Preeran SS ; Realization Part 35

Bharadwaj house

Elina : welcome everybody to my house, so today is going to be very entertaining night

Suraj ; teacher madam can we start now

Karan : I know you girls bore us with your talks

Preeta : excuse if you have so much problem then rectify your mistake

Suraj : actually I wish there was some remote control to change wives (Teases her)

Elina : fine you can bring whoever you want what are you waiting for

Suraj : there is a small problem this Kabir, you have made him dependent on you

Elina : don’t worry I will take him with me in dowry good enough

Suraj ; and your other in laws will kick him out

Elina : say straightly you cannot manage without me not just you, all of boys here right now have same situation

Sameer : guys can you both please save this fight for later

Elina : so elders you all sit here, uncle aunty and we all girls on one side and

Karan signals Preeta by coughing to sit with him which is noticed by siblings

Shrishti : is there a rule for that

Elina : you will disgrace us today, fine you all couple can sit wherever you want, Kritika Roo you come with me

Suraj : what about me?

Elina : my majesty our house is big enough, sit anywhere you want

Suraj goes to sit near Kabir.

Kritika : mom are you not playing? come sit

Kareena ; no I will keep an eye on you guys, and see who is cheating I cannot leave that on mom

Preeta : thank you aunty, I know dadi would always take side of her lovable grandsons

Karan : oye kareli you are jealous, bhai see how she is fuming in jealousy

Preeta : jealous my foot move away from me

Sherlyn sits next to Rishab

Roo : should we start now, I am desperately waiting yaar

Kabir : then you will be the one to get out first

Roo : don’t challenge me

Mahesh : in this weather is there any program of eating I am very hungry

Elina : of course uncle here are hot piping jalebi, rabdi and peas kachori good

Mahesh : my mouth is getting watery

Kabir : and here is the gramophone

Rishab : you guys are amazing, today

Elina : aunty here is the remote, start everybody ready come on

Mahesh : after long time I got chance to show some talent thank you dear

Elina : you are welcome

Everybody sits around like circle and holds pillow.

Music plays

Hansata Hua Nurani Chehara

Kaali Zulfe Rag Sunaharaa

Teri Jawaani Tauba Re Tauba Re

Dilaruba Dilaruba, Dilaruba Dilaruba

“Sameer everybody says

Shrishti ; oh god I should have know anyway what can we make him do

Sameer : you and Karan bhai are not allowed, anybody else will

Kritika ; wait wait I will, Sameer bhai you have to prove your love in sharayi, I remember in school you were terrific in poem

Karan ; come on brother you have to do it

Shrishti : no wait, shorty my jiju and di proposed each other in public you can at least do that

Kareena : quiet, Sameer shayari

Sameer looks at Shrishti romantically

Kyu Tujhi Ko Dekhna Chahti H Meri Aankhe 

Kyu Khamoshiya Krti Hai Bs Teri Baatein,

 Kyu Itna Chahane Laga Hoon Tujhko 

Main Ki Taare Ginte Huye Kat-Ti Hai Meri Raatein

Shrishti blushes hearing his romantic poem

Preeta : just look at her face she is running red

Elina : I was right, you both are cutest just great yaar (praises them) other boys should learn something from him

Suraj : lets continue give the pillow

Elina laughs seeing this face


Music starts

Hansata Hua Nurani Chehara

Kaali Zulfe Rag Sunaharaa

Teri Jawaani Tauba Re Tauba Re

Dilaruba Dilaruba, Dilaruba Dilaruba


“Rakhi aunty all of them shouts

Roo : now it will be fun my romantic mother, come on so bhai whats the plan

Preeta : I will tell muglehazam

Karan : so boring yaar Preeta, didn’t you find any other idea

Kritika : no she is right, come on mami

Mahesh : lights off (lights matchstick) so what did Anarkali said to Salim

Meri Aankhon se mere khwab na cheeniye Shehzade mein marr jaungi Rakhi enacts Anarkali’s dialogue 

Elina ; what an acting aunty you will leave behind this fake actors

Karan ; who are you calling fake actors

Preeta : to you all and don’t say anything to my friend (hits him)

Kritika ; okay okay lets continue

Hansata Hua Nurani Chehara

Kaali Zulfe Rag Sunaharaa

Teri Jawaani Tauba Re Tauba Re

Dilaruba Dilaruba, Dilaruba Dilaruba

“Suraj all says

Elina : my dear husband time for some work, be ready

Suraj : oh hello don’t be so happy

Kabir : come on bhai this is only time to show your talent

Karan : I have great idea, prank call

Preeta : no way your ideas are always stupid like you

Karan : hey kareli mouth shut, prank call

Suraj : wow my favorite part but who should I

“Piyali Karan shouts

Rishab looks on hearing the name after long time he was craving

Suraj : great idea, but you know she will get scared maybe not

Sameer : give it a try we will think later, you have her number

Suraj : yes

Karan : so start

Cape town 

Phone rings

“Hello Anu picks up phone

Suraj (whispers) : this is that small mice

Karan : put on speaker, keep it up

Rishab : guys stop it, lets cancel this idea

Karan ; no way it will be fun that girl should get some punishment for going away like this

Anu : who is this? speak up

Suraj : your well wisher, there is a ghost in your house (scares her)

Anu : what?

Suraj ; don’t turn on your light off tonight, its full moon night

Piyali : who are you talking to

Anu signals her to be quiet

Suraj called her from private number to prevent girls knowing about him.

Anu : I am very scared, is there really spirit here (pretends)

Suraj : yes a scary bride, with red dress, jewelry shining in thunderstorm, be aware of her presence

Anu : but what if that bride scares you? I mean does she have category for people she attack

The girls laughs in corner

Suraj : but right now she is near you

“I also want to share one story, there is bad evil lurking on your mansion, she will come in your room silently, first she will grab your neck then legs rapidly, in deserted palace dark thunderstorm Anu scares Suraj to the extent

Piyali : who are you talking to?

Anu : wait one more minute

Suraj starts shaking hearing her words

“Sorry I was distracted, where was I oh yes silent mansion, birds making noise then she will leave your body and animals will eat your bones Anu starts laughing

Piyali ; give me the phone hello who’s thsi

Anu : di let me give some more tips

Suraj drops the phone terrified while Karan and Sameer also gets scared

“Hey little mice, were you a horror film character in previous birth ” Preeta takes the phone

Piyali : Preeta? it was you

“No it was Suraj, we were playing game and I guess their table turned on them you should see their face Preeta laughs

The first thing comes to Piyali’s mind was her heartbreak last time which she has not been able to overcome

Anu ; di, please send me the picture of their face I want to see

Preeta : of course (clicks their terrified pics)

“I have work you talk with them, bye Preeta Piyali is overheard by everybody

Rishab senses her pain in voice but ignores it

Elina : I am sorry but only a prankster can hit other one like this

Suraj : is she a girl or horror movie ghost

Shrishti : I guess you all underestimated that girl she can defeat anybody

Hansata Hua Nurani Chehara

Kaali Zulfe Rag Sunaharaa

Teri Jawaani Tauba Re Tauba Re

Dilaruba Dilaruba, Dilaruba Dilaruba

Kritika everybody shouts

Kabir : now thats fun, would be bride you finally came in our hands

Roo : wait I will give her dare

Kareena : nobody will trouble my girl okay

Elina : aunty thats not fair, after few days she will get married when will we get this chance

Roo : di come on sing

Kabir : what? you are nuts she will sing

Roo ; excuse me my sister have been winning singing competition from school

Kabir brings his favorite guitar and gives to her

“Come on sister show this people what luthra children can do Karan motivates her

Kritika plays guitar slowly closing her eyes. She recalls Akshay’s bad behavior and Kabir’s loving nature

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Har Dil Mein Armaan Hote To Hai

Har Dil Mein Armaan Hote To Hai

Bas Koi Samjhe Jara

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Har Dil Mein Armaan Hote To Hai

Har Dil Mein Armaan Hote To Hai

Bas Ko Samjhe Zara

Kritika’s eyes are glued on Kabir who is busy admiring her. He gets distracted with Roo

Dil Pe Ek Naya Sa Nasha Chaa Gaya

Kho Raha Tha Jo, Khawab Lauta Gaya

Dil Pe Ek Naya Sa Nasha Chaa Gaya

Kho Raha Tha Jo, Khawab Lauta Gaya

Ye Jo Ehsaas Hai

Jo Karar Hai 

Kya Ise Ka Hi Naam Pyaar Hai

Ye Jo Ehsaas Hai

Jo Karar Hai 

Kya Ise Ka Hi Naam Pyaar Hai

Puche Dil Tham Ke Zara

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Har Dil Me Armaa Hote To Hai

Har Dil Me Armaa Hote To Hai

Bas Koi… Samjhe Zara

Tinka – Tinka

Tinka – Tinka

Everybody remains stunned to see her singing but only Elina and Rishab are able to sense the emotion behind her lyrics.

Karan ; that was just fantastic, my sister I hope Akshay knows he is going to get married with upcoming indian idol singer

Mahesh : don’t trouble my daughter

Music starts again

Hansata Hua Nurani Chehara

Kaali Zulfe Rag Sunaharaa

Teri Jawaani Tauba Re Tauba Re

Dilaruba Dilaruba, Dilaruba Dilaruba

“Rishab all says

Sameer : bhai finally but what will we make him do everybody

Elina : I will ask him question, nobody will interfere

Karan : oh hello where did you come from

Elina : from god’s house everybody quiet

All gets silent

Elina : bhai right now except you all of guys are total failure in love you say what is love in your dictionary

Suraj ; what do you mean failure? if we were how would we find you girls

Elina : if you say one more word I will put tape on your mouth, sorry brother you say

Sherlyn looks at him lovingly

Rishab : love is worship, its not just a union of soul but share of two hearts (recalls Piyali’s innocent nature) passion, attraction and loyalty. If there is no passion relation never works

The siblings looks at him with lot of questions and one more side of Rishab.

Elina : only a true lover can understand deep meaning of love, come on next

Next Roo gets out after Mahesh

Kabir : ah look whose turn came

Roo : what do I have to do?

Kabir ; sorry no ramp walk here so something else how about a horror movie scene

Suraj throws pillow at him

Elina : stop Kabir no means no

Kabir : okay

“My dear sister will enact Madhuri Dixit Kritika tells her to play Dil toh pagal hai last scene

Roo : i can’t do that

Kabir : okay according to rules, if you can’t do dare then punishment

Roo : okay fine but who will play my Sharukh

Kabir : here such a talented actor is standing

Elina : we need real ones

Kabir ; bhabhi don’t say that please

Elina : okay go ahead

Kabir and Roo gets ready for act. Both enacts the scene very intensely and romantically much to everybody’s surprise. The duo are lost in each other passionately

Elina (snaps her finger) : guys movie is over come in reality

Kabir : sorry

Suraj : for a minute I thought you both are saying in real

Roo gets embarrassed little bit

Next Elina gets parcel

Suraj: so my would be wife, you have to dance this people are not aware of your talent

Elina ; fine (dances for Kabir)

Lo Chali Main Apne Devar Ki Baaraat Le Ke

Lo Chali Main

Na Band Baaja, Na Hi Baaraati, Khushiyon Ki Saugaat Le Ke

Lo Chali Main

Devar Dulha Bana, Sar Pe Sehra Saja

Bhabhi Badhkar Aaj Balaiyan Leti Hai

Prem Ki Kaliyan Khile, Pal Pal Khushiyan Mile

Sachche Man Se Aaj Duayen Deti Hai

Ghode Pe Chadh Ke, Chala Hai Baanka

Apni Dulhan Se Milne

Lo Chali Main

Suraj : but where is the bride?

Elina : we will find soon na, don’t worry

Next is Shrishti’s turn

Preeta : ah, look who is there, my dear sister you wanted proposal now its your turn come on

Shrishti makes Sameer stand up in front of her and bends on her knees

“Shorty ever since you came in my life, I realized what kind of partner i want, the one who will always hold my hands, you gave me support when my Preeta di was in fire every time you held my hand, will you hold this for lifetime Shrishti offers him rose

Sameer gets in tears and bends down hugging her emotionally.

Preeta : you both also get emotional never knew that

Elina ; oh god let me remove evil cast from them, so cute (hugs them)

Suraj : come on next

KABIR says everybody

Roo : I will be right back, I just need some water (starts to leaving but stops when he holds her hands)

Aankho Pe Mohabbat Likhde, Saanso Pe Mohabbat Likhde

Honton Pe Mohabbat Likhde, Kehta Hai Dil Deewaana

Ho.. Jo Dil Me Chhupee Hai Mere, Jo Dil Me Chhupee Hai Tere

Dhadkan Me Woh Chahat Likh De, Kehta Hai Dil Dewaana

Dholiya Dholna Raje Dil Kholna

Dholiya Dholna Aage Kuchh Toh Bolna

Kabir holds her face whens she is blushing

Teree Palko Kaa Jhuk Jana, Teraa Chup Chup Ke Sharmana

Bin Bole Keh Jata Hai, Teraa Anjana Afsana

Tere Baton Me Hai Jadu, Karta Hai Mujhe Bekabo

Kya Hal Jiya Kaa Ab Hai Mere, Jane Naa Jane Na To

Aankhon Pe Mohabbat Likhde, Rato Pe Mohabbat Likhde

Pal Pal Pe Mohabbat Likhde, Kehta Hai Dil Deewaana

Dholiya Dholna Raje Dil Kholna

Dholiya Dholna Aage Kuchh Toh Bolna

The elders are taken aback with their dance but ignores it thinking about game.

Sameer : you both took game seriously, so now only Karan bhai and Preeta are left (Sherlyn is out after Kabir)

Rishab : come on Karan rock it

Karan : dont’ worry bhai only I will win this today kareli be ready

Preeta : we will see

Both plays with pillow. Preeta winks at Karan who is shocked and is out

“Yess Elina and Kritika hugs Preeta

Karan : thats not fair you cheated

Preeta: really? what did I do

Karan : you

She rolls her eyes funnily

Kritika : bhai you lost in front of your fianc from now amazing

Karan : you be quiet or I will send you to your in laws today

Elina : come on cricketer show us how much you love your kareli

Karan : I don’t have to prove my love (grabs the guitar)

Tu hi toh jannat meri, 

Tu hi mera junoon

Tu hi to mannat meri, 

Tu hi rooh ka sakoon

Tu hi aakhion ki thandak, 

Tu hi dil ki hai dastak

Aur cuch na janu main, 

Bas itna hi jaanu. 

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Yaara me kya karu

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Yaara me kya karu. 

Sajdhe sar jukhta hai

Yaara mein kya karu

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Yaara mein kya krau.

Karan kisses her forehead emotionally.

Rakhi : okay enough of games, lets eat its quite late come

Elina : I will warm food

Preeta : wait I am coming with you

Everybody leaves but Kabir stops Roo from leaving and stands behind her

Kabir : I am sorry if you felt bad

Roo : let me go please everybody will see

“I will but first tell me why did i feel you were saying like it was real Kabir turns her towards him gently

Roo : nothing like that, let me gp (runs away shying )

Kabir too smiles seeing her innocence

The family appreciates Elina’s food. Sherlyn starts feeling nausea and runs in washroom

Karan : what happened

Elina : let me go check you all continue

Preeta feels tensed with her health

“Sherlyn are you okay Elina knocks on door

“I am fine, actually I cannot eat much you know acidity Sherlyn comes out

Elina : okay wait I have medicine, take that you will better

Sherlyn : thats okay, if you don’t mind I want to go home I am not feeling well sorry

Elina : thats okay but I cannot let you go alone, you are not well wait I will tell Kabir

Sherlyn : why bother him I will go

Elina : no way, your house is far from here don’t go alone

Rishab offers to drop Sherlyn and leaves.

Elina : I hope she is okay

Karan and Preeta plays with leg under dining table not noticed by others.

Shrishti ; you both are smiling

Preeta : continue with your food, and don’t look around too much

Precap ; Elina finds out Kabir’s feeling for Roo. Preeta’s accident on road

Upcoming :  Well I have got something up the sleeve there is lot of time for this part but it will be very intense and tragic to read. Please bear with me 

Story will take 3 years leap followed by all couples getting married. A big tragic will strike soon after wedding season where all siblings end up losing their parents Luthra and Arora elders. Guilt stricken and losing house all will move far away. Prior to leap Elina will get separated from everybody in the tragic. Karan and Preeta takes upon responsibility to bring back souls of their siblings who are depressed. Revenge game will start against Prithvi, Omisha and Akshay who are settled in Bangkok. 

New villain and some entries. Don’t panic this will happen after a while maybe Part 50. Game of revenge and love 



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