Preeran SS ; Realization Part 31


After practice Preeta and Karan goes to gurudwara to fulfill her oath. Preeta covers her head with duppatta before going inside. Both bows down in front of god

“God, today is the happiest day of my life, my brother’s hard work is is getting paid off, I want to get success for him and Preeta both are very important for me, pleas give me strength to work very hard Karan ties thread

“Wahiguru, Karan and his family have craved to see this day please don’t let this happiness go away from them, Karan and Rishabji have worked very hard to get on this point Preeta bows down praying for his success

Karan : you are done?

Preets : yes let go, seeing you it looks like you come here more often

Karan : I am not that stupid I look, of course I come here after every match

Preeta : even if you lose?

Karan ; of course after all god also helped me reaching here why would i not

Preeta puts hand on his

Karan : my parents have given me good upbringing

Preeta : okay fine I was just asking, anyway when are we going to South Africa

Karan : next month after trials, after Kritika’s marriage

Preeta ; I don’t know if mom will give me permission to go

Karan : its part of your job I am sure she will agree to let you go

Luthra house

Karan and Preeta comes home making moody face to scare everybody

Rakhi ; did you both fight or what ?

Preeta : aunty this son of yours never listen to me and dominate

Rakhi (shocks) : Karan? she is your would be wife you cannot do this to her

Karan stares at Preeta angrily

Preeta : see how he is killing me with eyes

Mahesh : dear he is mom’s spoiled brat what do you expect

Rakhi : I was talking with them you came to add fuel in fight

Rishab : mom whats happening

“See what your brother is upto he didn’t marry and started bothering my daughter Mahesh teases them

Karan : enough yaar everybody is tampering bill on my name and this kareli next time I won’t give you any task

Preeta pouts

Rishab : I will tell you what is happening (turns on TV calling whole family)

The headlines talk about Karan’s selection in international match.

Rakhi : oh my god I still can’t believe our Karan got selected for international

Mahesh : you both were faking from while ago

Karan ; dad let it be this kareli is terrible at acting she messed up

Preeta : I did because I have not done phd in acting you are doing all this since childhood

Rishab gets emotional seeing Karan’s success

“Bhai see I am going towards our dream, come on cheer up Karan hugs him

Rishab ; I can’t tell you how happy I am today you made me very proud

Karan ; not yet, once I win international you see how proud I make everybody

Rishab ; its cause for celebration, but only we both will go out

Karan ; for sure brothers night out

Arora family comes to congratulate Karan. Sarla gives permission to go for South Africa tour

Sarla : but I have condition, Shrishti will go with you both

Preeta : but why? I have to go for work

Shrishti : not i will also come

Karan ; then Sameer and Rishab will come with me right bhai

Mahesh ; what about us? you all just came from trip and now again

Rakhi : they are going for work not to roam

Karan : exactly

Sherlyn : but I won’t be able to come, i have got contract for fashion show in Paris, too much work here and there

Karan : don’t worry next time only we both buddies the rest of them will be working

Sherlyn : thank you

Rishab ; are you done? lets get ready

Elina : I wish I could come, by the way we have to postpone our reception because of you all

Suraj ; you are so desperate about that I see

Elina ; whatever, congratulations Karan

Karan ; thanks

Cape town

Piyali comes back home seeing whole house messed up and is exteremly shocked to see the person who turns out to be Akshay.

“You? she starts moving backwards nervously

Akshay : how are you baby?

Piyali : please leave me alone (leans of back)

“How should I my heart is still beating for you, that Kritika is not even worth of me Akshay comes close to her

Piyali : you are getting married to her in few days are you ashamed, I thought you had changed by now

Akshay : I tried but could not, your addiction is like that, and you forgot who sent me behind Kritika remember

Piyali feels helpless with his presence. She regrets for her past mistakes.

Akshay : you have used me for your benefit, now time for payback (grabs her hair)

Piyali : what do you want from me?

Akshay ; come back to india and then I will tell you next task bye baby (leaves)


Karan and Rishab gets ready to go out somewhere. The duo goes to beach

Karan : bhai I am so happy today but also nervous if something goes wrong

Rishab ; nothing will happen like that, just working hard like this

Karan : can I ask you something bhai? I know you are not happy for what happened I am guilty for taking your love

Rishab : what nonsense?

“Bhai please let me speak, that day I could clearly see you were hurt knowing my marriage with Preeta, I took your happiness again Karan gets in tears

Rishab (holds his neck from back) : listen to me you have done anything wrong, you know my real happiness is your success and thats what I want from you

Karan ; and how will you live life? just like right now I dont’ have courage to see all this

Rishab : you don’t have to worry about me, your brother is strong

Karan ; not that I could see, bhai you also listen to me until you don’t get good girl in life I won’t marry Preeta

Rishab ; Karan but you?

Karan : no bhai I am more stubborn than you, until you don’t agree from heart to get married I will not bring Preeta in our house, Sameer’s decision is his own

Rishab ; by doing that you are making me guilty

Karan ; bhai tell me honestly don’t you like Sherlyn, she has changed

Rishab ; of course she is nice but I don’t have big heart to give her false hopes

Karan : I will wait for that day when you find your bride, and i won’t change my decision thanks for outing (leaves in car)

Rishab gets worried seeing Karan’s behavior. He could not agree for marriage even after everybody’s insistence.

Khurana house

Sanjana ; what are you saying?

“Mom I really love Rishab, this time i am not rushing but what if he does not agree Sherlyn gets worried

Sanjana : I told you this if he does not love you don’t force yourself

Sherlyn : but before that I want to know what his heart wants, maybe being his friend I will win him again

Sanjana : I won’t stop you from anything but please don’t do anything to hurt yourself and Rishab this time

Sherlyn : promise (hugs her mother)

Bharadwaj house

Elina organizes her room after coming from trip

“Hey baby weather is too romantic and you are stuck here Suraj holds her from back

Elina : leave me, I have lot of work to do

Suraj : okay if I help in organizing you have to come with me

Elina : promise put your clothes back in your wardrobe properly

“Honey whats this tape, is it yours Suraj asks while looking at her bag

Elina : tape? oh yes I found this in Ranakpur but its not mine

Suraj : okay then do you want me to throw this

Elina : no put it on table I will check later whats in that okay

Suraj : as you wish

Precap : Piyali gives idea to Roo for stopping Kritika’s marriage. Rishab agrees to marry Sherlyn to make Karan marry Preeta early

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  1. Pleasee dear post the next part and truth of life asap

  2. Amazing
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    Is piyali somewhere related with akshay and kritika’s marriage with him? Well I guess its true
    Precap; poor sherlyn…once she realizes that rishab doesn’t love him she would be broken😢😢
    Excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
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