Preeran SS ; Realization Part 7

Luthra house

Karan paces in his room about the recent happening. He ignore Preeta’s call not able to face her after losing.

Shrishti : what happened di

Preeta : Karan is not picking up my calls, I guess he is very upset after yesterday

Shrishti : why don’t you do something special for him, cheer him up

Preeta : are you crazy, in front of whole world we both have become perfect enemies

Shrishti : not in house but you can do outside, go for lunch date something

Preeta looks on


Piyali and Anu walks outside the airport when Prithvi who comes out of car hits Anu with his car door accidentally.

Anu : oouch, idiot can’t you watch properly

Prithvi ; excuse me, who told you to walk so close near my car.

Anu : how cheap, first you make mistake and then argue with us

Prithvi : if I was not in hurry I would have showed you what I can do

Anu : who stopped you? and even if you son of billionaire I wouldn’ give a hoot psycho

“You Prithvi is about to hit her but stops

Piyali : let it Anu

Anu : no didi, let me handle this and you psycho let me show my capability (breaks his car window with stone) there you go

Prithvi : how dare you? I won’t spare you now

Anu : show this comical scene in circus, lets go di (hits Prithvi on his stomach with her legs)

Piyali : how many time I told you to control anger like really

Anu : di you are very naive, I know such rogue they don’t understand straight language

Piyali : you and your tantrums are never ending

Anu : come on di we are not here to stay for lifetime just relax, but where will we live

Piyali : I think best place for us would be a chawl right (looks at the money)

Anu : okay di

The girls goes to small rural area of chawl.

Piyali : uncle we are looking for rental house

Landlord : 1500 for month and 500 advance

“I don’t have advance, we only want for two weeks Piyali request him

Landlord agrees but decides 1500 as rent without advance.

Piyali gives him 500 as payment currently and decides to give rest later while leaving.

Anu : wow di, this place is so great, I mean living in chawl is like dream coming true

Piyali : we have to meet Karan as soon as possible now

Anu : lets go in evening then

Piyali buys sim card for her phone to call Karan.

“Hello’ Karan asks

Piyali : consider me your well wisher, friend anything (teases him)

Karan : look I have no time for all this okay, say straightly who are you

Piyali : not so easily first you have to meet me and then will tell my identity

Karan : okay fine where

Piyali : juhu beach at 4 sharp bye Mr Luthra (hangs up happily)

Karan : oh god new problem everyday in my life

when will this all end

Later in evening Karan goes to meet the girl but gets irritated when she does not show up.

Karan (calls same number) : listen whoever you are if this was prank it was really terrible (starts leaving)

“Won’t you meet the person you came here for a voice stops him

Piyali comes from behind the tree shocking him to the core.

Karan : you? (asks with smile)

“Yes me shocked right puts her both hands behind while walking

Karan : you said you won’t come to india then

Piyali : i did but then I went to church and god said why don’t you go and trouble that guy see his hospitality

Both share good laugh

Karan : thanks for coming, it means a lot to me

Piyali : how would I not, when you gave me my life back (tells about her sister)

Karan : I did out of humanity, first tell me where did you left my youngest fan

“Left? she is here Piyali calls Anu

Anu : Karan sir (jumps to hug him)

“Welcome to india champ Karan taps her head

Piyali : great just for her, but not for person who brought her, both are mean

Anu : you got jealous not bad, and Karan Sir we are here for only two weeks, once your job is done you will take us out

Karan : certain promise, by the way where are you both staying

Piyali : right now in chawl

Karan : no way, you are the Karan Luthra’s friend, you can stay at our guest house

Piyali : thats really okay

Karan : no more argument get your belongings

Piyali : please its only matter of few days why to bother you

Karan : I am not requesting you but ordering, come with me

Anu : if he is saying so nicely agree na

Karan takes both girls to his guest house later on to explain his plan.

Anu ; di, I am very hungry lets eat first

Piyali : wait I will get something

Karan tells the servant to get food for them.

Piyali : whats the plan? can you explain in detail

“Yes ma’am Karan puts the projector on

Piyali : what is this now

Karan ; my family, you have to remember each face very clearly, thats my coolest parents ever, she is Kareena bua, her daughter Kritika

Piyali feels strange seeing Kareena’s picture but gets distracted

Karan : ah this is Rishab my everything, and this is Sameer my youngest brother

Anu : wow Sir you have very big family I must say great

Karan : this is Arora family, Dadi, Janki aunty, Sarla aunty, my two supporters Preeta the one I told you about and my another tallest fan Shrishti, only she understand me

Anu : But now you got one more fan here

Piyali : oh so this is Preeta and your brother, from face they look so naive in real I am sure they might be

Karan ; they both are and last this are our two enemies who came to break our family (shows Sherlyn and Prithvi’s picture)

Anu (shocked) : di that psycho, he is the same, god is with us to settle scores

Karan : what ?

Anu reveals their meeting from airport

Karan : both of them are on urge of ruining my brother and best friend, I want to teach them such a good lesson they will remember

Anu : I am with you Sir, this has become personal now

Piyali : shut up Anu, eat your food, and Karan what difference will it make if I join you

Karan : a lot, first me and Preeta have made everybody believe we are now enemies no more friends, second I want those two cheaters think I have stopped thinking about them but when i take you as my fianc, you will distract them

Piyali : how? (asks confusingly)

Karan : you have to make them believe that you are cheating on me, and for a while I will get time to find proof against them easily, their focus will on you and this will force them to delay the wedding for sure, you will threaten them that you have evidence against them

Piyali : but you only said they are very cunning

Karan : don’t worry there won’t be any problem, thats why I got you here, at no moment I will let them make you look wrong trust me

Piyali : plan is good but when I will come there

Karan : there is small get together tonight and you both are coming

Anu : in this condition, we don’t even have proper attire

Piyali : exactly you could have easily got somebody else from your status for this work

Karan : but there is difference, for them this all would be just for namesake and you will do to save somebody’s life

Piyali is touched by his understanding. Nobody knows her better than her own sister.

Karan : you understood everything right? dont’ worry about the clothes, my designer will help

Anu :your designer?

Karan : hey Andy, get the measurement and select best clothes for them

Andy : consider it done

Piyali gets hesitant with everything

Luthra house 

Guest starts coming for the party.

Sameer : bhai your last plan failed now what will we do say something

Karan stays silent

Shrishti : shorty his silence definitely means something is going in his mind

Sameer : I hope so, things are getting out of control now

Piyali and Anu arrives at Luthra house, She gets some flashes which are not very clear.

Anu : di what happened

Piyali : nothing I don’t know why my heart is getting restless

Anu ; don’t think too much focus on our mission, I am waiting to see that monkey’s face now

Karan (holds mike) : attention everybody, tonight is very happy day for my brother and family

Families get confused

Karan : I told my brother every time why are you getting married he made me understand the reason but I always made fun, now I realized he was so right and I will also tell the reason

Anu : get ready di

Karan : first of all sorry bhai, mom I had to do this without your consent, let me introduce my beautiful and gorgeous fianc Piyali (puts spotlight on her and brings on stage)

The whole family gets big blow. Lights come back again

Rishab : karan what is this?

“Sorry bhai, I wanted to give you all big surprise thats why Karan says cutely

Piyali feels embarrassed but Karan makes her comfortable

Karan : mom, dad, dadi this is Piyali, she is the one who changed my thinking

Rakhi : wow Karan, you have such a good choice, she is very beautiful

Piyali touches her feet to get blessing and all elders who are very polite towards her

“This is Sherlyn, my brother’s fianc Karan introduces to her

Piyali : nice to meet you all, and she is my younger sister Anu

Anu : hello everybody

Preeta burns in jealousy seeing another girl with Karan more than previous ones. He introduces her to Arora family.

Piyali : oh you are Preeta (smiles) Karan told me about you so much

Preeta : I can see that (says with attitude)

Kareena asks Piyali about her family and status

“Bua let it be, she will give you all information later now let her enjoy the party Karan avoids

Anu sees Prithvi getting rage. She spills the drink purposely on him

Prithvi (angry) : are you idiot? can’t you see my favorite shirt and shoes

Anu :  I am so sorry

Prithvi ; sorry my foot (looks at other watching his behavior) thats okay it happens

Anu makes him trip on floor putting her leg in between. Karan smirks seeing her guts.

Preeta and Shrishti does not give attention to Piyali who is trying to befriend them. She does not mind their ignorance. The dance session starts but Prithvi is not able to come on stage due to sprain in leg.

Rishab -Sherlyn, Piyali – Karan, Sameer Shrishti goes on floor to dance. Preeta stands on side with Anu near tables.

Kachi doriyoon, doriyoon, doriyon se

Mainu tu baandh le

Paki yaariyoon, yaariyoon, yaariyon mein

Honde na faasle..

Karan : tell me something what did you feed your sister, she have same mind like me

Piyali : please don’t say that, she is already twisted mind

Karan : whatever you say but she is really smart than her age

Piyali : its nothing like that she just loves me way too much and possessive for me

Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri

Mere sohneya sunn le meri

Dil diyan gallan

Karaange naal naal beh ke

Akh naale akh nu milaa ke..

Dil diyan gallan haaye!

Karaange roz roz beh ke

Sacchiyan mohabbataan nibha ke..

Partner changes. Karan brings Preeta on floor while Piyali goes to Rishab. Sherlyn goes out

Sataaye mainu kyun

Dikhaaye mainu kyun

Aiven jhuthi mutthi russ ke rusaake

Dil diyan gallan haaye

Karaange naal naal beh ke

Akh naale akh nu mila ke

Rishab ; I must say my brother’s choice is always amazing

Piyali (laughs) : thank you for compliment, and sorry you all had to know about me suddenly

Rishab : not at all, I know his crazy mind, you are from cape town right

Piyali : yes, last time when your brother came the whole city rocked too popular

Rishab : he is but anytime if you need my help I am always there when Karan trouble you

Piyali : of course

Tenu lakhaan ton chupa ke rakhaan

Akhaan te saja ke tu ae meri wafa

Rakh apna bana ke

Main tere layi aan

Tere layi aan yaaran

Naa paavin kade dooriyan (x2)

Preeta : from where did you find this unique piece cape town?

Karan : you are so smart baby doll, for your information she is here for some work

Preeta : now you have got your new girlfriend you will forget your friends right

Karan : never, I know how to balance in relationships

Preeta : okay lets see how will you maintain both relations your love and friendship

Main jeena haan tera

Main jeena haan tera

Tu jeena hai mera

Dass lena ki nakhra dikha ke

Dil diyaan gallan

Karaange naal naal beh ke

Akh naale akh nu mila ke

Dil diyaan gallan…

Precap : Piyali and Karan makes attempt to bring down Sherlyn in front of people revealing their plan to gang. Anu troubles Prithvi badly on purpose

  1. Anu is very smart !?
    Piyali’s rocking surprise to Karan !??
    Piyali’s entry in luthra family! Exciting!
    Karan’s plan is superb!?
    Jealous Preeta!?
    Exciting precap!
    PUS (Please update soon)
    Keep smiling?

  2. Brilliant
    Anu is so smart??
    Piyali getting flashbacks… I wonder if she is related to luthra family somehow??
    Karan’s plan….amazing
    Jealous preeta??
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads ❤❤
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