Preeran SS ; Realization Part 1

The current track is too much frustrating for everybody. Its painful to see Karan humiliating every single time in front of that Prithvi. This is for people to give some break from show. It will be only short story and will end within 20 parts.

Synopsis : Karan who had enough of facing insult from Prithvi takes break from everything. He heads for South Africa leaving things behind. Preeta starts getting restless without him specially after the engagement drama. Things change when Karan clashes with carefree Piyali

Piyali :  Fun loving, strong headed, bubbly girl who is struggling dancer but have her heads in cloud to achieve big in life.

How will Piyali entry impact their life will form crux of story

The scene starts with Tapsee changes her statement taking all blame of trapping Prithvi.

The scene starts with Karan giving ultimatum to Preeta for choosing her so called engagement or his friendship . This leaves Preeta in huge dilemma between devil and deep sea.

“Preeta if you break this wedding today then I promise let alone anybody I will stand with you” Karan gives her courage

“Why don’t you understand this is not easy for me, this alliance means a lot to my family I cannot let them down, if there was any problem I would myself break this” Preeta makes him understand

Karan : and your happiness, your desires does that not mean anything to you

Preeta : I am very happy with Prithvji okay, if you are my friend you will be a part of my happiness

“Fine so you won’t pay heed to me, good today you showed me how much value is my friendship in your life thank you so much Preeta Arora” Karan’s words shocks everybody

Preeta : karan (tries to stop him)

Karan : i told you today this relation or that, only one will be a part of your life choice is yours

Rishab : Karan please why are you making hard for her than it is

Karan : no bhai for how long will we fight for her, she also should do something na, we have done enough for her you say Preeta

Preeta gets flashes of Sarla’s challenge to Deepak for getting her married in good family.

“I am sorry Karan but you left no choice for me” Preeta starts towards Prithvi

Shrishti : di wait what are you doing? don’t do this mistake

Preeta does not pay heed to them and rather goes to stage. She controls her tears hardly making him wear the ring.

Karan : congratulations Preeta Arora, you finally got what you wanted and thanks for opening my eyes today (leaves angrily from the place followed by Sameer)

Sameer : bhai wait where are you going? don’t vent his anger on yourself

Karan : I can’t believe how can somebody be so dumb she crushed our friendship under that ring for that creep

Sameer : calm down you go home and relax everything will be fine

After engagement the families go back to their house. Shrishti does not talk with Preeta for humiliating Karan and engaging to wrong person again.

Shrishti : I can’t believe you did this di, seriously you valued no relations

Preeta : what are you saying?

Shrishti : how much I made you understand but you are not ready to understand anything

Preeta : do you think I never believed Karan? I trust him but this was necessary you both don’t realize how much my heart hurts when I see him bowing down in front of people

Luthra house

“Preeta, I don’t know about you but I will never forget your friendship and concern” Karan recalls how she brought him out of jail

He starts packing bags at night and books his ticket immediately to go there early. He goes to Rishab’s room silently leaving a not on his desk

“I am sorry bhai I had to go like this without saying anything” Karan holds his hands and leaves from home

Sameer : bhai where are you going

“Cape town for few days, only going from here will give me peace , but you did not hear this from me alright go” Karan tells him to not tell anybody about his departure

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  1. carolinevarsha

    i hope preeta realize her love for karan.also awesome fiction i enjoyed it very much cant wait for next update.i love preeran couple

  2. i hope preeta realize her love for karan.also awesome fiction i enjoyed it very much cant wait for next update.i love preeran couple

  3. Brilliant update
    Kundali bhagya’s track is really frustrating. Don’t know when its gonna end
    Hopefully preeta realizes her mistake soon
    It hurts to see karan like this?
    Let’s see what u have got in store for us
    Also post other ffs as well
    Update soon
    Stay blessed??

  4. Nice concept
    Is Piyali entry for Rishabh or an entry to make preeta-karan-Piyali love triangle ? Sameer ke liye toh shrishti is there . Or is Piyali a long lost sister?
    Most importantly:
    Update soon

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