Preeran SS ; Realization Part 23

Police station

Palak orders constable to get Karan blood test in jail itself

Constable : but madam

Palak : no questions, call lab technician and get his blood test

Constable : okay ma’am

Palak : one more thing, sent on big force to find Preeta, in every corner of city I want her back safely, move

Rishab comes to meet Karan who is broken with everything

Karan : bhai did you find anything about Preeta where is she?

Rishab ; calm down, police are looking for her we will find Preeta

Karan : to hell with police, they won’t be able to find her

Rishab : this time I trust police force, and my search is also going on you just take care of yourself

“Bhai I will only be fine when Preeta is with me Karan breaks down

Rishab : nothing will happen to your Preeta I promise even at my risk

Karan : please bhai take care of yourself, I don’t trust those brother and sister

Rishab sees Piyali looking at window holding coffee mug. He stops himself from going to her but she calls him back

Rishab : what should I call you?

Palak : right now just a cop who wants to help you catch real culprit

Rishab ; you also think Karan did this after staying with him

Palak ; my job is to get wrong people punish and only believe my instincts

Rishab sees another girl standing in front of him not the weak soul.

Preeta finds herself in room with walls everywhere and no way to escape.

“God please help me get out of here, I don’t know how Karan and everybody else might be without me Preeta prays

The cops get in full force to find Preeta in every corner of city. Doctor comes to police station to take Karan’s blood test

Doctor : ma’am there are not traces of drug in body

Palak : good and now I want to check on that girl , I have court orders for medical examination of Omisha

Commissioner : go ahead

Palak : thank you sir, constable get those eyewitness I want all girls to give statement

Constable ; they will be here soon and our force have still not found Preeta

Palak ; if they don’t then i will go myself, trace her phone last location of Preeta and Karan’s mobile

Sherlyn, Rishab, Shrishti, Elina and Suraj waits outside Prithvi’s house

Shrishti ; are you sure Prithvi have kept di in this house

Sherlyn ; but we can follow them wherever they goes

Omisha gets call from Sameer who wants to meet her. She starts heading to house where Preeta is kept captive

Palak ; she is going somewhere

Rishab starts to follow Omisha without making her doubt

Suraj : phone it tracked, the last location of Preeta and Karan

Rishab ; where is it?

Elina : Preeta’s phone is close to the farm house where police arrested Karan

Rishab : what?

Palak hears their conversation by tapping the phones. She also tapped Prithvi and Omisha’s mobile to know their locations and conversations

Constable : ma’am we went to that girl’s house but somebody said she went somewhere while ago

Palak hurries to follow Omisha and informs all the cop to surround on farm house.

“I don’t want any mistakes this time Palak talks on walkie


Palak tells Sameer to fool Omisha in his sweet talks knowing her obsession for him.

Sameer ; are you sure this will all work?

Palak ; my instinct never fool me and Omisha is from those girls who can to any extent to get their desire

Sameer : you are right, last time also she trapped my Karan bhai but this time I won’t let that happen

Palak : you don’t have to worry, my team will secretly spying on place

Sameer : I trust you

Palak ; just make sure of one thing, she should not doubt your intention in any moment make her feel you care for her

Sameer nods

Palak : once you she starts revealing truth just press this button, it will go live

Flashback ends

Omisha sees Sameer waiting for her desperately

Omisha : i knew you would come here, so what deal you brought for me

“You know I cannot even face myself for what my brother did to you Sameer fakes crying in front of her

“Sameer please you know I cannot see you crying please Omisha shows her concern

Shrishti fumes in jealousy seeing them through another window

Rishab : what is he doing here?

Shrishti : let me go straighten him right now what does he think of himself

Elina : did Sameer came here again to save Karan, I hope he does not create more mess for us

Suraj : lets wait for few minutes, to see what he does

Prithvi : what are you doing here?

Omisha : bhai please you told me you will give me whatever I want, Sameer is ready to marry me

Prithvi : may I ask why? the brother for whom he was ready to marry you

“That was biggest mistake of my life, Luthra family are very selfish, for them only Karan and Rishab matters Sameer feels guilty while uttering bad things

Shrishti : what the hell?

Rishab : wait please don’t panic (his phone rings but does not make noise)

“The place you all are try to find Preeta rather than hearing Sameer’s drama Palak informs him

Rishab (rubs his head) I should have known only your mind can have twisted idea

Palak : lets leave that for later you all go into rooms from back side

Rishab : fine

Elina : what happened?

Rishab ; it was that Palak, we should try to find Preetaji, let Sameer do this drama

Palak brought Karan with him as well due to his stubbornness and going against law.

Karan : thanks for bringing me here

Palak : I have done this because you are almost proved innocent

Karan : I just hope that creep have not harmed Preeta

Sameer : I have wiped all the proofs that can prove Karan Luthra innocent

Prithvi : how?

Sameer : I called Omisha here when I heard that Palak is going to make her undergo medical test

Omisha ; see bhai I told you he is smart

Sameer : and also the Karan’s car that was stuck I did not let police find it

Prithvi : cheers (gives him glass of wine) I am sure like that Sherlyn you won’t ditch us

Omisha : to be honest it was very fun to see the Karan Luthra getting trapped in our plan

Sameer : but you still didn’t tell me how did you all do this

Omisha and Prithvi reveals everything in their victory unaware of the tape in Sameer’s pocket.

Karan meets his siblings outside the farm house much to their surprise

Rishab ; how did you come out?

Karan : Piyali brought me here, I don’t know where she went

Rishab : lets find Preeta till Sameer keep that girl busy with him

Prithvi goes out to talk with somebody when everybody takes Omisha in car forcefully. Karan finds Preeta in the room who is teary eyes seeing him.

“Karan runs to him with all energy she have and pulls into tight hug.

Karan : you are okay?

Preeta nods smilingly

Karan : lets hurry up, before that Prithvi comes back here

The duo starts running outside. Everybody gets trapped while leaving mansion. The goons surround youngsters except Palak.

Prithvi : what did you all think? taking my sister away will make things easy no way

Rishab : don’t even dare to do anything to my brother or anybody else

Prithvi beats him up venting his anger

“No leave him, bhai Karan and Sameer tries hard to leave grip of goons

Prithvi : this is consequence of messing with me you will remember whole life

Elina ; ya right only cowards can do this, see thats why no girl has even spit on you, Sherlyn and Preeta both of them left you

Prithvi fumes in anger listening to her words

“You he tells goons to hang Elina on the edge

Elina ; leave me coward, using women to take revenge (shout loud)

Suraj : don’t touch her or else I will chop your hands

Prithvi ; today all of your graves will be dug here except my Preeta (goes to her)

Preeta : i beg of you please don’t do anything I will go with you

Karan : Preeta don’t

Prithvi ; what are you thinking take her away?

“Whats so hurry first look here Palak brings Omisha on gun point

Prithvi : how dare you

“Dont’ even think of coming close my bullet distance is closer than your leg, untie everybody right now Palak holds Omisha tightly to gun point

The goons leave all the siblings but during lengthy fight Rishab and Karan capture Prithvi in corner beating him to pulp.

“Won’t you see live telecast of your doom Rishab and Karan drags him inside house

Prithvi and Omisha’s revelation is live telecasted on TV. Police and media surrounds brother sister duo and Karan is proved innocent. Commissioner congratulates Palak and her team for bringing justice. He tells her shocking news about her mother and Kareena’s husband’s death which was conspired by her father for money. This leaves her devastated and broken.

Palak ; thank you Sir, police department also fulfilled promise

Luthras and Aroras celebrate their victory and thanks Elina Suraj for all help.

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