Preeran SS ; Realization Part 34


Preeta : Sherlyn what is this?

She remains quiet for few minutes

“I am asking you something what is this Preeta shakes her little bit

Sherlyn (sobs) : biggest mistake of my life, I am still paying for that

Preeta : being a girl how could you even? for once you didn’t think about your reputation, your mom what will happen to her

Sherlyn ; I don’t have courage to face anybody right now but I have decided I will do abortion

Preeta : have you lost it? this reports clearly shows doing that could be dangerous for you

Sherlyn : then let it be this is punishment of my mistakes

Preeta : great and what about child? for what mistake he should be punished

Sherlyn : please do something my mind is not working right now, I will hide this

Preeta : for how long? today or tomorrow everybody will get to know, anyway you go home and take rest we will talk tomorrow

Sherlyn leaves for her house

Luthra house

Kritika looks herself wearing the necklace she purchased in store. She recalls all moments with Kabir how his gestured have changed her years of beliefs about marriage and love

Kritika : how can somebody be so decent, loving, caring, you shake up my beliefs of relationships in short time, even after staying with Akshay I could not understand what love means, how a relation works when both people puts their all efforts in it, why is not everybody like you Kabir, how easily you find happiness in everything, for you only heart matters

She goes into dream with Kabir dancing with her in the room.

Ajnabi Mujhko Itna Bata Dil Mera Kyon Pareshaan Hai

Dekh Ke Tujhko Aisa Lage Jaise Barson Ki Pehchaan Hai

Kitni Bholi Hai Tu Kitni Nadaan Hai

Dil Ki Baaton Se Anjaan Hai

Ajnabi Mujhko Itna Bata Dil Mera Kyon Pareshaan Hai

Dekh Ke Tujhko Aisa Lage Jaise Barson Ki Pehchaan Hai

O Kitni Bholi Hai Tu Kitni Nadaan Hai

Dil Ki Baaton Se Anjaan Hai

Ajnabi Mujhko Itna Bata Dil Mera Kyon Pareshaan Hai

Kya Sochta Hoon Main Kya Chaahta Hoon Hai Mushkil Tujhe Vo Bataana

Maine Suna Hai Ki Mushkil Bada Hai Dabi Chaahaton Ko Chhupaana

Hey Kya Sochta Hoon Main Kya Chaahta Hoon Hai Mushkil Tujhe Vo Bataana

O Maine Suna Hai Ki Mushkil Bada Hai Dabi Chaahaton Ko Chhupaana

Raaz Tere Sabhi Kholdegi Abhi In Labhon Pe Jo Muskaan Hai

Ajnabi Mujhko Itna Bata Dil Mera Kyon Pareshaan Hai

Roo sees the sky recalling Kabir and how their love changed to friendship in less time.

“God you know I share everything with you no matter my every success or loss, till today I never believed such things but don’t know why today my heart is feeling weird, Kabir is so different from those other guys who only use girls for their purpose, I never felt like this before to anybody, is this love no I only met him recently but I could never forget what he did for me Roo talks holding Lord Krishna statue recalling Kabir being her savior

Kaise Bataoon Meri Dhadkanon Ko Banaya Hai Kisne Deewana

Begaane Ko Apna Kehne Lagi Main Bana Mera Apna Begaana

Haan Kaise Bataoon Meri Dhadkanon Ko Banaya Hai Kisne Deewana

O Begaane Ko Apna Kehne Lagi Main Bana Mera Apna Begaana

Pyaar Ki Har Ghadi Mushkilon Ki Ladi Ye Na Samjho Ye Aasaan Hai

Ajnabi Mujhko Itna Bata Dil Mera Kyon Pareshaan Hai

Dekh Ke Tujhko Aisa Lage Jaise Barson Ki Pehchaan Hai

Kitni Bholi Hai Tu Kitni Nadaan Hai

Dil Ki Baaton Se Anjaan Hai

Both girls dozes off with confusion of their new found feelings for same guy.


Elina ; hello may I come in

“Bhabhi when did you get habit of knocking my door Kabir teases her

Elina : I am not mannerless anyway I have to talk something important with you

Kabir : yea sure I am listening

Elina : where did you go this evening?

Kabir : bhabhi what type of question is that of course to Luthra house

Elina : then this earring might some other girl’s Kabir recalls it to be Kritika’s earring

Elina : drive found it while cleaning your car while ago

Kabir stays silent

Elina : if I am not wrong only one girl in your life wear such heavy earrings, Roo does not

Kabir : what are you talking about? I really don’t understand

Elina ; thats why you are avoiding eye contact with me right

Kabir : nothing like that I am just looking for some files

Elina : first answer my question you went with Kritika right

Kabir : I did she wanted to pick up some jewelry from store and no cars were there at her house

Elina (holds him) : wait see I have not stopped you from anything ever since I came here, but tell me very honestly do you like her

Kabir ; what question is that? I mean she is very nice girl and just needs a good friend

Elina ; look I know you have very old habit of hiding your feelings don’t know why but that won’t work me

Kabir ; wait bhabhi before you jump into any conclusions let me clear this I have no feelings for anybody nor Kritika nor Roo

Elina : really? then I hope one day you don’t end up stealing both sister’s heart, I can clearly see that happening

Kabir : no way, Roo is just a bestie like me she also lives life with fun our likes match but I have no strong feelings for anybody, bhabhi my goal is to make my name before getting married

Elina ; you know what a girl wants that her husband have his own self identity no matter what they come from

Kabir : exactly, I don’t want my wife to hear anything like from anybody, whoever comes in this house she should come with high heads

Elina : I am very proud of you, god will help you succeed in your goal, good night

Kabir ; good night bhabhi (goes back to his working)

“I don’t know why I feel unknowingly you will become reason for somebody’s pain, god please don’t let that ever happen Elina gets worried recalling his gestures to Luthra girls

Arora house

Preeta comes back home after talking with Sherlyn and stress herself. She does not realize Karan has been calling her.

Karan : this girl, what is her problem?

Shrishti : di where are you lost, your would be husband has been calling from an hour

Preeta sees his ten missed calls

Shrishti : are you okay?

Preeta : yea I am fine, let me call him

Karan : kareli you started showing attitude from right now

Preeta ; I am sorry I was little tired from whole day and had to run at hospital

Karan : is everything okay?

Preeta : yea I am fine, and I won’t be able to come at field tomorrow

Karan ; thank god for a day I will breath relief

Preeta does not react on his antic

Karan : sorry but why are you not coming? is your health not fine

Preeta : no actually from many days I have not taken off but you keep practicing

Karan : okay my highness but take care of yourself love you

“Love you too Preeta hangs up

Karan : you are not well baby doll your tone clearly says, what is bothering you

Shrishti : di is there any problem? why are you so stressed out

Preeta : nothing like that, you go to sleep

Shrishti : good night

Preeta : how will I help Sherlyn? if anybody gets to know she will lose her image again

Cape town 

Piyali : Anu (shouts out) where are you? come fast here

Anu (breathes heavily) : di why are you shoutiing? did your marriage procession came

Piyali : eh

Anu : you should have let me know soon there are no arrangement

Piyali ; be quiet, give some break to your mouth I gave you some work remember

Anu : what work?

Piyali : god help me, to submit fees, I have to do that also for you

Anu : but di I thought elders do that

Piyali : I wish mom at least told me what she ate to give birth to you

Anu ; almonds I am sure she might ate lot of those things and this unique creature was born

Piyali shooks her head


Karan misses Preeta’s company on field while Rohan teaes him

Karan ; whats that stupid smile for

Rohan : I think you are missing company today this field seems lonely right now

Karan : did I ask your opinion? go and do exercise

Rohan sends Preeta video of Karan working out but with gloomy face

Karan : who are you talking with?

Rohan : nothing I was just seeing how hard you are working this day

Karan : are you going back or not

Rohan : sorry sorry

Arora house

Elina comes to invite Aroras for dinner

Sarla : hey wait outside

Elina gets confused with her response

Sarla : I thought you know about rituals, you came first time after marriage (does her aarti)

Elina : thank you aunty (takes her blessing)

Sarla : now come inside

Elina : actually my gharpravesh didn’t happen you know Suraj’s mom is not there

Dadi ; he got his family with Luthras you consider this home as your mom’s house

Elina ; aww dadi you are so nice (hugs her) by the since you all could not come to my wedding its okay but today you and Luthra family are coming at my house for dinner

Sarla : but today

Elina : no more arguments you all have to come, I will play the CD of my wedding

Dadi ; consider it done I will come

Elina : thanks dadi where are girls

Sarla : both went for some work, you sit I will get something

Elina : no its okay aunty I am getting late, just came to invite you, I will take your leave

Sarla : wait before leaving next week is Ganesh utsav and this time Luthra family and us decided to celebrate grandly

Elina : we will be there aunty for sure, I will take your leave bye

Dadi : such a nice girl, she is truly example for all those girls out there

Later in evening Luthras and Aroras come to dinner at Bharadwaj mansion

Elina : welcome to our house

Shrishti ; wow your home is like a palace, amazing choice

Elina : thanks but credit goes to Suraj he designed by his own choice

Preeta : do you need any help in kitchen

Elina ; no its okay everything is ready, you all sit here I will be right back

Shrishti : wait I will help you

“Be careful Elina this girl is a storm everywhere Sameer teases her

Shrishti : shorty be in your limits or else

Elina : cool down, no breaking things in this house, I have never let Suraj Kabir fight and you both no chance

Suraj : I hope you all didn’t have problem to find house its actually little far from city

Mahesh : not at all but I must say it feels heaven seeing your house

Suraj ; my dad build it in front of him, every corner he made it by his own

Rakhi ; they must be so proud of you, in such young age you are at success

Kabir ; no more emotional talks, you all came here for first time time for some fun

Karan : thanks you took my words

Preeta : wow what a aroma, palak paneer my favorite thank you

Elina : taste it and tell me

Preeta : just delicious, your hands are magical

Sherlyn feels little nausea but controls herself

Elina : put it right here, time for some fun we will eat later except elders

Shrishti : why so?

Elina : come on they are elders, they cannot stay hungry for longer but we will eat later

Sherlyn : whats the plan

Karan ; I am sure lawyer  madam have planned something very special tonight

Elina ; exactly you are at my house, I won’t let anybody leave without entertainment, even elders will remember this night

Shrishti : I am getting excited from now

Sameer : control tall pole or else you will become unconscious even before game

Shrishti : I didn’t ask for your opinion shorty

Precap : Families play passing parcel game (hum aapke hai kaun feels) little different

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