Preeran SS ; Realization Part 3


Prithvi and Sherlyn take their respective fiancee to shopping in evening. Rishab and Preeta share sadness with each other .

Preeta : I am sorry Rishabji because of me, you had to be away from your brother

Rishab : don’t be sorry its not your fault, maybe I am at mistake that I couldn’t stop him and explain his brother loves him a lot

“My heart says he will come back very soon, you know your brother like to bother us all the time, this might be one of his prank” Preeta gets into tears while talking

Rishab is about to wipe her tears but is interrupted by call.

Rishab : excuse me (goes to other side)

Preeta : sure

Arora house

Shrishti consoles Preeta who is has become depressed with everything.

Preeta : how strange is life na, for first time I let somebody come close and again it went away, first papa now Karan (cries soberly)

“Di please don’t cry everything will be fine, your true friendship will bring him back to you” Shrishti consoles her like big sister

Preeta : once he come back I will scold him too much how dare he went without telling me

Shrishti decides to do something for her sister’s happiness.

Cape town

Karan and Suraj befriends during the stay at hotel in short period of time

Suraj : so are you here on holiday? did the team told you to go for break

Karan : no I took one from my personal and professional life

Suraj ; don’t you miss them? not everybody is lucky to have such families

Karan : I know, I miss my mom so much

They hear some noises of gunshots in the liquor store nearby.

Suraj : what is going on there?

Karan : I don’t know lets go find out

A shooter puts gun on the worker for money. Karan sneaks inside and turns off the main light hiding behind cooler.

Suraj : what now?

Karan : let me think (you go call the cops from the phone I will handle them)

Suraj ; are you sure?

Karan : don’t waste time go ahead

Suraj goes out of back door to call cops. The shooter walks with gun in the dark room. Karan and the worker keeps hiding. Shooter sees Karan’s shoes but goes to other side. Karan looks up to see and is about to get shot. He takes the worker from the store safely. Shooter follows them and is about to shoot Karan but is saved by Piyali and Suraj who brought cops. The worker thanks Karan and Suraj for help.

Karan : I don’t say thank you and sorry but thanks for saving

Piyali : and I am not interested in taking people’s thanks even if it was true one

Karan : you will defeat me in that attitude seriously (compliments her)

Piyali : Come I will drop you both at hotel, taxi

“Taxi what about that car in morning” Karan asks her

Piyali : I am sorry Mr Prince charles but right now you have no choice other than cab or else you have to stay here on street come

Her phone rings

“What? please hold them okay I am coming” Piyali freaks out

Suraj : is everything okay?

“Guys I will give you address, give that to cab driver and he will drop both of you to hotel sorry” she leaves hurriedly

Karan : I hope she is fine

Suraj : we will ask her, come lets go back

The guys go back to hotel


Preeta rests on terrace edge recalling her moments with Karan.


Karan and Preeta goes for drive when they sees international fight

Karan ; have you ever traveled in flight?

Preeta : no I never go chance, is it fun? I heard so many stories from my friends

Karan : of course, when plane takes off with thats speed, in mid air it flies and then when you sleep suddenly you hear a crash (scares her) the plane falls down

“Shut up, are you trying to tell me good things or scare me “ Preeta gets irritated

Karan : you don’t worry, let me get selected for international and I will take you in that flight

Preeta : really? (hugs him excitedly)

Karan : not bad I got such good benefits from now wow I am so happy

Flashback ends

Preeta : I miss you karela, please come back soon now I can’t wait to see you

Rishab and Karan think about each other at the same time.

“Hello bhai” Karan finally calls him

“Karan, how is my little kiddo” Rishab smiles

Karan : I am fine bhai, missing you all very much how are you

Rishab : how could I be without seeing your face, you tell are you happy staying away?

Karan : come on bhai don’t say that but you know every time I see that creep my blood boils

Rishab : forget him, I am with you just come back okay

Karan : sorry bhai just few more days and I will come back to you I promise

Rishab : alright take care and don’t get yourself into trouble enjoy

Karan : love you bhai

“Yea love you too dear bye” Rishab hangs up

Cape town hospital 

Piyali request doctor to give some more time to arrange the money.

Doctor : you have not deposited money for this week now amount is double up

Piyali : give me time till tomorrow and I will surely submit money by evening

Doctor : okay but if you don’t arrange for money by tomorrow condition will get worse of patient

“God please help me how will I arrange money in such short time” Piyali prays to god

Her friend shows an advertisement of dancer requirement in the bar club

Nicky : I know this is really hard for us, we girls are born to struggle

Piyali : whatever happens I will not let anything happen to my sister (her 12 years old sister Anu who have hole in heart)

Next day 

Sanjana puts pressure to bring the marriage date closer.

Rakhi : but why suddenly?

“Don’t mind Rakhiji but the situation have forced me to do this, from past few days whatever is happening I think it would be better we fix the date quickly, people have started gossiping now” Sanjana tells her

Kareena : bhabhi I think she is right, even I feel we should not delay this marriage

Rakhi ; okay I will call the panditji and get the date for auspicious date

Prithvi’s mom Janvi too proposes to bring marriage near.

Sarla : in a week but how will we do so many arrangement

Janvi ; Sarlaji, you don’t worry about that its our duty to make sure there is no lack in our children’s marriage right Preeta

Preeta nods sadly

Shrishti : aunty you are more in hurry to see your son getting married but we are bride’s family, we need our own time

Dadi : be quiet

Janvi : why not dear, you girls start your shopping from today itself

Janvi : okay give us permission now

Prithvi forgets his phone table while Sherlyn calls him to give news. Preeta accidentally picks the call but gets suspicious hearing voice

“Punnu baby, great news, mom made those Luthra’s agree for marriage in a week, I am sure you put pressure on that Aroras and then we are close to our goal” Sherlyn tells him happily

Preeta’s gets big blow hearing.

Cape town 

Karan sees Piyali working in the hotel as receptionist.

Karan : good morning

Piyali : hello do you need anything

“Yes, your friendship” tells her casually

Piyali : then I am sorry its out of my authorization, you are star there are million fans of your who can give small thing

Karan ; oh I forgot you are not my fan but you will become if you watch my cricket

Piyali : let me clear this I have no time to pleasure, if you want to talk with me then you will have to wait

Nicky : hey Piyali I talked with the manager he agreed for your job

Piyali ; really?

“And he sent this advance for you” gives her money

Piyali : do one thing take this deposit to hospital and tell doctor I will give rest by tonight

Nicky : okay see you

Karan decides to follow to know more about her

He gets call from Sameer

“Bhai where are you, do you know how much situation is, families have fixed the date for bhai and Preeta’s marriage with those two cheaters” Sameer informs him

Karan : what the hell? how can they do this, but don’t you worry I know my brother he won’t marry that cheater until I am not coming back

Sameer : don’t be silly, everything has been arranged, come back now please

Shrishti who is sitting next to him grabs the phone call

Karan : tall pole you?

“Sir you have to come back please” Shrishti request him

Karan gets in dilemma hanging up the phone

Sameer : what happened?

“He didn’t say anything, something is wrong” Shrishti smells fishy

Precap : Karan requests Piyali to go india with him as his fiancé but she refuses

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  1. The story is now taking u turn
    PreeRan flashback❤
    Karan bana hero?
    Piyali’s sister has hole in heart and she needs money for her treatment?
    Preeta heard Punnu-baby talks . Yippee! Now I hope she doesn’t behave like a dumbo but understands the truth . ?
    Ab madam ko pata chalega ki karan sahi tha aur vo kitni dumb thi . I am hoping for guilt-striken Preeta in the next chapter
    I genuinely felt sad for Rishabh and Preeta
    Shocking precap
    I feel karan will offer money to piyali to act as his fiance and she will agree for her sister’s sake and then we will get to see guilt-striken heartbroken Preeta. Exciting..
    Thanks for the update❤
    Waiting for next one
    Post soon di
    Keep smiling?

  2. Terrific update
    Story is getting so intriguing
    Preetan flashback??
    Karan is so heroic??
    Feel sad for preeta…..finally some sense knocked her brain
    Now she will surely teamup with karan
    Finally everyone will be in action now(preetan,samishti and Piyali)
    Precap; exciting
    Update ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

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