : marriage? no way ask me other things but this I can’t give you

Dadi : why not? I have never criticized your choice and you still dont’ want to

Abhi : I want to enjoy my freedom and girl I want is still didn’t came in front of me

Dadi : what type of girl you want?

“Just like mom, the one who can give me competition but still have pure heart, who can love you more than me, her eyes should have that spark to give back tit for tat” Abhi reveals his choice to her

Dadi : oh god looks like some unique choice, I will pray soon you come in front of her

Arora house 

The girls come back from their college and work in evening

Preeta : wow what a smell mom

“I am making your all favorite curry now tell me how was your day” Sarla ask her

Preeta : it was amazing, Preeta did you get your job

“Yes didi, salary won’t be much but there is lot to learn since the clinic is just new setup” Preeta puts her bag in room

Dadi : where are my other two birds

Bulbul : I am here dadi (hugs here) how is my rockstar today

Dadi ; fantastic you tell me how was your day, your exams are coming soon

Bulbul : chill dadi your granddaughters are smart enough they will top only

Shrishti comes there too hearing their conversation but leaves to her room

Sarla : okay you all freshen up dinner is ready

Shrishti goes to terrace as she does not sit with everybody for dinner.

Sarla : I don’t know whats her problem, she always does this

Dadi : calm down, Preeta, Pragya one of you go to terrace and make her eat

Bulbul : can I go please

Preeta : no you don’t or else she will again shout like morning

Pragya : I will go (takes the plate and leaves)

On terrace Shrishti looks at her old camera and portfolio. She gets in tears seeing their dad’s picture with them.

“Hey princess time for dinner” Pragya comes upstairs

Shrishti : I am not hungry di please

Pragya ; this is not done, dadi says one should not sleep empty stomach come today I will feed you with my hands (feeds her)

Shrishti eats herself

Pragya : what were you looking?

Shrishti : nothing di, just old pictures I took, soon after college we will go into new world

Pragya : do you know what you want to do?

“Photography di but for that I need a good camera this one is not going to work and you know right now I don’t have money” Shrishti shares her feelings

Pragya : don’t worry Preeta and my job has started we will buy you a new one

Shrishti : no di I cannot take money from you, its your hard work I want to do it by my own

Pragya : do one thing till you graduate why don’t you get a part time job somewhere in company who hire

Shrishti : I am trying that di but luck is not on my side right now

Pragya : as far as I know my sister is not from the one who waits on luck right

Shrishti : thats true

“Here is the solution for all problems” Preeta hands her the newspaper

Shrishti : di what is this

Preeta : your solution, keep looking for jobs and I am damn sure you will find one

“Thank you, my lovely sisters” Shrishti hugs them happily

Bulbul feels bad for missing their hug and goes back to room

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  1. Loving the story but why is shrishti not talking to bulbul . Feeling bad for bulbul .
    Pragya-shrishti scene was adorable ??
    Preeran scene??
    Purab as a rocking ??
    Abhi-dadi bonding?
    Waiting for abhigya meeting
    I want the end game to be Preeran and Samishti . This suspense will kill me .
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling ?

  2. Despacito

    loved this epi di

  3. Amazing
    Feel sad for bulbul…?
    Pragya, preeta and shrishti?
    Waiting for abhigya to meet
    Excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads?
    Keep smiling?

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