Preeran SS ; Realization Part 25

In hotel

Piyali records her feelings in a tape

“After mom’s death I only saw my destination towards Anu and forgot how to live life. Destiny made meet Karan, what should I say about him, just full of life, cheerful but was that enough for me. On first day itself I found out Karan have deep feelings for Preeta, I stopped myself right there. Then I didn’t realize when I Rishab became my support, till now people only took advantage of my helpless but in this cruel world his pure heart and simplicity made me rethink there are still good people exist. Every time destiny stopped me from leaving one way or other but I could not understand the reason, my heart gave answer, Rishab’s love was pulling me back. When mom was there I always felt god made somebody for me and only question came in my mind who would he be, will he understand me?. Before I found answer mom left me alone and my dreams were incomplete. Leaving no choice I had to dance in bar with a responsibility. God gave me answer today my heart only belongs to Rishab I cannot blame him if he does not love me but don’t know why his eyes always tell something. Like he have so much pain inside but his heart is not willing to share. Tomorrow I am going to tell Rishab everything with a hope he will also accept me. I will surprise him by going with them for wedding Piyali lets her all emotions out she has been hiding inside her.

Arora house


Preeta and Shrishti starts packing clothes for the trip. Sarla and Dadi are not able to come with them

Shrishti : but mom if you both had come with us it would be so much fun

Dadi ; I know but we have so much work here but tell Elina our blessing are with them

Preeta : Shrishti put this lehenga carefully in that bag

Shrishti : all done, Elina said we will all leave tomorrow afternoon

Preeta : okay, mom dadi you both take care of yourself

Sarla : you both go without worrying, after long time all of you are going out to enjoy

Later at night Karan calls Preeta but she purposely ignore

Karan ; whats her problem? I know how to wake her up (texts her)

Preeta sees the phone

“Get ready baby doll I am coming to you

She tries to call call him but he does not pick

Preeta : god, why is this guy so arrogant

She hears noise on her window and understands.

Karan : hi baby doll whats up

Preeta : you really came here, I thought you were joking

Karan : I am the Karan Luthra, this is punishment for making me wake up at 4

Preeta : oh god your coach gave me this responsibility, just go from here

Karan : I won’t what will you do (pulls her closer) now our marriage is fixed

Preeta : I can back up anytime don’t forget I am also a doctor and kareli

Karan : you won’t do that I know you better

Preeta : tell me one good reason I should marry you

“There is big line of girls who are ready to marry me, and seeing them you will burn to jealousy for sure Karan plays with her hair

Preeta ; Mr Luthra the more you irritate me more I will torture you for those three words

Karan : I have several ways to make you confess but thats my nature

“You love me so much? ask him blushingly

Karan : any doubts then try me I am all yours from now on

Preeta ; I don’t have to do that you know why I trust you more than anybody, okay now you go from here we will meet tomorrow

Karan : no (pouts)

Preeta ; please, I know how you will go (puts small pecks on his cheek)

Karan is take aback by her sudden gesture and bids her good night.

Next day everybody starts getting ready for the trip to Ranakpur.

Sherlyn : I am here (brings her big bags)

Rishab : are you planning to settle down there or get married with somebody

Sherlyn : what?

Rishab : I mean what is this? our car is not giant temp, only your luggage will take place

Sherlyn : Rishab please stop making fun of me

Kareena : he is right, it looks like your wedding not Elina’s (teases her)

Sherlyn : aunty you also, I am attending first wedding in village and in excitement I put as many clothes I could

Rishab : hope it comes as good use to you

Sherlyn : where is everybody? we are getting late come on hurry up

Rishab : just look at time, you are early and Elina said she will take all girls with her, we boys will go together

Karan and Sameer gets sad knowing about the plan and tries to do something.

Karan : think yaar, that Elina she is getting married herself and putting ban on our meeting

Sameer : don’t worry bhai we will settle every scores (gets in action mode)

Sherlyn : I can help you but what will I get in return (comes to them)

Karan : anything you want, wait you need a date with bhai

Sherlyn : shut up not a date but at least you can set up small dinner

Karan ; done but in village I will arrange most special dinner for you both

Sherlyn : its a deal then

Sameer : thanks buddy

Sherlyn sits outside the garden pretending to be upset with something

Rishab : whats wrong?

Sherlyn : nobody cares about me, I thought you consider me friend but no

Rishab gets confused

Sherlyn : why can’t we all go together in one big car, taking separate cars

Rishab : but we don’t have big bus, for such small thing

“I planned so much we all will enjoy together in big bus, like picnic but you all spoiled my plans Sherlyn cries louder

Rishab : stop behaving like child, fine I will tell Suraj to arrange for bus happy

“Very happy Sherlyn hugs him excitedly

Piyali comes there at the same time seeing them happy together.

Sherlyn : oouch (holds her eyes) something went inside

Rishab is hesitant initially but blows her eyes. This comes as jealousy to Piyali whose heart is shattered into million pieces again. She starts moving back when family praises Rishab and Sherlyn’s relationship again.

Elina : who changed the plan?

Preeta : I know we all decided to go in separate car I am sure it might that fool Karan’s idea

Shrishti : di don’t say anything to my jiju

Preeta : shut up but how did he convince Rishabji he never gets fooled by him

Elina : I am having doubts now, only one person can do this

Preeta : who?

Elina : Sherlyn dear, after Karan only your mind is twisted

Sherlyn starts sweating

Preeta : in this winter why are you sweating?

Elina : by fear, now tell me why did you do it

Sherlyn shares her plan with them

Preeta : oh this is all to spend time with Rishabji not bad

Elina : okay now come on we are getting late, that fianc of mine don’t know if he went to get bus or make one

Piyali leaves the place before anybody could see her broken heart. In process the tape she brought is dropped in garden. Elina hears the noise and tries to check backside of garden but is distracted by Kabir.

Kabir : is everybody’s luggage inside (mistakenly hits bag to Roo who is standing behind him)

Roo : oouch (holds her head) again

Kabir : who told you to stand behind me like cat move away

Roo : you

Kritika : stop right there, we are getting late

Elina collides with Shrishti and her clothes drop in grass. She gets hold of Piyali’s tape and puts in the bag unknowingly.

Mahesh ; you all kids go ahead we will leave in afternoon have a safe journey

Rishab : see you soon dad

Hey.. hey..
Karan (holds Preeta) : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
I love you!
Shrishti : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
I love you!

Suraj (sits between Elina and Kabir) Chhuttiyon ke yeh din hain suhaane
Saathi tera yoon saath rahe
Bachchon ke sang bachche phir ban jaayein
Mauj mein jhoomein zara masti karein
Banke baadal haaye
Banke panchhi haaye haaye
Udte rahein
Kya baat hai jijaji
I love you!

Kritika dances with her three brothers happily

Apne gaanv ki galiyon mein chalein hum
Bachapan ki yaadon mein khoya hai man
Baahein thaame teen bhaaiyon ki
Thumkegi phir se unki behan
Savan ke jhoolon se haaye
Baabul ke aangan se haaye haaye
Hoga milan
Jiji how emotional
Oo hoo hoo we love you!

La la la la la la la la la..
La la la la la la la la la..

Thandi thandi yeh hawaein humko
Chupke chupke kya kehti suno
Manzil hai kareeb ab hamare
Bolein ghataayein khushiyaan chuno
Nazrein chura ke dil mein chhupa ke sapne buno
Dude how romantic!
I love you!

All of them reaches village enjoying the whole trip happily.

Suraj : hello aunty (touches her feet)

Rama (Elina’s mom) : god bless you, finally you are here, I am so happy to see you here and good you brought your friends too

Elina : thats Preeta, Roo, Shrishti, Kritika and Sherlyn

Rama : you all are most welcome but before you enter let me remind you be it from bride or groom’s side you all will have to dance and make it memorable

Shrishti : don’t worry aunty everybody will remember this marriage

Preeta : be quiet don’t mind aunty she is cracked mind

Shrishti ; how mean

Rama : okay you all freshen up, I will get your luggages put in rooms

Elina : come girls follow me

Rishab : what a choice not bad, after long time we came to village

Suraj : I feel there is something different in air of this place

Karan ; you mean romantic? then yes

Rishab : of course your mind will only have those twisted things

Karan ; learn to be romantic bhai before marriage or your wife will complain

Rishab : that won’t happen, we don’t need to be romantic every time

Karan : not today maybe one day you will follow my advise come, lets rest I am very tired

Sameer : me too


Piyali walks on road lifelessly between car with no emotions left. Her heart could gather courage to see everything in front of her eyes.

Main Toh.. Jiya.. Na Mara..
Hai Ve Das Main Ki Kara
Dil Jude Bina Hi Tut Gaye
Hath Mile Bina Hi Chhut Gaye
Ki Likhe Ne Lekh Kismet Ne..
Baar Baar Rod Akhiyan
Tainu Jo Na Vekh Sakiyan
Khole Aaye Aaj
Kudrat Ne..
Kataan Main Ki Ve Din
Teri Soun Tere Bin
Main Toh Jiya Na Mara
Chan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Jag Suna Suna Hai Toh..
Yeh Kyun Hota Hai..
Jab Yeh.. Dil Rota Hai
Roye Sisak Sisak Ki Hawayein
Jag Suna Lage

She cries her heart out shouting from bottom of her lungs. Rishab feels restless thinking about Piyali and her pain.


Rama : you all might be hungry from long trip have something

Karan : thank you aunty (starts eating)

Preeta : you are such big glutton, have some shame this is not our house

Elina : hey thats not fair, we are no different from now let him eat

Karan : thanks would be bride by the way whats the plan

Suraj : so today and tomorrow we can go out for tour then sangeet, haldi

Elina : you forgot Mehndi and then marriage, we will do reception in Mumbai

Rishab ; thats great plan, at least one ceremony should in city

Elina : our friends and colleague could not come in wedding so we will do reception in Bombay when we return

Precap : Preeta confesses her love during sangeet in front of everybody. Elina does not see Piyali’s tape in rush

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