Preeran SS ; Realization Part 24

In car

Karan ; baby doll I am fine you are still crying please stop

Preeta ; wait wait (shouts out)

Karan : oh my god what is it

Preeta points to the temple on road with big smile to him

Karan : for that so much drama, why are you torturing poor god leave him alone

Preeta signals him to be quiet and goes out

Karan keeps beeping horn loudly irritating her more

Preeta : if you beep one more time I will break those horn of your car

Karan : come on hurry up I am getting late for practice

Preeta : god ji thank you so much, please always keep like this

Karan ; how much will you irritate god come on now

Preeta : have some patience what is wrong with you

Karan ; I can say same thing, I know god have helped me so he needs some rest

Preeta ; god which crazy logic you use I could never understand

Karan : for that you need brains which you don’t have

Preeta : don’t irritate me further or I will get down from car

Karan ; okay as you wish (stops the car) what are you staring

Preeta : fine good bye

“Baby doll listen runs after her

Karan (goes to her) Hey Hey Ey Ey Ey Ey Hey Hey Hey Hey…

Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga, Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon

Tumhe Hai Jabse Chaaha, Hawaaon Mein Udata Hoon

Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

Preeta (holds his hand) Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga Ke Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai

Chalo Kahe Deti Hoon, Kabhi Nahi Jo Kahaan Hai

Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

(Karan tries to pacify her with flowers)Tum Jo Ghussa Bhi Karo Toh Mujhe Pyaar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun

Main Toh Jo Bhi Kahu Tumhe Ikraar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun

Chhodo Bhi Ye Ada, Paas Aake Jara, Baat Dil Ki Koi Keh Do Na

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

Karan twirls her around romantically. Shrishti and Sameer dance in front of sea

Shrishti : Saari Duniya Ko Chhodake Maine Chaaha Hai Ik Tumhe

Sameer :Maine Jindagi Se Maanga Hai Toh Sirf Maanga Hai Ik Tumhe

Abb Isi Chaah Mein, Abb Isi Raah Mein, Jindagibhar Mere Tum Ho Na

Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

Both couple rejoices their moment

Luthra house

Kareena : dear I know I am not worth of apologizing but forgive me if you can

Piyali : aunty please you were not at fault, I should be sorry my cheater dad’s greediness took away innocent life

Kareena : your mother must be very lucky to have daughter like you

Piyali hugs her emotionally and runs out recalling her mom on death bed. She stands near the water fall keeping hand to her mouth. Rishab is not able to see her pain and hesitate to console her

“My story was real Piyali sits with Rishab on bench

Rishab looks at her with lot of questions

“Few months ago I helped police nab come big criminals in Cape town and they offered me job as spy cop, Palak Shekhawat was my mom’s niece, she died on a mission, head department gave me that identity to catch criminals Piyali pours her heart

Rishab : and that bar dancing

Piyali : life is not so mercy on me, I only agreed to offer to bring justice on my mom’s character

Rishab : somebody told me before others one should give chance to themselves

Piyali : I am leaving tomorrow

“Can’t you stay for little more Rishab requests her

Piyali : Anu is alone there, she is still kid if you come there anytime do meet me

“Wait holds her hand from back

Piyali closes eyes breathing heavily

“If I say I want your friendship then will you still go away Rishab goes close to her

Piyali turns around to him with closed eyes. He blows the hair from her eyes gently. Both share intimate moment emotionally but noise from outside stops them .

Rishab ; I am sorry I don’t know how

Piyali ; thats okay somebody is calling you

Kritika : bhai what are you both doing here, come uncle is calling

Rishab : coming

Suraj : thank you for everything Piyali sorry Palak I have got that habit

“Its Piyali there is long story to it, and I guess right now your wedding bells are ringing maybe next time she says

Elina : are you not coming with us?

Suraj : yea we will be more than happy

Piyali : I wish, but Anu is alone in cape town so I can’t stay for longer but in advance congratulation and wish you a very happy married life

“Thank you both thanks her

Arora house

Suraj : god how does this cops manage to solve dangerous cases and you what was need to become arc of queen

Elina : how ungrateful I was trying to save everybody and you are blaming me

Preeta : let it be this guys would never understand because of us they are saved

Karan : how? by begging

Preeta : you should learn something from Sameer he did real acting

Karan : Preeta Arora next time if you are really in trouble I won’t help you

Kabir and Roo comes there at same time bumping with each other on door.

Roo : can’t you see? are you blind

Kabir : i can say same thing, this is not your so be respectful

Roo : who said its yours? don’t teach me manners okay

Kabir : If I was teacher my class would not have such dumbo students

“How dare you Roo scratches his hair

Elina ; what are you both doing? leave each other, Suraj you are enjoying get up

“He is your lovable brother, you stop him, let me rest for a while Suraj does not get up

Elina throws pillow and other things at him.

Shrishti : if you both want to die please find some other place

Preeta : seriously you are crazy, Roo leave him please

The girls pull Roo apart from Kabir who is calling her coward

Roo : let me show you who is coward

Preeta : stop it enough are you both born to fight with each other

Roo : di you tell him to behave properly with me or else

Kabir : or else you will hit me? come on why are you hiding behind sisters

Roo : come lets fight (pushes Preeta back)

Suraj : don’t disgrace our name brother best of luck

Elina stares at him with red eyes

Sherlyn : there is a perfect place to fight, wrestling ring

Preeta : not again I am going from here, you all continue and mind it if there are any damage I will make that person clean

Everybody quiets down

Sherlyn : thats why I want to have training from you

Karan : don’t waste time on her, she is dumbo doctor she will drive you crazy

Preeta : oh please you better not waste time on useless things, and remember to wake up at 4 our deal

Karan ; yaar why you are such a hitler?

Suraj : does she also make you do work? I understand your pain

Kabir : bhabhi from tomorrow 3 am sharp

Elina : I am starving lets eat please

Preeta : you sit here I will make something

Elina : wait today boys are going to cook for us, right guys get up

Suraj : did a goon hit on your head? I have not turned on stove in my life

Shrishti : how bad fianc you all are, we girls keep karva chaut fast for and you cannot do this much

Sameer : you are talking as if you keep fast everyday, fine you want us to cook but what will be get in return

Preeta ; we will decide that on how you all cook food

Karan : dumbo, we are not professional cooks okay

Preeta : really? I didn’t know that my would be husband either you all go in kitchen or stay hungry for tonight

Sameer ; if we cook good food for one week you girls have to follow our orders

Shrishti : and if you don’t then till we go to Ranakpur no contact with each other

Suraj and Karan give revengeful look to Sameer who agrees

Elina ; good then go to kitchen please, today’s menu American chowspey, are all indigrent there

Preeta : yes right there and we will turn on good music for you guys

Shrishti : best of luck my shorty

Karan : duffer, idiot who told you to mess with this girls

Suraj : I know right, if we loss we have to obey them for one week

Kabir : bhabhi your mom called me ten times asking when are we going there

Elina : I know but my wedding dress have still not come

Preeta : don’t panic go to designer tomorrow and ask him to hurry up

Sherlyn ; if not then just give me your size my designer will make it in one day

Preeta : thats great, Shrishti we also have to buy clothes to wear in her wedding

Shrishti : lets go tomorrow or we won’t have time after

Suraj sheds tears while chopping onions. Karan and Sameer looks at recipe online and starts cooking.

Elina : it smells delicious wow

Suraj : don’t think I will become permanent chef after marriage

Preeta : not bad so girls what say

Sherlyn : you are passed

Karan : don’t worry we will not be too harsh on you girls but you all have to dance in Elina’s wedding Preeta, Shrishti Sherlyn

Preeta : we were going to do that even before you said

Karan plays with Preeta’s leg under table. Nobody notices their expressions while busy in talking with each other.

Shrishti : Rishabji you came on right time, we were starting our program

Kritika and Akshay come there too. Preeta turns on old music and her favorite song

Karan and Preeta holds each other’s hand lovingly.

Mausam pyar ka
Rang badlta rahe
Yu hi chalta rahe
Tere mere pyar ka karwa

Sherlyn is lost in Rishab who is recalling his moment with Piyali. Kritika feels uncomfortable with Akshay.

Mausam pyar ka
Rang badlta rahe
Yun hi chalta rahe
Tere mere pyar ka karwa

Roo stamps on Kabir’s feet while dancing but partners change. Kritika goes to Kabir feeling different from Akshay.

Thandi hawa matwali bahe
Hamare sang ud ke

Abhi kahinn dekhona mud ke
Thandi hawa matwali bahe
Hamare sang ud ke
Abhi kahin dekhona mud ke
Pichhe kahan ye nazare ye shama
Mausam pyar ka rang badlta rahe
Yun hi chalta rahe
Tere mere pyar ka karwa

Kabir : you both sisters are very different I must say

Kritika : you are right she is north pole I am south pole but I can say same thing for you and Suraj

Kabir : its very hard to compare both of us, because we are each other’s life

Kritika : can I ask you something? you dont’ have any girlfriend

Kabir : I didn’t find any, someone who I can say yes I need her as life partner

Kritika : what kind of partner you want?

“Not very complicated but somebody who is daring, she should have courage to stand up for her rights, I hate that mentality when people say after marriage women have to change themselves, I want a girl who will live on to this thinking of mine Kabir’s words touches Kritika’s heart directly

Kritika ; like Elina, other girl who will marry you will be very lucky

Kabir : I don’t think like that you know why we are lucky to find such decent girls

Sherlyn : Rishabji, we both agreed to our marriage in different situation, don’t you feel bad of losing your love

Rishab : my love for Preeta ji is nothing in front of Karan (sees him happily dancing with Preeta) look how happy they are

Sherlyn : won’t you ever get married?

Rishab : whenever life wants, right now I guess I want to be part of other happiness

Sherlyn : and if someday anybody wants to take that place in your heart

Rishab : I don’t like to give false hope to people (leaves her hand)

Piyali gets Anu’s phone call

Anu : di please come back I am missing you

Piyali : I will fly out tomorrow

Anu : why do you sound so tensed? did anybody said anything

Piyali : you know something is stopping me from coming back

Anu : before I had doubt but not its confirmed you are in love with Rishabji

Piyali : what nonsense?

Anu : you are elder than me but I have done high course in those things, di just think in whole life you have not share your past with anybody but with him, love is not having lovey dovey, this are matter of heart

Piyali pays attention to every word of Anu knowing how she never poured her heart to anybody but only Rishab.

Anu : di if you love him go and tell him

Piyali : but if he did not have same feeling for me I don’t want to get heart broken

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