Preeran SS ; Realization Part 2

Karan flies to Cape town the same night leaving everything behind. He still vows to come back for his brother’s life.

Next day everybody gets shocked about Karan’s departure.

“Sameer you tell me where is Karan” Rishab asks him sternly

Sameer : I really don’t know bhai

“Fine but if I found that you are aware of everything and hiding Karan’s deed then watch out “Rishab and Kareena scolds him

Preeta gets extremely shocked after knowing about his departure.

Preeta : how could he go like this? without even informing me

Shrishti : really? on which rights he would tell you when that relation is over

Preeta gets upset with everything and tries to call Karan constantly. She feels restless without Karan, his constant bickering, care.

“Why did you not understand me Karan, I did all this for everybody’s well being, my heart knows how much I feel pain with your insult”  Preeta talks with his picture sadly and prays for his safety wherever he is

Cape town

Karan reaches the city and fill out the immigration form. He cuts the line to get done quickly and let another young guy Suraj (Rithvik Dhanjani) enter with him

“I don’t do this every time” Suraj tells him

Karan : one should make their own line, remember that buddy

“By the way I am Suraj, scholarship of McCarthy and you” Suraj asks him

“Everybody knows me the Karan Luthra, star cricketer” gets on his usual attitude

Karan goes outside when his eyes falls on very elegant face with untied hair. The girl puts the pencil in her hair wearing colorful bangles. Karan gets fascinated with her charm in the first sight itself. He goes to her and reading the board in her hands

“You are Karan Luthra right” girl ask him

Karan nods

“Hi, I have come to pick you up lets go “ she urges him

Karan gets excited and shouts in car. Piyali senses weirdness in his behavior

Karan : what?

Piyali : nothing it does not look like you came from India (laughs at him)

Karan : excuse me? I think you are not aware of me I am star cricketer of India

Piyali : really? of your country not whole world anyway I don’t judge people in first meeting

Karan ; I should really appreciate the hotel for sending very helpful driver

Piyali : I am not fond of clearing people’s misconception but let me clear that I am not cab driver but since you are our VIP guest my boss wanted to leave no stone in your welcome

Karan : yea right, thats why you have pencil in your hair, colorful bangles perfect mother india

Piyali stops the car near the gas station and offers to have something

Karan ; what do you think I should take according to your South Africa culture

“Mr Luthra, for once in life try to look outside your attitude and see the world” Piyali goes inside gas station

Karan : what a girl? it has become need to know this new attitude maker

Piyali : here we are, John send his luggage to room directly

John ; yes (says with accent)

Piyali : so Mr Luthra my job is done, I dropped you safely at your destination

Karan : but I am guest here so its your duty to help me (straightness his jacket)

“My hobby is to finish the task given not more or less than that, if you need anything hotel staff is at your service” Piyali returns the car keys to security and starts walking

Karan : we will meet very soon Ms stranger


Prithvi and Sherlyn decides to bring both marriage date closer before Karan comes back

Prithvi : use your empty brain, our marriage is with Rishab is more important, and that boring nerd will not agree till his brother comes back

Sherlyn : but at least you can pressurize that Preeta and Sarla Arora

“Fine then I will create such situation those Aroras will be forced to give their daughter” Prithvi swears

Luthra house

Preeta goes to treat Dadi who notices her silence unlike other days

Dadi : whats wrong dear?  you are also missing Karan, I know he is the soul of this house, every wall is aware of his antics

Preeta : dadi, it was my mistake also that I could not make him understand properly

Dadi : when time is not good leave everything to god he will set things right (gives solace to her)

Rakhi asks Rishab to find Karan at any cost

“Mom he is not kid who will get lost, he needed a break from all this so he went for peace” Rishab tells her

“Without even informing us, I don’t know whats this boy’s problem is, why does he not take things seriously” Rakhi gets angry

Rishab : mom its our mistake, Karan and my judgment is not wrong about Prithvi, he will ruin Preetaji to the extent and we will keep looking like puppet (gets tensed and leaves to his room)

He reads the letter left by Karan

“Bhai, first of all I am sorry for going like this. I know in whole world only you trust me but I am tired with everything. I am going to find some peace somewhere far from this place where I don’t have to prove my loyalty to anybody send this message to that kareli who is diving in deep well. Your chotu Karan”

Rishab holds the letter tearfully with the pain of separating from his brother. He feels helpless to not help his brother and friend bound by duty.

Cape town

Karan coincidentally is neighbor to Suraj who he met airport in morning. He misses Preeta and Rishab’s company badly.

Karan ; bhai I wish you were here, at least we both brothers could have enjoyed together and you Kareli if you supported me than I would have stand against whole world for you

He goes out for outing when he again spots Piyali with another personality

Somewhere Out There, I Know There Is Someone

Who Is Waiting Just For Me Maahiya

He Is Gonaa Set Me Free Maahiya

Jiski Aankhon Mein Meri Hi Nami Ho

Koyi Toh Hai Woh Yaar Maahiya

Karoon Main Intzaar Maahiya

Jisake Jine Mein Meri Hi Kami Ho

Rahe Jo Bekaraar Maahiya

Woh Mujhpe Nisaar Maahiya

Jisaki Har Baat Mujhse Judi Ho

Chaahe Jo Beshumaar Maahiya

Wafa Se Wafaadaar Maahiya

How Long My

Why Can You Be A Part Of My Reality

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  1. Awesome
    Loved it
    Feel sad for karan??
    Prithvi and sherlyn….urghh???
    Now preeta to started missing karan
    Piyali and suraj….let’s see what new twist these characters bring
    Post truth of life as well
    Excited for next
    Update soon dear
    Keep smiling??

  2. Interesting update ?
    From starting itself I was getting good vibes from Piyali. She seems to be a positive character .
    Karan-Piyali banter?
    Piyali has got the perfect attitude ?. Tell her to give at least a part of it to Preeta.
    I am very angry on her?
    Feeling bad for Rishabh…
    Preeta ke liye thoda-sa .
    She thinks that she needs to explain karan the right but the truth is opposite .
    I am quite confused about the purpose of Piyali’s entry .
    Will wait to know .
    Please update soon
    Why are weekends busy for you? Now I have to wait till Monday for update?
    Keep smiling?

  3. Plz pair preeran and not rishta….plz….

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