Preeran SS ; Realization Part 5

Karan’s eyes are glued on the girl standing in front of him. Though he was angry at her but no moment passed when he forgot the face.

Preeta : hi karan (smiles at him)

Karan : what are you doing here right now? I told you there is nothing between us

Preeta runs to him and hugs from back clutching his jacket sobbing. Her tears does not stop flowing from eyes but coming from her heart.

“Karan I am sorry, you can give me whatever punishment you want but your silence kills me more than anything” she says in broken words

Karan turns around holding her face tightly consoling her pain.

Preeta : you told me every single time but you were right I am biggest dumbo (clutches his collar while talking)

Karan only sees the pain in her eyes and guilt stricken for not trusting him. He quickly notices bandage on her wrist she tries to cover

Karan : show me, how did this happen

Preeta : Karan actually (stammer)

“I am asking you something what did you do” Karan shakes her shoulder angrily

Preeta : punishing myself for not trusting you (touches his one side face)

The ground slips from his feet knowing how big step Preeta took.

Karan : are you crazy? you were killing yourself for that worthless creature who don’t deserve you even a bit (rages on her)

Preeta : I am not that stupid to kill myself for a cheater, this is my punishment and now its your turn to punish me (bends on her knees)

“Promise me you will never in dream think of doing this, if this comes in your mind, you will lose me forever” puts her hand on his head

Preeta : I am sorry Karan (hugs him)

“Baby doll listen to me, you were not at fault, only problem you are very naive, don’t be so good that world take advantage of your innocence” Karan gently wipes her tears but also get emotional

Preeta : I will go and tell everybody right now, we will not let them succeed

Karan : its of no use (stops her)

Preeta : what? why won’t they believe me

“See again you are being innocent, last time you tried remember when I was in jail what happened, that cunning girl put you down and now there are two of them, that creep will make you more guilt” Karan makes her sit

Preeta : then what we will do? if I had listened to you before things would have not gone worst

Karan : look here, even if you didn’t know today I would never let you marry wrong person we will do something

Preeta : we don’t have much time, marriage is next week

Sameer and Shrishti join them too

Karan : situation is even if both go together, our enemies will figure out

Shrishti : sir there should be some way out

“If Piyali had come with me I would have easily stopped delayed this marriage and distracted those two cheater’s mind” Karan talks in mind

Sameer : where are you lost?

Rakhi comes there calling everybody

“Oh you both became friends again, I knew it” Rakhi gets happy

Karan : no mom, I could never befriend her, she is biggest dumbo (winks at her)

Preeta : yes aunty he insulted my fiancé, I came to scold him for other day

Both stands against each other

Rakhi : oh god, you both are stubborn than small children not fair come on shake your hands

Karan : mom please you take her from here, she is chewing my brain

Preeta : only if you had one (shows him tongue) Mr loser luthra

Karan : what ? loser, mom did you see how much she insults me, Shrishti take her out of my sight right now

Shrishti ; di please lets go

Preeta : fine even I am not interested in talking with you idiot (stamps on his feet)

Karan : oouch kareli

Before leaving Preeta gives thumbs up to him while Karan winks at her in return

Rakhi : dear calm down you just came, tell me where did you go? everything

Karan : nothing special mom just consider I lived to the values you gave me (recalls how he helped Piyali’s sister)

Rakhi : if you really did that I am very proud of you dear my children can never do anything wrong (kisses his forehead)

Karan : only you and Rishab pamper me a lot, I don’t know when he gets married who will love me like this (lays on her lap)

Rakhi : why only him, you will also get married

Karan : you know this marriage and all is not my type, there are million girls in line but none of them are type I want

Rakhi : you just say I will find that from whole universe

“The one who will love this family more than me, take care of Dadi, respect everybody, and yes should have some attitude” Karan have flashes of Preeta who is similar to his liking

Rakhi : are you talking about Preeta?

“Mom please she is not even close to my choice leave it” Karan gets up

Rakhi ; okay now you take rest, we are organizing for Rishab’s sangeet

Karan : this is all boring, is it all necessary

Rakhi : son of fool, shut up (leaves)

Karan : oh god how will I stop everything

Cape town 

In small rural area

Anu sees her sister doing some work and purposely putting Karan’s old match. She increases volume to get attention

Piyali : reduce the volume do you want to make whole neighborhood hear

Anu : di, can I say something? I felt so good meeting Karan Sir I mean on media social networking and real life he is so different

Piyali : you are still on same page, go and do some work I have washed clothes, dry them outside in balcony

Anu : your heart knows didi that we could never repay his favor then why this attitude

Piyali :don’t you think  you are going out of your age talk, at this time focus on studies alright

Anu : today you have to answer my question why didn’t you accept his offer of going with him

Piyali  : I already gave him reason so don’t argue with me about this, I gave you some work

Anu ; fine I am leaving (goes out)

Piyali recalls her mother’s unforgettable humiliation in front of her eyes.

Flashback outside hospital after Piyali’s show

Karan : you know why i helped you, because of my family’s upbringing, my brother always says if you help somebody without any motive god will never let you feel helpless

Flashback ends

Piyali looks at indian newspaper that have Karan’s victory. She sees genuinee happiness of achieving something.

Anu dries the clothes outside

“Hey Anu, if I take you to india will that make you happy” Piyali asks her softly

Anu : not by going against your principles, I want you take me by your own choice not forcefully

Piyali : you never asked me why I never let you go there, did that question never come in mind

Anu (stops her) : didi I have no complaint against you okay, whatever you do is always for my good so I don’t see reason to ask you

Piyali : I would have take you there only if I knew somebody there

Anu : not for me didi but think about Karan Sir, he asked you help only out of friendship, if you want to go alone then go ahead

Piyali looks on


Rishab goes to talk with Karan at night after bearing separation.

Karan ; bhai you didn’t sleep yet?

Rishab : how can I when my brother is worried

Karan ; I am not

“Nobody knows you better than me” Rishab says

Karan : I met a girl in Cape town, who was just like you, only difference was status, we have money and prestige she only had hope to live

Rishab : how was she?

Karan : just like you her shoulder have burden of responsibility at small age

Rishab ; no family nothing

Karan : I don’t think she have any relatives, I realized we are so lucky and some people are not destined to have one time meal

Rishab : my brother got emotional today, was she so helpless

Karan : her sister had hole in heart for that she had dance in bar imagine for a girl to go through that torture

“Karan, in this world not everybody is born with silver platter, even this house is built with dad’s hard work I only raised it high, same way that girl fate is not on her side if she keeps sits on somebody else’s hope her sister would have left world by now” Rishab puts hand on his shoulder

Karan : bhai how strange life is, we got everything we didn’t ask and people still don’t have even after lot of struggle

Rishab ; did she befriend you

Karan : honestly I have never saw innocent like her, I feel there is so much pain in her heart nobody knows, you also left your dreams and college life early who knows this better, I am sorry bhai (lays on his lap with tears)

Rishab : sorry for what?

Karan : I always lived life on my own way never thought how much burden is on your shoulder

“Who said you are obligated to me, do you know what makes me happy to see my brother achieve what I could not in life” Rishab holds his head emotionally

Karan ; today I want to make promise in life if I get chance I will give you happiness you want

Both brothers share their affection after long time

and stays in same room.

Arora house

Preeta feels relieved with Karan’s comeback and behaves normally

Shrishti :not bad, it was just yesterday when Karan Sir left and now you are behaving like nothing happened

Preeta : yea, whenever he is around it feels like soul of this place comes back

Shrishti : seriously you are right, but now think how will we kick that monster out of our lives, I am just waiting for the day when everybody will beat both with sandals

Preeta : no sandals and shoes

Shrishti : what?

“I will hit them with stick just wait and watch” Preeta holds rod in hand

Shrishti : now I can’t wait to see that terrific scene di so excited

Luthra family gets in full swing of next event for Rishab and Sherlyn’s ceremony. Prithvi decides to take Preeta at mall to buy clothes

Karan : wow shopping, congratulations

“Shut up Karan, here I am so tensed and you are making fun of me” Preeta gets annoyed

Both talks in car outside house

Karan : okay listen you go with him

Preeta : no way, why don’t you join me

Karan : listen to me first, I will convince Rishab to take his cheater fiancé at same mall and we will think from there

Preeta : whats the plan

Karan : once bhai catch them our job will be very easy and find out their motive

Preeta : its very important for us to know their purpose of coming in our life at same time

Karan : you get ready to go with that monkey, don’t be scared okay I am with you

Preeta : alright bye

Rishab : shopping and with Sherlyn ? are you okay or did left mind in Cape town

Karan : my dear brother if you can’t go few hours how will you spend whole life

Rishab : stop with your filmy dialogues, I will go on one condition if you come with me

Karan : I don’t like to see that monkey’s face damn it but have to do it for Rishab (says in mind to himself) okay I will come with you

The five of them starts heading to mall but unaware of each other’s presence.

Preeta unwillingly goes to shopping with the person cheating on her.

Prithvi ; Preetaji there are many dresses, look at this one (shows her cheap dress)

Preeta clutches tightly with anger but shows fakes smile and goes in dressing room.

Prithvi sees Sherlyn near the dressing section and takes in side.

Sherlyn : baby is everything okay

Prithvi : I brought that plain jane for shopping, and like always she is obeying me

Sherlyn : keep it up like this but you know that Karan is back to foil our plan

Prithvi : why are you worrying? he won’t be able to do anything, I mean who have dare to mess with Prithvi Malhothra

Rishab : I brought you here to help me not stay on phone come on

Karan : okay sorry, come with me, take this (shows him short dress for her)

Rishab : isn’t this weird, I mean such short dress for family event

Karan : I am not that stupid to give nice dress for that cheater (whispers)

Rishab : what?

Karan ; nothing, come lets see on other side

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