Preeran & Shrishmeer SS : Fight of good and evil

Hey guys this is small story I wanted to share with you guys. I didn’t wanted to put in small pieces as I already updated in other forum. Please leave your feedback  if you like it

Theme : The story is about dealing with the society norms and battling with the unrighteousness. It explores the valor of courage, bravery and hope of keeping humanity alive.

Summary : The plot reflects the bravery of girl who despises the old norms in society and does not stand any kind of wrong things happening.Destiny brings her across a person who will eventually become her soulmate and help her to accomplish the mission amidst bringing the hidden emotion in her heart. What happens when they are trapped in web of emotion, greed, love, obsession and power but they have to keep their hope alive to bring justice.

Arora family : Richest family of Mumbai

Preeta :Elder daughter of Arora family, an arrogant and self respected girl. A famous journalist who has only one motive to bring a change in society. Loves her family a lot. Protect her family like a son. Does not believe in love feelings

Shrishti : A vicious and stylish fashion designer. An hot tempered girl who is a perfectionist in her work. Does not believe in love either. She is strong, mature and practical like her sister.

Sarla : A loving mother who raised her two daughter with lot of affection. Supports her daughters for everything.

Sameer : A charming and handsome hunk who has a dream to reach to toppest businessman in world. Falls for a girl who is completely opposite to him. Best friend of Karan from childhood

Karan : A famous celebrity whose live revolve around his friend and his sister Elina and his dadi. Craving for love since childhood.

Elina : A smart and suave girl who loves her family a lot. Best friend to Shrishti and works with her. Strong pillar to Karan always. She carries her own spark of beauty wherever she goes and stands for righteousness.

Rishab Mehra : An honest cop who is very dedicated towards his duty. Friend of Preeta from childhood. He put his all dedication towards the duty for the country and people’s safety. His follows his own principles rather than thinking about others


Omisha : A supermodel and Sameer’s fianc who loves fame and money. Max’s sister who is similar to him. Will be rival to Shrishti and create problem for her and Preeta.

Max : Another evil guy who sets his eyes on Preeta, enemy of Sameer and Karan from college. Spoiled brat who does not see difference of good and bad.

Rajveer : A corrupt politician who will create problems in Arora family and Luthra family. He wants to be the center of public by gaining the power and name. Does not give up his arrogance for anybody.

The story opens with lot of people waiting at a award function. A black car comes there and comes out a gorgeous girl wearing a whites sleeveless dress. It is none other than Shrishti Arora. She greets everybody. The host announces the nominees of best fashion designer award.

Host : The best designer award goes to Shrishti Arora

Everybody claps for Shrishti who comes one stage.

Shrishti : Thank you everybody for this award. I just want to thank my family who supported me too. Sis i know you can hear me wherever you are.


A phone rings in the office. A stunning beauty with a fire in eyes is introduced who is none other than Preeta .She calls Shrishti and congratulates her.

Shrishti : Thank you sis when are you coming back

Preeta : Very soon princess and this time I have good news for you. I am getting promotion

Shrishti : That’s fantastic then come here soon

Preeta : Take care of yourself and mom

Shrishti : Sure bye

Preeta : Mahi, whats the progress

Mahi : You have to go Bombay to capture the things going on there

Preeta : I will surely bring out the change in those rural places

Mahi : I know its only you who can raise the Trp of our channel

The scene shifts to place where a bike racing is going on. A handsome hunk removes the helment after winning the race none other than Sameer Malhothra.

A helicopter comes on a beautiful place where millions of people are waiting. From the stopper comes out a dashing celebrity called Karan by his fans. He comes out weaving his fans.

Luthra house

Sameer : Welcome back bro

Karan : Sameer, my friend how are you

Sameer : I am fine, look at you. I am so happy to see you after so many years

Karan : You changed more than me

“Bro a voice came out back with a spunky look and joyous voice.

Karan ; Elina my princess

Elina : I am very angry. you did you inform us that you are coming back

Dadi holds his ear and scolds him.

Karan : I wanted to give you surprise, dont be angry

Dadi : I want to talk important thing with you

Karan : Really?

Dadi : I want you to settle down now

Karan : Dadi, you know I don’t want to get married

Elina : But why, don’t tell me you have lack of girls

Sameer laughs on it

Elina : Why are you laughing, I did not make a joke, why don’t you make him understand,

Dadi : Elina is right

Sameer : what should I say

Elina : you already found your soulmate and you should encourage your friend

Karan : stop scolding him Elina, I will marry only when I find girl of my type

Elina : And what type of girl you want, I will find

Karan : Somebody who is very bold

A girl with fire in eyes is going somewhere in car

Karan : One who has very caring nature

The girl is feeding a small kid

Karan : And most important thing, she should be not arrogant but simple and sweet

The girl slaps somebody for behaving with a woman. The girl is revealed to be Preeta

Preeta : Aren’t you ashamed of teasing a woman? because of you shameless people, girls cannot walk safely in their own country

Elina : Well, the type you want can be tuff

Sameer : what is the fun if the girl is not tuff

Karan : Right, Elina I know l find a girl of sure one day

Preeta goes to her house in a red car. Shrishti is furious at somebody at one her employee

Shrishti : You call this a show stopper dress

Employee : Sorry ma’am but this is the best show stopper dress

Shrishti : I don’t care, but the clothes I design are called fashionable

Preeta : Mom

Sarla ;Preeta?

Preeta : Who is she shouting at

Sarla : you know na how she is,

Shrishti : Listen, I want to get a perfect show stopper dress before next show. if you make anything wrong then just wait

Employee : don’t worry ma’am you will get a the dress by tomorrow

Shrishti : Better be

Shrishti is happy to see her sister.

Preeta : what is going on here? how many times I told that keep yourself on hold

Shrishti : Di, these people are making me angry, the next fashion show is next week and we don’t have a proper dress for the show stopper

Preeta : Don’t worry, it will be fine

Shrishti : I will be right back

Preeta : Ma, she will definetly mess up one day in her anger

Sarla : I just hope she gets somebody who will control her

Sameer meet his fiancee who is a successful supermodel called Omisha.

Omisha ; Hey sweetheart

Sameer : Where are you ? you don’t have time for your fiancee

Omisha ; love you know I am a model, but I love you

Somebody calls Omisha and leaves

Elina : what happened

Sameer ; Nothing

Elina : Are you upset that she does not have time for you

Sameer : No, I know she is busy

Karan : Didn’t you wanted a girl who is simple and very calm

Sameer : That was before, it was a fantasy, Omisha is my type too

Elina : Well its your choice

Preeta goes to her office and meet her friend Anjali.

Anjali : Hey you are back

Preeta : I am back,

Anjali : Boss has a hard task for you

Preeta : And I like a challenging things, what is it

Anjali : You have to go to a Vadhavpu village, I heard it is a beautiful village and capture the stories of their life, I also heard that there lot of problems going on there

Preeta ; Done, I will leave tomorrow

Luthra house

Karan : You called me Dadi

Dadi : I want you to do something, will you do it?

Karan : Just say it dadi

Dadi ; I want you to go at Vadhavpur and meet Daasi

Karan : what happened to her

Dadi : Her health is not good these days, she helped us a lot in our bad days,

Karan : Okay dadi as you wish (says without hesitation)

Arora house

Sarla : You are leaving

Preeta : Mom, you know I have a dream in my life, we have seen poverty in our life too, today this world is full of injustice, where a woman is trapped in a bad situation but the society and her own family leaves their sides

Sarla : You want to change this state? everybody has its own destiny

Preeta : You taught me fight for justice, I will bring change in this society and make you proud

Sarla : My blessings are with you always, may god give you success

Shrishti : Mom, our Preeta di is not less than a boy, right di

Preeta : Yes my little princess, and you take care of mom

Shrishti : Promise

Luthra house

Karan : Okay dadi, I will leave now

Dadi : Take care and call me when you reach there

Karan : Okay dadi, you too take care

Both Karan and Preeta leaves from their respective home. On the way to somewhere Sameer accidentally hits Shrishti’s car. She gets furious on Sameer for hitting her car.

Shrishti : Come out, I want to see which idiot gave you the license

Sameer : Excuse me, I have a perfect driving,

Shrishti : Perfect? even bullock cart ride better than you

Sameer : How dare you? listen I am sorry

Shrishti : Saying sorry, you would do something like that to other people,

Sameer ; I am not getting rude to you does not mean you can say whatever you want

Shrishti : I know guys like you very well, who have no manners and takes advantage of people

Sameer : I don’t like to argue with insolent girls like you

Shrishti : If I am insolent then you are spoiled brat, pray that you will never cross my way

Sameer : I don’t have any interest to see your face either or cross your way

Both leaves in their car in opposite way. Karan and Preeta’s car are broken in their way.

Preeta : Excuse me, is there any bus to Vadhavpur

Person : There will be another bus at 8, you can wait at the stand if you want

Preeta : Thank you

Karan : I wonder when will the bus come, he sees Preeta first time as a mesmerized beauty like a beautiful flower

A goon eyes on Preeta who is alone sitting on the stand.

Goon : Sweetheart, alone at this time? wanna company?

Preeta ignores him but he continues to tease her. She finally slaps twice to the goon.

Preeta : What do you people think of yourself? Just saw a girl at this time and you thought she is ready, blo*dy shameless, people, I am not a weak girl who is scared of people, you can scare everybody but not girls like us who can fight with you

Goon : You slapped me? you will have to pay for this

Preeta : Who are you threatening coward? if you are that brave come fight

The goon tries to force her but Preeta hits him on feet.

Goon : You don’t know who you have messed up with, (runs)

Preeta : Where are you running, coward?

Karan is amazed to witness the courage of a young girl. He goes to Preeta,

Preeta : Have you come to do the deed again

Karan : Hello, I am not the type you think okay

Preeta : You all are same, nobody is different (says wearing her sandal)

Karan : Fine, think whatever you want, but did you ever thought why does this happen

Preeta : Do you want that because of people like you we don’t roam freely

Karan : I did not mean this

Preeta : I am not a uneducated girl understand

Karan : Listen I don’t wanna argue with you

Somebody informs them that bus of Vadhavpur is here. Both of goes in the bus but unfortunately has to sit on the same seat. While Preeta is trying to put her bag but falls on Karan.

Karan : Millions of girls does not have this opportunity

Preeta : I am not from them, and I don’t have any interest on people like you

Late at night Karan is awake and finds Preeta sleeping peacefully.

Arora house

Sarla : Why are always angry

Shrishti : I don’t know what happens to me, why I cannot control my anger but I just don’t want to see that guy’s face again

In the morning Preeta finds herself sleeping on Karan’s shoulder and gets irritated.

Karan : I told you last night million of girls has this opportunity to sit near me

Preeta : You are disgusting, I don’t have any interest in guys like you understand, better pray that you never cross my way again

Karan : We don’t know what is our destiny

Preeta and Karan goes on the opposite ways and thinking to not meet each other again. Preeta reaches the place she is supposed to go where villagers sees her in bad light because she wears modern dress.

Preeta meets a village girl named Sandhya who is getting married soon.

Sandhya : Hi, I am sorry I did not recognize you

Preeta : My name is Preeta Arora, I am a journalist , I came to capture the life of the village

Sandhya : All the best then

Some girls come to take Sandhya for the Mehndi function. Preeta notices a scar in her hand before she leaves. Meanwhile Karan meets his Daasi who is ill.

Karan : How are you Daasi? I heard you are ill

Daasi : Doctors say anything, I am perfectly fine,

Karan : You have to take care of yourself, if you want I can take you in city with us

Daasi : No Karan, I have peace in this place, if you want to do something for me then find a girl for you

Karan : Gosh not again, I told same thing to Dadi, I will only get married the girl who is my choice

Daasi : Well looking at situation I think I will not be able to see your bride

Karan : I promise you, I will get married in one year

Later Preeta sees a guy is threatening Sandhya. She goes to talk to her friend Nili.

Nili : Yes? do you need something

Preeta : There is something going on in this place which is not okay

Nili : What do you mean

Preeta : I know you all are hiding something, I saw Sandhya’s fiancee was troubling her

Nili is getting scared to tell anything.

Preeta : Look, your honesty can bring new light in this village or your silence can destroy everything here, you decide


Sameer : Hey Omisha, lets go for dinner today

Omisha : Alright, I am free today

Both of them goes to a five star hotel for dinner. Eventually Shrishti with her friend goes at the same hotel.

Omisha : After a long time we had time together

Sameer : I know our work does not give us enough time

Omisha : Don’t worry, we can still manage

Sameer : I wonder how we will manage after marriage

Omisha : Look, now when you raised this topic, I want to make it clear that I am not ready for marriage now, not at least for 3 years

Sameer : Omisha, I respect your feeling

Omisha : Thank you for understanding

Shrishti crosses from Sameer’s table and sits behind him. While Omisha goes to washroom, Shrishti accidentally drops water on Omisha’s dress when she is about to get up.

Shrishti : I am so sorry

Omisha : Sorry my foot, are you blind or what

Shrishti : I am apologizing, why are you so rude

Omisha : You know how expensive this dress is

Sameer : What happened Omisha?

Omisha : Nothing, these days people don’t care about decency

Shrishti : Excuse me, from your face you don’t look decent either

Sameer : You? Oh so now today you are misbehaving again

Omisha : Seems like you are a drama queen everywhere

Shrishti : Drama queens are models like you who show their attitudes everywhere

Sameer : Lets go Omisha, instead of fighting with her

Omisha : How dare you insult my profession

Shrishti : I did not insulted but girls like you insult it for your sake

Sameer take Omisha out from the place before things blow out.

Omisha : Leave me Sameer

Sameer :Thats fine, we don’t need to fight with some stranger


Dasi : Karan, dinner is ready

Karan : Ah, what an aroma, I ate this food after so many years

Dasi ; So what is the plan for few days

Karan : I am thinking to go to the village nearby

Dasi : Why?

Karan : I heard there is are good places there, that temple I used to visit in childhood

Dasi : Okay

Nili tells everything to Preeta regarding the issues

Preeta : What do you know?

Nili : Sandya’s fiance is a jerk, he attempted to molest her, his father is the head of this village,

Preeta :What? does Sandhya’s father knows that

Nili : You know this is not a city, girls are treated like animals here, people here are weak that nobody tried to stop this injustice

Preeta : I will not let Sandhya get in the hands of that beast

Nili : It futile because nobody is successful

Preeta : I will be

Next day everybody is preparing for Sandhya’s marriage. Preeta and Nili are thinking ways to stop the marriage


Shrishti is at her work when Elina comes to meet her.

Elina : Hey Ms Perfectionist

Shrishti : Stop taunting, and tell me how is everything

Elina : Great, how is your preparation for the fashion show

Shrishti : Its too much work, if we get successful then we will sign the contract with Paris

Elina : Thats fabulous, I am sure it will great

Shrishti : You know, I will be happy when I will open my boutique and sell the clothes I deign

Elina : I am sure you will fulfill your dream

Sufi : Yeah don’t worry come on in, hey Shrishti

Shrishti : Yes Sufi

Sufi : I want you to mer someone

Shrishti : Yes

Omisha comes in making Shrishti angry.

Elina : Hey Omisha

Sufi ; Omisha, she is the best fashion designer you will ever meet

Omisha : Really? I can see that

Shrishti : The clothes I design are always fashionable Ms Omisha

Sufi : Shrishti, get her the best show stopper dress for the fashion show

Shrishti : Sure Sufi, everybody will be stunned to look at Shrishti Arora’s work this time

Sufi : Omisha you come with me

Elina : Do you know her?

Shrishti tells her about the meeting.


Preeta stops Sandhya’s marriage revealing the truth of her fianc.

Shubh (Sandhya’s dad) : What nonsense is this?

Preeta ; how can you do this to your daughter?

Shubh : I know what I am doing, don’t teach me

Sandhya : Enough dad, I won’t do this marriage at any cost

Shubh : what did you say? (tries to slap her)

Preeta : No uncle, what kind of parent are you both ? sending your own daughter into fire, I did not know there are still people in this world who discriminate between girls and boys

Shubh : Because girls are always meant to be of other house

Preeta : You are forgetting that girls bring fortune to their house and family, and only they give heritance to their family but still animals like these people treat girls like doormats, you want to ruin your daughter for the sake of this societies, shameful on the name of parents

Shubh gets emotional after hearing it.

Sarpanch : Hey girl, how are you talk like that? this is not city, it is our area and nobody can change rules here, I will see how you stop this marriage,

Sandhya comes and slaps him making everybody shocked.

Preeta : Never ever dare to do this to any woman

Sarpanch : Vikrant, cut this girl’s tongue right now and give her the punishment she will never forger

Vikrant send the goons after Preeta who keeps running for long time. Karan goes to the nearest temple where Preeta is hiding after she gets tired,

Goon : Find her, there she is

Karan sees the goon running behind a girl not knowing it is Preeta. Karan follows them knowing something fishy, Preeta finally reaches a hill where she falls from hill to river. Karan jumps into water to save her. He brings her out from water and takes her to a shore. The goon goes to the other way to find her.

Karan : Hey, wake up

Preeta slowly wakes up.

Karan : Are you okay? if you cannot swim why did you jump into river

Preeta : You? what are you doing here? who told you to save me

Karan : How ungrateful, instead of being thankful you are being arrogant

Preeta : I did not mean that

Karan : By the way what good job you did that goons were running after you

Preeta tells him everything.

Karan : Great, you like to put nose in other’s matter and you got this reward

Preeta : My work is not finished yet

Karan : You like to be sacrificed

Preeta : Right, I am not sad about it but I will only leave after my work is done

Karan : I risked my life and it went in vain because you will be killed again

Preeta : So selfish, you cannot see the pain of a girl, disgusting (leaves)

Karan :Hello Ms, where are you going

Preeta : What do you mean? we are in vadhavpur

Karan : Seems like you lost your memory, you jumped like parachute in river and crossed the village

Preeta : What? couldn’t you say it straightly

Karan : I thought you don’t understand straight language, thats why you are stuck here, even I am here because of you

Preeta : Who told you to become hero and save me

Karan : I am not that heartless to leave a girl dying

Preeta : Don’t tell me you are kind enough to save people

Late at night Karan and Preeta sees a cottage and decides to go there.

Preeta : I am so tired

Karan : Girls like you never get tired and pretend like that

Preeta : Oh god, I don’t know how will the girl who you get married to you will tolerate you

Karan ; You don’t have to worry about that because my future wife will be very sweet and simple

Preeta : Poor girl, she might not know that what kind of person are you

Both reaches the nearby house which is open.

Preeta : By the way were you following me that you saved me

Karan : I don’t have any interest in following you, I was in the temple, glad that he gave me wisdom to run after you

Preeta : Oh I did not know people like you believe in god too

Karan : Why you don’t

Preeta : No way,

Karan ; why would you, your heart is full of arrogance

Preeta : I don’t care if people call my self respect arrogant

Karan : how strange, we don’t know each other’s name, I am Karan Luthra

Preeta : I know you, big celebrity

Karan : Really, who does not know me

Preeta : I am Preeta Arora,

Karan : If I am not wrong, you were the journalist who with the help of a cops exposed that corrupt manager of showroom and photographer

Preeta : yes

Karan ; how can I forget that name

Preeta : this house seems to be locked from many years

Karan : So who is in your family

Preeta : Don’t you think you are getting too familiar

Karan : Because I am not a boring person who can sit whole night seeing a girl’s face

Preeta : I live with my mom and sister

Karan : oh, I only have my dadi and sister,

Preeta : your parents?

Karan : they died in a car accident when we were 5

Preeta : Oh sorry

Karan : Thats okay, so where will you go tomorrow

Preeta : I will go back to vadhavpur to finish my work

Karan : have you gone crazy ? they will kill you

Preeta : I don’t care, I will give justice to that girl

Karan : do you even realize what dangerous game are you playing

Preeta : what is the fun if there is no thrill in it

Karan : have this coffee

Preeta : thanks

Karan : Fine but I cannot let you go alone as a humanity

Preeta : I don’t need anybody’s help

Karan : But I will feel guilty if I leave you alone

Preeta :You don’t have to come with me

Karan : Okay then fine, best of luck

Karan still decides to follow Preeta as he senses some danger

Preeta : when will this rain stop

Karan : I am not a weather predictor

Preeta : who asked you? I was asking myself

Karan : It is said that sun after rain looks beautiful

Preeta : how do you believe in this fantasies

Karan : It is not a fantasy, tell me don’t you believe in love

Preeta : No way,

Karan : well I wonder how this arrogance side can ever love anybody

Preeta : I don’t care about it, I only know I have some dreams which I will make come true

Next day Karan wakes up before Preeta. He calls her but she does not wake up

Karan : Hello, Ms Journalist,

Karan shouts loudly in her ears making her wake suddenly

Preeta : what happened

Karan : you got scared (laughs)

Preeta : don’t you know how to wake up people

Karan : Actually I saw you sleeping so peacefully so i got jealous

Preeta : I think we should get going now, I will go and freshen up

Karan and Preeta reaches Vadhapur in few hours

Preeta : thank you

Karan : So you know how to say thanks

Preeta : you can never say something straightly, fine bye

Preeta goes back to the village while Karan follows her secretly.

Sandhya : what are you doing here? why did you come back

Preeta : I came to save you

Sandhya : Go back, they are looking for, goons will kill you if they see you here

Preeta : I will not leave you here alone, its your life and only you have right to live it

Sandhya : But how will we leave from here

Late at night Sandhya gets ready to elope according to the plan of Preeta.

Preeta : Sandhya lets go

When both starts to leave Shubh catches them. He calls the villagers to insult Preeta.

Shubh : So this was your plan, you want to spoil our reputation

Preeta : I am trying to save your daughter, you are concerned more about your reputation than Sandhya

Shubh : Yes I am, because you cannot live if you lose your dignity

Preeta : What about your child , I ask you all villagers that why do you born girls if you think they are unlucky

The villagers gets confused hearing it

Preeta : you all should be ashamed of doing this to your own daughters, you marry them off and think you are done with the responsibility, but do not think that how your daughters will be in their husband’s house

The villagers feels ashamed after hearing the speech. Karan claps for Preeta.

Karan : wow what a speech, you should be a politician instead of a journalist

Preeta : what you doing here? are you following me?

Sarpanch and his goons grab Preeta.

Vikrant : take her away, and burn her alive so that everybody gets to know the result of messing with Vikrant

Karan : You are right, she should get punishment for giving long speech right Gao walo,

Preeta : what are you saying?

Karan : why? did I say something wrong, you are a jhansi ki rani so people will always remember you, hey villagers why are you all quiet, will you not punish this girl for standing up

The villagers and the women’s take their sandals out and starts beating up the goons. Preeta hits goons with the rod but mistakenly hits Karan

Karan : what is this for

Preeta : For your stupid joke, idiot

Karan : You called me idiot? I was trying to save you

Preeta : I saw how greatly you saved me

The village’s collector arrests Vikrant and Sarpanch for attempt of murder. Everybody apolozise Preeta

Shubh : I don’t have words to tell you

Preeta : If you all want to do something then make sure you never consider woman as your doormat

Karan meets his daasi before leaving

Dassi : take care of yourself

Karan : You have to promise me that you will take care and be healthy till my and Elina’s marriage

Daasi : I will dance in both of your marriage now you will find a nice girl for your

Karan and Preeta collides again in bus and sits together

Preeta : I don’t know why I still meet you

Karan : why are you still angry at me

Preeta : You wanted to kill me

Karan : I was trying to help you

Preeta : I told you not to follow me

Karan : But if I did not reach in time then you would have been killed

Later Preeta in her sleep puts her head on Karan’s shoulder. Both reaches Mumbai in few hours

Karan : So we are back to our destination

Preeta : Just pray we never come across each other

Both leaves in opposite direction. Preeta goes to her office and meet her friend

Anjali : This is fantastic unbelievable , no wonder Boss sent you for this task

Preeta : I know now those girls can live peacefully

While Shrishti designs a best show stopper dress for a model but Omisha decides to teach her a lesson for her arrogance by changing the dress of the model by a ordinary dress.

Omisha : Now just wait and watch Ms Perfection how I will break your arrogance

Arora house

Preeta : Ma where are you

Sarla : you are back?

Preeta : where is Shrishti

Sarla : she is at work, tell me how was your journey

Preeta : Great, boss will see it later

Luthra house

Karan : dadi, I am back

Elina : Hey bro, how was your vacation

Karan : Don’t ask it was a great experience

Arora house

Shrishti : Did you really meet Karan?

Preeta : Now stop praising him for no reason

Sarla : But if you see he saved you

Servant : Madam a girl came to meet you

Preeta : Who is it?

Servant : someone name Ritu

Preeta : Call her inside

The girl comes inside the house with a bad condition

Shrishti : Ritu? after such a long time?

Ritu emotionally hugs Shrishti

Shrishti :Hey what happened ? why are you crying

Ritu tells them how she was exploited by her boss and her fianc broke up with her since they could not afford dowry

Preeta : What dowry ? don’t they know it is against law

Ritu : they know but they threatened us that if don’t give fulfill their demand then they will break the alliance,

Preeta : But you can get more better choice than this family

Ritu : I cannot back up from this marriage because the whole society will taunt my parents, they only lived till today so they can see me married one day happily (says cryingly)

Shrishti : Di then show that family what is humiliation

Preeta ; But are you sure you want to get marry with this guy

Ritu ; I love him a lot Di, I know he will support me when time comes

Preeta : Well its your choice, seems like I have to teach law to your in laws

Sameer : that Shrishti will design your dress

Omisha : she will design when she will have a job

Sameer : what do you mean

Omisha : that girl is too self proud on her work, now she will know for messing me

Sameer : but why are you getting personal, we have nothing to do with her

Omisha : Sameer, for me every insult is personal

Sufi ; Hey Shrishti, I hope everything is fine, we have a fashion show tonight

Shrishti : Don’t worry I will manage everything

Omisha thinks Shrishti will be distracted to the other work and will not have time to check the dress. While Omisha drive speedily on road in rage when the cops stop her.

Police : Hello madam you are going on full speed

Omisha : Look I am in hurry, please let me go

Police : No way, hey take her to side and make her pay fine

Omisha : Excuse me you don’t know who I am

Police : Constable call boss

A young and dashing police officer comes at the spot none other than Rishab Mehra

Rishab : whats going on here

Constable : Sir, this girl was driving recklessly and is not paying the fine

Rishab : Oh, look Miss I don’t like to argue with people specially girls like you

Omisha : I was in hurry

Rishab : that does not mean you can drive however you want and harm anybody, I know how to deal people like you

Omisha ; You don’t know I can rusticate you from your job

Rishab : Hello no matter how high contacts you have my reputation is more than your high society got it

Omisha get angry and leaves after paying the fine

Constable : Sir I wonder how people get scare from you

Rishab : You know I never tolerate people breaking law

Ritu invites Arora family to her wedding. As Luthra family is also invited to the wedding from the groom’s family. Later in the evening Shrishti is getting ready for the fashion show and checks everything. Omisha gets excited when the show starts. She waits for the model who is supposed to be a show stopper but her excitement changes into angry when she sees the model is not wearing the dress she changed but is wearing the one she ruined.

Omisha : How could this happen? I planned with so much careful

Shrishti : But being overconfident and more careful can sometime be harmful

Omisha : You? so you managed to escaped this time

Shrishti : I never fail to judge people on first meeting, you thought I am that careless that I would not check my work

Omisha gets irritated by hearing it

Shrishti : You are a model but you are a fool, you left that cloth at the same place, if you would take it with I might had problem designing it new but you made it so easy for me, I just had to stitch it

Omisha : This time you escaped but not every time destiny will save you

Shrishti : More than destiny I trust on my work and myself so come up with something big instead of childish like this , by the way I like more challenges so I will not mind competing with you

Later at night Shrishti’s car get stops working. She tries calling driver but she does not get network

Sameer who is passing by offers her the lift

Shrishti : I don’t need your help

Sameer : there is no transportation and it is not safe for you around here

Shrishti takes his help after lot of hesitant. Both silently sits in the car

Sameer : By the way I am Sameer Malhothra

Shrishti : Shrishti Arora, thanks for the lift

Sameer : I am sorry I know what Omisha did but you know she is kind of egoistic

Shrishti : I don’t care, I wonder how can anybody love a girl like her

Sameer : She is my fiancee

Shrishti : Oh thats great then

Sameer : why is it great then

Shrishti : I get to know people very soon so she seems insecure, you will never be able to flirt with any girl (laughs) if you did then god spare that poor girl

Sameer laughs on it

Sameer : I don’t have dare to do that

Shrishti : Well all the best then, take a left turn from here

Sameer drops Shrishti at her house. Preeta sees them together from window. Before leaving Sameer glares on Shrishti when she goes inside and recalls her words.

Preeta : who did you come with

Shrishti : Nothing di, he just came to drop me

Next day Preeta goes to her office when her boss meet her.

Maya : Well done

Preeta : thank you ma’am

Maya : Now i have something very important

Preeta : what is it?

Later in the evening both families goes Ritu’s marriage ceremony.

Preeta : Hey you look so beautiful

Ritu : thank you di

Shrishti : why are you looking sad

Ritu : nothing I just hope everything goes properly

Preeta : don’t worry no fear when I am with you

Ritu’ s parents : Rajnath and Siya

Varun (Ritu’s fiancee) : Thakur and Nilu

Rajnath : Look Mr Thakur,everything is fine

Thakur : It will be fine when guest will praise it

Nilu indirectly insults Siya when she gives the guest’s expensive gifts to her servants

Ritu also calls Rishab for her wedding

Karan clashes on Preeta again during the wedding

Preeta: You

Karan : Oh hi, I did not destiny is very happy with us

Preeta : it might be happy with you

Karan stops her in midway

Preeta : let me go

Karan : are you still angry? okay I am sorry

Preeta : its okay, what are you doing her by the way

Karan : obviously its my friend’s wedding

Later Ritu hears Thakur threatening her father because of some lack of money and decides to take a big step.

The ritual starts for the wedding. Priest calls the bride

Ritu : Priest stop the wedding mantras right now and chant the sad mantras

Siya : have you gone crazy

Ritu : I did not but if I marry your son then I will make your family crazy

Rajnath : what is wrong with you dear

Ritu : now it is the limit dad, this man cannot insult us like this

Thakur : what do you think if you break this marriage then we will not get another family

Preeta : Uncle ji, you will definitely get another family but only when you be in that position

Varun : Hey you mind your language, Ritu why are you interfering in this matter

Ritu : Because I am concerned more about my family

Preeta : Somebody said is love make you blind but money and greediness make you selfish

Sarla : Preeta, what are you saying

Preeta ; One minute mom, they are fond of taking dowry na, I am full filing their wish

Rishab : but how

Preeta : Sam, seems like these people do not read newspaper, so they don’t know that dowry is against law

Thakur : they gave it by their own

Rishab : I don’t like to praise myself but can’t help it, those who tamper with law I always teach them in such a way they never forget

Ritu : Varun, tell your parents that you always told me, we will live separately

Siya : what is she saying is truth?

Varun stays mum and Ritu slaps him hardly

Ritu : You cheater, you don’t deserve my love

Thakur : Enough, we will also see how you will get married

Preeta : Uncle ji, there is a saying what you sow you reap, you don’t know girls family have more power

Siya : what are you saying

Ritu : She means that if you try you ruin anybody then you will be more ruined than anybody else, this all clothes and decoration are by my father’s, now if you stay here even for a minute then I will throw you all out by removing all your clothes

Thakur : This is the manners you gave your daughter

Shrishti : Uncle you learn some manner from her actually so you never get cheated in life from anybody

Rajnath : I am proud of my daughter today, she proved she is my daughter

Everybody kicks the groom’s family out of the house.

Karan : Wow, you should be a lawyer instead of a journalist

Preeta : thank you your compliment but I know I am in a right profession

Luthra house

Dadi : I must say this girl is brave

Karan : It is nothing you should have seen her in Vadhavpur, she was fighting with goons

Elina  : Really?

Dadi : whatever it is, after so many year I am so happy that somebody is standing for norms of this society

Next day Preeta while going to her work sees something on the way. She goes near a rural area where people were struggling to stop a bulldozer demolishing their houses. She sees a young girl name Kaya and asks her the problem. But the girl is scared

Preeta : look don’t be scared, consider me your friend

Preeta : what is happening here?

Kaya : they are demolishing our chawl by fraud

Preeta : Fraud?

Kaya : This chawl was built by Mr Mehta, our owner for us but now after his death,his rival is snatching our houses by saying the owner sold it to him to pay his debt I know he can never sell this chawl,

Preeta : But is there any proof that the owner mortgaged it ?

Kaya ; No, they don’t but nobody is ready to listen it, I tried to contact lawyer but he is not in city, I don’t know any other big advocate, these are the papers

Preeta : Wait I will do something

Preeta stops her car in front of bulldozer when it is about to break the chawl

One of the guy was about to slap her but Preeta pushed him down to ground

Guy : How dare you hit Max?

Preeta : Slap? if I would have law in my hand, I would have ruin this face by scratching it so much that you can never recognize your own face

Max : Wait I will show you

Max drags her but a hand stop him and hits him hard. It is none other than Karan

Karan : Seems like you did not learnt the lesson from last time

Max : don’t you dare come in between, you cannot foil my plans

Preeta : the chawl you are breaking in not your property

Max : It is my dad’s property now and he can do whatever he want

Preeta : Fine, then go bring the paperwork, I know you are doing this illegally with fake papers right

Max gets scared hearing that he has fake papers

Karan ; what happened? Mr Politician’s brave son became so scared

Preeta : you took advantage of this people but I won’t let that happen

Karan : Pay heed to my advise, go away from here before this girl will pull the bulldozer on you instead of this chawl

Preeta gets irritated to see Karan whispering with Max

Max : You are scaring me ?Karan , you and this girl will regret for this insult

Max goes to Preeta and threatens her

Preeta : Who are you threatening ? If I did not make your life living hell, my name is not Preeta Arora, and I will make you pay like that you will never able to threaten anybody

Max : I will demolish this chawl at any cost now

Max leaves from the place.

Preeta ; I have to bring stay order as soon as possible

Kaya : I will bring my dad’s lawyer’s number

Preeta ; what are you doing here

Karan ; Nothing, I was just going from here and

Preeta : And decided to follow me, that guy looks like your friend right

Karan : I never make friends like this, understood, you don’t know this guy, he is very dangerous

Preeta : I don’t care, I am not scared of anybody (leaves)

Karan : I have to keep eye on this girl now

Sameer meets Shrishti at her work to return her bracelet

Shrishti : You?

Sameer : Actually the other day you forgot your bracelet in my car

Shrishti : Oh thats so sweet, you didn’t have to take trouble

Sameer : why trouble? it is okay

Shrishti : Then can I ask you for a favor

Sameer : Sure

Shrishti : Actually Sufi gave me task to design Omisha’s show stopper dress, can you tell her it is ready, I could have told her but I don’t have her number and Sufi is not here

Sameer : thats okay, you can give it to me

Shrishti : Wait, if I give this to you won’t she doubt you

Sameer : You don’t worry about it, I will handle her

Shrishti : Here it is

Sameer ; Wow, this looks fantastic , I am sure she will look fabulous in this

Shrishti : Thanks

Sameer : Okay, I will have to leave now

Shrishti : Bye

Luthra house

Sameer : what are you saying

Karan : I am saying truth , that Max is back to town now

Sameer : But do you think he will harm Preeta

Karan : He will,, I will have to keep eye on Preeta because who knows him better than us

Sameer : Do what you want but please be careful

Kaya goes to her lawyer and gets a stay order to stop demolition of the chawl.

Sameer : Hey Omisha, this is your show stopper dress

Omisha : did that Shrishti gave it to you

Sameer : why are you asking that

Omisha : she is the one who was supposed to do that

Sameer : Yes, she gave it, what problem do you have with her, she is not that bad

Omisha : you seem to be very interested in her

Sameer : stop behaving like possessive

Omisha :why should I not? that girl is so arrogant, she thinks she is a perfection

Sameer : So what? why do you care about her ego

Omisha : you won’t understand and don’t try to double cross me by flirting with her

Sameer : do I have guts to do that

Omisha :No, by the way we can go out alone after fashion show tomorrow (comes close)

Sameer : you seem to be romantic now

Omisha : I realised I could not give you time and that is not good

Sameer : I am sure you will look fabulous in this dress

Omisha : I always look good

Sameer removes her hand and leaves smilingly, Omisha notices his uncomfortable behavior

Omisha : Shrishti Arora, you were saved that day in hotel because of Sameer but I will teach you lesson you will never forget

Arora house

Sarla : I need to talk to you something

Preeta : what is it ma?

Sarla : It’s high time now you should think you getting settled now

Preeta : you know I don’t believe in marriage

Shrishti : Now ma is saying then why don’t yo find something

Preeta : why don’t you get married then and mom why are you bringing this topic suddenly

Sarla’s POV : how should I tell you the truth to both of you

Dadi spots Preeta somewhere around a shop

Dadi : If I am not wrong you were the one in Ritu’s marriage who saved her from dowry

Preeta : Yes, but I am sorry I did not recognize you

Dadi : I am Karan’s dadi, the one you met in Vadhapur

Preeta : Oh you are Rockstar Karan’s dadi

Dadi : that day I could not talk to you

Preeta : about what ?

Dadi : In my whole life I never saw anybody standing up against this ruthless society

Preeta : thats because people care more for their own life

Dadi gets impressed with Preeta’s inspiring nature

Malhothra house

Sameer : hey Elina , is the presentation ready

Elina  : don’t worry, the clients will be here on Sunday

Sameer : Oh thats good, because Omisha’s fashion show is tomorrow, you are coming to show right

Elina  : Of course I will

After Elina  leaves, one of the employ comes inside and shows him the report

Sameer : What is this (says angrily) is this why I employ you all

Employ : Sorry Sir

Sameer : You know how important are those delegates for me and correct these errors

Employ : Okay Sir

Sameer : I need a perfect report for this project and if anything goes wrong then I will fire you, now get out

Elina  : Sameer, whats wrong? please calm down

Preeta and Karan meets each other outside their workplace as it close.

Karan : Now you will say thank you from other day and I will say its okay

Preeta stares at him

Preeta : thank you is not enough (says sarcastically ) I will throw a party for you

Karan : Really?

Preeta hits him on his foot

Karan : Is this new way to say thank you

Preeta : Thank you? is interfering in somebody’s matter is your habit

Karan : Not a habit but my hobby to help and give sense to people like you think social service can change this world

Preeta : I trust my myself and confidence, i don’t need anybody’s advise, those evil people has to burn in fire

Karan : I can see that fire in your eyes right now

Preeta : Then get ready for action (leaves)

Karan : All the best Ms Arrogant

Next day Sameer attends Omisha’s fashion show. He also meets Shrishti again while the fashion show goes successful

Sufi : great job, congrats Omisha

Omisha : You should also congrats your designer too

Sufi : Of course she is my perfect designer

Sameer waits for Omisha but she is not able to as she surrounded by media and other people.

Omisha : I am so sorry Sameer, but I had to go with dinner with an important guest

Sameer feels bad noticed by Shrishti

Shrishti : Do you mind if I go with dinner with you

Sameer : Sure, if you feel comfortable then lets leave

Both goes out for a dinner

Shrishti : I never had such a fantastic dinner,

Sameer : It was your offer, thanks for making my mood, wanna dance

Shrishti : Why not

Sameer and Shrishti have light moments while dancing. Later both goes near beach

Shrishti : Oh my god, I don’t even remember when I relaxed this much

Sameer : I know, I wish I could come at this place everyday

Shrishti : If life would that easy than everybody will be here

Sameer : this place is so quiet

Shrishti : whenever I am angry I always come here

Sameer : You get angry too?

Shrishti : Of course whenever my employs does not follow my rules, they have to face my wrath

Elina  watches both of them from way and gets happy to see her friends enjoying.

Shrishti : I am so happy today because I got relieved from my work today

Sameer senses an innocence heart behind the arrogant personality.

Shrishti : Hello I am saying something

Sameer ; I am sorry,

Shrishti : So when do you think you would marry with your girlfriend

Sameer : Right now she does not have time for ma and you talk about marriage

Shrishti : I understand she seems like career oriented women, but it is not wrong if you ask me from girl’s perspective but I know how you are feeling. I am sorry I am going overboard

Sameer : No its okay, don’t worry, I know what you are trying to say

Suddenly Shrishti gets a call from Preeta

Shrishti ; Okay, I need to leave its too late and I have work tomorrow early morning and I hate going late

Sameer felt like after ages he got someone who can understand

Shrishti : where are you lost

Sameer: Nothing, I will see you later

Shrishti : Bye, take care

Sameer : Shrishti?

Shrishti : Yes,

Sameer : thank you

Omisha sees Sameer and Shrishti together from the hotel where they went together and gets angry on Shrishti.

Shrishti leaves smilingly

Luthra house

Sameer sees Elina  laughing at him

Sameer : I did not know people has to laugh without reason

Elina  : I heard you are going to some kind of beach

Sameer : what?

Elina  : don’t try to fool me, I know you from childhood

Sameer : were you following me

Elina  : As if I don’t have any work other than spying on you

Sameer : why would you not after all I am Sameer Malhothra, millions of girls runs around me

Elina  :Oh I forgot, but I am warning you, you will not be able to woo Shrishti Arora

Sameer :why would I woo her

Elina  :I am just telling, don’t try to go too close to her because if you do something wrong she will not spare you

Sameer : I am not scared of any Shrishti

Elina  : well not Shrishti I know you are scared of Omisha (teases)

Sameer : Elina  wait I will not spare you today (runs after her)

Next day Omisha apologies to Sameer for being not with him other day

Omisha : I am so sorry, I wanted to go with you but you know how this glamour world is

Sameer : its okay,

Sameer in his mind thanks Omisha as he got chance to spend quality time with Shrishti

Later Preeta goes back to the chawl which was supposed to be demolished

Preeta : Mr Lawyer this is the stay order for this chawl and nobody can break it

Max : from where did you get this stay order

Preeta : I am Preeta Arora, nothing can escape from my eyes and it says that the signature of owner is fake

Max is shocked to hear it, he tries to run but is stopped by somebody

Karan : how can you go like this? you worked so hard, you should get an award what say people

All the people in chawl agrees.

Karan : Actually we will give you a good farewell bid for prison

Max : you don’t know who you are messing up with

Preeta : Even if you were son of President we don’t care,

Police arrests Max for faking the signature in the paper and demolishing the chawl on fake papers.

Max : I will come back

Karan : Promise me you will come back, hopefully I will remember you when you come out from jail, bye

Preeta stares at him

Karan : why are you staring me like this as if you want to thank me for helping you

Preeta : I don’t thank people who poke nose into other’s matter

Karan : Such arrogance and overconfidence (whispers)

Preeta : I heard it

Karan : Oh I did not knew you had good ears

Preeta : I know you don’t have good ears, I just mentioned that nothing can escape from my eyes and ears (leaves)

Karan : what a girl

Sameer : what happened bhai

Karan : this girl will seriously land herself in a big trouble one day because of her arrogance

Sameer : but you are there na to protect her

Shrishti while working in her office remembers the time she spent with Sameer the other day

Elina  : hey where are you lost, are you thinking about your boyfriend

Shrishti : shut up Elina

Elina  : I know you are thinking about Sameer

Shrishti is surprised

Elina  : don’t be so shocked, i know you both went to dinner yesterday

Shrishti : Elina , i don’t know but I feel he is not that bad

Elina  : Oh, then do you like him

Shrishti : not like you are saying and anyway he is already engaged to Omisha

Elina  : Now I understood the problem

Shrishti : you know me from years I don’t believe in this love and all

Elina  : well we will see (teases)

Max is soon bailed out by his father Rajveer Singh

Rajveer : Calm down

Max : dad, I will not spare that girl at any cost and that Karan, nobody can save them from me

Rajveer: don’t take any step which can harm our reputation and my political party

Max : you are concerned only for your image not mine

Rajveer : you are not in your senses right now, we will talk later

Max gets furious and remembers Preeta’s slap

Omisha : Bro, don’t worry I am with you, we both have to settle score with same family

Max : what do you mean?

Omisha : you want to settle score with that journalist and I want to teach lesson to her sister

Max : sister?

Omisha : Yes, she is trying to take my Sameer away from me and I will not let that happen, I have a plan by which we will target both of those sister and dad’s image will not be ruined

Max : what is it

Omisha explains her plan to Max

Max : wow thats a brilliant plan

Sameer texts Shrishti to for a lunch with him to which she agrees. Preeta goes near hotel for some work, while Karan who is passing by sees somebody under Preeta’s car and doubts on it but before that person runs Karan catches him.

Karan : what were you doing? (hits him)

Person : nothing sir

Karan : I am asking you last time, tell me or you will never be able to open your mouth

Person : I was fitting a bomb in the car

Karan gets shocked when Preeta comes out of hotel and goes near her car not knowing about the bomb. Karan runs and takes Preeta away in the nick of time when suddenly the car blasts. Preeta gets scared and gets unconscious. The person runs when Karan rushes Preeta to hospital

Karan : doctor how is she

Doctor : don’t worry she is fine, she is just in shock, she will be okay

Karan : thank you doctor

Doctor ; its okay

Karan goes to meet Preeta

Preeta : thank you for saving me

Karan ; finally I made you say thank you (teases)

Preeta : I only thank people who helps other by heart not to someone who wants to be in other people’s good books

Karan : well who knows even you are from those people too

Preeta : how did you know that there was a bomb in the car

Karan : Actually, I saw somebody tampering under your car and I caught, he told me he was fixing bomb in your car

Preeta : I don’t believe this, who can do this, where did that goon go

Karan : he ran away because you got unconscious and i had to bring you here

Preeta : how will we find hime when I didn’t even see him

Karan : don’t worry he will caught soon

Karan suspects Max to be behind the blasting

Shrishti and Sarla gets to know about Preeta’s car blasted

Preeta : Ma, don’t worry I am fine

Shrishti : Di, why didn’t you tell me, it was good that Elina  was at the same place and she told me about it, did that guy got caught

Preeta : No police is trying to find him

Max : what are you saying

Goon : if that guy did not saw me then today was the last day of the girl

Omisha : you cannot do a work properly, get out from here

Max : don’t worry Omisha we will have to do something really big

Arora house

Shrishti : thank god you are safe

Sarla : Karan, I don’t know how should I thank you for saving my Preeta’s life

Karan : don’t thank me, It is my duty to save people

Shrishti : thats so sweet of you

Karan : I wish your sister also know how to thank people

Preeta : you.. (points finger)

Sarla : Preeta, be quiet, he came first time to our house, why don’t you eat dinner with us and go

Karan : No not today, maybe some other day, I have some work

Shrishti : But promise you will come

Karan : It’s a rockstar’s promise

Preeta : who never fulfill it

Karan : only journalists like you say that, even the media craves to take interview from me

Preeta : because they only need publicity and TRP for their channels

Shrishti : Di, what are you saying, you should be thankful to him

Preeta : do you think I am that cruel

Karan : why think you are what you are

Preeta : did you just call me cruel

Sarla and Shrishti gets surprised seeing their fights

Shrishti : I think nobody will win this argument so lets end it here

Karan : thank you Shrishti, now I will take leave

Shrishti : bye

Sarla : Come next time with your family

Karan : Sure (leaves)

Shrishti goes to her work

Sufi : Hey Shrishti, there is very good news for you

Shrishti : really what is it?

Sufi : Yesterday we got a order from an international company, they chose our company to design the best fashionable dresses for their shows

Shrishti : Thats fantastic

Sufi : So I decided that you will go to Malaysia and personally meet them and finish the work

Shrishti : Malaysia?

Sufi ; Yes, this is very good opportunity for you , will you go for it

Shrishti : Of course I will go, when do I have to go

Sufi : you have to leave by Saturday because their shows start next week and you have to be there few days before so you can help them

Shrishti : Okay, I will leave by thursday

Sufi : Best of luck, I am sure you will rock it this

Shrishti : Definetly

Luthra house

Sameer : what are you saying Karan? there was a bomb in her car

Karan : I am sure that Max’s is behind this, I will not spare him

Sameer : wait Karan, don’t forget that we do not have any proof against him

Karan : do you want to keep quiet and let him harm us and Preeta

Sameer : I am not saying that, but first we have to find that goon and find about the real culprit

Karan : you are right, but till now he would have escaped till now

Elina  : we should put his posters all around the city

Sameer : No way, he would get alert and then he will run away, we can do one thing

Elina  : what?

Sameer : we can give the sketch to all police stations and tell them to keep eye on that goon

Karan : thats better idea

Elina  : Bhai, but how will we give them sketch when you only saw him for one time

Sameer : I am sure that parking lot of the hotel will have CCTV camera in the lot

Karan : Lets go

Arora house

Preeta : what Malaysia?

Shrishti : yes di, should I go Ma

Sarla : I don’t know why I am feeling nervous that you

Preeta : I think we should let her go

Sarla : but Preeta

Shrishti : I promise you I will never do something that will embarrass this family

Preeta : Shrishti, you know how protective ma is

Sarla : Okay fine, go ahead

Shrishti : Really? (says excitedly)

Sarla : But you will take care of yourself

Shrishti : I promise, I will be back in a week

Preeta : I will get ticket for you, when are you leaving

Shrishti : I have to leave by thursday

Malhothra office

Anu : there is something important to tell you

Sameer : what is it

Anu : the company in Malaysia called us yesterday, they want to finalize the deal with us

Sameer : thats great

Anu : you have to leave soon,

Sameer : Book my tickets for thursday night

Anu : okay

Omisha : what? you are going to Malaysia for one week

Sameer : I have to go sweetheart

Omisha : If I did not had fashion shows I would have come with you

Sameer : Work is important for both of us, so don’t worry I will be back to you

Omisha : Okay listen, come back soon and I will give you big surprise

Sameer : I love surprises

Arora house

Preeta : Ms designer, there is a big problem

Shrishti ; what happened

Preeta : the flights are full for Malaysia on Thursday

Shrishti : Now what

Preeta : I got a cruise ticket

Shrishti ; what?

Preeta : This is was the last one sold, the cruise takes Malaysia every year for tour

Shrishti : but di

Preeta : You can take flight later on from there

Shrishti ; Okay then I will book the return tickets

Rajveer : Omisha, I am thinking about your engagement

Omisha : really?

Rajveer : why don’t you talk to him?

Omisha ;I will give him surprise when he comes back

Luthra house

Sameer : the whole flight is full for thursday

Elina  : don’t worry, this cruise ticket will help you go to Malaysia

Karan : what are you saying

Elina  ; Bhai, this luxury cruise goes to Malaysia every year

Sameer : Okay then I will start preparing to go

Later both families drop off Sameer and Shrishti to the cruise. While coming back Karan bumps on Preeta and falls on her

Preeta : you?

Karan : Now don’t ask me what am I doing here because this is a public property

Preeta : do you think I would ask you that

Karan : I know you will not

Preeta : Anyway, I am not interested in you

Karan : But now when my life is connected to you, I need to tell you something important

Preeta : Don’t be in that illusion that our life can ever be connected, anyway what do you need to tell

Karan : That goon who planted bomb in your car, I doubt he was sent by Max

Preeta : how can you be sure

Karan : because I know him very well, he is shrewd and he will not sit quiet till he ruin us

Preeta : did you find that goon

Karan : Police is trying to find him

Preeta while leaving a thorn gets in her foot and she is not able to take it out. Karan sees this and goes to help her

Karan : Let me help you

Preeta : Its okay, I don’t need your help

Karan : Stop being arrogant for one second, there is nothing wrong in taking help sometimes

Preeta listens to him from her heart first time. She gets in pain when he takes the thorn out but her leg still bleeds.

Karan : wait here, I will get the first aid box

Karan puts bandage on her leg and offers her to drop at home

Preeta : thank you, its okay I will manage

Karan : I don’t want to argue with you, but how will you drive with this injured leg

Preeta : Its okay I called driver, he will be here soon

Karan : Take care bye


Shrishti goes to find her room on the ship while at the same time Sameer also finds his room which is across Shrishti’s room but he does not see her.

Preeta : Hey Shrishti, did you got settle properly

Shrishti : Yes di, don’t worry I am fine

Preeta : you like it there na

Shrishti : It is very beautiful here, but I am missing you both so much (says sadly)

Preeta : Shrishti, don’t be sad, you are going for your job and concentrate on your work, remember your do’s best wishes are always with you

Shrishti : thank you di

Preeta : If destiny sent you on this ship then there will be a good reason for it

Shrishti ; Okay, you take care

Preeta : Bye

The ship starts moving like a small wave. Shrishti goes up to the deck for some fresh air. She sees the stars clearly and the beautiful moon in the sky. There was no noise around and silent around the deck. She hears somebody talking about shooting star tomorrow and get happy about it.

Anjali : do you know there is a shooting star tomorrow

Preeta : So?

Anjali : Oh god, behave like a girl sometime, if you ask for anything it will be fulfilled

Preeta : It is just saying, nothing like that can happen (leaves)

Anjali ; I don’t know when will this girl learn to love and who will make her live life fully

Next day at Luthra house

Karan : how are you Sameer, when will you reach Malaysia

Sameer : Don’t worry I am fine, we will reach there by Sunday morning

Karan : okay take care

Sameer while talking notices Shrishti from far and get surprised to see her.

Sameer : Excuse me Ms Designer, did you come here to design the ship too

Shrishti turns around and is shocked to see Sameer

Shrishti : Sameer?

Sameer : Yes, so I did not knew you are going to Malaysia

Shrishti : I am going there for work

Sameer : Now that you are here, lets go for lunch together

Shrishti : Sure

Sameer : this food is so delicious

Shrishti : I wonder why we don’t get such food in our city

Sameer : It feels so good to come here and relax


Omisha instigates Sufi against Shrishti

Sufi : what are you saying

Omisha : I am not saying she is bad designer , but just think that you and her both design clothes but why always her designed clothes are always sold more

Sufi : So what? she works in our company and she is beneficial to us

Omisha : You are not getting my point, I am just warning you that girl is very shrewd

Sufi : what do you mean?

Omisha : I am telling you maybe in future if that girl put her tags in your clothes and take all credits

Sufi : Thats not possible, I know her from years

Omisha : do you think if she don’t work here your company will not work, trust me you are a better designer than her, just remember my words

Sufi goes into thoughts hearing Omisha’s words but ignores it later.

Sufi talks to Elina  about Omisha’s words

Elina  : how could even think that Shrishti can ever betray you

Sufi : I did not mean that

Elina  : Then trust me Shrishti can never betray anyone

Sufi ; I hope you are true


Late at night Sameer watches Shrishti standing on the deck

Sameer : what are you watching

Shrishti ; nothing, I heard somebody saying there is shooting star today

Sameer : Oh yeah, I forgot about that

Shrishti ; do you believe in all this?

Sameer : Yeah why you don’t?

Shrishti ; No way, me and my sister never believed stuff like this because we know reality is something else

Sameer : why don’t you try to ask something then

Shrishti : No way,

Sameer : Okay close your eyes

Shrishti : why

Sameer : please close your eyes and take a deep breath

Shrishti closes her eyes

Sameer : Now ask for something from heart that you want to fulfill

Shrishti : I do not want too much for me but I want my family to stay like this and all sadness stay away from us, I don’t know if I will get love or not but I want my partner to be very caring, sweet and control my anger, whoever it is should be only mine

Sameer : I don’t know why I never got attached to Omisha, maybe I was just attracted to her, you know na I always asked for a simple girl but I don’t understand what is so special in this girl that I got fond of her even though she is big headed, I just like to be around her

Both of the open their eyes when shooting star passes in front of them


Preeta goes out with her friends who notices Karan and goes to them. Karan is surrounded by all the female fanbase except Preeta.

Karan : Did you see how much famous I am, you from those 1% who is not my fan

Preeta : they are hovering around you because they cannot see other good looking guys in the city

Karan : Somebody is jealous

Preeta : Listen I am not interested about who is your fan who is not

Everybody watches them arguing and laughs

Karan : Such proud of yourself

Preeta : why should I not, I am proud of myself for what I am doing

Karan : I wish god gives you somebody who can straighten your mind, break your arrogance and make you realize how beautiful life can be

Preeta : And I wish you get a girl who uses her own brain, who is bold and does not take anybody’s help and is self-respected

Both angrily walks on other direction when shooting star passes by

Elina  looks at sky and asks something for her

Elina  : I just want my family be together like this, for me I don’t mind what type of life partner but he should be honest and only belong to me


Sameer : did you wish anything

Shrishti : I did but we are not supposed to tell that na

Sameer : Its okay if you don’t

Omisha accidentally hits somebody with her car and she is taken to police station

Constable : Sir, this girl was driving recklessly again

Rishab :You? seems like you enjoy the tour to police stations

Omisha ; Just shut up and in the crowd of million people why do you always have to catch me for breaking rules

Rishab : because people like you cannot escape from my eyes

Omisha : Really?

Rishab : Last time you were escaped because it was just speeding, this time you will not escape

Omisha : Seems like you forgot law, you should know that unless that vendor does not file complain against me you cannot file FIR

Rishab : Constable, bring the madam to reality and tell her that I never do something against law

The constable brings that vendor to the station

Rishab ; I hope you got your misunderstanding clear

Omisha : Look I am willing to pay the compensation

Vendor : But I don’t want compensation, I want to punish the culprit

Omisha : thats disgusting

Rishab : Constable, file an FIR against her


Sameer and Shrishti sees a band playing drum and the crowd tells them to dance.

Sameer : do you want to dance

Shrishti : why not

Both of them dance on solo song “Pyar ki yeh Kahanni suno

The crowd applauds for them. Late at night both goes to their room. Shrishti holds Sameer back before he leaves

Sameer ; what happened

Shrishti : Sameer, thank you for everything (whispers), good night (leaves)

Karan meets Rishab in police station regarding the goon

Karan : I don’t believe this why that goon is not caught yet

Rishab : Karan, I am more concerned about Preeta but we are trying our best, that goon was really smart

Karan : I don’t care, he should be caught, because till then that Max will not be arrested

Rishab: I will arrest him one day, I just need one proof against him

Karan : Because I know his eyes are on Preeta

Omisha gets bail. Next day Max makes plan to kidnap Preeta and bring her to farmhouse. When Preeta leaves from some place when a goon tries to kidnap her but Preeta fight with them when a goon hits her on head making her unconscious. Anu watches and follows them

Max : did you bring her

Goon : she is unconscious

Max : Alright now go from here

Anu informs police and Karan . Preeta regain consciousness and finds herself in a room

Max : hello Ms journalist, did you recognize me

Preeta : You?

Max : you did not forget me, that made me so happy

Preeta : Shut up (holds his collar) how dare you bring me here

Max : This is what I liked about when I saw you first time (holds her hands)

Preeta : I said leave me, or you will regret it

Max : don’t worry nobody knows about this place

Preeta slaps him hardly but that does not stop him

Karan and Police are on the way to reach the house

Rishab : please drive faster

Karan : I am also in hurry, I am driving car not aeroplane

Preeta : I said leave me

Max : Do you know, during college you used to perform on stage, I was your fan from then till now but when you sent me to jail I tried to kill you but see destiny saved you and brought it to me back

Preeta gets shocked to hear

Max : don’t be scared, I will not kill you

Preeta : You are disgusting

Max forces Preeta who is trying hard to escape but gets scared. Karan and Police reaches there in nick of time.

Rishab : Take him away

Max : Preeta, I will come back to take you

Karan : Are you okay?

Preeta nods with scared face

Karan covers Preeta with his jacket



Shrishti remembers her moments with Sameer but remembers about Omisha. Shrishti goes to the deck in the early morning

Sameer : what are you doing so early morning here

Shrishti : Nothing, I am looking at this beautiful sea, tomorrow we will reach Malaysia and part ways

Sameer feels sad hearing about parting

Shrishti : we will only meet in Bombay after tomorrow

Sameer : who knows we might meet in Malaysia again


Karan tries to console Preeta who is scared for the whole incident

Rishab : Preeta, don’t worry everything will be fine, I will make sure that Max does not get bail easily

Preeta : I want to go home for a while

Karan : I will drop you home

While there is a silent moment in the car, Karan drops her at home and looks at her while she goes inside


Elina  : what are you saying bhai

Karan : I never saw her this much quiet

Elina  : just give her some time, she will be fine

Later Preeta calls Karan on his phone

Karan : hello

Preeta : Hello (says softly)

Karan : what happened? is everything okay?

Preeta : Yes, I just felt like talking to you

Karan : get some rest, we will talk tomorrow, good night

Preeta : good night (hangs up the phone)

Sameer gets in deep thoughts of Shrishti when Omisha calls him

Omisha : Hi sweetheart, were you thinking about me

Sameer : why are you asking that

Omisha : I know you were missing me, anyway when you will be back

Sameer : Omisha, I still did not reach Malaysia yet, I will reach tomorrow and maybe a week or so

Omisha : Please come back soon, I have surprise planned for you and I know you will love it

Suddenly Shrishti comes there calling Sameer. Omisha recognizes her voice and is irritated

Omisha : Sameer, was that Shrishti’s voice ?

Sameer : yes, she is also traveling to Malaysia with me

Omisha : okay i will call you later and beaware of that girl

Sameer’s hand cuts when Shrishti came from back

Shrishti : Sameer, you are too much, can’t you see (puts bandage on his hand)

Sameer : Sorry, I did not see

Both of them have an intense eye lock while Shrishti come to senses when they nearly come close and runs away

Sameer : what happened?

Shrishti ; I think we should maintain distance till friendship

Next day in hospital

Doctor : Mrs Arora, I am sorry to inform you that you have very less time now

Sarla : how much time

Doctor : least is 1 month, you are at last stage of cancer

Sarla gets worried about she will inform her daughters about her health

Karan spots Preeta sitting on a bench with a tensed face and tries to cheer her up

Preeta : Hi

Karan : I can’t believe a journalist is sitting quiet with no report

Preeta does say anything and is in deep thoughts

Karan : are you listening, what happened

Preeta : Sorry, I was thinking about yesterday

Karan : I know you are tensed about it but don’t worry he will not dare to touch you again

Preeta : I don’t know I am scared

Karan ; This scare thing does not suit your character, you are second version of queen of Jhansi (says teasingly)

Preeta : I always misunderstand you and you are still sitting with me here

Karan : You know whenever you talk like this I can feel there is an innocent girl behind this arrogance

Preeta : I am sorry for being rude to you

Karan : you don’t have to be sorry, I am actually happy that I came across my competent

Preeta : If that is the case then, I will not let your hope down

Karan : what do you mean?

Preeta stands up: Don’t forget that I am still that arrogant Preeta Arora and nobody can mess up with me, understand

Karan gets relieved seeing the old Preeta back


Shrishti and Sameer starts packing their back to leave in evening

Sameer : Shrishti, I want to talk to you something before we leave today

Shrishti : Yes go ahead

Sameer : I don’t know if we will meet again, but if I did anything wrong I am sorry

Shrishti ; It’s okay

Later in the noon, both of them reaches Malaysia where their perspective colleagues come to receive them

Ruby : Hey you are Shrishti Arora right

Shrishti : Yeah, you?

Ruby : I am Ruby, I came to pick you up, so lets go

Shrishti : Wow, this city looks so beautiful

Ruby : Right now you did not see the full city yet

Varun : Hey Sameer, welcome to Malaysia

Sameer : How are you Varun

Varun : I am fine yaar, lets go to hotel

Coincidently both Sameer and Shrishti land up on same hotel but does not see each other

Ruby : You can take some rest now, we can start work from tomorrow

Shrishti : Its okay I am not tired, when is the fashion show, its on tuesday right

Ruby : Yeah, alright settle down today and start work from tomorrow

Varun : Sameer, the client want to meet you tomorrow morning at sharp 9 am

Sameer ; don’t worry I will reach there at time


Preeta gets an anonymous call who threatens her to meet that person but she refuses to meet. Shrishti informs Preeta about her arrival to Malaysia

Preeta : Did you reach safely?

Shrishti : don’t worry, I reached safely and will start working for tomorrow, how is Ma

Preeta ; She is fine, but you take care and come back soon

Shrishti : bye di (hangs the phone with huff)


Shrishti clashes on Sameer again outside the hotel

Sameer : you?

Shrishti : should I think you are following me

Sameer : why do you girls always think we follow you, the situation can be reverse too

Shrishti : don’t you think you are way too filmy

Sameer: well thanks for that lovely complement

Shrishti ; should we call it a coincidence

Sameer : I would still call it a destiny which makes us meet everywhere

Shrishti : I don’t know why you believe in destiny

Sameer : Try to think it once and you will start believing it


Preeta gets an extortion call from somebody

Stalker : Are you Preeta?

Preeta : who are you and why are you troubling me

Stalker : If you don’t come to meet me then remember what I can do to your sister

Preeta : don’t you dare do anything to her, tell me where do you want to meet

Stalker : Meet me at an old factory tonight at 9:00’o clock

Preeta : Okay


Shrishti goes to the company she is supposed to go for designing the clothes for fashion show

Ruby : this is fabulous show stopper I ever saw before

Shrishti ; thanks but I still need to do some touch up to it, it is not completely ready now

Ruby : Then make it fast, I cannot wait to see it

Shrishti : It will be ready by tomorrow don’t worry

Later in Mumbai Preeta at night goes to meet that person who is none other than Omisha

Preeta : who are you?

Omisha : My name is Omisha, Max’s sister

Preeta’s blood starts boiling hearing the name

Omisha : I know you what my brother did to you

Preeta : what do you want from me

Omisha : Nothing, I just want you to explain your sister to stay away from my Sameer

Preeta : what do you mean

Omisha : Don’t act so innocent, I know from beginning your sister set her eyes on Sameer but I will not let that happen

Preeta : Listen, if you called me hear for this nonsense then I am not interested and if you both brother sister have problem with me then deal with me, but don’t even try to drag my sister into this mess

Omisha : I don’t have any interest in your sister but if she tries to mess up with me then I will not spare her

Preeta : If you think you can threaten then it is your illusion and regarding my sister, I am still there to protect her and then even if you bring other Omisha in front of me, we won’t even care

Omisha : I am warning you last time, you both sister will have to pay a heavy price for this enmity and then you will get to know the real Omisha

Preeta : do whatever you want but I trust my sister and the values in which she is raised, she can never do this disgusting thing to anybody

Omisha ; you don’t even know what your dear sister is doing, if she come in between me and my Sameer then she will lose her life

Preeta : And I am warning you, I am Preeta Arora and whoever messes with me and my family then that I make sure that person burns in fire and then I will show you my real nature (leaves)


The clients get really impressed by Shrishti’s design and gave the contract to her company

Clients : Ms Shrishti, I must stay you are really an awesome designer and in this fashion show people are praising your designer more

Shrishti : Thank you so much

Clients : And this exclusive has been hit by your design and mostly the show stopper dress

Sameer : Congratulations Ms Perfection

Shrishti : Oh hi, thank you

Sameer : May I have the pleasure to spend time with you

Shrishti : Okay

Sameer : lets go, by the way when are you leaving for india

Shrishti : tomorrow night

Sameer : great, even I am leaving tomorrow

Sameer and Shrishti goes out for dinner when Shrishti shares her inner feelings with him

Shrishti : you know my success is because of my sister and my mother

Sameer : really?

Shrishti : there was a time when we had nothing

Sameer : how are you so good at designing

Shrishti : when mom used to stitch clothes to make the living, I always got interested in doing that and helped my mom in that

Sameer : what about your sis

Shrishti : Actually she used to tutor other children in the chawl and help them at the age of 10 and remembers people’s taunts to her mother and gets emotional

Sameer puts his hand on Shrishti’s hand to console her making her uncomfortable. Shrishti starts to leave but is stopped by Sameer who wipes her tears. Both of them share an emotional moment ends up having an intense hug. Shrishti realizes what she is doing and runs away


Preeta is walking on road and remembering Omisha’s words

Preeta : If Omisha will do anything to my Shrishti then what will I do

A truck comes from back when Karan saves her and bring her to senses

Karan : what do you thing you are doing

Preeta : Can I share something with you (says with seriousness which worries Karan)

Karan : what is it

Preeta tells Karan everything making him confused

Preeta : I swear if that girl harm my sister I will not spare her, how dare she accuse Shrishti of stealing Sameer from her

Karan decides to talk to Sameer when he comes back and does not tell her about Sameer being engaged to Omisha

Preeta finds out about her mother’s cancer

Sarla : I wanted to tell you both

Preeta : why did you not inform us, you know nobody is with us except you

Sarla : please forgive me beta

Preeta : do you know when Shrishti will come to know, she will die with shock before you

Sarla : No, promise me you will take care of her and never let her miss me

Preeta : You cannot leave us and go in the mid of our life

Sarla : It is time for me to go to your dad

Preeta : No, ma you cannot leave us like this

Sarla : You have to be strong just like you are now for yourself and Shrishti

Preeta burst into tears thinking how will she tell Shrishti everything

Shrishti runs into the hotel room and starts packing her clothes and talks to travel agency for return ticket to India

Shrishti : I don’t care how much money it costs but I want an immediate ticket to India (says angrily)

Sameer overhears the conversation and goes to talk to her

Shrishti : Please go from here, I don’t want to talk anything about it

Sameer : At least listen to me once, if I did anything wrong please forgive me but don’t get me wrong for anything

Shrishti grabs his collar in anger

Shrishti : Listen Mr Sameer Malhothra, till now I never let any feelings grow for any person other than my family because I know giving somebody your heart is nothing except but a disaster, I saw and experienced how true love can always give pain and it should better be away from my life and I don’t to be cause of anybody’s heartbreak and you should stay away from me because only Omisha has that right

Sameer is overwhelmed by hearing her words and stops her when starts to leave

Sameer : Before you leave I want to just tell you that moments we spent together will be the best memories I had, believe me even I never knew the meaning of love and relation because I have nobody in this world but one thing I learnt by spending time with you that relation which are always connected by heart does not let you feel pain and overcomes everything,

Shrishti jerks off the hand and leaves for airport leaving Sameer tensed.


Elina  : what are you saying Bhai

Karan : I have to talk to Sameer before situation gets out of control

Elina  : you are right because that Omisha is very dangerous and she go to any extent to harm Shrishti

Karan : Both brother and sister are after Preeta and Shrishti, though Max is in jail but I know he will bailed out soon enough

Elina  : But Sameer never told us about his liking of Shrishti

Max is bailed out by Rajveer

Rajveer: you have done enough harm to my reputation now listen, I don’t want any kind of trouble in my political career

Max looks at Preeta’s picture

Max ; you did not do this right, now I will show you the result of messing with me, if I cannot get you I will make sure nobody would, you are my obsession and I will get you by hook or crook, just wait and watch

Shrishti checks in at the airport unaware Sameer also boards on the same flight but does not go in front of her.

Both of them remembers their intimate moments together in cruise and Malaysia

Shrishti : No Sameer, I will have to keep distance from you because you belong to somebody else

After couple hours their flights take off to Singapore airport.


Preeta gets call from Max which makes her scared

Preeta ; who is it?

Max : hello sweetheart, not fair you forgot my voice so quickly, you will have to remember me forever

Preeta : listen, I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense

Max : I am the one who is your crazy lover from college time

Preeta : Max? you

Max ; Amazing, you still know my voice, in case you are wondering how did I got out let me tell you that no jail can keep me for long

Preeta : what do you want from me?

Max : relax, I will let you know that also when time comes but just be ready for action (cuts the call)

Later Shrishti and Sameer’s flight lands at Singapore airport. After 3 hours of waiting both of them boards on the flight of Mumbai. During the mid flight everybody gets panic when three terrorists hijack the flight. Everybody shouts in fears including Shrishti. Sameer starts to worry about the situation and mostly about Shrishti.

Terrorist : we have no enmity with you all but you all have to cooperate with us till government listen to our demands


The news reach out to Mumbai about the flight being hijacked which causes fear among the people in the city. Preeta still unaware about Shrishti on the flight as she think Shrishti will be coming next day but still decides to talk to her.

Karan : whats wrong

Preeta : I don’t know why I cannot reach Shrishti’s phone, she is not picking up my phone

Karan : why don’t you call the hotel she is staying in

Preeta searches the number of the hotel which Shrishti booked and call them

Receptionist : hello how can I help you

Preeta : Actually there is a booking in your hotel about girl named Shrishti Arora

Receptionist informs her that Shrishti checked out yesterday night making her worried

Preeta : Shrishti left yesterday and did not inform me that she is coming back

Karan : don’t worry she will be fine (consoles Preeta who is about to breakdown)

The terrorists named Ali and Abbas and Vikrant hijacks the plane and make it to land at Saudi Arabia airport

Shrishti tries to protest one to goon but Vikrant slaps her

Vikrant : Don’t force us to take a drastic step

Shrishti : You cannot keep us like for long time

Ali ; Really? who would stop us

Shrishti : You know people who do like this stuff what names are called to them

Vikrant tries to slap her again for abusing them but stops at the moment when he sees the picture of Preeta falls from her purse. He remembers how she was the one who foiled his plans last time.

Ali : what happened?

Vikrant : look this is the same girl who messed up with me last time in Vadhavpur and she seems like her sister, now I will settle the score with her

Ali : No you will not do anything wrong, we took this step for some other purpose not for this girl

Vikrant : You are right but I will not let this chance go easily

Abbas tells Vikrant to announce the news on the channel

In Mumbai Preeta is worried about Shrishti and goes to headquarters with Karan

Rishab : I heard they landed the flight to Saudi Arabia

Preeta : Do you have the copy of the list of passengers in the flight

Rishab : here it is (gives her the file)

Preeta is broken down when she sees Shrishti’s name in the list so is Karan seeing Sameer’s name too

Everybody turns on the TV when Vikrant tells their demands

Vikrant : I think all you have received the news that we hijacked the flight A118 from Singapore to Mumbai, we will not harm the passengers if our demands are met properly, we want our leader Sahir out of jail in a private helicopter and if we sensed anything wrong then the first one to die will be this girl (shows Shrishti by grabbing her hair)

Preeta in anger takes a gun when she sees Vikrant and loads it with bullets when Karan tries to stop her

Karan : what the hell are you doing?

Preeta : I said leave me

Rishab : Don’t panic, do you think our government will sit quietly?

Preeta : Really? if they had a tight security then today those innocent people would not have been victims

Rishab : listen, don’t worry we will do something and save everyone

Preeta is still not convinced with Rishab’s words and decides to do something

The government is in dilemma to release Sahir or not

Rishab : Sir we cannot put those 5000 people’s lives in danger due to one person

CM : You are right but how can we trust them if they will leave the people

Rishab : I have a back up plan for it (tells CM alone)

Unknown to everyone Rajveer is related to the terrorists links and all the illegal stuff going on around the city

Max : dad, they hijacked the plane, amazing, what is the news, did they agree to release Sahir

Rajveer ; Not right now but they have to, no choice for them

Preeta : what happened Rishab

Rishab tells her that they are still thinking over the decision

Preeta leaves the headquarters and go to home to check her mother

Sarla : Preeta (says painfully)

Preeta : What happened mom?

Sarla : Shrishti, I want my daughter back

Preeta : Mom, she is alright, you know she is a fighter, nobody can harm her when she has your blessings

Sarla : Please bring my daughter back (says pleadingly)

Preeta who cannot see her mother and sister in tears decides to take the challenge on herself and bring her sister who is the light of her life back at home safely

Preeta : I promise you that I will Shrishti back even though for that I have to do anything (wipes her tears)

Luthra house

Elina  : what? Sameer and Shrishti are in the same flight

Karan : yeah and if we do not

Max : Now it is the time to execute our next plan

Omisha : what do you mean?

Max : Preeta is the same girl who messed up with Vikrant and now Shrishti is on the same flight

Omisha : Really? (says happily)

Max : don’t be so excited because we will leave all those people immediately after Sahir is brought back

Omisha : do whatever you want but that girl should not come back at any cost and nothing should happen to my Sameer

Rajveer : More than Sameer our business is more important get that straight

Omisha : You have promised me that nothing will happen to Sameer, I don’t understand why Sameer got this flight to board on

Max : But then they will not listen to our demands

Omisha ; do you think for only person they will risk those millions on board

Max : Fine then I will do something

Omisha : Your counting begins now Shrishti Arora for messing with Omisha, don’t worry I will fulfill your wish to meet your sister before you die

Sameer hides from the terrorists and getting chance he snatches the gun from Ali

Sameer : I said put your guns down or I will blow his brain

The people put their guns down when Shrishti hits Vikrant on face and puts gun on his face

Shrishti : what did I tell you? people who dig grave for other people they often fall in that grave

Vikrant tells Shrishti to put the gun down

Shrishti : You wanted to scare us with our brainless face but I can see that fear in your eyes, look at these people (grabs his collar) you made them experience the terrible even they can ever imagine

Sameer : who are you explaining all this Shrishti? these people are an insult to their religion

Abbas grabs Shrishti in nicktime and holds her while the other goons holds Sameer and pushes passengers back who were trying to protest

Abbas : Now I will tell what courage is (drags Shrishti)

The goon hits rod on Sameer’s head making him unconscious

Shrishti : Sameer… (shouts for help )

Sameer trying to get hold of himself and help Shrishti but is not able to save her

Elina  : Vikrant, take her away on the other side

Shrishti is pushed on floor hardly by Vikrant

Vikrant : I warned you not to mess with me, your sister did the same thing but she was lucky she escaped

Shrishti : What?

Vikrant : Yes I am talking about your reporter sister, she likes to mess up with people, but nobody will save you today, I will settle all scores with her today

Shrishti : do whatever you want with me but please don’t do anything to my sister

Vikrant : Too late, I will not spare her (leaves)

Shrishti starts to get worried about Preeta and remembers Sameer fighting for her. Ali orders his people to keep Sameer on the other side where Shrishti is kept.

Karan : what happened

Rishab : We are gonna take Sahir day after tomorrow in a helicopter, our force with go with him

Preeta overhears their conversation. She talks to Karan to reach there

Karan : Are you crazy? we cannot go there

Preeta : we cannot trust those people, and if you cannot help me then fine I will go there alone, I just told you because I thought you are concerned about those people

Karan : Aren’t you going there just because your sister is there

Preeta : i am not going just because Shrishti is there but for those innocent people who are suffering for no reason

Karan : Fine, I will arrange everything and we will go there

Preeta : Are you sure? we will be able to reach there

Karan : don’t worry, I promise you I will not let Shrishti anything

Max informs Preeta about his involvement in the hijacking and asks a favor in return to take all his cases back but Preeta refuses to do it.

Preeta : how should I believe you ?

Max : you have to because I can convince Ali to leave your sister

Preeta : And what if I tell you to convince him to release all the people

Max : do I look like an idiot from face

Preeta : then how did you think I would agree to this, that brother like you wants to ruin his sister’s happiness

Max : what are you talking about

Preeta : don’t be so innocent, you know exactly what i am talking about, I am sure Omisha would be nine cloud hearing Shrishti is on that flight and she would not want to come back alive and you think I would take help from you to bring my sister

Max is completely shocked on hearing Preeta’s sharp mind

Preeta : don’t worry I will not let anybody know about this secret ( leaves)

Karan and Preeta reaches the nearby place where the plane is landed next day. Shrishti tries to wake Sameer who comes into senses

Shrishti : are you okay?

Sameer : forget about me, are you fine

Bulbui : yeah, we have to do something to get out from here

Sameer : but how? we don’t even have a back up for this

Karan : look I am going inside

Preeta : But what if somebody recognizes you

Karan : don’t worry about me, nothing will happen, look that helicopter in which CM is coming when they are talking I will take the chance and sneak inside, you stay here

Preeta : No I am coming with you

Karan : don’t be stupid, you stay here

Preeta : did you call me stupid?

Karan : can we save your fight for later

Preeta : Okay be careful

Karan sneakingly goes under the plane while the CM and his people goes inside to talk with the Ali, Abbas and Vikrant.

CM : I am sorry that all of you had to go through this much, but now I came everything will be fine

Ali : when will Sahir come?

Rishab : don’t worry he will be here in few hours

Abbas : Alright, till then you all are our guests here

Karan goes underground where Sameer and Shrishti are captured who are shocked to see him. Preeta follows him from behind

Sameer : Karan, how did you come here

Karan : are you both okay and why are you here

Shrishti : Sis (goes and hugs Preeta)

Preeta is very relieved to see her sister safe but notices the injury on her face making her more furious

Karan : what are you doing here? I told to stay there

Preeta : why should I not come here? I am not scared of anybody

Sameer : Please both of you don’t fight and think how would we save people

Karan explains his plan to trio to which they agree

Sameer knocks one of the goon and snatches the gun from him. Vikrant comes and grabs Shrishti out of the plane. Meanwhile the helicopter comes with the military people bringing Sahir khan down from stopper.

Rishab : Now you should fulfill your promise and release our people

Ali : don’t think we are fools, first send him here or you know my gun is always loaded (points at Shrishti)

Rishab : don’t do anything to her, (sends Sahir)

Preeta hits Ali and the gun falls on the floor and frees Shrishti from his hand

Vikrant : So you finally came here to save your sister?

Preeta : Wow, our thinking is so similar (laughs) but little mistake I came to save those innocent people too which includes my sister too, seems like you forgot that beating from other time all ladies, I warned you to not consider the power of woman not weak

Vikrant : Now that you came into this dangerous pit, you will not go alive from here

Preeta : Well I am used to visit snake pit every time and I enjoy when I see fear in you cowards eyes

A fight starts to occur. Preeta grabs Shrishti on her side but a goon tries to catch her, Shrishti punches him on the face hardly making him unconscious

Sameer saves her from getting shot and gets injured little bit

Shrishti :Sameer, you arm is bleeding

Sameer : its okay, I am fine, you go inside the plane

Karan : Tell the captain to take off the flight

Sameer : Are you sure Karan,

Karan : Yes, we will handle everything here

Shrishti fights with the people inside and tells the captain to take off.

Preeta and everybody runs around fighting with the terrorists. Ali tries to get into the flight but the captain is successful to take the flight off before he gets inside it. After a big fight them police capture all the terrorists. Shrishti rushes to Sameer panicking seeing his arm bleeding. Preeta notices the concern and remembers Omisha’s words about Shrishti. Karan realizes what Preeta might be thinking

In the concern of Sameer, Shrishti does not notice people around her and hugs him intensely for saving her. After thanking Sameer, Shrishti is taken by angry Preeta

Sarla is very much happy and relieved to see her daughters back at home safety

Shrishti : Mom (cries while hugging)

Sarla : You are alright

Shrishti nods and goes to hug her sister who does not reciprocate it thinking about her lie. Later in the evening Preeta decides to talk to her sister and goes to Shrishti’s room who is in thoughts of Sameer. Preeta is in dilemma about how should she inform Shrishti about their mom’s cancer.

Omisha meets Sameer showing the concern for him

Sameer : I am fine

Omisha : I did not knew you were on that flight, you know I was so worried about you

Sameer : don’t worry, you were going to tell me something

Omisha surprises him by telling about their engagement making him very astonished

Sameer ; What? engagement but don’t you think we should wait for some time

Omisha : Okay I got it, you need time because you just came from this terrible situation

Sameer nods negatively not wanting to reveal his true feelings of Shrishti to Omisha

Omisha : don’t worry, take your time because I know you are upset right know (smilingly hugs him)

Sameer shares his feeling to Karan and Elina  who suggests him to listen to his heart

Elina  : You are realizing now but I understood this from long time ago

Sameer : Now you both tell me what should I do

Karan : look I don’t know what happened in Malayaia but whatever decision you take just think carefully

Sameer : Karan, you know if Omisha got hint slightly about my feelings towards Shrishti you can’t even imagine what havoc she will create

Karan : Create? she already started

Sameer : what?

Karan tells about Omisha’s threaten to Preeta

Sameer : Oh my god (rubs his hair)

Elina  : Sameer, it is good you took time from Omisha but if you said no then she would have done something terrible

Karan : first you have to decide who you want to live with, if you want to be with Shrishti

Preeta : If I go to ask her she will not tell me directly (goes into Shrishti’s room)

Shrishti : Sis, you?

Preeta : Why? I cannot come here?

Shrishti : why are you saying that?

Preeta : you did not sleep yet

Shrishti :Well, I was not sleepy thats why

Preeta : take sometime out for this sister, tell me how was your trip to Malaysia

Shrishti : It was great, the clients were very happy with my work and we got the contract

Preeta : Thats great, I am know nobody can defeat you in the designing

Shrishti : Of course sis

Preeta : Is there anything you want to share with me

Shrishti does not tell Preeta about Sameer since she is not sure about her feelings yet

Preeta (in her mind) : I will see for how long till you hide this from me (leaves)

Next day Sufi is happy with Shrishti for getting the contract from international company

Max : What? Sameer refused for the engagement

Omisha : Bro, its okay I am sure he will agree soon, he needs time

Max : what is wrong with you? didn’t you find it weird

Omisha : I trust him bro, he will not break my trust

Max : Its your life but be careful because I feel something is wrong is going on

Omisha thinks about her brother’s words and decides to get engaged soon with Sameer

Sufi : I am so happy you are back safely

Shrishti : It happened because of my mom blessings

Sufi : You are really lucky that your sister risked her life for those innocent people

Shrishti : I know

At reporters office

Anjali : i can’t believe you just risked your life like that without even thinking twice that if something happened to you then what shock your mom and sister would have got

Preeta : I can do anything to keep them safe and even if I have to fight with death I will fight to bring them back

Rajveer is furious at Preeta and Karan for foiling their plans

Max : this is not any ordinary girl who will be defeated by anybody

Rajveer : But now she has to face consequence of messing with Rajveer Singh

Max : You just order me, i will bring those two on your feet

Rajveer : To defeat enemy we have to first know everything about them, I want each and every info about these two and after that we will wait for the right time to attack

Omisha : That also will be soon

Rajveer: what do you mean?

Omisha : Do you know that saying, always attack on enemy’s weakness, and Preeta is still unaware of Shrishti and Sameer’s closeness, and I am sure there will be big rift when she will find out, she will not accept Sameer’s love for Shrishti that easily

Rajveer: Never underestimate enemy’s power, we will wait for the right time to strike

Arora house

Sarla is breathing heavily and cannot find the medicine. Preeta reaches at time and panics seeing her mother. She quickly finds the medicine and scolds her for being careless

Preeta : Mom, you cannot be so irresponsible

Sarla : You will have to control your anger now, would you fulfill my last wish

Preeta : Mom, please don’t talk to me like this, you know I can do anything for you

Sarla : I want both of my daughters settled down

Preeta who is against marriage and love tells her mother to not ask for something she cannot give

Sarla : why not? you are getting age now, I don’t want my daughters to suffer like me at early age,

Preeta : You know how much I hate with this institution of marriage and on top of that you are telling me to get married

Sarla : don’t you want your mother to die peacefully

A glass drops at the door which make Preeta scared and realizes that Shrishti heard everything

Preeta : Shrishti (stammers)

Shrishti : Sis, what were you talking about ?

Preeta : Nothing Shrishti, you must be tired, I will get juice for you

Shrishti makes Preeta swears on her to tell truth

Preeta : Shrishti actually

Shrishti : Please tell me the truth

After gathering lot of courage Preeta reveals to Shrishti about their mother’s cancer which devastates Shrishti completely

Shrishti : what (shocked)

Preeta sits down while Shrishti does not give reaction and sits near her mother. She shouts at both of them for hiding the truth from her

Shrishti : What did you think? I will never find out, mom you cannot leave us like this in the middle

Sarla : Silly girl, who told you I am leaving, I will be with both of you like shadow and my blessings are with you

Shrishti ; No you cannot do this to us, we don’t have anybody else now, what will we do

Sarla : No (says sternly) don’t ever say you have done enough, you still have lot to do in your life and you both have to promise me that no matter what happens you will not leave each other

Preeta and Shrishti look emotionally at their mother

Sarla : Come on promise me that you both will become each other’s strength (both puts their hands together)

Sarla takes Preeta and Shrishti in hallway and ties an amulet on both of their elbow

Preeta : Mom

Sarla : This amulet will protect you both from all evil things

Both cries their heart out thinking what would they do afterwards

Sarla : Take all your pain out, I know my daughters are not weak and will face everything with their willpower. (put hands on their hands)

Karan offers Preeta to a candle light dinner with him, while she agrees reluctantly after her sister convinces her

Preeta goes to his farm house for dinner. She sees candles on the dining table around dinner

Karan : Hi (says softly)

Preeta : Oh hi

Karan : Thanks for coming

Preeta : Its okay, I was gonna come to meet you

Karan : really?

Preeta : No need to be happy, I wanted to thank you for your help

Karan : Well you are most welcome but I know you would have been successful without me

Preeta : Its not that, actually I was very much scared about Shrishti and I cannot see my family in tears

After dinner Preeta shares her inner feelings with Karan

Preeta : You don’t know how much bad is spread around in this world

Karan : Well it depends on everybody’s destiny, you cannot change it

Preeta : See, thats why I hate this society who has this thinking, don’t worry I am not talking about you but the real person is who makes his own destiny rather than doing nothing

Karan recalls his childhood of living in a chawl when he had the same thinking like Preeta

Preeta : By following this instinct I reached at this success

Karan : You won’t believe, I used to believe this same but as it is said who can fight with the time and luck

Preeta : I can’t believe you are saying this, I thought you know will understand the situation

Karan : Okay fine, if you really think that you can change the norms of this society then I will not let your hopes down

Preeta : what do you mean?

Karan : I want to see that when in all these years nobody could change this society, how would you do it

Preeta sternly says that she is capable of doing it and nothing could stop her from accomplishing her mission

Karan : Well, all the best

Preeta : You just watch how I show the world that if a women want then she can take Goddess form to destroy every evilness

Karan : Remember one thing, God resides in every person even if the people does not believe him

In the headquarters Commissioner and the other people calls Karan and Preeta.

Commissioner : This nation is very proud of you both

Preeta & Karan : Thank you Sir

Rishab : Sir, as I told you these you are really brave

Commissioner : But we have one complain for both of you

Preeta : what Sir?

CM : you both risked your life when you knew that we would send our troops to save people

Karan : Pardon me, but just like you we also have some responsibly towards the people of this country

Preeta : Sir, these days people forgot the name of humanity and I hate such people

Commissioner : Were you both not scared?

Karan : Sir. people whose life is revolved around people like them, they are not scared of them

CM : I am very much please to meet you both

Commissioner : So tell us how can we honor you both

Karan : Sir, it is really okay

Preeta : I have one concern Sir

CM : Go ahead

Preeta : I think this incident happened due to the some carelessness, somewhere fault in our security too, I am sorry but I am very much frank in everything

Karan tries to stop Preeta but in vain

Preeta : Some people consider your silence our weakness, no matter what you do but until we do not improve the situation, the threats will still wander around this nation, today they hijacked plane, maybe they will do something else

Rishab : Are you not speaking little bit more (whispers)

CM : No she is right, for first time somebody dared to show us the mirror and I will look over few things

Rajveer: You both should be given a good honor for doing this brave thing

Karan : What do you mean?

Rajveer : I am having a party for my success recently, now I want you both attend there with your families, the whole world should know about your bravery right?

Karan : Thank you so much (looks suspiciously)

Later Rishab tells Preeta to attend the party

Karan : who are you asking to attend party? did you ever see a journalist attending a party

Preeta : Excuse me

Rishab : Actually you are right, by the way Preeta don’t you think your tongue was too sharp

Preeta : Really? you know me from childhood that I am very frank for everything (leaves)

Rishab : God knows, who will handle this big headed girl

Karan looks on and thinks something

Omisha calls Sameer to meet him

Sameer : why did you call me suddenly

Omisha : Actually dad hosted a party tomorrow, he wants to meet you

Sameer : Me?

Omisha : Yes, after all he would want to meet his future son-in-law

Sameer is very much depressed after hearing her words. He calls Elina  as he know only she can help him out.

Elina  : whats wrong?

Sameer : Elina , I don’t know what is wrong with me, I cannot concentrate on my work, now Omisha called me to party

Elina  : Look, I told you this before, repeating again, just follow your heart

Sameer : I am trying that since long time

Elina  : Okay fine, close you eyes and recall about the memories you spent with Omisha and Shrishti, whose face you can see

Sameer remembers the beautiful the face of Shrishti and journey with her in Malaysia. Even though he intended, he could not recall Omisha.

Elina  ; Sameer?

Sameer : You are right, I am in love with Shrishti

Elina  : what? (shocked)

Sameer : Yes Elina , I can’t even tell you that how much I was scared for Shrishti in the flight and everytime when I am with her, I forget everything around me, I know it is very hard to fall for a girl like Shrishti who is big headed but I still love to be with her

Elina  : But Sameer, you know the price for this ?

Sameer : what do you mean?

Elina  : You know, there will be big drama if you want to be with Shrishti, I am not trying to scare you but you have to calm Omisha first and explain her

Sameer : You are right

Sameer : Elina , you are sure that she will understand?

Elina  : Don’t worry everything will be fine, I know she will understand your problem that you love somebody else, but what about the engagement

Sameer : I will tell her after the party today

Omisha overhears Sameer’s conversation with Elina  and misunderstands that he is indeed ready to get engaged with her. She gets excited and informs her father to announce her engagement.

Sameer calls Shrishti somewhere to meet him but she denies initially and later goes on to meet him.

Shrishti : Look I am very grateful to you for saving my life but it is better if we do not meet now

Sameer : But why, did I make any mistake?

Shrishti : You did not, but you are making mistake now, you are committed to somebody else now

Sameer feels irritated hearing Omisha’s name. He decides to talk to Omisha after the party.

Shrishti : What happened?

Sameer : Nothing, I know you are very concerned about Omisha but we can remain friends right

Shrishti shakes hands though not wanting to keep any kind of relation with Sameer.

Karan tells Elina  he cannot attend the party of Mr Rajveer as he has the concert the same night

Elina  : But Bhai, as far as you know he called you and Preeta to give honor to both of you

Karan : Yes but you know how important my concert is

Elina  : Okay bhai, I will tell Omisha about this

Karan : Tell her I will try to come after the concert

Elina  : Alright, all the best bhai, I am sure you will rock this as always

Karan : Elina , this is very biggest concert for me, my lifelong dream and see how I make this memorable for whole world and myself

Elina  : I know bhai, mom dad might be so proud of you today that you fulfilled their promise of becoming rich

Karan is in tears while talking about his childhood

Elina  : you are crying?

Karan : No I am not, something went into my eyes (laughs)

Elina  : You cannot fool me bhai, I can feel your pain

Dadi overhears their conversation realizing Abhors pain

Elina  : dadi, I don’t know what is wrong with him, he has million of fans around him but he still feels alone

Dadi : Sometimes the love of whole world seems less, one person is enough to give immense love whose heart is full of gold

Elina  : If that is the case then we should find a girl who can fill the emptiness in his life

Dadi : I will pray to god that till I am alive I want both of you get the best life partners and settle down

Elina  hugs dadi emotionally and asks why their parents are not with them

Dadi : Dear, I know I could not take your parents position in your life but there is something called destiny where everybody loses and gains something

Elina  : don’t ever say that you could not take you parent’s place, you know that bhai and me give you the position near god, some people who grew up without parents do not get shelter like we got in form of you who gave us the good value

Dadi is in tears hearing her words and prays to send an angel in Karan’s life.

Arora house

Sarla : why are you not going to the party?

Preeta : I don’t feel like going there, I have a feeling something uneasy will come

Sarla : stop thinking negative and get ready, don’t forget you will have to still listen to me (says sternly)

Shrishti : Wow mom you seem dangerous

Sarla : You both are my daughter and I am more stubborn than you (holds Shrishti’s ear)

Shrishti : Its paining (rubs her ear)

Preeta ; are you not coming mom?

Sarla : you both go

Shrishti : No you will have to come with us, it is special day for sis

Sarla : I told you both to go and get ready now (again sterns)

Preeta : Shrishti before mom erupts like volcano lets go

Both leaves to their respective room to get ready for the party. Dadi gets to know about Karan and Preeta from Elina .

Elina  : I saw them yesterday at farm house, I feel she is perfect for Bhai

Dadi : but what if she has somebody in her life

Elina  : As far as I know she don’t have anybody in her life, what do you think about her?

Dadi : when I met her first time, I was very impressed by her but you know how your brother is when it comes to marriage

Elina  : You won’t believe even Preeta is same

Dadi decides to go at Preeta’s house with the marriage proposal. Meanwhile Karan gets read for his concert but he is informed that it is cancelled due to some technical problem at the venue.

Elina  : why what happened?

Karan : the concert is postponed due to some problem

Sameer : then lets get ready for the party

Later in the evening everybody gather at Ranveer’s party including Arora and Luthra siblings while Dadi visits Arora house.

Sarla : I am sorry but I did not recognize you

Dadi : I am Karan’s dadi

Sarla : Oh I got it know, he saved my daughter earlier

Dadi : Not only your daughter but both of them saved the name of humanity

Sarla : I know

Dadi : Today I came with some important matter

Sarla : what is it?

Dadi : I want your daughter for my Karan

Sarla is surprised to hear her words not knowing what to say

Dadi : I was always in search of a girl who can give some solace to Karan, in all these years I never saw anybody to stand up against this society

Sarla : I will have to talk to Preeta about this

At the party

Karan : Hello Ms Journalist, I thought you were not coming

Preeta : Rockstar, the whole world can change in a second why would a person’s mind won’t change

Karan : You know you should be a politician instead of a journalist since you like to solve people’s matter

Preeta : A journalist’s work is not just to expose wrongdoers but also to remove evilness from them

Karan : Inspiring hun

Shrishti : Hi Karan

Karan : Hey how are you? how did your shows go

Shrishti : I am fine, they were fantastic, you know nobody can beat me in designing

Sameer : Overconfidence (whisper)

Shrishti : I heard it

Sameer : Wow, I did not knew that

Omisha does the announcement on the stage for her father’s success.

Rajveer : I want to thank all you for your support, today this party also has other two reason, both are very happy for me

Everybody applauds

Rajveer : I want to give this honor to Mr Commissioner so he can announce this

Commissioner : As you all know about the hijacking plane few weeks ago, though we want to thank our force for rescuing those innocent life but there are two special people who thought that risking their one life can save million other lives, now I want to call those brave fighters on stage, please give round of applause for Preeta Arora and Karanshek Luthra.

Both of them goes to the stage.

CM : I want to say that you both are perfect example for today’s generation, I wish you best luck for future

Karan : Thank you so much, it is our honor to be here today

Preeta holds the mike and thanks her mother and sister who are her strength and motivation.

Shrishti looks emotionally to her sister

Preeta : Today, I am here just due to my mom, she is my guide and philosopher, thank you mom for everything

Sarla watches it on TV and feels very sentimental seeing both her daughter together on screen. Omisha seeing both sister’s love decides to play her last trick.

Omisha : Now I will give mike to my dad who will announce one last important news which will blow off some people here

All of them looks at her suspiciously.

Rajveer : Today another reason for my happiness is that my daughter will be starting her new life

Everybody applauds when Rajveer calls Sameer on stage.

Rajveer : Yes, I want to announce my daughter Omisha’s engagement to none other than Sameer Malhothra

The last word comes with a huge blow to everybody especially to Arora sisters and Sameer and also Luthra sibling.

Omisha : I want to invite all of you to our engagement. Thank you

Shrishti controls hardly her tears and hides from her sister but Preeta notices her reaction which makes her doubt more on the situation.

Sameer tries to talk to Omisha but she does not listen to him.

Omisha : Actually I heard your conversation with Elina  and understood that you are ready for the engagement

Sameer cannot think straightly what to do.

Preeta : Shrishti, whats wrong

Shrishti : nothing sis, I want to go home

Preeta : are you okay?

Shrishti : I am not feeling well, can we please go home

Preeta : Okay you go ahead to parking lot, I will be right back

Shrishti : Alright di

Sameer follows Shrishti who is heading towards the parking lot. She tells him to leave her alone but Sameer does not leave her hand.

Shrishti : Sameer, it would be better if you stay away from me

Sameer : Please try to understand, I know I realized lat but now I want to tell you everything, I don’t know when I fell for you, the time I spent with you in Malaysia, I realized I cannot live without you and I know you love me too

Shrishti is very much astonished hearing his confession while Preeta is coming towards parking lot

Sameer : Please Shrishti, give me some time to make everything right, I can fight will everybody for you

Shrishti : Do you even know what you are saying? you are getting engaged soon, it is wrong for you think about anybody else (says look ing down)

Sameer : Really? then why you cannot say that seeing in my eyes

Shrishti is about to leave when Sameer pulls her back

Sameer : Fine, if you have no feelings for me then I will go away from you then will never show my face again in life (starts to leave)

Shrishti : No (starts weeping hugging him) I am sorry Sameer, I was scared that something would go wrong but now I am not afraid of anyone

Preeta is fuming in anger when she remembers Omisha’s words of harming Shrishti. Sameer and Shrishti hugs intensely and breaks the hug seeing Preeta turning in red in rage.

Shrishti : Sis, listen to me (stammers)

Sameer also tries to say but Preeta who is not ready to listen them drags Shrishti in car taking her home which worries him.

Karan : what happened Sameer? what are you doing here

Sameer tells him everything

Karan : What was the need to stop her right now? you don’t know how hot tempered that Preeta is

Arora house

Preeta tells Shrishti to go to her room and does not talk to her.

Shrishti : Di, please listen to me

Preeta : Shrishti, its too late now go to your room, we will talk later

Shrishti is broken from inside realizing how much her sister is hurt due to her betrayal. Preeta remembers everything she saw in the parking lot. Her mind is in dilemma about what to choose her sisters happiness or her safety. While passing from Shrishti’s room she sees her sleeping with book open on her chest. She realizes her sister was crying whole time and notices the dark circles under her eyes.

Sameer goes to Omisha after the party to tell her the truth.

Omisha : Sameer, remember you have to meet me at mall tomorrow

Sameer :Omisha, i need to talk something important to you

Omisha : Yeah we are meeting tomorrow, look I am very tired now

Sameer : NO! I need to talk right now

Omisha is surprised to see the behavior of Sameer and asks him if he is hiding something from her

Sameer : I can’t marry you

Omisha is completely shocked as this news comes with huge blow to her which causes her fit of rage.

Sameer : I met that girl few months ago and

Omisha : Ana you fell in love with her, can I ask you who is it

Sameer stays silent for few seconds but Omisha forces him to tell the name by grabbing his collar angrily

Omisha : Answer me

Sameer : Shrishti

Omisha slaps him hardly hearing the name she cannot even bear. She angrily grabs a gun from the drawer to kill Shrishti. Sameer tries to stop her but in vain.

Sameer : I said put your gun down (pushes her to floor)

Omisha : You did not do this right Sameer Malhothra, till now you saw my good side but now you will see my worst and not only you that girl will suffer with you, just wait and watch

Sameer : You will not harm her or else you will face my worst side just remember that, and Shrishti has nothing to do with all this

Omisha : Do whatever you want to save that girl but nobody can save her now

Sameer plays a video of Max bribing the goon to tamper the break of Preeta’s car he found from the cctv of the parking.

Omisha : what nonsense is this?

Sameer : This is not nonsense, it is true now you have two options move on in life and save your brother or harm Shrishti on the risk of losing of your dear brother, choice is yours. if something happens to her then not Shrishti but your family will definitely suffer it

Omisha : Do you think i am an idiot who believe you threatening? if you wanted to show this then you would have done this long time ago

Sameer : You know why I was quiet till now because of you, I thought you were innocent in all this but when I found out that you crime in partner with your brother I realized that you are not less, and not only this only I know all your father’s corruption deeds till now and his upper hand on hijacking

Omisha : what are you talking about?

Sameer : You consider yourself smart but you don’t know I am Sameer Malhothra, during that hijacking I stole Vikrant’s phone to call and guess what I found your brother’s number and my doubt was confirmed when I heard him talking to your brother

Omisha feels trapped around and decides to stay quiet for sometime.

Sameer : So, now you have to decide what you want to do, and as far as Shrishti is concerned till I am alive nothing can happen to her and she can alone handle anyone, bye sweetheart (leaves)

Omisha starts breaking things in anger in her room when Max tries to calm her down.

Max : relax what are you doing? you think anger will solve our problem

Omisha : No bro, that girl will have to pay for messing with Omisha and now her whole family will see the result (smirks)

Max : you will do nothing, understand there is certain time for everything to strike on enemy

Omisha (in her mind): No Mr Sameer, you don’t know what this Omisha can do for revenge, you are not familiar with me yet

Luthra house

Elina  : Bro, why are you so upset

Karan : Elina , I am worried for Preeta, I am sure she might be hurt after knowing about Sameer and Shrishti

Dadi informs him about her visit to Preeta’s house

Karan : Dadi, you did not even inform me without taking such a big decision

Dadi : shut up! I know if i stay on your words then you will never get married

Karan : Definetly that girl will reject this proposal

Next day

Shrishti tries to talk to Preeta but she constantly avoids the topic. Sarla tells Preeta about Dadi’s proposal of marriage which she denies directly.

Preeta : I clearly told you that I will not marry at any cost

Sarla : why not? do you want me to see you suffer like this

Preeta : Okay you tell me what did you get after marrying dad, he left us alone to suffer

Sarla slaps Preeta for being rude to her father as she never told truth to her daughters the real reason their father left them.

Preeta : you cannot change my opinion

Sarla : If you cannot respect your father then at least don’t insult him like this

Preeta : why not?

Sarla starts feeling dizzy which panics Preeta and Shrishti.

Preeta : call the ambulance quickly

Shrishti : Yes di,

Preeta and Shrishti rushes Sarla to hospital. Doctors tell them to stay outside while they do check up. Shrishti could not control her tears while Preeta consoles her nothing will happen to their mother.

Preeta : No Shrishti, this is no time to cry, you know I will not let anything happen to her

Doctor informs both girls that Sarla is still under observation

Luthra house

Rishab finds the goon who detonated bomb in Preeta’s car which causes rage to Karan. He leaves for Max’s house and beats him up.

Karan : I told you to stay away from Preeta but you did not pay heed to me, now see what I do to you (punches him hardly)

Rajveer: Security, kick him out

Rishab tells the cops to arrest Max and stops Karan.

Rajveer : you don’t know who you are messing up with

Karan : I know who you are but you are not familiar with the power of Karanshek Luthra, if you have contacts then I am powerful and famous than you, I have the power of media, do whatever you want but this time your son will not be spared easily and thats my promise

Omisha : dad please do something

Rajveer : don’t worry dear, this guy is very arrogant but soon he will come begging in front of me, you just do a favor for me

Omisha : listen, i have task for you and this time there should be no mistake (talks on phone)

Dadi comes to console Preeta and Shrishti at hospital.


Karan : I don’t care but this time Max should not come out

Rishab : You don’t worry because this time I will found the solid evidence against Rajveer Singh and then he will be trapped in our game

Elina  : but what about Commissioner and government will not allow you to do this easily

Rishab : Elina , police officers job is not only to end injustice but the criminal in each person and thats what I will do, no force can stop me doing my duty, not this time

Karan : How is Sarla aunty

Elina  : I called Shrishti, doctors said she is under observation

Luthra house

Karan tells Sameer to cancel his concert but Elina  insists him to do his concert as his fans will be upset due to the cancellation

Elina  : Bhai, all tickets are sold and we cannot cancel this time

Karan : Okay fine

Elina  : I will go make arrangements for evening

Karan goes to visit Preeta and finds her standing at balcony.

Preeta : Hi, I thought you have your concert today

Karan : It is evening, I wanted you to come but

Preeta : I wish I could come but I can’t leave mom alone here

Karan : Its okay

Preeta : But I promise I will watch it live

Karan is overwhelmed to see her strong willpower when she does not even shed a tear seeing her mother’s worst condition. (starts to leave)

Preeta : Rockstar, all the best for your concert

Karan : Thanks (gives a cute smile)

Shrishti watches everything from corner. Though she is sad that regarding her love for Sameer but is happy at the same time is happy seeing her sister started to trust people

Preeta : Shrishti, come here

Shrishti comes hesitantly with little bit fear in her mind from her sister.

Preeta : did you eat anything (asks with concern)

Shrishti : Umm, actually I brought this sandwich for you

Preeta makes her sits on bench and makes her forcefully till she finished eating. Amdist Shrishti also feeds Preeta and hugs her emotionally who is her idol after their mom.

Later in the evening Karan is getting ready for his concert when Elina  gives him a letter Preeta sent for him. He opens to read the letter and also find a friendship belt with it.

Rockstar, I know irritating me was your hobby but today I want you to consider this friendship band as a token from fan of yours who wants to be your best friend for life time. And again wish you all the very best for your concert.


Elina  :Wow bhai, seems like she is getting more interested in you

Karan : shut up Elina , where is Dadi?

Elina  : bhai, she left from home should be here soon

Karan ; but I told you to come with her

Elina  : But she told me she will come later with driver

Karan : okay fine, go check her right now

Elina  comes at home to pick Dadi leaves from home when a goon informs somebody to about their departure. Meanwhile Preeta watches Karan’s concert live on hospital’s TV. All the patients and doctors gets very excited to watch the concert. On the road when Elina  and Dadi is sitting in car, an unknown person takes out the gun and target Elina  but misses the shoot when she bends down to pick her phone fallen down. Unfortunately the bullet hits Dadi on her chest which horrifies Elina . Panicking by the incident she immediately rushes her Dadi to the hospital where Sarla was admitted a day ago.

Karan also starts getting worried when his sister and Dadi does not reach venue till the end of concert.


Preeta : doctor, its been 48 hours, why did mom not regain consciousness yet

Doctor ; Look Ms Arora, your mother is in critical state, I feel she has been careless taking her medicines and i clearly told her to not take any stress, and in this type of cases sometimes patient gives up the hope of living, but we are trying our best,

Shrishti is about to faint after hearing the doctor when Preeta holds her making her sit on bench.

Preeta : drink this water (pats her shoulder) are you okay

Shrishti : di, what is doctor saying, mom will be alright na

Preeta : be quiet (says sternly) I told you she will be okay, you sit here I will go get the medicines

Shrishti : everything is because of me

Preeta : shut up! and don’t ever say that or I will slap you if you say that again, now you sit here I will right back

Shrishti nods and calms down a bit when Preeta leaves to go at pharmacy. While Preeta waits at the pharmacy she hears the news on TV about the interruption on Karan’s concert due to some accident on venue.

Reporter : The country’s only rockstar Karan who had a big concert today has been saved from a catastrophe today, yes you heard it right, nobody could understand who could how in-spite of tight security somebody came tried to kill Karan by shooting him.

Preeta tries to call Karan but cannot reach his phone when she spots Elina  sitting putting hands around her head. She immediately goes to console her.

Preeta : Elina , are you okay?

Elina  who is cryingly immensely tells her everything.

Karan : Sameer, I am fine, don’t worry, are you able to reach Elina

Sameer calls Elina  who has no courage to pick his call. Preeta receives the call and informs Sameer about Dadi’s accident which breakdown Karan to the core. He immediately reaches the hospital and finds the biggest shock of his life when doctor informs a terrible news to them.

Doctor : Mr Karan, your Dadi lost lot of blood and due to her age, her condition is very delicate. if she does not regain consciousness in next 48 hours i am afraid

Karan : No she is fine, nothing can happen to her (tries to go inside but is stopped by doctor)

Karan gets furious at doctor but Sameer calms him down assuring him Dadi will be fine. Preeta watches all and goes to Karan who is standing near the balcony. Sameer also sees Shrishti in devastated state.

Preeta : don’t worry nothing will happen to your Dadi (puts hands on his shoulders)

Karan : you don’t know how much she means to me, after our parents only she is our life, I cannot handle anything without her

Preeta : how is your shoulder now, I heard you got shot by bullet (touches his shoulder but he gets hurt) sorry

Karan : I am fine, I don’t know how come despite all this security it happened, I mean how can they allow guns inside

Preeta : Maybe somebody let the person inside, did they caught him?

Karan : they managed to escape but I am sure police will find them, by the way thanks for that friendship band

Preeta : no problem (about to leave when he stops her)

Karan : there is a rule in friendship that friends should tie that band by themselves

Preeta : really ?

Karan : Yes, now it is not easy to be friend with Karanshek Luthra (gives her the band)

Preeta : Not a big deal and let me warn you that being my friend will not be very easy and you will have to maintain this life long agree

Karan : Agree

Both of them puts hands on each other for a new friendship

Sameer goes to Shrishti who is not in state to talk but still talks to him.

Shrishti : Sameer, if today something happens to mom then I would not be able to live (heavy tears flows from her eyes)

Sameer : Have faith, nothing will happen alright

Nurse comes to inform doctor that Sarla’s condition is worsening. Doctor gives them time limit. Preeta runs inside the operation room but doctor tells them to stay outside. Karan and Sameer tries to console both girls but in vain. Nurse informs them that Sarla only has little time left and tells them she wants to meet Mr Karan and meet both of her daughters. The last word strikes very hardly to Preeta and Shrishti who rushes inside without wasting time but nurse tells them to meet one person at a time.

Karan : Me?

Nurse: I think she wants to meet you

Karan goes inside the room and asks her about her health

Sarla : I know you and Preeta do not want to be each other, that day your dadi came to meet me and I had no answer to give her

Karan : Aunty, you know you need rest right now

Sarla : Karan, my daughters looks strong from outside but they are all alone in this world, I want a favor from you

Karan : favor?

Sarla : I raised them with too much love, today I don’t want to leave them like alone,

Karan : what do you want me to do ? you know nobody can take your place

Sarla : My Preeta is very innocent when it comes to marriage and love, I always wanted to show her how beautiful love is but I was never able to make her understand, only you can make her realize the importance, she only saw me struggle whole life and then in this cruel world she only saw bad people

Karan does not know what to say after when he know how stubborn Preeta is when it comes to trust people

Sarla : I will not force you, I just have one request from you that you will take care of my daughter, will you do that for me? I know I don’t have that right

Karan : Please don’t say that, you know I always see my mother in you, and how can I refuse to you, I promise you I will take care of Shrishti and Preeta, and always stand with them in every situation

Karan tells Preeta and Shrishti to go inside the operation room

Preeta : Mom, why are you doing this to us

Shrishti : You know na, how we spent our life since childhood

Sarla : Silly girl, remember what i told you that I will be your shadow forever

Shrishti : we won’t listen to you anymore now, (in tears)

Sarla : I have very little time left, I need to tell you something I hid both of you from long time

Preeta : we will talk later okay, you rest now

Sarla : NO, this is very important, your father was innocent dear, he did not leave me

Preeta is too much stunned to hear it as well as Shrishti since they believed their father cheated them earlier.

Sarla : You both have to each other’s strength like always so I can die peacefully, you both are one soul and have to remain like this

Preeta : for which mistake you are punishing us

Sarla : dear, god is testing you, but you will have to prove you can survive, Preeta you will have to make your all dreams come true the one you always wanted to and now Shrishti is your responsibility, i know you will fulfill it better than me

Sarla gets in pain suddenly while doctors come in and Sarla’s heartbeats stop.

Doctor : I am sorry, she is no more

For a second Preeta and Shrishti could not believe and tries to wake Sarla who closes her eyes leaving both girls alone. Preeta does not show any reaction siting on floor lifelessly,

Shrishti : di (pats her shoulder) nothing happened to mom, you told me that she will be fine,

Rishab tries to console Shrishti but in vain.

Shrishti : Rishab, nothing happened to her, these doctor are lying, she cannot leave us

Rishab : Shrishti, please hold yourself

Shrishti does not stop crying holding Sarla’s hand while Rishab tells Preeta to say something but she does not respond anything except her mother’s last words to not become weak. She goes to Shrishti and tries to take her.

Preeta : Shrishti, lets go (grabs her hand)

Shrishti : I will not go, you can go if you want, I will not leave mom

Preeta : She is tired na, let her rest, come on

Shrishti : I told you na, I don’t want to go anywhere (says angrily)

Though Preeta is broken from inside but knows it is not right time to let Shrishti become weak

Preeta : Try to understand, she went to dad (says with rage)

Shrishti continuously cries holding Preeta who have mustered courage to hold herself.

Other side Karan and Elina  also gets biggest blow of their life when doctor informs them about Dadi slipping into coma.

Doctor : We tried our best but her body is not responding

Elina  : Bhai (cries immensely hugging Karan)

Karan also goes into depression hearing the condition of his Dadi. Sameer consoles Karan who does not say anything.

Elina  : Dadi, please wake up, you cannot do this to us, bhai you tell her na, she will listen to you

Sameer : Elina , please hold yourself

Karan goes out from hospital sitting on a bench remembering how his Dadi always had sleepless nights to make him and Elina  sleep. He shouts out aloud and his voice had too much pain and wounds he got from childhood.

Sameer comes out searching for Karan.

Karan : Sameer, what harm I did to anybody that I have to face this day?

Sameer : dadi will be fine Karan, have faith on god

Karan : faith? (stands up) you want me to have faith when my dadi is fighting between life and death

Sameer : we cannot fight with destiny Karan, everybody has its own fate, for how long will you keep fighting with it

Karan : you know since childhood I made my own destiny and I always win, first our parents left us but this time I will not let dadi go easily, i trust god still that he will hear me and cure dadi

Arora house

Preeta brings Shrishti at home, There is a silent after a big hurricane hit their family badly destroying everything in their life. Both girls goes onto flashback of their childhood memories.

Flashback (10 years ago during Preeta and Shrishti’s childhood when they lived in chawl)

Preeta (comes running) : look this trophy, I won again the writing competition

Sarla : I knew that you would win it, didn’t i told you that your hard work ill pay off

Shrishti : Hello will you mind seeing me here standing with trophy for winning the best designing competition in whole school

Sarla : you getting very naughty these days (holds Shrishti’s ears)

Shrishti : Ouch it hurts,

Preeta : Mom, remember that day is not far when we will become rich and our dreams come true, you will see how the world respects us,

Sarla : i know one day both of you will make me proud and that day i will feel luckiest mom to have you both

Shrishti : My typical mom, don’t you think we are lucky to have you as our mom,

The trio hugs

Flashback ends

The servant gives Preeta bunch of letter which Sarla wanted her to read. Preeta goes near the temple where she always saw her mother praying everyday.

Preeta : Till today, my mom prayed in front of you but what you gave her, just pain, when I started to believe in you, you took her away from me, I completely realized that there is no god.

Rishab : Preeta, tomorrow we can take Sarla aunty from hospital and perform her last ritual

Preeta ; that fire will cool down in some time but the fire burning inside me is not going to cool down till I fulfill mom’s last wish and that her soul will rest in peace.

Next day Preeta and Shrishti goes to cemetery to perform the last ritual of Sarla.

Priest : Somebody need to light the pyre

Preeta : We will do it

Priest : but this is can be only done if there is a son

Preeta : We have been raised like son in this house, come Shrishti

Both girls lights the pyre completing the last part. Preeta swears to bring justice to her father at any cost.

Karan and Sameer goes to console Preeta and Shrishti but they tell the boys to leave alone.

Preeta : It would be better if you stay away from me, I am grateful for your friendship, but I will not be able to maintain it anymore (returns his band)

Shrishti : Sameer, the day mom left us she took all the love with her, I don’t have courage to build anymore relation and lose, better you stay from away from me

Sameer : But Shrishti

Shrishti : Please go from here

Arora house

The house is quiet like a deserted place ever since Sarla left her two daughters alone in the world to face everything.

Preeta reads all the letters their mom left and wanted them to read.

Shrishti : Sis, whose letter are those?


Dear, I know till now you both achieved everything you wanted and i am very proud of you for that. I want to tell you the truth which I always want you both to know. Your father was innocent, he never left us. He wanted to do something that would make you proud of him, he was not culprit. His only fault was he trusted wrong people who framed him to save themselves and he got big punishment for that, dear I want you to bring justice to your father and show the world no matter how big evil is but cannot win over good. My blessings are with you always and I will always pray that in every birth they make me your mother.

Shrishti : Sis, what is this?

Preeta : Shrishti, this time I will not let mom’s wish left incomplete

Shrishti : No di, we will fulfill it together (holds hands in front of Sarla’s picture)

Preeta : I promise you mom, we will not rest till we bring justice to dad and punish who poisoned our happy family.

Rishab : you want to dig out those old cases which are not in FIR anymore

Preeta : I don’t care, but I want each and every detail of dad’s case, if you can’t help me then fine I don’t need anyone

Rishab : give me some time, I will do something

Dcotors inform Karan that his Dadi’s condition is still not improved which shatters him.

Elina  : bhai, Rishab is here

Karan : call him

Rishab : I came to talk something important with you

Arora house

Preeta : Shrishti, I am leaving for work

Servant : Madam, one girl came to see you named Anu

Preeta : Anu

Anu comes inside in a terrible situation with marks on her face worrying both girls

Preeta : Are you okay? look at your face, let me bring first aid

Shrishti : here it is, did someone hit you?

Preeta applies bandage on Anjali’s head and asks her to tell the truth.

Anu : Preeta (cries sobberly and is not able to tell anything)

After some hesitant and silence Anjali reveals how somebody physically assaulted her. Hearing the last word Preeta’s blood starts to boil and decides to teach that person the lesson.

Shrishti : who was that?

Anu ; Max, before he went to jail

This time Preeta turned red into anger and finds it right opportunity to revenge on him.

Preeta decides to take Max’s case back and release him

Shrishti ; di, what are you saying?

Preeta ; Shrishti, to attack enemy first rule is to target his weakness, you just wait and watch, Max’s right place is not in jail

Anjali : but Preeta, you know how dangerous he is

Preeta ; See thats the problem, these people are targeting our weakness and we are letting them do it, but this tables have turned

Rishab gets furious at Preeta for taking her complaint back

Preeta ; I know what am I doing

Rishab ; Listen, I am not your servant that will do anything you want, and by the way even if you bail him out, he will still not come out

Preeta : what do you mean?

Rishab : The goon who attacked Karan’s dadi was sent by Max and he was behind his attack in concert

Preeta : what?

Rishab : Karan is not willing to take his complaint back, so just do what you are supposed to and anyway, if he really forced on Anu he should be in jail

Preeta : he should be punished by that girl not law

Karan warns Preeta not to let Max come out of jail

Preeta : you are not understanding, jail is the easiest punishment for him, I know what you are going through

Karan : No you are not, if you did then you would not be talking like this, you are really fond of doing social service what did you get at the end,

Preeta : I don’t do it just so I can get something in return, it is my friend’s life question and I will make sure she gets justice

Karan : Fine, then it is my Dadi this time, I will also make sure her culprit punished , for that I would not care whoever it is in front of me

Preeta : I am challenging you, do whatever you want, you will not be able to stop me

Karan : Best of luck Ms Journalist, fight your own battle now

Both of them walks on opposite direction angrily vowing to not see each other.

Arora house

Shrishti : Di, think once again if you are doing anything wrong

Preeta : Shrishti, I know what I am doing, you don’t have to worry about anything alright?

Even after Preeta’s assurance Shrishti is still restless about her sister’s plan. Preeta hires a big profile lawyer for Max’s bail meanwhile Karan also tries to find a big lawyer to deny Max’s bail.

Preeta : I don’t care he should be out at any cost

Lawyer : Listen this case is very complicated but I will try my best

Anu : have you gone crazy? why do you want to bail him out

Preeta ; Anu, you just wait and watch the game

Preeta forces the goon who attacked Dadi change his statement that Max sent him.

Goon : what do you want from me?

Preeta ; I just want you to change your statement (shows him gun)

Karan get disappointed when Preeta’s lawyer is able to bail out Max. He gets furious on Preeta for foiling his plans.

Karan : So finally you did what you wanted (tightly grabs her shoulder tightly) without caring about me, do you even realize whom you are helping, nobody knows him better than me

Preeta : Look I know you are angry at me but you will understand me later why I did this

Karan : No I will not (says angrily) i made a mistake in knowing you, I thought after your mom died you would change your attitude but no you are still that arrogant girl who can never understand other people’s feeling nor respect them,

Preeta gets furious when Karan mentions her mother and blasts him for dragging her mother in between.

Karan : why you are feeling bad? I feel bad for your mom, she could not change your arrogance when she was alive even after you did not change yourself

Preeta : ENOUGH ! shouted not anymore word or I will forget that I had any kind of friendship with you

Karan : it is my mistake that I considered you different type of girl but no girls like you cannot change and cannot see anything beyond their arrogance

Preeta : If you have so much problem with me then why are you here helping me

Karan : Okay fine, from now fight your own battle but don’t expect help from me, even if you are in serious trouble I won’t come to help you

Preeta : I don’t need anybody in this world, I survived from a wild ocean and nobody is able to break my courage

Karan : Best of luck and congratulation to your loneliness

Both goes in opposite direction angrily vowing not to see each others’ face again nor seek help from each other

Rajveer is happy to see his son back as well as Omisha.

Max : but who bailed me out?

Omisha : That journalist Preeta made goon change the statement

Max : how did you know?

Omisha : I saw her talking with the goon and threatening him

Max wonders what Preeta is upto for releasing him from jail. He meets Preeta near a old factory and asks her the reason for helping him.

Max : I know whatever you do has a reason behind it and I am sure this time too your mind has something planned right

Preeta tells him she wants to help him and his family for their career too thats why she helped him but Max is not convinced and tells her she needs to prove her words.

Max : Really? what would that beneficial to us

Preeta : I am tired of being doing the social service, people are taunting me for this, after all you are the one who is after me

Max : I will give you one chance that you truly want to support me

Preeta : Don’t worry I will prove to you that I am with you

Max : First thing first, alright then I will see you tomorrow morning, bye sweetheart

Preeta reveals to Anu her real motive behind supporting Max

Anu : what?

Preeta : I will show him the power of insulting a women, he will never be able to do this filthy thing to any girl in his life

Within next few days Preeta wins over Max and convinces him she is perfect for their business.

Omisha : bhai, are you crazy, this girl is misleading us I am telling you she is upto something

Max : Stop it Omisha, you are overreacting, I know Preeta from long time, she will not dare to cheat me, don’t forget she is alone now, and nobody can save her if she will do something wrong

Rajveer: Omisha is right, I will not let anybody ruin this empire I created with so much effort

Max : Fine, I will prove it to you that she is with us

Rajveer: Call her here, I want to meet her

Max calls Preeta to meet Rajveer to which she agrees

Preeta : you called me

Rajveer: My son might be fool but I am not, you said you can do anything for Max, I am sure you might be because bigger lawyer could not get him out and you did it in minutes

Preeta : what do I need to do?

Rajveer : you will have to defame that rockstar Karan who framed Max, I want to see him ruined and who can be better media person for this task

Preeta : what?

Rajveer: why what happened? is it anything that is impossible for you?

Preeta : Definetly not, I promise you I will do it before 24 hours

Rajveer: If you succeed then I will consider you as my new supporter for my business

Later at night Sameer calls Bulbil but she keeps cutting his call. He later goes at her house and texts Shrishti to look downstairs. The heavy storm occurs while she tells him to leave.

Shrishti : Sameer, have you gone crazy, go from here before anything happens

Sameer : I will not go till you come downstairs

Luckily Preeta is not at home, Shrishti goes down immediately and takes him behind the garden.

Shrishti : what are you doing here?

Sameer : why are you not picking my phone?

Shrishti : I told you to stay away from me, go from here

Sameer : did I made any mistake that you are avoiding me (says painfully)

Shrishti : No Sameer, you did not make any mistake but now when my life has no more love left I don’t have strength to build anymore relations and lose it (cries looking down)

Sameer : Fine, but I will still wait for you till you not realize that nobody can love you like me

Luthra house

Elina  : what are you saying bhai?

Karan : that girl has gone crazy, mark my words she will land up in huge trouble

Elina  : Bhai, I know her very well she never waste her time for doing something useless

Karan gets in thought hearing Elina ‘s words but avoids thinking about Preeta’s deed.

Arora house

Preeta decides to defame Karan by blaming him for Anu’s rape

Anu : i told you to not mess up but you never listen to me

Preeta : Anu, we will do what we Rajveer Singh said but tables will turn at the end, you just do what I say

Anu : You want to defame Karan, who stood up with you all the time and you want to ruin him, have you gone crazy?

Preeta : You just do what I tell you and rest leave it to me

Anu leaves while Shrishti asks Preeta the reason to defame Karan for no reason just to bring justice

Preeta : Shrishti, this time I will target two things at one time, I will bring Ranveer Singh’s career down but the real cause for that would be his son, he made my job easy by trusting me

Shrishti : why do you want to drag Karan in this?

Preeta : He is a celebrity but at the same time is an idol to his fans, I am sure this will create chaos in the media and his fans will not sit quiet after hearing this news

Shrishti : But are you really gonna publish the news from your channel

Preeta : No, the news will go from the news office which works for Ranveer Singh’s party, I will leak the news to them before

Shrishti : how can you be so sure that his fans will not blame for this disgusting deed

Preeta : I have a plan for that, listen to me very carefully (explains her plan to Shrishti)

Shrishti calls Sameer and explains him everything but rejects idea initially for playing with Karan’s career.

Preeta : Sameer, I promise I will not let Karan’s career down at the cost of my life

Sameer : But why do you want him to get involve his career in this?

Preeta : If I don’t do this, that Max will make somebody else do it, at least by staying with them I can know their plans against Karan, trust me they are on the verge of ruining Karan more than me

Sameer : Fine (agrees reluctantly), what do you want me to do

Preeta : you just have to make sure that his fans does not lose faith on him, if they did you will convince them their rockstar can never do this to any girl

Sameer : Di, I hope you remember that you and Karan are not in good terms right now and if anything goes wrong then

Preeta : Sameer, believe me this time the culprit will get punished your friend will not lose his popularity

Shrishti : But if they ask Anu, will she testify

Preeta : No, the news will only be that Anu was harassed by Karan but she will testify against Max and my instinct says that Max will definitely reach Anu, we will catch him red handed that time

Sameer : don’t we have any other choice? what is the need for Karan’s defamation in this

Preeta : Because Max is not gonna confess easily, we will have to trick him other way and distract them by bringing Karan in between

Shrishti : At the end Karan will also get justice right?

Sameer : Shrishti, you don’t know Karan’s fans, they will tear up Max for playing with their rockstar’s image

Preeta : Are you both with me? (forwards her hands)

Sameer and Shrishti also put their hand on it while another person also put their hand with them is none other than Elina

Elina : You all will not seek justice for Anu and my brother, I will support you all and save my brother

Preeta : lets discuss the plan again so everybody is clear with it

Elina  : Yes please

Preeta ; So first of all we will leak the news to the channel which runs through RS (Ranveer Singh’s) party that Anu was being harassed by Karan, then Anu will testify against Max in front of whole media not Karan and then she will confess that Max told her to say this and the proof will the leak from their channel and one of my friend works there, she will do this task

Elina  : I think till then the fans will calm down

Preeta : Thats what you and Sameer have to do, you both have to convince them that it is a lie and we have to do this because we have to bring Max in front of Anu

Elina  : After that?

Preeta ; When he will go to Anu, we will follow him and then Shrishti will capture their whole conversation and at the same time the whole world will watch it live

Sameer ; But what if he does something wrong with Anu?

Preeta: You leave that to me, I will make sure there a bodyguard with Anu and Shrishti though she will be hiding there

Sameer : What will I and Elina  do?

Preeta explain Elina  and Sameer their task but Elina  is still worried regarding Karan’s career

Elina  : we could published Max being culprit instead of Bhai and then he would still go to meet Anu and then we would record it

Preeta : Elina , even if we do that Max will not be proven guilty unless he confesses just like your brothers’ fans will not believe that he can do this deed, and then I don’t want Max to go at jail and come out from bail, don’t you want your Dadi’s culprit punished in front of everybody

Elina  : you are right, jail is very easy for him, not the whole society will teach him lesson and I will watch his humiliation live (angry tone)

Preeta : Don’t worry Elina , this time we will succeed and your brother will get his stardom back with dignitySufi tells Omisha about their design exhibition for their company in which ordinary people will buy their designed clothes.

Omisha : Shrishti Arora, get ready for action, now Sufi will herself kick you out and I will see how you will further your career after that

Preeta calls one of her friend Ruby who works in the reporter office of Rajveer

Ruby : Oh my god

Preeta : Ruby, this is very important to us, you understood everything clearly right

Ruby : don’t worry I will handle it, I am hoping this time that father’s spoiled brat get punished in such a way he never forget

Next day the biggest shocker come to everybody when people read about their favorite rockstar’s news about harassing a journalist named Anu. Elina  prays to God for protecting her brother from the whole mess.

Elina  : God, please help my brother, I hope Preeta’s plan succeed without any complications

Elina  : Sameer I am too scared, I have a bad feeling something will go wrong

Sameer : Elina , we have to be strong, don’t be weak we are doing this for Karan, please stay strong

Doctor informs Karan that his Dadi regains consciousness which makes him happy. He is about to leave when media people throws stones at his home.

Elina  : Bhai, are you okay? guards stop that crowd from coming inside go quickly

The security tries to stop the media from getting inside but they all tries to break the gate. The crowd is protesting outside the house but Karan comes out to face the reporters but only gets humiliated. One of the reporter calls him impostor in form of rockstar and throws newspaper on his face. Karan reads the paper and is completely shocked after seeing it.

Sameer : what are you all doing?

Reporter : he is not worthy to be a celebrity, beat him up

Sameer : Really? and you all are worthy of calling humans, your job is to publish news not decide people’s punishment

The media and reporters come forward to hit him with stones but another crowd of Karan’s fans comes with sticks to protest the reporters. His fans bashes the media and calls Karan their idol. Karan stands speechless and does not understand what is going on. He tells Elina  to leave for the hospital but she denies

Karan : Elina , you go Dadi needs somebody right now, please makes sure she does not get to see this news or it will be a big problem

Elina  : how can I leave you alone here?

Karan : Sameer is here and all my fans, they will not let anything happen to me and Elina  if I am innocent the truth will come out by hook or crook

Sameer : Karan is right, you go to hospital

“He is our idol and cannot do anything like this to anybody, if anybody tries to hit then we will not spare anybody says the crowd of fans

Reporter : If that is the case we want to hear that same thing from the girl, call her right now

Preeta explains Anu everything and tells her to be brave enough to face the situation.

Anu nods positively but Preeta senses her nervousness

Preeta : what is the matter Anu?

Anu : Nothing, i am just scared what if anything goes wrong

Preeta : Anu, I am behind you, I promise as long as I am alive nobody will be able to harm you or I will let anybody play with Karan’s image

Anu starts to leave and turns around to see Preeta who gives her a thumbs up with a smile.

Max informs his father and Omisha about the recent gossip about Karan harassing Anu.

Rajveer : I must say this girl is very shrewd, cunning lioness

Max: You are right dad, it is time to reward for her sharp mind (smirks looking at Omisha)

The news becomes live in whole country and people watch it on TV. Karan’s fan does not allow police to let him take in remand.

Shrishti : Di, you were right Karan’s fan are not letting anybody come little bit harm him

Preeta : I just hope everything goes as per our plan

Later Anu reaches the media office. The public gathers outside the office and people also watch it in public places. Elina  goes to hospital where doctor tells her informing Dadi’s condtion worsens hearing the news of Karan beaten by stones

Elina  : doctor please do something

Doctor : we are trying our best, she got a big shock if this time she goes back to come, it will be very hard for us to bring out of coma

Reporter : Miss Anu tell everybody what is the truth of this celebrity who has played with your honor, the whole world is waiting for your one answer

Anu stays silent for a long time but the media urges her to speak honestly if Karan is behind her harassment.

After long brawl Anu confessed truth which stuns everybody to the core and unexpected to everybody. Anu gives the testimony blaming Karan for her harassment which shocks everybody to the core including Preeta. Sameer seems puzzled seeing Karan standing quietly.

Sameer : What is going on? how did Anu changed her statement

Media Person : Now it is confirmed that Karan is the rockstar is bad image of celebrity, he should be punished

Karan’s fan protest claiming Anu to be the liar. The new become viral on every other channel of the protest. The reporters tells the audience to not support Karan. Sameer takes the mike and encourages Karan’s fans to support him.

Sameer : We will not move guys, our Rockstar is innocent and we will not let anybody take him, are you all with me

We are with you shouts the crowd loudly

Reporters : The public will not tolerate this kind of deed, be it anybody

Karan who does not lose his confidence is overwhelmed with his fan’s support. Preeta tries Anu’s phone but it gets switched off

Shrishti : Di, what will we do now, everything went wrong, this girl turned the tables

Preeta : First I have to find out what made her do this, I am sure somebody has forced her to do this

Shrishti : But who can force her

Preeta calls somebody and asks to trace Anu’s last location. Elina  follows Anu after she leaves from press office but is stuck in the traffic and loses the Anu’s follow.

Elina  : Damn it, (calls somebody) I lost her location

Person : do anything but follow her, quick I need results

Elina  : Okay, I will let you know once I follow her

Preeta : this girl switched her phone off, Shrishti you stay here I will go and find her

Shrishti : how will you find her

Preeta : her car has tracking device, I will find location

Shrishti : Di, please go carefully

Preeta drives to an old factory where her friend traced the location of Anu from her car’s tracking device.

Shrishti : Yes di

Preeta : Shrishti, just do me a favor

Shrishti : What is it di

Scene shifts to Anu who is talking to an unknown person in dark.

Anu : Look I did what you told me, (talks to person standing in dark) now let me go

Person : what is the hurry? let me give you your reward

The person is none other than Max smirking after being successful with his plan of defaming Karan . Anu smirks too and is revealed she was along with Max all along the plan.

“How was my performance says Anu in husky voice

Max : Brilliant, you should be an actress in Bollywood.

Anu : but there is one problem, that Karan’s stupid fans will not let him go to jail easily

Max : for how long they will protect him, today or tomorrow he will go to jail

Anu : And that Preeta? she will think all along who forced me and nobody would ever find out we planned all this to revenge on that Preeta and Karan.

Max : Now I will show that Preeta her real status of messing with me

Preeta reaches the factory only to find Max standing in front of her which rages her in anger

Max : Welcome to my region Ms master planner

Preeta : I was right, you forced her right, where is Anu?

Max : You are so eager to see your friend, but what happened, she cheated you

Preeta : I know you did something, I don’t know what but I will find out and watch I will do to your image

Max : Okay then I will not let you wait that much and call your dear friend, sweetheart look who is here to meet you

Preeta is confused seeing Anu in a fit condition.

Anu : Preeta? you ?

Preeta : what is all this? are you okay?

Anu pretends fake sympathetically and nods positively. Preeta get shocked when see Anu walking towards Max and standing closely.

Preeta : Anu? (shocked)

Anu : Sorry Preeta, I did not had any choice after what you did

Preeta goes to raise hand on Anu but Max slaps her hardly on floor, She bleeds little bit on head. Max puts her at a gun point but Anu tells him to let her reveal her the truth.

Anu : Preeta, I don’t want you to die without knowing your best friend’s secret right ? (touches Preeta’s cheek but she jerks it off)

Preeta : I don’t care

Anu angrily shows her the immense jealous for Preeta shocking her. She also reveals her about attack which were set up by her.

Preeta : This much hate?

Yes I hate you from the bottom of my heart, I always wanted to be the best but you snatched every chance from me, from school, studies, job, sports everything, said Anu in a wrathful voice

Preeta : What had Karan harmed you?

Max : I think you need to know our plan from beginning, and anyway you will not be able to tell it to anybody after this

Anu : I loved Karan very much in college but he rejected me for his ego, and you again came in between (grabs Preeta’s hair tightly). when I saw Karan’s concern for you my jealousy turned to hatred and i decided to ruin you forever

Preeta : I don’t believe this and you made joke of such sensitive matter

Max : I made the plan to make you and Karan pay for our insults I sent Anu to fake her harassment by me because I know you would definitely help he by releasing me by hook or crook, so Anu took my name and then your master mind gave us the big idea to trap Karan and now nobody will save Karan

Anu : Now even Karan will realize how much wrong he did by rejecting me, I will see for how long his fans will protect him, and nobody would even suspect us

Max : You know you are very lucky Preeta, because our plan was to trap you by saying you forced Anu in blaming Karan but we will send you straight to heaven

Anu : don’t worry nobody will be able to reach here because this place is far from city and till police will come you be in heaven, good bye Preeta

Preeta looks on bit terrified but instead holds Anu’s gunpoint telling her to shoot which scares Anu initially

Preeta : Shoot come on , I would rather prefer dying than having friend like you

Anu starts sweating seeing fire in Preeta’s eyes. Preeta : what are you thinking, come on shoot

Anu : Preeta (sweats saying her name)

Max grabs the gun from Anu’s hand and gunpoints at Preeta angrily but somebody shoots at his hand causing the gun to fall down. Karan comes inside clapping with smiling smirkily.

Karan : Wow, what a brilliant move I must say

Max : Prey came by himself go get hunted

“Did you hear that phrase, if you did not let me tell you, enemy’s enemy is friend says Karan looking at Anu

Anu : So finally you realized your mistake

Karan : Of course sweetheart, now can I have the gun please (snatches gun from Max)

Max : what time it has come, why don’t you kill her by your own hands because she cheated you

Karan : You are right

Preeta : you liar (grabs Karan’s collar), you will kill me, I did all this to save you and you will kill me

“You are dangerous says Karan by showing scared eyes to her

Preeta : Then learn to get scared from me

Max : but what are you doing here, how did you get released

Karan : Preeta before this suspense kills him let me reveal it please

Anu : You both? (shocks)

Karan : why, did you get shocked hearing it?

Preeta : Anu, game is only fun when two players play together, what is the fun where players use their move and not let their opponent use it

Max goes to smack Preeta but Karan punches him hard on face causing him to fall down hardly on ground.

Karan : You both revealed your own stories now hear our story

Preeta : Anu, what did you thought I would never get to know about your deceit, you will fool Preeta Arora that easily

Anu : what do you mean

Preeta : That day when you came to my house with your so called plea, I hired a detective behind to see if Max harms you and very strange that after coming after out of jail he never bothered you

Anu : you hired detective behind me? how dare you

Karan : learn some manners, let her finish her story

Preeta : I told the detective to only spy on you but to know where you go and meet, and I am glad I never let you knew because I did not wanted you to be scared,

Max and Anu stand numb hearing somebody defeated their moves

Karan : Preeta, look at their faces, what will happen when we will tell them real twist in this story

Preeta : This is called “Sher par shava sher my dear friend

Karan :Wait wait, let me them how we planned this, Preeta told me everything about their lie and the master planner she told you was my idea so you can realize that you are ahead in this game

Anu : how did you find about Max and me, that we are here

Preeta : you know what is your problem, you overact a lot and then you make mistakes, did you forgot your own car has tracking device

Max hits Karan with rod but he fights back. Both of them urges in a huge fight but Preeta picks up the gun.

Preeta : Your both game is over now, go out and your funeral is waiting for you

Anu gets frightened hearing her words.

Preeta shows the camera she fitted on Anu’s bracelet and the conversation of Max and Anu are recorded. The whole city watches the live of the incidence.

Ranveer : Omisha, call your brother quickly,

Omisha : His phone is switched off

Preeta : You made a joke of this horrible incidence, I am ashamed to call you my friend, I could have forgive you for betraying me but not for this creating joke of this serious matter which any girl becomes victim off

Karan : Just for some money, you sold your conscience

“Yes I did it for money and i don’t care shouts Anu without regretting her mistake

Max runs outside the factory but he is surrounded by Karan’s fans and media people. People starts beating him mercilessly between whole crowd. Preeta feels bad seeing her friend going wrong way.

Anu : I don’t need your sympathy Preeta, I promise I will come back to revenge on both of you and you will regret it big time

Shrishti and Sameer arrives at the spot.

Sameer : Bhai, are you okay?

Karan ; i am fine, look this is what you get from social service, at least now realize how cruel this world has become, nobody is your own

Preeta leaves the place with a bad mood while Karan follows her

Karan : why are you upsetting your mood for someone heartless

Preeta : Just leave me alone for a while

Karan ; Okay

Preeta has flashbacks on how her father used to catch and throw her in air. She gets teary eyed looking at her mom’s picture

Shrishti : Di, are you okay

Preeta : For the first time I feel why is our life so stuck up, why can’t we have normal life having parents with us

Shrishti : Remember what mom said, nobody knows when destiny takes U turn and gives you something unexpected

Suddenly both of them smell of smoke coming from somewhere in there house.

Shrishti ; Can you smell something?

Preeta : Go check the kitchen quickly

The girls run into the kitchen and see the kitchen is full of smoke.Both of smell poisonous gas immediately and have trouble breathing properly.

Shrishti : Di, (says coughingly)

Preeta goes out of kitchen finding the poisonous gas is leaked in the whole house. She is able to find a scarf for Shrishti from drawing room but is not able to reach upstairs due to leaked gas. She ties it to Shrishti’s mouth and tries to send her at safe place.

Luthra house

Sameer : Karan, what happened?

Karan : I am thinking to go at Preeta’s house right now

Sameer : but why

Karan : I know that Max and his father will not sit quiet, I am sure they will harm both girls

Sameer ; I am coming with you

Karan ; lets go (leaves for Preeta’s house)

Omisha calls somebody and ask about the task being done.

Goon : Don’t worry ma’am, the gas is too poisonous that they will not be able to breath and till then we will set house at fire

Omisha : good, you know what to do, leave right now and switch off your phone for safety

Goon : what about my money

Omisha : it will reach to you anyhow just do the work properly

Shrishti is trying hard to breath sees the fire at the back side of her porch even after having cloth on her mouth tries to wake Preeta up who became unconscious due to the gas. She tries to find phone to call Sameer but finds that her phone ran out of battery. Shrishti has tears in her eyes seeing her sister in pain and with no help.

Omisha calls Sameer and informs him about her deed.

Sameer : what nonsense are you talking

Omisha : what your friend did with my brother, this is his punishment and even your for cheating on me, that poor sister will suffer for your mistakes

Karan : Shut up Omisha

Omisha : Okay fine, when you will reach Arora house you will see ashes left and after all you both have to perform their final rituals

Karan cuts off the call in anger and drives faster while Elina  gets a call from hospital when doctor informs her the disastrous news she could ever imagined about her Dadi being no more. Karan gets stuck in the traffic on the other side Shrishti finds a back door and tries to take unconscious Preeta by putting her hand on shoulder.

Elina  : Bhai (cries sobberly)

Karan : Elina  speak up, I don’t have time

Elina  : Dadi (shouts more louder)

Karan stops the car immediately hearing Dadi’s name and it torn when Elina  tells him about Dadi.

Sameer ; Karan what happened?

Anu : what? but how did you do this?

Omisha ; Anu, what they all did with us, they have to bear this punishment, now that both sisters will reach heaven and then after Karan’s dadi will follow them


Omisha reaches the hospital where Karan’s Dadi is admitted. She puts on nurse’s uniform and sneaks in Dadi’s room. She removes the oxygen mask and gives a wrong injection deteriorating Dadi’s health.

Flashback ends

Anu : So there are three funerals ready

Omisha : this will be tomorrow’s headlines Anu, wait and watch

Shrishti on reaching the back door realizes the fire has surrounded the whole door. Sameer and Rishab reaches Arora house and gets shocked seeing the house on fire. After lot of effort both of them are able to get inside finding the sisters unconscious.

Sameer : Shrishti, wake up (tries to pat her face)

Rishab and Sameer takes the sisters to hospital where Dadi was admitted. Karan and Elina  are totally shattered after the sad demise of their Dadi, Karan who is in shock does not believe and tells Dadi to wake up. Doctor informs Rishab about Preeta in critical condition due to the gas entering Preeta’s lungs for long time.

Karan : Elina , tell Dadi to wake (cries more immensely )

Elina  : Bhai, please hold yourself (put hand on his shoulder)

Karan : Elina , what happened? she also left us (hugs Elina  in pain)

Doctor informs Rishab about the reason of Dadi’s death.

Rishab : what?

Doctor : I am telling you the truth, when we came to check on her, the oxygen mask was removed

Rishab: are you sure?

Doctor : In the morning after that news shock, her health was still okay and later in afternoon her condition improved a lot

Rishab : thank you so much doctor

Sameer : what happened Rishab?

Rishab : Surely there is something wrong Sameer

Rajveer slaps Omisha for doing foolish deed of killing Dadi

Omisha : Dad?

Rajveer ; do you even realize what you did? what if somebody doubts you

Omisha : don’t worry nobody would doubt me, now they will know of hurting somebody else

One of the employer informs Rajveer about Preeta being the daughter of his old enemy

Rajveer : what?

Employeer : That both girls are the daughter of your old enemy whom you trapped in a false case and was hanged to death

Rajveer : if that is the case then the game will fun to watch because that girl is more wilder than her dad

Next day Karan perform the final rituals of Dadi (Majboor tu bhi Kahi playing in bg) Elina  is consoled by Sameer. Next day Karan gets to know about Preeta being in a critical condition due to the poisonous gas.

Rishab : Doctor, did the reports come ?

Doctor : No not yet but it should be there within few days

Rishab: okay, if there is anything then let me know, thank you so much for information

Doctor : My pleasure

Sameer informs Karan about the Arora house being burnt completely and both sisters have nowhere to go

Karan : what? but Preeta said that they have farm house in Borivali area

Sameer : That Rajveer Singh got their farm house by crook and bribed insurance company to stop the compensation process

Karan looks at Preeta who is surrounded with the oxygen mask and other wires from the blinds of room.

Elina  : bhai, Shrishti regained consciousness

All of them visits Shrishti’s room who comes to senses and asks about her sister.

Sameer : Shrishti, are you okay?

Shrishti : I am fine, where is di

Sameer : You need rest now, we will talk later

Shrishti : i asked where is my sister, is she okay?

Sameer : she is fine but please take rest

Shrishti insists on meeting her sister but Elina  informs her about Preeta’s critical condition.

Sameer : she will be fine, she is just under observation

Shrishti runs to Preeta’s OT immediately and insists her to wake up but she does show any movement.

Elina  : Shrishti, please hold yourself

Preeta opens her eyes and finds herself in hospital.

Karan : Sameer, take Shrishti away, she needs bed rest now, I will stay with Preeta

Shrishti : No I will stay with my sister, she needs me

Preeta insists Shrishti to go and take rest to which she agrees. Karan goes near Preeta and sit with her.

Karan : how are you now?

Preeta : I am fine, how is Dadi?

Karan does not answer to her question and start to leave but she holds him back asking him again

Preeta : are you hiding something?

Karan after lot of hesitant tells her about Dadi’s death which shocks her to the core as did she did not expected that.

Preeta : I am sorry

Karan : Its okay, but there is bad news for you

Preeta : what bad is bound to happen with us anymore (says painly and sad tone)

Karan : Your house is burnt completely and insurance company is not willing compensation

Preeta gets tensed thinking her mom’s memories got burnt with the whole house. Karan realizes her disturbed mood.

Karan : what happened?

Preeta : Nothing is left now, I made that house with our hard work but I lost that too

Karan : there is no point of regretting , it would be better to think about your future now

Doctor gives discharge to both Arora sisters. Elina  suggests Preeta and Shrishti to stay with them till they find new house but Preeta refuse initially to avoid being burden on anybody.

Karan : don’t be stubborn, till you find new house, stay here

Preeta : okay fine

Both girls move to Karan’s house next day.

Karan : show them their room

Elina  : Yeah bhai, come

Shrishti goes at her work when Sufi informs her about the exhibition of the clothes for ordinary people.

Sufi : I am sure the workload will help you with stress, now focus on your work, I know you will rock this

Shrishti : Thanks sufi

Preeta reigns from her work and decides to teach violin to small children. Karan asks her the reason for quitting the work.

Preeta : I don’t feel like doing this anymore, I will teach violin and piano to kids for livelihood

Elina  : bhai what happened?

Karan ; Elina , I could never imagined Preeta would become this weak after all this

Sameer and Shrishti meet in a cafe and discuss about their work.

Shrishti : I hope this exhibition goes it like every other show, this is very important

Sameer : Ms perfection don’t worry, it will all fine

Shrishti : This will be benefit to our company, I have to leave now

Sameer : Shrishti, do you want to go for dinner if your exhibition is successful

Shrishti : Well then I will give you the treat if my exhibition is successful, okay

Sameer gets happy hearing Shrishti is more frank to him.

Karan sees Preeta standing near the window with sad face and looks at her tears. She looks up at him and tries to wipe her tear but is stopped by Karan who softly wipes her tears.

Karan : this are too worthy, don’t lose it

Preeta emotionally hugs him and snobs softly in his arms.

Karan : everything will be fine

Preeta : I am tired of everything, i am all alone now (says cryingly) Preeta feels solace in Karan’s arms like never felt before. He removes her ears and tug behind her ears.

Karan : don’t worry, life is testing us and our victory is in favoring our destiny and everything will be fine

Preeta looke up on him and wipes her tears. Karan makes her sit on chair and holds her hand.

Karan : as far as I understand, you always listen to your brains rather than your heart thats why you are successful

Preeta : I never harmed anybody then why me

Karan : Listen your heart once for life and just see how beautiful life is, where you can live your dreams

Preeta : what do you mean?

Karan : Come with me (takes her to unknown place blindfolding her eyes)

Both of them reaches to a beautiful sunset hill and the whole city from the top. Preeta is contended to see fascinated place.

Karan : This is life (shows her the whole city), life is just like seven colors of rainbow

Preeta : this place is so beautiful, I feel like settling here forever

Karan : We have to do so much in our life, did you hear what that priest said, we cannot run from destiny

Preeta musters the courage and confidence hearing Karan’s words and asks him how did he manage to be so strong

Karan : As I said life teaches everything, you know what is common between both of us, we both have survived from wild ocean and made of rock, I am quite surprised you accepted defeat this early

Preeta : I just got weak for some moments (looks down)

Karan cups her face and tells her to start their life with afresh and requesting her to rejoin her work

Preeta : Are you sure I should go back ?

Karan : Yes, do you know what we say before our performance

Preeta : what

Karan : Rock on the stage and for you, go rock on this world

Both of them shake hands and sunset on the background

Karan : This sunset is witness for our new life

Shrishti works on her designing at night and everybody praises her for the natural work.

Elina  : This is fantastic, unbelievable

Preeta rejoins her journalist job and decides to fulfill her dream

Next day Shrishti gets ready for her exhibition and brings her product to the venue.

Sufi: Shrishti is everything ready?

Shrishti : Yes, I really hope this get successful, I put everything at the back store, I will bring it once people come in

Omisha sneaks in the back store and changes the tag of Sufi’s collection and puts Shrishti’s tag on the collections. People praises the designing of Shrishti but Sufi gets furious when she sees her collection has Shrishti’s tag.

Shrishti ; I swear Sufi, I did not do this

Sufi ; who else other than you had the store room key, you brought it right, don’t change the topic

Omisha ; You are right Sufi, this girl is always taking your credit, you did not listen to me

Sufi : you were right, I did not listen to you, this girl is jealous of my success, I trusted you so much Shrishti

Shrishti : I don’t believe this, you are trusting this few days ago girl and not your old employer

Omisha : She is naive thats why you are taking advantage of her success, she is way designer than you

Shrishti : You stay out of this, we will solve this problem (shouts)

Sufi ; Enough Shrishti, I am asking to you resign right now, clear

Shrishti : Fine, even I don’t want to work with somebody who does not trust her employer and is instigated by an outsider, and I am not an uneducated girl who would die without your favor, good bye

Omisha : we will also see how far can you go

Shrishti ; I don’t need to prove anything to you, it was great working with you Ms Sufi, goodbye (leaves taking her stuff)

Omisha : did you see her arrogance?

Sufi ; I don’t care but I will not trust her anymore

Omisha smirks seeing her plan working of sacking Shrishti from work. Rishab witnesses Omisha on the road and remembers her visit previous day in hospital.

Rishab : I saw you the other day in hospital when Karans’ dadi died, can I ask you what were you doing there

Omisha ; thats my personal matter, I don’t need to answer that to low inspector like you

Rishab : You are very arrogant due to your dad’s politics but remember the day when I find proof against you, not even God will be able to save and all your arrogance will break

Omisha : i love challenges

Rishab : Just one evidence against you and your dad, then it will be fun to watch both daughter and father in prison forever (leaves)

Preeta takes her camera and spots a old truck carrying drugs on the pretext on some vegetables She follows the truck reaching an unknown building. The driver of the truck unloads all the drugs inside the building. She climbs the pipe and takes pictures of all black money hidden in the sacks. She hear Rajveer’s name from one of the goon and realizes his involvement in the smuggling of drugs and black money.

Malhothra Office

Sameer is furious at his employees for being careless as one of his factories is suffering the loss of exporting the coca cola.

Elina  : Sameer whats wrong

Sameer : Elina , I think there is something wrong with the cola and we are hearing come complains from the small towns we send our cola

Elina  : Complains?

Sameer : Kids are getting sick and people are vomiting after drinking our cokes

Elina  : thats impossible

Sameer : i am afraid it that coke is exported in this city then it will be disaster

Elina  ; we will have to stop the process immediately before it gets too late Sameer

Preeta reveals everything to Rishab and shows him the picture

Rishab ; it is unbelievable, no wonder why that place is never raided

Preeta : I am telling you that money is from a charitable fund and he uses it for smuggling

Rishab raids the place where Preeta recorded the place of smuggling. The news goes viral and the person who mixed chemical in Coke at Sameer’s factory is also caught. Preeta also becomes popular for leaking the news of smuggling. Police starts their investigation more strictly on the black money.

Shrishti : Wow, di you did amazing

Preeta : This is just beginning Shrishti, you just wait and watch my next move, I did not take Rajveer Singh’s name yet because I want him to live in fear

Shrishti : whatever you do but do it carefully

Karan comes in clapping Preeta for her work and saving million people from disaster.

Preeta : thank you very much

Karan : I must say you are too dangerous for everything, but I am happy you payed heed to my advise

Preeta : You deserve a treat from me, I want to have candle light dinner with you

Karan : millions of girls look for this opportunity to have dinner with me, and you should be lucky enough that I am accepting it

Preeta : You will never stop praising yourself would you

“Because I am Karan the rockstar says Karan touching his collar

Ranveer : what are you saying Omisha?

Omisha : Till now we were thinking like them and thats why these both sisters are foiling all our plans

Max : Omisha is right dad, we have to think ten steps ahead of them, we thought after burning their house, that Preeta would become weak but no her courage is increasing everyday

Omisha : The sole reason for all this is Karan, he is the one who pushed back Preeta to her work and she started foiling our plans

Max : I have a brilliant idea now and that would separate this love birds (smirks)

Shrishti goes to hunt new job for her when she witnesses an old scrapped cloth factory. She finds one girl named Maya who was an old employer of the factory.

Shrishti : Hi my name is Shrishti Arora (shakes her hand with Maya)

Maya : Yes, how can I help you

Shrishti : If I am not wrong this is the same factory which was closed 5 years ago due to some accident right?

Maya : Yeah, and the owner suffered big loss and he had to shut down this business

Shrishti ; Can I ask you the name of this owner?

Maya ; Sameer Malhothra

What? Shrishti widnes her eyes hearing his name

Maya : I still remember he told me this factory was his mom’s dream and he wanted it to be successful but destiny does not favor good people.

Shrishti : I want to get the keys to go inside

Maya : But why do you want to waste time old scrapped things, and I don’t have the keys, maybe Sameer Sir might have the keys, anyway I gotta go now, nice meeting you

Sameer ; who told you about the factory?

Shrishti : your old employee Maya, and I found her record from that previous burnt factory

Sameer : what do you want though?

Shrishti : I want to reopen that factory and make it world’s largest designing boutique, it is my dream and I think even your wanted that right ?

Sameer denies Shrishti’s idea of reopening the factory but she argues him back for being weak.

Shrishti : what is the problem?

Sameer : You don’t know how risky it is to open? and what if it does not run, we will suffer big loss this time

Shrishti : Think positively, we will import the clothes to ordinary people first and I trust my talent and instinct

Sameer : i know you want to open your own boutique and I can help you invest at another good place so you can make it popular but don’t expect this factory to be successful

Shrishti : Even if all doors are closed there is always a small ray of hope and that ray is enough to remove darkness

Sameer ; I have never seen you so stubborn

Shrishti ; But now I will show you the extent I can to achieve my goal, I will open boutique on that place only

Sameer : how will you invest money on it?

Shrishti ; Sameer, I told you once fate can cheat us but not talent, we both sisters are achievers. we don’t like to lose

Later at night Preeta and Karan goes for their dinner at five star hotel.

Preeta : by the way, I did my work now when will I see your next concert

Karan : Very soon and its a surprise, the next one will be memorable for the whole world

Preeta : your talks says that you are already ready for your next hit album, all the best

Suddenly in the hotel enters a charming hunk wearing black blazer and white shirt inside. He witnesses Preeta and Karan sitting on the table and goes to them.

Guy ; Hello Miss journalist beauty (says looking at Preeta)

Preeta : Excuse me? (stands up with angry face)

Guy ; You are still the same red chili

Preeta goes into thinking and remembers somebody. Karan is about the hit the guy but is stopped by Preeta.

Karan : who are you?

Preeta : Aditya Mehra?

Aditya : Wow, so you did not forget me (kisses her hand)

Karan’s blood boil seeing Preeta hugging him happily

Preeta : how can I forget you? Karan this is Sam’s younger brother Aditya

Aditya : Pleasure

Karan nods negatively and suspiciously look at Aditya. The trio spends quality time together.

Aditya : You didn’t told me you found a boyfriend

Karan mistakenly splits his drink from his mouth

Preeta : idiot, not boyfriend, he is just my friend or I would say best friend

Aditya : That means I still have chance

Preeta : Shut up! you know that we are good friends nothing more than that

Aditya ; But still if you find nobody then I will marry you later

Karan holds the glass tightly and it breaks making his hand bleed severely. Preeta freaks out seeing the scene and tears piece of her scarf to tie on his hand. Karan looks on when Preeta applies medicine on his hand.

Aditya : are you okay?

Karan : i am fine, sorry I disturbed both of your conversation

Preeta : don’t be fool, I think we should go its quite late

Aditya : by the way, congratulation on your success

Preeta : Thanks

After Preeta and Karan leaves Aditya talks with somebody saying informing the accomplishment of task and smirks. Karan gets in dilemma about his concern for Preeta.

Sameer : you are crazy Karan, what was the need to break the glass that time

Karan : I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I could not tolerate that guy with Preeta,

Sameer : but he is Rishab’s brother

Karan : It is not necessary that younger sibling can be in the shoes of his elder one

Sameer ; You mean?

Karan : I need to find his detail soon before he traps Preeta Next day Shrishti get the keys of the old factory and goes inside it finding everything covered with cloth.

Shrishti : Finally my dream will come true

Preeta : Are you sure you will be able to do this ?

Shrishti : Di, don’t worry, I want to do something to make you and mom proud one day

Preeta : You know mom’s blessing is with us, all the best Shrishti

“Thank you di says Shrishti hugging Preeta

Karan goes for his music rehearsal and remembers Preeta’s closeness with Aditya. He plays drums very intensely and fast noticed by Sameer and Elina .

Sameer : do you know what is wrong with him today?

Elina  : Jealous what else?

Sameer : what?

Elina  : I feel he is getting possessive for Ms Journalist

Sameer ; I don’t think so

Because you don’t have eyes Sameer says Elina  annoyingly to Sameer

Sameer : It is waste to talk to you

Karan does not stop to play till Sameer stops him asking him the reason of his anger.

Karan : Leave me alone for a while and I told you to get details of that Aditya Mehra

Sameer : Yeah I got it

Karan : what does it say?

Sameer : You were right Karan, this guy is poles apart from his brother, he has been a wrecker for Rishab from childhood and was involved in illegal works but stopped for some reason I don’t know

Karan : I can judge person by his talk, one thing is for sure he is here for some motive but I will not let anybody harm Preeta at any cost (leaves)

Elina  : whatever you say Sameer, bhai has strong feelings for Preeta but being stubborn he will not confess easily

Aditya goes to meet somebody at house and later is revealed to be Max and Omisha. Max hugs him evilly.

Max : how are you my friend?

Aditya : I missed you Max, till now I am fine but somebody else will be in trouble

Omisha : Our decision was right to bring you here Aditya, I hope you won’t disappoint us after all you have the blood of an honest officer

Aditya : You are forgetting being blood does not matter in this world, and I hate him to the core, he always got everything from mom dad, their favorite son (says breaking glass)

Omisha : But why did you agree to ruin Preeta?

Aditya : she is the sole reason for our rift, I wanted to marry her but she rejected me now she will have to pay for her deed, by hook or crook

Max : what I could not you will complete the task?

Aditya : She is my obsession and I want her at any cost but I promise I will bring her to your feet one day and she will beg for her life

Omisha : thats why we called you

Aditya : She will have to come back to me

Omisha : whats the plan

Max : right now our thorn is only Karan and you will have to get rid of him

Aditya shows them flyer of Karan’s next concert and explains everything to them.

Aditya : After that concert I will make Preeta mine forever and she will never be able to think of anybody else

The trio puts their hand together smiling smirkily.

Shrishti convinces some of her designer friends to start design with all old clothes from the factory.

Sameer : Do you even realize what big risk you are taking?

Shrishti : You don’t have to help me if you do not want but I want to do something big

Sameer : Really? and will you tell me what do you want to do

Shrishti is standing near the lake and shows Sameer the poster of best designer in world.

Sameer : Ambitious

Shrishti : I want to be the best and world would remember me in future

Preeta meets Aditya outside her office and invites her to join him for a drive.

Preeta : I forgot my purse inside I will be right back

Aditya mixes sleeping pill in Preeta’s water bottle while she goes back to get grab her purse.

Preeta : I am so sorry Aditya but Karan want to talk something important

Aditya is angry on Karan for foiling his plan again.

Preeta : Bye

Aditya : Damn

Preeta drives car while talking to Karan on phone.

Karan : where are you?

Preeta : I am com… (starts feeling dizzy)

Karan : hello Preeta?

Suddenly there is noise of car crash due to which Preeta gets unconscious.

Karan : Are you there?

Somebody tells Karan about Preeta’s accident. Aditya who was following Preeta brings her to hospital. Karan rushes to hospital but his blood boils seeing Aditya hold Preeta’s hand.

Karan : what are you doing here?

Aditya : i saw her car on road and brought her to hospital, she is fine

Karan : I am here, you can go

Later in evening doctor informs Karan about sleeping found in Preeta’s blood.

Karan : what?

Doctor : You have to tell her to be careful next time and not drive taking this much pills, I recommend you to keep her safe from it because overdose of it can harm her

Karan : Thank you doctor

Sameer and Shrishti comes to hospital to see Preeta. Karan tells everything to Sameer.

Karan : Preeta taking sleeping pills is not possible, somebody might have mixed it

Sameer : You are right

Karan gets emotional seeing Preeta’s condition and asks her to open eyes for his sake. Preeta regains consciousness and finds Karan next to her holding her hand.

Karan : Are you okay ?

Preeta : I am feeling dizzy I don’t know how did I..

Karan : Its okay, you need rest now, by the way did you meet today anybody before you left office

Preeta : Aditya came to meet me but I had to rush when you called me

Karan : Aditya?

Preeta : Yeah, he wanted to go out with me but I could not go

Karan (in his mind) : I feel I am getting close to truth, Aditya Mehra I am sure you mixed pills in Preeta’s water but I will not let your intentions fullfill at any cost

Preeta tells Karan about Aditya being involved in illegal activities earlier which caused fight between both brothers.

Karan : Really?

Preeta : Yeah, Rishab did not forgive him yet

Karan : Obviously who would forgive such brother who can cause harm to his own brother

Preeta : I feel he might be changed

Karan : I don’t believe are you same Preeta who knew each person by only one meeting

Preeta : I don’t know but I think he is changed for better

Karan hires a private detective behind Aditya to catch him red handed.

Karan : I want each and every detail of him, where he goes and whom he meets everything got it

Detective : don’t worry Mr Karan, very soon you will know everything about this guy, trust me

Karan : Good, you can leave

Sameer : what is this Karan?

Karan : Sameer, my instincts are always right in judging people, Aditya Mehra is here for motive and Preeta is getting trapped in his game

Shrishti starts working with her new employers to start the factory.

Kaya : Shrishti, I have an idea to sell our clothes

Shrishti : go ahead

Kaya : There is a big fashion show league, we can sell this clothes to ordinary people and they can take part in fashion show

Avni : But for that we have to find those kind of people and Kaya for your kind information no league would hire those ordinary people

Shrishti : Kaya is right, this is the only way we can show people that God made every person beautiful in its own way and with that money we can open this factory soon.

Aditya secretly goes to meet Max and tells him about their next plan to get rid of Karan.

Omisha : Karan’s concert is next week, we can hit two target with one arrow, I heard it is very big concert for him, we just have to make it semi hit

Max : what do you mean Omisha?

Aditya : During Karan’s concert we will mess up his guitar strings and we will set up an explosion over there

Max : what about that Preeta?

Aditya : I will handle her, she will not be able to reach his concert and Karan will not save her thats my challenge to you

Max : how will be set up the explosions ?

Aditya : I will make such arrangements that Karan will not be saved by this explosion and this will be his last concert and till that time i will make Preeta mine forever

The trio smirks about their new plan but are not aware of the detective hearing their conversation.

Karan is completely shocked with the truth including Sameer.

Rishab: I will not leave him today (goes out but is stopped )

Karan : we have to be careful with at every step, our one wrong step can harm Preeta

Sameer : Karan is right, Rishab, we have to think something

Karan : We will go ahead with the concert

Rishab: Are you crazy Karan?

Karan : I said we will go ahead with the concert but we will turn the tables at the end, you leave everything to me

Rishab gets the call from doctor who tells him about the cctv footage of the day Karan’s dadi was admitted.

Rishab: I will be there soon, thank you doctor

Elina  helps Shrishti finding some street people who are in need of work. Some of them are servants working in rich houses but are abused daily due to their status.

Shrishti : It is my responsibility to make you all look beautiful

Elina  : God has made everybody a beautiful person and everybody can look good with good clothes, trust us

Shrishti : Don’t you all want your children to study in good school and get education, this is the time to prove your worth to those people who treats you all like doormats

Elina  : we will not be able to open that factory without all your support

All the people supports Shrishti and Elina  in they task. Preeta captures some picture of people are mixing drug powder in food products which is exported to foreign countries.

Preeta : I have to stop the process soon before it gets too late (calls somebody)

Voiceover : Hello

Preeta : Tani, listen to me very carefully

Tani (works in import export company): tell me

Preeta : I am sending you some pictures, you have to lodge complaint against this company and start investigating quickly

Tani : Don’t worry I will handle it

Somebody puts hand on Preeta’s mouth and blindfold her. The goon brings her to a farm house and pushes her to floor.

Preeta : Who are you?

She sees an shadow and gets astonished to see the person standing in front of her.Karan : Elina , did you have any talk with Preeta today?

Elina  : No bhai, I haven’t seen her after evening

Sameer : where is Shrishti?

Elina  : She said she have some work in office and will be back soon

Sameer: Elina , its late and it is going to rain, how could you let her stay alone at this time, I will go see her (leaves)

Preeta is not able to believe the person standing in front of her is none other than Aditya Mehra.

Aditya : Hi sweetheart, how are you

Preeta : You? (says shockingly)

Aditya : Lets see, the question is what are you doing here

Preeta moves back but ends up being clash on the wall.

Aditya : don’t be scared I will not do anything to you but you know I have a problem

Preeta : Rishab was right, you can never change

Aditya in rage grabs her shoulder and shows his immense hatred towards Rishab.

Preeta : what?

Aditya : he is not my brother, he is my enemy, my parents always favored him, why just because he is elder and I am younger in house

Preeta : Selfish person like you can never understand the meaning of love, and worst part is I made a mistake in knowing you

Aditya slaps her across the face causing her hand to bleed when she is about to raise her hand.

Preeta hears the noise of thunderstorm and is dragged upstairs by Aditya.

Karan drives to Aditya’s farm house but the weather condition worsens causing him to slow down. He calls Rishab and asks him to reach the farm house immediately.

Aditya : I promised Max that I will bring you to his feet and now please don’t make me down

Preeta loses her patience to fight after losing the battle. Aditya who called Max throws her down on his feet.

Aditya : I fulfilled my promise Max, now she is all yours

Preeta looks at Aditya on what how heinous he has become being the brother of an honest man.

Aditya : Oh, did you get scared? what did you think I would do this dirty deed and make myself look bad, I had to do this so you can understand how it feels when somebody dishonors you in public

Max : I am so proud of your loyalty

Aditya : remember the slapped you placed on my cheeks when I just wanted to harm my brother but you had to ruin my plan

Max : this girl has the habit of poking nose in everybody’s matter but today I will break all her pride and arrogance

Preeta remains on floor lifelessly seeing her confidence getting shattered. Max grabs her hair tightly throwing her down into basement from stairs.

Aditya : Here (gives her the matchstick)

Max pours the kerosene around injured Preeta and puts fire in the room. She remembers her promise to protect her sister but feels guilty to not able to fulfill her promise. Karan reaches the place and is horrified to witness the scene.

Karan : Preeta (tries to wake up but she does not respond)

He immediately takes her to hospital gets call from Sameer who tells him about Shrishti being missing.

Karan : What?

Sameer : Avni said she left work couple hours ago

Elina  : she might be stuck in rain

The news channel shows the forecast of weather. Sameer sees a car behind the reporter and suspects it to be Shrishti’s car.

Elina  : Bhai, what did the doctor saId?

Karan : Doctor said she is under observation and her senses has stopped working due to trauma, why is god punishing this both girls, and for what

Elina  : You know what Dadi always used to tell us, god always test the people with good heart but at the end evil always loses

Karan : I don’t know how will Preeta face herself after this event

Elina  notices scars on Preeta’s hand and tells Karan about it.

Karan : what is that ?

Doctor tells that scars are somebody trying to harass her.

Elina  : what (shocked)

Doctor : These are clear marks of self defending

Sameer rushes at the road where Shrishti is stuck inside the car. Her car is in the midway of road.

Sameer : Shrishti (knocks on the door)

Shrishti pleads to Sameer for rescue and starts getting suffocated in the car making her unconscious. Sameer breaks the window class and take her out of car. Karan shakes up with Preeta’s condition and feeling guilty for letting Preeta go alone.

Max, Omisha and Aditya celebrate their victory for getting rid of Preeta.

Max : Now it is time for real celebration

Omisha : Not yet bhai because, you both defeated your enemy, mine is still on track

Aditya : what do you mean? You know our plan for Karan’s concert right

Omisha : Shrishti and Sameer, I tried to ruin Sameer’s factory but it did not work because of Preeta, now it is her sister’s turn

Max : what do you mean?

Omisha : You did not heard that Shrishti is going to reopen Sameer’s old factory which his mom made, and I do not want to let that dream come true

Aditya : it is not reopened yet

Omisha : I will wait till its inauguration and then make my next move to it, cheers

Elina  goes to dargah for Preeta and Shrishti’s safety.

Karan does namaz in hospital remembering Preeta and Shrishti’s childhood antics with him.

La fatah illa ali

La saife illa zulfiqar

La fatah illa ali

La saife illa zulfiqar

Ali, ali, ali, ali…

Himmatein ataa karo

O madadgaar maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Oh maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Aap hi ho quwwate

Parwardigaar maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Oh maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

O shahe mardaan, shere yazdaan

Jaan fida tumpe maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Oh maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Himmatein ataa karo

O madadgaar maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Oh maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Aap hi ho quwwate

Parwardigaar maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Oh maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

O shahe mardaan, shere yazdaan

Jaan fida tumpe maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Oh maula

Ali maula Ali maula

Ali maula Ali maula

(Ali maula, ali maula, ali maula…)

Ya ali…


Karan sees Shrishti sitting outside on balcony looking at stars and goes to talk with her. Even though she was Preeta’s sister but he always considered like his own sister Elina .

Karan : you did not sleep yet?

Shrishti : i was not sleepy so just wanted fresh air, come sit

Karan : What are you looking at ?

Shrishti : those stars, I read somewhere that whenever somebody dies you can see their face, I am looking at my mom

Karan : what about your dad?

Shrishti : I never saw him, he left us just I was born but I never saw his picture either Karan : I never got chance to talk with you, I cannot ask your sister anything you know

Shrishti (smiles) : I know but situation made her so cruel and hard that she does not trust anybody, we both sisters are one soul nobody can separate us

Karan : You are right, did you never wished that your sister would lead a normal life like others

Shrishti : I always prayed for her but she never listened to me, I wanted somebody for her who can show her how beautiful life can be, can I ask you for something?

Karan : what?

Shrishti : You know I always realized that only you can handle her temper, I want you to protect her from everything, I never asked for a brother because my sister fulfilled it but I see brother in you

Karan : Promise, and you will not need me because you have Sameer with you and this locked it the symbol for you that I will be with you like brother

Flashback ends
Shrishti regains consciousness and asks for Preeta.

Sameer : Shrishti, doctor said she is under observation (holds her hand) but don’t worry she will be fine

Shrishti : My di is suffering for no mistake Sameer, why (shouts loud), just because she wants to do good

Sameer : In this world, it is mistake to do justice to anybody

Preeta comes to senses and looks at Karan who is holding her hand tearfully.

Karan : I am sorry, I could not save you

Preeta does not respond to his talk and looks at him reactless which scares Abh.

Karan : why are you so quiet?

Preeta : I want to stay alone for a while Karan, please go from here right now

Karan is guilty for Preeta’s condition and leaves the room.

Elina : what happened Karan?

Karan : She is broken Elina , nobody can bring back the old fierce Preeta we knew, she lost everything like us I guess more than us, she lost her dignity and self respect

Elina : No bhai, she cannot be weak like this, she has rise from fire and nobody can capture her After few days

Preeta is dishacged from hospital but decides to leave India forever and settle in Bangkok. Karan is shaken up by her decision including Sameer.

Karan : Preeta (pins her to wall) you cannot leave me like this

Preeta : I don’t have courage lose anybody, I have only my sister who is my life

Karan : And me? Am I not your friend?

Preeta : thats why I am telling you to stay away from me or else you will die staying with me

Karan is shattered with Preeta’s words and tries to convince her to stay back but in vain.

Sameer tells Shrishti to stay back but she refuses to go against her sister’s decision.

Shrishti : I am sorry Sameer but I cannot stay without my sister and she cannot stay here

Sameer : I will not let anything happen to you but you cannot go away from me taking my life

Shrishti : I am taking both of us life with me (touches his cheeks) and our heart are inseparable

Preeta overhears their talks and promises Sameer to bring Shrishti back and get them married after few years.

Shrishti : really di?

Preeta : i cannot see my sister suffering daily like this so I will send you back after few years

Rishab slaps Aditya for doing a heinous crime and play with a young girls’ feelings

Aditya : and what you did Bhai? mom dad always neglected me but you never told them about me

Rishab: I can’t believe you were holding this much hate for me, but don’t worry today i will do what we should have done earlier, disown you right now

Aditya leaves the house angrily vowing to never look back. Late at night Preeta looks at Karan’s picture and apologizes for leaving him in midway.

Karan : you?

Preeta : i came to give you this back (friendship band) I don’t want to have any memories from this country

Karan : I can’t believe you are saying this, you swore to do good for this society and leave your task midway

Preeta : I realized that in this world good deeds never work out

Karan convinces Preeta to take the band as toke of his friendship. Karan shares his feeling to Elina who tells him to confess his love to Preeta before its late.

Elina : bhai, you have to tell her

Karan : I know it is not easy to love her but I never understood it Elina : You understood it today but we knew it from long time ago

Karan : Today for first time I am feeling restless with her leaving, I don’t know how will I live without her Elina

Elina : She is your soulmate you cannot let her go like this, you have to be strength at this time when she needs you the most

Karan : I don’t know if she loves me or not, you know hard she is when it comes to love somebody Elina : She does, I have seen in her eyes, I know her before you thats why I am saying it
Karan : No, I cannot be selfish to force her to love me

Next day Preeta and Shrishti gets ready to leave for airport. Both bid farewell to everybody. Sameer decides to drop off Preeta and Shrishti to airport. Before leaving Preeta goes to meet Karan in his room.

Preeta : Won’t you come to see me off?

Karan : I thought you considered me your friend but you are also leaving me like this, go

Preeta hugs him from back emotionally while he turns back and reciprocates it back.

Karan : Please don’t go Preeta, we will face everything together like today

Preeta : don’t make me weak (caresses his cheek) I want to forget the past on move on but I cannot forget you

Karan is not willing to let Preeta go but she jerks his hand off leaving him behind. She gives him a cd before leaving.

Sameer and Rishab put the luggage in the trunk while Preeta looks up at Karan who is looking at her with too much intensity and pain in his eyes.

Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata
Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila
Is Pyaar Mein Hon Kaise Kaise Imntihaan
Ye Pyaar Likhe Kaisi Kaisi Dastaan
Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar
( Ho Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar )… (2)

Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila
Kaisa Hai Safar Wafa Ki Manjil Ka
Na Hai Koi Hal Dilon Ki Mushkil Ka Dhadkan Dhadkan Bikhri Ranjishein Saansein Saansein Tooti Bandishein
Kahi To Har Lamha Honton Pe Fariyaad Hai Kisi Ki Duniya Chaahat Mein Barbaad Hai

( Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar )… (2)

Preeta and Shrishti sits in car and heads off to airport. Karan puts on the cd in the computer where Preeta shares her inner feeling for him.

Koi Na Sune Sisakati Aanhon Ko
Koi Na Dhare Tadapati Baahon Ko
Aadhi Aadhi Puri Khwaishein
Tooti Footi Sab Farmaaishein
Kahin Shak Hain Kahin Nafrat Ki Deewaar Hai Kahin Jeet Mein Bhi Shamil Palpal Haar Hain Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar

Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar Ho Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar Ho O O Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila

Ho O O O Ho O O O
Na Poocho Dard Bandon Se

Hansi Kaisi Khushi Kaisi
Musibat Sar Pe Rehati Hain
KKaran Kaisi KKaran Kaisi
Ho O O O… Rabba, Rabba Ho O O Ho Rabba Ho O O, Ho O Ho Rabba

Preeta : Karan, till now I never understood what life is. For me life is always about struggles and make big. When I met you I realized I was so wrong, it is not about us but how beautiful our life can be. Today I want to tell what I always felt about you.

Karan who is in tears hears it emotionally.

Preeta : I don’t know what you feel about me but my feelings changed for you ever since I realized how lucky I am to have you in my life, Any girl would be lucky to have you but I am not that lucky. If I learnt to love you then I will learn to live away from you. Karan I really love you but I am sorry I could not confess this to you when I was here.

Karan breaks down hearing her confession. Elina urges him to stop Preeta from leaving.

Elina : bhai, how much more proof you need? you promised her mom that you will never leave Preeta alone

Karan grabs the keys of his car and leaves to airport.
Sameer : here is your boarding pass Shrishti (sits next to her)

Shrishti : Sameer, my heart is not willing to leave this country, Sameer : You are not going forever, don’t worry everything will be fine, your sister needs you right now (kisses her hand)

Rishab talks to Preeta while standing near the gate
Preeta : I have thought a lot and I feel this is right
You have lot of memories here, you are leaving everything behind said Rishab sipping his coffee Karan gets stuck in traffic but he leaves his car near a parking lot and starts running from traffic.

At airport there is announcement of the flight. Shrishti and Preeta heads towards their gate and check in. Karan reaches airport and realizes the flight is getting ready to take off. He shouts out loud Preeta’s name who is ready to get inside turns back hearing her name.

Karan breaks security and starts running inside the gate. Police starts to run behind him while Sameer and Rishab are surprised to see him running. Karan gets happy seeing her and tries to go to her but is held by security.

Karan :Preeta, we will be the best partners please don’t leave me, our partnership will be incomplete Preeta tearfully looks at him and hugs him happily. Both of them confesses their love.

Karan : Ms journalist, you are really typical girl, could have not tell me it earlier
Preeta : And you are really fool, I am a girl I don’t have to tell you that, you are rockstar

Karan kneels down and ask Preeta if she will marry to which she agrees happily. Sameer and Shrishti are overjoyed with Karan and Preeta’s union. The crowd cheers for them. Rishab taunts them for breaking the rules for their love.

Omisha sees a Facebook video where Karan is proposing Preeta on airport. Max : what is it?
Omisha ; Look Bro, (shows him the video)
Max throws the phone in anger thinking his plan failed again.

Aditya : how did this happen?
Max : This girl is very tough, death is also not supporting her

Aditya : I told you before that her strong pillar is that Karan, till he is alive nobody will be able to harm her

Omisha : He is right, once Shrishti and Karan are gone. she will be like corpse anyway Aditya : Leave everything to me Max, this time there will not be any mistake (smirks)

Rishab sees the cctv footage of day when Karan’s dadi died. Elina has been told by him earlier and gets furious on Omisha.

Elina ; I will not leave her today (loads the gun)

Rishab : Wait, don’t panic, they played a big game with us and it is time we have to pay back

Elina : i will tell Bhai everything and he will punish those cruel people they will remember

Rishab : don’t tell them anything right now, he has got happiness after long time, we will tell them tomorrow

Elina : you are right

Karan and Preeta goes out alone on a beach house at night. Sameer and Shrishti also goes to spend their time.

Preeta : by the way I am quite surprised that you made the hero entry like this, I did not know a rockstar has this quality

Karan : Very funny but that is only for one special person (pulls closer)
Preeta gets shy for the first time and is about to leave but is stopped by him.
Karan : Someone is getting shy today for first time, remember what I told you when you are not in

that hitler form you look like a simple girl

Preeta : really? you know me better now

Karan ; of course I am the only one who can handle your stubbornness

Preeta : if that is the case then you will have to do this forever

Karan : I would love to this job (husking)

Sameer and Shrishti are happy the with union of Karan and Preeta.

Shrishti : I am so happy today finally our life will be settled

Sameer : You are right but I was thinking why can’t we all go from here and live our life peacefully

Shrishti : No Sameer, till we are together (caresses) we will face everything, our hearts always beat together

Sameer : look what is that couple doing
They see a couple getting married while Sameer asks her about the seven wows.

Shrishti :You know one thing we can do is we will decide our vows what say and we will take that when we will take those vows

Sameer : good idea, so lets start
Shrishti tells Sameer to be stand forward ahead while taking vows.
Shrishti : we will respect each other like always and each other’s families
Sameer : done
Shrishti :we will not break each other’s trust and have full faith
Sameer : Promise, I will never break your trust
Shrishti : we will always stand together no matter what and not let anybody break our bond Sameer ; Okay
Shrishti : Now I will go ahead of you
Sameer : for what
Shrishti : if death comes I will face it before you
Sameer : Wait (holds her hand) not even death can separate us we will hold it together

Both of them hugs intensely. Both couple has passionate moments together unaware of the storm they will face soon.

Zindagi Do Pal ki
Zindagi Do Pal ki
Intezar kab tak
Hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala Zindagi do pal ki

Dil mein Tumhari chupa di hai mene to apni yeh jaan Abb Tumhi Isko Sambhalo Humein Apna hosh Kahan Bekhudi do pal ki
Zindagi do pal ki

Intezar kab tak
Hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala
Ek chota sa vaada is umar se zyada sachcha hain sanam Har modh par saath Is liye rahete hain ab dono
Dosti do pal ki
Zindagi do pal ki
Intezar kab tak
Hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala
Zindagi Do Pal ki
Zindagi Do Pal ki

Towards the end both couple consummate their relationship. Karan and Preeta spend their night on the beach house while Sameer and Shrishti also culminates their long lasting relation on the farm house of Sameer. Next day Preeta wakes up before Karan and opens the window seeing the rising sunshine.

Karan : what a beautiful morning right (hugs from back)
Preeta : this place is amazing, so much quiet and no workload like city

Karan : then we will settle here after marriage if you want (kisses her shoulder) what say Preeta : You are being very romantic these days, now lets go back to our real life
Later Elina tells everything to Karan which causes him rage but is calmed down by Preeta. Preeta : this is no time to get angry, we will use their own trick to trap them

Elina : Preeta is right, bhai, we will not give them to law this time but will make their life hell just like they did with us

Karan, Sameer, Preeta annd Shrishti goes to Max’s house and hit the security the guard. Max : what nonsense is this? reason to sneak into my house like this

Karan : Have you not learnt manners how to behave with your boss (sits on the sofa crossing his feet on table)

Max : Seems like one of your fan hit hard on your head and you don’t know what you are doing Karan : Very bad, but you might have lost your memory
Omisha : We don’t have useless time to argue with you all

Preeta : Oh yeah, we forgot that you have to plan your next step but next time make sure that person is completely finished and you don’t leave any clue just like this (shows her the video of killing Dadi)

Omisha and Max are completely shock and stand numb seeing the video does not know what to do in the situation.

Shrishti : Sis, just look at their face, look like that a wild dog bite them (laughs looking at Omisha)

Karan (stands up) : You both think only you can play games but you are not aware of us yet, when we play our move, the opponent will not get time to think

Max (grabs his collar angrily) : You have no idea who you are messing up with

Karan ; But you never forget that I am Karan Luthra, just imagine if show this video to media then in one moment you and your family will be in prison forever and never come out

Preeta slaps Omisha hardly on Karan’s behalf for harming Dadi.
Karan : If you were not a girl then you would have not imagined what I would have done with you Omisha tries to run but Preeta holds her hand and twisting it tightly.
Preeta : Now listen to us carefully, if you both don’t want to go jail then do as we tell you
Max agrees to their condition when they threaten too expose their illegal activities in front of people Omisha : Bro, what are you saying

Max : why don’t you understand,, we cannot take risk on dad’s politics
Omisha is about to hit Preeta but Shrishti instead pushes her on floor,
Shrishti : your place is in our feet not above us, got it
Preeta : we need a new servant for our house, you would be perfect for it, what say? Omisha : Have you lost your mind? I am a supermodel

Shrishti : you were, not anymore, you are going with us and if you try doing anything wrong you will get caught don’t ask me why

Sameer and Karan ties up Max and holds him hostage in the basement of Karan’s farm house. They does not tell Omisha about the whereabouts of Max and takes her away to Karan’s house.

Karan : welcome to your new house Max

Max ; I am warning , you won’t be able to keep me here for long time

Sameer : Oh yeah we forgot they have another accomplice but that won’t be any benefit to you

Karan : Adi will not be able to help you because he is in remand home right home by police

Sameer sends texts Shrishti the video to show Omisha the condition of Max who is tied and warns her to do according to them for the safety of her brother.

Preeta : what are you looking? start cleaning this room and remember your one mistake will bring your brother closer to trouble

Omisha starts sweeping the floor but her body starts to hurt as she does not have habit of doing work. Shrishti : Hello ms model, clean this properly i don’t like a little bit carelessness
Omisha curses her fate for being in trouble and digging her own grave.
Karan : Sameer, lets leave

Sameer : Karan, we have to make security tight because their dad will not keep quite and Omisha will not be able to open her mouth

Preeta gets furious at Omisha for not washing dishes properly. Omisha argues with Preeta but instead get more shouting from her.

Preeta : how many times I have to remind you that you are servant of this house not boss, now clean this dishes quickly we don’t have whole day to waste on you (leaves)

Shrishti and Preeta laughs seeing Omisha’s condition and in pain while doing work.
Shrishti : now she will get to know what pain is
Preeta : this is just the beginning now wait and watch I will make her life hell in this house and she

will curse the day she was born

Later Sameer finds that one of his factory has been robbed with all the money and important papers.

Karan : what are you saying Sameer?

Preeta : how is that possible

Sameer : Its true, somebody broke the locker and robbed the money and mortgage papers

Shrishti : But this two are with us, Adi is in police’s remand

Elina : he is in remand not inside the jail, I am sure he would have done this

Rishab intervenes telling that Adi is not behind the robbery but somebody else.

Karan : how can you be so sure

Rishab : Because I have hired detective behind Adi and he tells me every move he does, he has not hand in this conspiracy, don’t worry we will figure it out soon

Later at night Preeta is sitting outside in balcony looking at the moon when Karan comes sits next to her.

Karan : what are you looking?

Preeta : I don’t know for which mistake we are suffering, everyday we have something new problem

Karan ; don’t worry there will be a day when we will have everything sorted out and live happily

Preeta remembers the priest’s words from another day and gets scared. Karan realizes her nervousness when she tightly holds his collar

Karan : what happened

Preeta : Do you remember that priest from other day, I am scared Karan if something happen to anybody

Karan : you are imagining things, nothing will happen to me, even if I die my spirit will protect you (says teasingly)

Preeta hits him on his chest and warns not to talk about death next time. Karan : okay sorry
Preeta : if anything happens to then I will also end my life (cries) Sameer is disturbed by the incidence when Shrishti consoles him

Shrishti : Sameer, don’t worry everything will be fine, time is testing us and just watch we will remove bad from our life forever

Sameer : I am not worried about the loss Shrishti : then whats wrong

Sameer : I am scared of something happening to you, I know Max and Omisha very well, their dad will not keep quite for long

Shrishti : As long as we are together nothing can harm us (hold each other’s hand)
Next day Sameer tells Commissioner to start the investigation of the robbery happened in his office.

Karan : I have my life’s biggest concert Preeta today, if it gets successful then I promise we will set our life in London

Preeta : I trust you, after your concert we will shift from this place forever

Shrishti informs about her upcoming inauguration of her factory.

Elina : Wow thats awesome, finally your dream will come true

While they are having conversation Omisha steals her phone and informs everything to her dad who assures her he will free Max from their clutches.

Everybody in the evening gets ready for Karan’s concert. Max bribes the mechanic to fail Karan’s car break at the event.

Karan : where are you Preeta? I am waiting for you

Preeta : I am on my way, just give me 15 minutes

Karan : Hurry up, I am already done with my first part of concert

In a while Preeta reaches the venue to attend Karan’s concert and sees the crowd cheering for Karan. He dedicates the song to Preeta.

Tu hi haqeeqat khwaab tu Dariya tu hi pyaas tu
Tu hi dil ki bekarari
Tu sukoon tu sukoon
Jaoon main ab jab jiss jagah Paoon main tujhko uss jagah Saath hoke na ho tu hai Rubaroo rubaroo

Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera

Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera Aa tujhe inn baahon mein bhar ke
Aur bhi kar loon main kareeb
Tu juda ho toh lage hai

Aata jaata har pal ajeeb
Iss jahaan mein hai aur na hoga
Mujhsa koi bhi khush naseeb
Tune mujhko dil diya hai
Main hoon tere sabse kareeb
Main ti toh tere dil mein hoon
Main hi toh saanson mein basoon
Tere dil ki dhadkanon mein
Main hi hoon main hi hoon
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera Ohhooo…
Kab bhala ab ye waqt guzre
Kuch pata chalta hi nahi
Jabse mujhko tu mila hai
Hosh kuch bhi apna nahi
Uff ye teri palken ghani si
Chaanv inki hai dilnasheen
Ab kise dar dhoop ka hai
Kyunki hain ye mujhpe bicchi
Tere bina na saans loon
Tere bina na main jiyun

Tere bina na ek pal bhi Reh sakoon reh sakoon Tu hi haqeeqat khwaab tu Dariya tu hi pyaas tu

Tu hi dil ki bekarari
Tu sukoon tu sukoon
Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera Tu humsafar tu humkadam tu humnawah mera

Preeta is overwhelmed hearing the intensity and passion in his voice. She runs to the stage with teary face declaring her love too. Shrishti gets a call from her employer about the problem occurred in the factory. Panicked by the news she leaves but finds her car is broken. Elina gives her the keys of her car and tells to take Sameer with her. But Shrishti insists on going alone not disturbing Sameer from the concert and leaves.

Karan : where is Shrishti?
Elina : Bhai, somebody called her that there is problem in the factory and left
Sameer : why did you let her go alone ? why didn’t you tell me
Elina ; I told her and I was coming to you but she left before I came back
Everybody rushes to find Shrishti except Preeta . Sameer calls her and scolds her for going alone. Shrishti : Sameer I am fine
Sameer :just tell me where you are
Shrishti : I am near Mall road, don’t worry I will be fine

The security holds Max for bribing the mechanic but he manages to escape and accidentally takes Karan’s car not knowing the car he drove The police and Karan, Sameer, Rishab follows him behind. Max is trying to apply the break but realizes the blunder. He clashes on truck which causes big blast on the road. Police declares him dead on the spot. Omisha gets in big shock hearing the news from Preeta.

Preeta : now you realize the pain of losing one (grabs her hair) this is just the beginning, I will not do anything to you but you will suffer the pain we had to, you will see your family breaking like this, next is your dad’s turn

Elina : Preeta, look at her, do you think she is mourning about her brother’s dad, you must have

heard that saying the one who dig holes for others are the first one to get in that hole

Preeta : don’t worry we will give you chance to see your brother’s final ritual, good night, lets go Elina (leaves and closes the door)

Sameer keeps calling Shrishti but is not able to reach her phone. She comes at home same time Preeta : Shrishti, what the hell is this carelessness, who told you to go alone

Shrishti: I am sorry sis but it was emergency, somebody to sneak inside the factory but the security stopped him on time

Karan : who was it
Shrishti : he was a small thief I think but police took him away, its settled down

Preeta : we won’t free Omisha easily, she is a big jackpot for us Elina : but Preeta, what will be she beneficial to us

Preeta : She have to witness lot of things that we had to, she lost her brother and now she will see her dad’s career getting ruined

Elina : but how

Karan : Elina , I am a celebrity, I have power and popularity than him,

Sameer : this time we will use his own trick to destroy him

Preeta : you are right, remember I recorded the footage of black money, those money are from a charitable fund

Rishab :I will handle that but for that we will have to leave Omisha Elina : no way, there will be another way

Sameer : Rishab is right, only Omisha is the one who can help us, she only knows the secret location of all illegal places

Preeta : but we have to make sure she does not play any double trick on us

Shrishti does not agree to free Omisha and leaves to the room inside

Sameer : Shrishti, whats wrong

Shrishti : Sameer, what is the need to let that girl go, did you forget how much we had suffered

Sameer : for how long will we keep her here, and now her strength will weaken because Max is dead, we will make them suffer like hell

Shrishti ; she will ruin all my hard work, you know she is after that factory I built again

Sameer : Shrishti, don’t you trust your hard work and effort, I know she will not do that mistake she did when I was the owner

Shrishti : thats true (says with attitude)

Sameer : you know, both of you sisters will never leave that attitude even if this world shake up but never mind Karan and I are the only ones who can handle it

Shrishti : well then you deserve a award for that, what say

Sameer pulls her closer and tells her he like surprises

Shrishti : then today it is your day, come early today, you will get the biggest gift of your life

Sameer : sure

Elina ask Karan to ask Preeta for marriage

Karan : what are you saying?

Elina : bhai, for how long will you both stay like this, I know we don’t care about society but its high time to settle down

Karan : but I promised dadi that I will not get married till you settle down

Elina : fine then I am ready to get married

Karan : Elina are you okay (touches her head), you know you need a guy to get married

Elina : in that case you should find one for me but before that you promise me that after my marriage you and Preeta will settle down

Karan : you don’t understand, I know her very well, she has a dream she want fulfill before marriage and I don’t want to be a obstacle in her success

Elina : bhai you..( sees Preeta on door)
Preeta signs her to leave but Karan is unaware of her presence and keeps talking
Karan : Elina I want her to achieve the success she wants
Preeta : what if she wants to get that success by holding somebody’s hand
Karan : I know her (turns behind and sees Preeta)
Preeta : is my achievement not yours, we promised to face everything together
Karan : but Preeta
Preeta : this life is yours given gift how can I lose it now, I want to settle down
Last words of Preeta surprises Karan who is overjoyed to hear and hugs her emotionally.

Karan : but before that Elina has to be bid farewell

Preeta : i don’t know if you ever noticed but don’t you think Rishab is good enough for Elina , he is educated and from decent family, what else you want

Karan : Rishab? I mean he is good
Preeta : I told what I wanted to, you are her brother, its your choice Karan : If Elina and Rishab agrees to it I don’t really mind this alliance Preeta : fine lets sort out this mess first and we will think about it

Everybody leaves for their work as usual. Karan heads to his studio for new album. Sameer and Elina goes to their office and attend their foreign client. Preeta goes to her new channel office. Shrishti starts preparing for the upcoming shows and designing the clothes for her models.

Avni : Shrishti, everything is ready, and guess what we got new order from Bangkok for more products, which material should I send it (shows her the design)

Shrishti : send this one because it new branded and quite famous fashion (violet fancy dress)

Maya : i just hope there won’t be any problem this time ma’am like last time or else we will be in big loss

Shrishti : don’t say that and lets be positive, I want everything perfect alright, we have only one month left there shouldn’t be any problem on fashion show day

Avni : don’t worry we will handle everything, you just chill

Preeta uploads the footage of black money location on news channel.

Sameer : I sent Omisha to work in their office again, I am sure she will not cheat on us

Elina ; I hope so too but I still don’t trust her

Preeta goes to the store room of her office to get reference file. She finds an old newspaper of her dad’s case hearing.

Preeta : Mr Arora was framed for human trafficking and is given imprisonment of lifetime (gets shocked hearing it), I don’t believe this

She asks Rishab give her the case file of her dad’s hearing but he denies.
Rishab : it is impossible to find the case file of 15 years ago, Preeta I told you this earlier
Preeta : fine if you cannot help me then I will find by myself, I don’t need anybody’s help (leaves) Rishab : Preeta listen , this girl is impossible

Karan : Preeta, are you sure you want to do this, I mean I understand you want your father to get justice

Preeta : I want to know who framed my dad in false case of human trafficking and I will find out Sameer : sis I will get that case file for you
Preeta : but from where ?
Sameer :you leave that to me but you don’t do anything that can risk you

Shrishti : Sameer how will you get it, that thing is long time ago

Sameer and Karan sneaks into the old headquarters store room with the torch.

Karan : Sameer, you to the other side, and signal me if you find it

Both of them starts looking for files. Sameer finds the file under the table.

Sameer : I found it, (shows him the file)

Suddenly they hear a noise of watchman and hides behind the table. After the watchman leaves the boys goes out of window quietly.

Karan : it was so close
Elina : where did you both go

Sameer : here you go sis (gives her file), we went to the old headquarters because all files for 5-10 years ago are stored there

Preeta : why you had to take so much risk

Sameer : its okay, one has to take risk to have a precious thing (looks at Shrishti)

Shrishti : you are saying that you took biggest risk of your life by having me

Karan : no actually you both are very less risky in our lives

Preeta : Karan (Stares at him)

Karan : at least learn to say thank you, you know how much big challenging task I am doing by handling your arrogance (teases her)

Preeta : you both are forgetting if me and Shrishti were not there you would still be bachelor Elina laughs at her statement but stops seeing Karan’s reaction

Karan is sitting in the balcony late at night when Preeta comes from back and hugs him Karan : hey, you didn’t sleep at night
Preeta : No I came to tell you something

Karan : what is it (says with concern)

Preeta : my company wants to promote me and send me for consignment in Dubai for couple months

Karan : Dubai? well congratulations

Preeta : I refused the offer

Karan : but why, it is such a good opportunity for you, then whats the reason

Preeta ; I don’t want to leave you all alone, I don’t feel like going

Karan : Preeta (turns back) remember what I told you our lives are connected now our success is also same

Preeta : But Karan

Karan : so its final you will go there, tomorrow tell your manger that you will go to your consignment alright

Preeta nods positively and hugs him. Next day Karan tells Sameer to book his ticket to Dubai with Preeta without telling her.

Sameer : but Karan, she is living in the same house, she will doubt Karan : Sameer, can you do as I say please
Sameer : okay fine
Karan gets excited to travel with Preeta without telling her. Shrishti : but sis is it necessary to go (pouts)

Elina : Shrishti are you okay, you are telling to miss this opportunity Shrishti : I will be alone here, (sits on sofa)

Preeta : Shrishti, can you please stop being emotional, even you are going for exhibition (shows her the package)

Shrishti : sis, give me that package (runs after her) you cannot spoil my surprise

Preeta : very smart, here you are showing me those crocodile tears and other side you were planning to go out

Sameer : sis, don’t spare her, she is planning to fool us and being sympathetic Shrishti : you guys, I wanted to surprise you all about this good news
Preeta : then why you were not letting me go
Shrishti : because I wanted you to come with me to my exhibition

Preeta : Shrishti, Elina will go with you alright, so you will not be alone

Shrishti : when are you leaving

Preeta : within few weeks, I have to finish the quotation first and then go for meeting

Shrishti : okay you go to your tour

Preeta gets a call from somebody and goes out of room while talking

Preeta : okay I will talk to them (hangs up the phone with distress)

Karan : what happened? is everything alright

Preeta : yea all good (says with seriousness)

Karan : your face does not say that, whats wrong

Preeta : my trip is postponed for couple months because there is a strike for airport and all flights are cancelled

Karan : what?

Preeta : yea, sir called me to talk with the clients on web and send them the proposal

Karan : then what is so bad about it

Preeta : I am getting late for work, I will see you in the evening, bye (kisses him on cheek)

Karan : take care and drive safely

Preeta : yea (shouts from outside)

Sameer tells Preeta about Rajveer Singh trying frame Omisha for Max’s murder

Preeta : what? are you serious

Sameer : look at this, (shows video of Rajveer giving money to a mechanic to frame Omisha for Max’s murder)

Preeta : but do you think she will agree to this

Sameer : it is very helpful, she can be important link to us, we can turn against her dad

Preeta : have you lost it Sameer? and what if she refused to our deal

Sameer : I know how to handle her, Sameer Malhothra can make impossible to possible, you leave that to me,

Preeta : fine, if she agrees it would our luck, all the best Mr Malhothra
Sameer : but first I have to find out why would Ranveer Singh wants to frame his own daughter

Shrishti prepares for her first exhibition very happily

Shrishti : Sameer just wait, how I make this brand successful and fulfill your dream, Avni did you put everything proper in the store room, there should not be any problem tomorrow

Avni : don’t worry, I just hope customers like our designs tomorrow, if it goes according to our plan then we can finance for our boutique

Shrishti : I know, and you all come early tomorrow at 8, so we can set up the tables Avni : okay I will, now you go home and relax
Shrishti : I am leaving, and before you leave check the doors and windows
Avni : yea sure

Rishab and Sameer goes to Omisha and shows her the reality of her dad.

Omisha : you are lying Sameer, I know my dad is bad for others, even my brother but they cannot cheat on me

Sameer : Omisha, do you want to know what is the reality behind Max’s accident Omisha : I don’t want to hear anything
Sameer : you have to, Max bribed to tamper Karan’s car break but we fixed it on time Omisha is amazed to hear it

Sameer : the car your brother took was not Karan’s but yours which he drove to concert Omisha recalls Max taking her car to Karan’s concert

Sameer : I hope you remember that your and Karan’s car have same model so your brother took your car when he was escaping

Omisha : then what about that accident

Sameer : Omisha, accidents happen unintentionally and breaks are given to control the car

Rishab : and the breaks were failed in your car after your brother reached the concert

Omisha : this does not prove my dad did all this, you might have failed the break

Rishab : Sameer, can you please give some sense in her mind

Sameer : shows her the footage Ranveer asking somebody on his phone if the breaks are failed in Omisha’s car

Rishab : your dad started to consider you threat since you are the link to all his illegal activities. so he failed your car breaks but unfortunately his own son became the victim

Omisha could not believe her own father has cheated on her. The person whom she considered her

idol whole life

Rishab : now the most important truth that you are not his own daughter

This news comes a huge blow on Omisha as she never expected that

Sameer : he brought you from his rival, your real father sold you to Ranveer Singh to clear all this debt and

Omisha who is not able to accept the truth shock gets unconscious Sameer : Omisha (takes her to room)
Rishab : doctor how is she
Doctor : she is fine right now but she is in trauma, so she needs rest Rishab : thank you doctor

Sameer : Sam, she has to regain conscious for our benefit

Rishab : I know but before that we have to tell this truth to everybody

Luthra house

Everybody is dumbfounded after hearing the reality from Sameer

Shrishti : Sameer, are you sure? is this true

Preeta : it is true Shrishti, that creep can do anything for money and fame,

Karan : whatever Omisha and Max did with us, they did due to their helplessness

Elina ; but bhai after this will Omisha help us

Rishab : we have to wait till she regains consciousness

Omisha comes to her senses and goes out of her room. She passes from Ranveer’s room and hears him talking to somebody

Lady : Sir please now all your debts are clear, give me my daughter back

Ranveer : not now, your daughter will have to pay the price for my son’s death

Lady : please Sir, you got what you wanted but please return my daughter

Ranveer : its too late, because of her my son died and anyway your daughter is always been a burden on me

Omisha curses herself for doing bad things to other people and karma is bitting her in bad way. She is still relieved to see her own mother

Ranveer : stop wasting my time and get out of here (tells security to throw the lady out) Omisha hides in her room and follows the lady on road later after escaping from the room. Omisha : you were looking for me?
Lady : who are you?

Omisha : You came to Ranveer Singh’s house to ask for his daughter, I am the one (in tears for the first time)

Neetu (Omisha’s mom) : you are my daughter? (gets delighted ) Omisha : yes, I am the one mom please tell me what is going on Neetu : come with me (takes her to somewhere)
Omisha : yes mom

Neetu : your dad and I were in huge debt, we didn’t have money for to pay this Ranveer,

Omisha : so you sold your daughter? how could you mom

Neetu ; no dear, we did not sold you, we mortgaged our everything but still could not pay him back, your dad begged him so much but that cruel man did not agree, he forcefully took you and captured your dad, I had no choice


Ranveer : I will release your husband and daughter the day you return my money back

Neetu ; please don’t do this, return my daughter, don’t do this

Ranveer : your daughter is traded off, till you don’t pay me back she will stay with me


Neetu : he only raised you for his own benefit, later he killed your dad by accident but look at the fate his own son died the same way

Omisha ; mom I promise you the person who snatched our peace, I will take away his pride Neetu : no dear, please you will not do anything wrong, lets go from here

Omisha :mom your daughter is not afraid of anyone, till today I used my brain to do wrong things now I will use it to do right things

Neetu : but you cannot alone defeat him, he is very powerful Omisha : there is somebody who will help me out in this mission Luthra house

Everybody is pacing around the room. Elina : guys what are you all thikning

Karan : I am thinking if we can find a person who can help us get all information, we can use not let Ranveer Singh get into election this year

“Replacement is ready a voice comes from back by Omisha

Omisha : I am with you all, and don’t worry I will not double cross you, what say, we will make good team (forwards her hand)

Preeta : who is this with you

Omisha : thats my mom, its long story

Neetu : you are Preeta Arora?

Preeta : yes, how do you know (asks confusingly)

Neetu : I know you are the daughter right of Mr Arora who was framed for my husbands’ accident

Shrishti : what? (shocks to the core)

Neetu : RS framed your dad in my husband’s accident, he killed my husband

Preeta : That creep, I won’t spare him (grabs her gun in anger)

Karan : Preeta what are you doing ? calm down

Preeta : He dared to harm my family, I will not spare him today

Shrishti : sis please, we cannot mess up anything due to our anger

Omisha : Preeta now, I am here so you all will get the information you want, in all this years I learned enough from that person

Preeta warns Omisha to not against them or else she will face the consequence Omisha : Preeta I know its hard for you to trust me

Preeta : this people might believe on you but I don’t trust people like you that easily so my eyes will be on you Omisha, remember it (leaves)

Omisha : Preeta, this time I will prove it to you that I am not a traitor and will fulfill the promise I made to my brother

Neetu : what? you knew everything from beginning then why were you quiet
Max calls after escaping from the concert, calls and explains her about the evil intention of their dad

and insists Omisha to bring justice to the people they wronged always

Omisha : what are you saying

Max : he wanted to get rid of you but till your brother is alive nobody can harm you

Omisha : no bro, you cannot do this to me

Max : Omisha, for whole life we did wrong and never saw the right way, our dad will not even spare us for his own benefit

Omisha : bro please I cannot do anything without you, I will be helpless

Max : No Omisha, this punishment is nothing in front of what we have been doing to those people

Omisha feel extremely restless and nervous hearing his words

Max : we lost the chance of having good people in our life and I realized that when once Karan saved my life but fate gave my punishment

Omisha : nothing will happen to you

Max : Promise me, no matter what you will end this injustice happening to them, even if you have to lose your life after that

Omisha : no bro please don’t say anything

Max : Omisha, dad wanted to kill you, he failed the brakes of your car but see even god wants you to do the atone of our mistakes, promise me

Omisha : I promise you that I will punish that person who is bad influence in this society Max while talking crashes the car which blasts
Flashback ends
Neetu : but? why did you pretend you don’t know anything

Omisha : I wanted to win their trust first thats why I made them know the truth first or else they would have not believed me

Neetu : Omisha, whatever it is but you have to be careful and do the right things now and don’t cheat on this people

Omisha : I know what I am doing mom, but there is always trick to defeat your enemy that you have to defeat them by being their own not by their enemy and thats what I will do

Neetu : all the best dear
Omisha : thanks mom (hugs her mom)
Next day Omisha goes to the office where Ranveer informs her about their new deal.

Ranveer : remember Omisha, I am investing big on this deal, there should not be any problem Omisha : don’t worry dad after bro, your daughter will handle everything
Ranveer : good (leaves)
Omisha takes the chance and taps the phone of Ranveer.

Elina (on phone) : Omisha, its done, I can hear the recording, now you go ahead Omisha ; okay

Elina tells Sameer about the multinational deal where Ranveer Singh is investing big amount of money

Sameer : this is great chance to bring him on streets

Elina : but how, we are not even in that position

Sameer :leave that to me, you just follow my instructions and arrange my meeting with those clients

Elina : okay, I will talk to them, by the way i had a talk with your exporter manager, everything is fine after that big brawl

Sameer : thats great, take this file and I will see you after meeting
Elina : alright (leaves the cabin)
Sameer’s phone ring and gets happy to see its Shrishti
Shrishti : hello Mr workaholic, I hope you remember that I am your permanent client Sameer : how can I forget my regular client, so what makes you remember me Shrishti :Did you forgot we have our lunch meeting today at 4

Sameer : I am so sorry Shrishti, but I forgot to tell you that I have very important delegation coming from Malaysia and we have to discuss everything today

Shrishti gets upset but does not tell Sameer and convince him that she will be fine Shrishti : okay take care, I will see you in the evening (hangs up the phone)

Preeta decides to surprise Karan with the candle light dinner in the evening. She comes home early and cleans the house

Preeta : today everybody will be busy in their work, Shrishti will be at her factory, Sameer and Elina will be late due to their meeting

She sets up the table with Karan’s favorite food.
Preeta : this is done (lights up the candle) , rockstar today will be the biggest surprise for you, I will

make it memorable

In the evening Preeta is desperately waiting for Karan to come back

Preeta : where are you Karan? (keeps trying his phone but cannot reach him)

Elina tells Sameer and Shrishti to stay at the farm house for the night. Preeta gets worried for Karan who does not return till 12 am at night. She dozes off on the table when Karan opens the door.

He looks around the house with decoration and notices Preeta slept on the table. Karan : I am so sorry Preeta (says softly holding her hand)

He gently picks her up without disturbing her sleep and takes her to the room. After he places Preeta properly on the bed, he is about to leave but is held by Preeta who is still asleep. He removes the hand and leaves the room turning off the lights. Next day Elina , Sameer and Shrishti returns to the home and sees the decoration

Elina : wow, this is so amazing, I must say Shrishti, you might be designer but your sister is double creative in all this

Shrishti ; of course, after all she is my sister

Sameer : that means, she does all work and you take the credit not bad, keep it up Shrishti

Shrishti : stop it, (hits hi shoulder)

Elina : by the way it looks like this two might have not woke up, I am sure their night was long

Shrishti : if that is the case then what is that food doing on table

Preeta and Karan comes out from their room and meets the trio

Karan : where did you three go

Elina : your girlfriend wanted some privacy from me, your sister (says teasingly)

Shrishti ; by the way, looks like you both didn’t sleep enough yesterday don’t you think Elina

Preeta goes to washroom ignoring Shrishti’s words

Shrishti : what happened to her? is everything okay Karan

Karan : actually I came home late yesterday and she dozed off till I came back I am sure she is angry with me

Sameer : but why were you late,
Karan : I had to meet the directors and I got late with the meeting
Shrishti : don’t worry, it happens look at our situation (stares at Sameer with taunting reaction)

Preeta overhears their conversation from her room and goes inside Karan : Elina , I feel so bad all her hard work went in vain
Elina : bro, its okay she will also understand
Sameer tells everybody he will con Ranveer’s deal with the clients Elina : but how

Sameer : once the client fixes the deals with Ranveer Singh, they will finance on his next election but we will make them show that Ranveer is big conman and make him look bad

Karan goes to Preeta’s room who is looking around for the files

Karan : I am so sorry for spoiling your surprise yesterday

Preeta : don’t worry about it, I will think at least you appreciated my efforts (says casually)

Karan is kind of surprised to see Preeta’s cool behavior and does not take it casually

Karan : Preeta, listen to me (holds her hand tightly)

Preeta : what are you doing? leave my hand I told you I didn’t mind then why you so worried

Karan : because your eyes says something else, that you are still upset

Preeta (jerks his hand) : I am actually, but not because you didn’t came but you didn’t bother to message me back, I was so worried about you

Karan : my phone ran out of battery thats why I could not talk to you

Preeta : Karan, I am getting late for my work let me go (leaves the room)

Shrishti : guys, latest news remember tomorrow is my exhibition so you all will have to come okay

Elina : I will definitely don’t worry about others

Shrishti : so kind of you, I will go or else everybody will go for leave, bye

Omisha : Sameer I will keep informing you the details about the deal

Sameer : Omisha, you have to make sure that he does not doubt you

Omisha : you don’t worry I am better at acting you know me from years

Sameer : of course I know you, nobody can beat you in acting

Shrishti who comes to his office gets jealous when she hears Sameer talking to Omisha. She leaves the office immediately to her factory.

Avni : Shrishti, are you okay? (pats her)

Shrishti : yes, sorry what is it?

Avni : do you want to check this designs (hands her the book) I had talk with clients they are happy with our theme proposal

Shrishti : thats great, why don’t you get check the presentations Avni : is everything okay? Shrishti
Shrishti : yea, I am fine
Avni : sure? I mean can I help you for something

Shrishti ; No its okay, sometimes it get necessary to let out some pain Avni : everything will be alright
Luthra house
Preeta starts her packing for the trip when Karan enters the room Karan : what are you doing?

Preeta : can’t you see? I am packing, the strike is over so I have to leave tomorrow night Karan : and you didn’t feel to tell anybody really, what is wrong with you

Preeta : I told everybody but you might have not heard me, these days you don’t have time for me (fakes her annoyance)

Karan : Preeta, okay fine I will cancel my all meetings for next week

Preeta : but how will you (pouts) when you are going with me (shows him the ticket)

Karan (widens his mouth) : Preeta, how did you

Preeta : you forgot you messed with a journalist, I have my eyes everywhere rockstar

Karan runs after her for foiling his plans

Preeta : rockstar, you are bad at surprising people so try this trick on somebody else

Karan : I feel you are in wrong field, you should be a detective, you are good at foiling my plans

Both of them end up falling on the bed with too much proximity. Both share passionate kiss but Preeta breaks up the moment after too much intimate

Karan : you are blushing? are you okay (touches her head) Preeta : Karan please, (removes his hand)
Karan : what happened now

Preeta : I am feeling awkward with all these, lets get married
Karan : okay fine, we will announce it when we come back (consoles her)

Rishab, Sameer, Elina and Shrishti heads to airport to drop Preeta and Karan
Preeta witnesses Shrishti’s sadness and goes to her
“Whats wrong Shrishti says Preeta touching her sisters cheek
Shrishti : nothing sis, I am fine (removes Preeta’s hand and hugs her) I will miss you
“Take care of yourself and all the best for your show, I know you will rock it as always says Preeta assuring her sister

Karan : if your sister love is done, can we move or else we will miss your flight (teases her) Preeta intentionally hits bag on his feet
“Oouch I will see you later Ms journalist says Karan catching his feet
Sameer : okay, Karan we are leaving, take care of your both (hugs his friend)

Elina : bye bro, have a safe journey
Preeta and Karan heads towards their gate. The fans surround Karan which makes Preeta jealous to the core. He keeps giving autograph to the girls in their hand. Preeta fakes her annoyance in front of him
Preeta : finally you got time from your fans (folds her shoulder)
“I can’t help it that I am so handsome praises himself by touching his collar
Preeta : can we please go now if your praising is over (heads to the gate)
Karan : this girl is so cute
Omisha calls Elina and informs them about the deal being finalized
Elina : thats great, now get ready for next execution Omisha,
Omisha : yea, and this clients are very professional, they will not tolerate anything nonsense
Anu looks at the intimate picture of Karan and Preeta in big screen remembering the slap she got from Preeta
” Now just wait and watch how I break your arrogance then you will watch how I make Karan mine forever ” kisses Karan’s picture
She calls somebody and tells to publish the pictures in newspaper. Karan and Preeta goes to their seats. Preeta sits on the window side while Karan next to her
Preeta : this view is so beautiful, look
Karan does not respond to her as his reading the magazine which irks her
The flight takes off in a while.
Karan : okay I am sorry (holds his ears but she is not convinced)
Preeta : only one condition
Karan : what?
Preeta : lets watch the movie, I am bored (says crossing her arms)
Karan laughs at her antics and thinks of Preeta’s old behavior
Karan : Preeta, I feel sometimes that you were better with your old avatar
“Why asks Preeta with confusion
Karan : from when you got fond of movies and that too romantic movies
Preeta hits on his shoulder for making fun of her change
Karan : stop showing me that glare and lets watch movie, and this is plane no violence
Both of their argument continues for a while and dozes while watching the movie. Karan sees Preeta resting her head on his shoulder. He gets mesmerized by the innocent face and beautiful eyes. He slowly removes the hair troubling her in the sleep and covers with the blanket.
Anu meets Omisha and tells her about the deed she did
Omisha : what? (asks in shock)
Anu : why are you so shocked? I did what that girl deserved, now see how will she get defamed Omisha gets worried hearing what big shocker it will when news will be published. She gets in into the car and calls Elina immediately

Elina : yea, whats up?
Omisha : Elina , there is a big problem
Elina : what happened (says while eating apple)
Omisha tells her everything which makes Elina astonished
Elina : what are you saying? is this true
Omisha : trust me, that Anu told me by herself and by tomorrow that news will be in headlines
“Oh my god what will we do now says rubbing her head
Omisha : I don’t even know where she sent those pictures and that tape, we have to stop that
Elina : but how will we find
Omisha ; I will go to Anu’s house tonight and find that address if I can
Elina : okay but be careful nobody should doubt you or else there will be big problem
Omisha : don’t worry
Shrishti welcomes everybody for her exhibition and keeps herself busy in the event. People praises her work and the designs
Shrishti ; avni, go inside and bring another stock from store room
Avni : okay I will, you take care of outside (runs inside)
Karan and Preeta’s flight lands to Dubai. They check out and get into the car. Preeta gets fascinated to see the view of Dubai with her binocular
Preeta : Karan, this is such a beautiful city (clicks pictures)
Karan : Ms photographer, click pictures later, lets check into our hotel (reaches the hotel)
Both of them get checks in the hotel
Shrishti’s exhibition goes well and gets much high profit than she expected. Late at night Omisha sneaks into Anu’s house to find the address she sent the picture. Shrishti decides to inform Sameer who does not receive her calls due to his meeting
Elina : Sameer, there is a big problem
“Oh my god, it seems like this word is always in our dictionary says going through the files
Elina : its serious Sameer (says sternly)
Sameer : what is it
Elina tells him about Anu’s plan to defame Karan and Preeta in media
Sameer ; what the hell are you saying?
Elina : Omisha called me this afternoon that Anu sent some pictures and tomorrow’s headlines would be that
Sameer : we have so stop her at any cost
Elina : Omisha went to her house to find that address she sent
Sameer : that girl has gone crazy, how can she stoop so low
Elina : I know if she gets successful tomorrow then we will be finished
Omisha is not able to find the address at Anu’s house and gets upset
Sameer : its okay Omisha (consoles her) we will find some other way
Elina : but how Sameer, that news will be in front of people tomorrow
Omisha : its all because of me, I brought Anu that day to defame Karan and she is doing all this to revenge on Preeta
Sameer : its okay, don’t blame yourself some people are born only to create havoc in other’s life Shrishti sees Sameer consoling Omisha and gets angry leaving the place. Sameer checks his phone and sees 15 missed calls of Shrishti
Sameer : oh god Elina , 15 miss calls, she might turning into red after this
Elina : we have to tell her everything
Omisha : there is no point now because tomorrow will be a big disaster
Shrishti returns home angrily and starts packing her stuff for Lonavla
Sameer : where are you going?
Shrishti : what does it matter? why don’t you spend time with your ex girlfriend (says folding her clothes)
Sameer corners her holding her wrist tightly
“Sameer leave me what are you doing says Shrishti with trying to get out from his grip
Sameer : jealous? why do I sense some possessiveness here? Shrishti you don’t trust me

Shrishti : I trust you but not that girl, in return of her help she might get you back Sameer closes eyes hearing Shrishti’s words
Shrishti : what happened Sameer? are you planning to go back to her
Sameer : stop it (says bit angrily) why are you talking nonsense

Shrishti ; because I can feel that girl will cheat us in future in return of doing favor Sameer : nothing will happen like that, you don’t trust our love enough Shrishti Shrishti ; I don’t want to hear anything, my bus is in two hours
Sameer : what? are you serious, you didn’t bother to tell us

Shrishti ; I messaged you so many times but you didn’t bother to reply me back Elina comes and stops their argument
Sameer : Elina , look what she is talking
Elina ; Sameer, go from here I will talk to her

Sameer ; but
“Sameer says Elina staring at him who leaves
Elina : Shrishti, come sit (makes her sit on bed)
Shrishti : Elina , I don’t have have even little bit of trust on that girl
Elina : I know what are you thinking but right now only Omisha is the one who can help us in our motive
Shrishti : I understand what you are saying but I don’t know I still feel something wrong
Elina : Shrishti calm down, and focus on your dream right now okay
Shrishti nods positively after Elina ‘s assurance and starts preparing for her trip to Lonavla. Later Sameer and Elina drops Shrishti to bus station and leaves. They goes back to house and informs Rishab about Anu’s deed
Rishab : you both are telling me right now? unbelievable, if you had told me earlier we would have tapped her phone and listen to her conversation
Preeta is doing something in her laptop when Karan comes to her room.
Preeta : give me a minute
Karan : what are you doing, come on we only have today and tomorrow to go around Dubai
Both of them goes out for trip to the city and enjoys their moments. Next day the newspaper headlines shocks the whole city
Elina : Sameer (shouts his name) come quickly
Sameer comes out running hearing her voice and looks at the news
Elina : this is so disgusting
The news refer to Preeta staying with a celebrity without marriage and enjoying the perks which comes with the celebrity
Sameer crushes the paper in rage reading the article
Rishab : Karan should not come back till few days, let him stay out of country
Elina : but only this newspaper will not stop, the media is crazy about all this, they will definitely make fuss out of this
Shrishti too gets big blow hearing the news and calls Preeta immediately
Preeta : yes Shrishti (says on phone) I can’t hear you I am in flight, I will call you later
Shrishti hangs up the phone and wonders how Preeta is coming back early
Elina : what? but why is Preeta coming alone, where is bhai
Sameer : Karan said his work is still pending and there was no need of Preeta staying there
While coming out of airport Preeta is surrounded by the media people asking her relation with Karan the Rockstar which leaves her stunned. Rishab and Sameer reaches the airport to save Preeta
Preeta : listen you have no right to question my character (tells one of the reporter)
Reporter : Ma’am is it true you are getting all the success due to the Rockstar
Preeta : enough I said, not anymore word
Sameer comes forward but Preeta tells him so stay back as she is familiar with the profession.
“Stay back Sameer says Preeta showing her hand to him
She goes forward fearlessly with fire in her eyes. Reporters stop asking seeing her attitude
Preeta : what were you saying (refers to the reporter who was questioning her) that I am enjoying the success from the rockstar

Another Reporter : Ma’am you cannot deny the fact that you both are living together and it is impossible to stay away in same house
” Wow, I must say this is what India has become where people have such a filthy mentality said Preeta clapping her hands
The reporter still looks at disgust
Preeta : Even I am a media person I never misused this profession to interfere in somebody’s else’s personal life, I am an independent girl of 21st century, and answer my question till today when Karan was good you were surrounding him and now when you heard something wrong about him you all are criticizing him, hypocrite thinking
Another group of woman comes abusing Preeta for staying with a guy without marriage which is against their society value
Preeta : Value? where are this values when girls are treated like doormats, they dance on parent’s tune before marriage, then their husband and later their children, where does this society values are when girls like us are humiliated even for doing the right way, when girls are being the victim of rape their culprits are roaming outside, why in the name of values, married woman’s are treated badly they are forced to forgive them why because of this so called society
Shrishti watches the live telecast on TV
Preeta : You all made this profession a joke, we are given this job to show the world the reality of cruel people not decent people, and yea one more thing yes I have relationship with Karan the rockstar and that should be none of your concern
so does that clear your doubt (smiles sarcastically and starts to walk outside)
” And yes thanks for the interview, don’t take it personal ” says turning behind before leaving
She hears the claps from behind by the women’s who were talking against her character. She walks out with the dignity and her self respect
Karan watches her speech on TV and feels proud of himself for choosing Preeta as his life partner Sameer : seriously, this girl will set an example of womanhood
Karan (on phone) : Sameer, one thing I can say this girl does not need anybody’s help
Omisha gets the inspiration from Preeta hearing her speech and gets to know real meaning of being a girl
Preeta comes home with her cool attitude thinking nothing happened. She sees Elina sitting on balcony looking outside
” Elina says Preeta putting hand on her shoulder
“Yes Preeta, I was just thinking about you says wiping her tears
Preeta : really? forget all that it happens in life right
Elina : In all this years I never came across somebody who is willing to stand up against this cruel society
Preeta ; Elina , you know when I was a kid I always thought that why is this society like this and my mom always said one thing
Elina : what?
Preeta : she said that Preeta no matter what happens but don’t bow down in front of anybody because you are a girl, she taught us to live life with dignity and that is my dream (stands up)
Elina : I know
Preeta : every girl has her right to live her own dreams and life but sadly it will not happen till this society change their thinking
Suddenly her phone rings and is Karan
Karan : So Ms social service, I heard you had given a great interview on TV, not bad my would be wife is very dangerous
“Of course I am and you should start to get afraid from me Rockstar says Preeta laughingly
Karan : Seriously Preeta I am very proud of you, I am sure one day you will become inspiration for all girls
Preeta ; and you are my inspiration Karan, you brought that courage back which I lost somewhere in this battle, I should be the lucky girl
Karan : of course you are lucky because very few people get this opportunity
Preeta ignoring his comment asks him about his return
Karan ; I am almost done with my work, should be back in two days, love you

Preeta : bye love you too (hangs up)

Later in the evening Karan returns from his trip to Dubai

Karan : oh god I am so tried (jumps on sofa)

“How was your meeting Bhai, is the company good says Elina pouring water in glass

Karan ; thanks sis, come sit, it was really good, by the way where is everybody

Elina : everybody or just somebody (teases)

“Everybody ” Karan says staring at her

Elina : Shrishti as usual busy in her boutique, Sameer said he is expecting foreign clients and your dear Preeta is in reporters office, she said she will be late

Karan : late, but why

Elina : I don’t know she said she is handling a big project

Karan : okay, let everybody do their work, we will enjoy brother sister’s day what say

Elina : good idea (says standing up with Karan)

Both of them goes out for a walk to the riverside with a cool breeze

Karan : Elina , I wanted to talk something important with you from couple days

Elina : yes, what is it bhai

Karan : I was discussing with Preeta about your marriage with Rishab

“What Rishab? are you serious bhai stop Elina in midway while walking

Karan ; what happened Elina ? any problem, do you have anybody else

Elina : its not that bhai, but I am not ready for marriage yet

Karan : Elina , I have never forced you for anything, I won’t even today but I feel its high time I want you to settle down, and do you have any problem with him

Elina : its not that bhai, I need time to think and did you talk with Rishab yet
Karan : I told Preeta to talk with him once I hear positive response from you, do you like Rishab Elina nods positively but asks time to think
Karan : Take your time and then we will go ahead to fix your marriage if you both agree

Elina : thanks bhai, can we eat I am starving like anything, I am not strong like Preeta in that case

Karan : oh my god, that girl I don’t what is she made up of or what her mom might have fed her in childhood

Elina : come on lets eat gol gappas today

Karan : what? from when you got that unhygienic habit

“Bhai please, last time Preeta and I went together it was so good Elina jumps like a small child

Karan : I don’t believe this, you and that Preeta, both of you never had put your foot in small place started to eat vendor food

“Oh god bhai, you can scold me after we eat Elina drags him after getting irritated

Both brother sister enjoy the food outside and share their moment. Preeta, Shrishti and Sameer returns from their respective work while Karan and Elina too come back.

Shrishti : oh my god (looks outside window) what a great weather, its raining

Elina : hey girls, lets go make some good food to eat in this rainy weather

“I know, hot coffee, sandwiches and some fritters Preeta says while setting the table

The girls go in the kitchen and starts preparing for dinner. Sameer suggests Karan to call Rishab and Omisha for dinner too

Karan : are you sure you want to invite Omisha? I don’t think Shrishti will like it

Sameer : don’t worry, I had a talk with her other day and she will be fine I mean come on, she has to get off this jealousy

Karan : thats not jealousy Sameer but even I feel someday in future god forbid if Shrishti’s fear come true then you won’t be able to do anything then

Sameer : you guys have ton crazy, nothing like that will happen, now chill
Rishab reaches their house after Karan invites him to have dinner with them
Karan : come on in
Rishab : what a aroma, I am sure there is something unique cooking today
Shrishti : okay everybody dinner is ready (comes outside of kitchen holding the tray of hot coffee) Elina and Preeta too comes out with fritters and sandwich putting on table

” This is the best coffee ever Shrishti says Karan after taking the sip of coffee “Hi guys a voice echoes from entrance door by none other than Omisha

Sameer : hey come join us, (pulls chair for her)

Elina controls Shrishti’s possessive glare and tells her to focus on Sameer more

Shrishti : who called her (whispers to Elina )

Elina : who else, of course Sameer

Rishab : wow Preeta I can’t tell you how much I missed your hand made fritters

Karan : you used to be a great cook Preeta? are you serious

Rishab : great? she was fabulous, thats a different story after getting rich she did not put her feet in kitchen

Preeta shows her tongue to him and sit in front of Karan who tries to play with his leg. Preeta gets shy seeing his antics. Everybody enjoys the dinner together.

Elina : so guys now time for some music, nobody will sleep early today because its celebration day today, my dear brother here is your guitar

Karan : no way Elina , I am not singing
Preeta : leave it Elina , he might be scared to sing in front of us
“I sing in front of my thousand fans, who are you says Karan snapping his finger Shrishti : then come on lets start from you
Karan plays string of his guitar slowly looking at Preeta who smiles at him lovingly Tu hi toh jannat meri, Tu hi mera junoon
Tu hi to mannat meri, Tu hi rooh ka sukoon
Tu hi aakhion ki thandak, tu hi dil ki hai dastak
Aur kuch na janu mein, bas itna hi jaanu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Yaara mein kya karu

Ohhh hooo ohh…

Kaisi hai yeh doori, kaisi majboori

Meine nazron se tujhe choo liya

Oh ho ho KKaran teri khusboo

KKaran teri baatein

Bin mange yeh jahan pa liya

Tu hi dil ki hai raunak,

Tu hi janmo ki daulat

Aur kuch na janoo

Bas itna hi janoo

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Yaara mein kya krau

Preeta gets too much sentimental and hugs him tightly in front of everybody

Elina : okay my sister in law, stop getting emotional it doesn’t’ suit your nature, now Mr Malhothra your turn

Pyar kisise kab hota hai
Jab hona ho tab hota hai
Pyar ka kya matlab hota hai…(2)
Pyar ka matlab rab rab rab rab hota hai…(2) Pyar kisise kab hota hai
Jab hona ho tab hota hai
Pyar ka kya matlab hota hai…(2)
Pyar ka matlab rab rab rab rab hota hai Koyi mehsoos karke to dekhe isse Khoobsurat se bhi khoobsurat hai yeh

Khushboo ban ke yeh saason mein ghul jaata hai yeh Dil ki bechainiyon ki zaroot hai yeh
Koyi mehsoos karke to dekhe isse
Khoobsurat se bhi khoobsurat hai yeh

Khushboo ban ke yeh saason mein ghul jaata hai yeh Dil ki bechainiyon ki zaroot hai yeh
Iski dhadkan anjaani si iska dard ajab hota hai
Pyar ka kya matlab hota hai

Pyar ka matlab rab rab rab rab hota hai…(2)
Preeta goes outside in balcony while singing followed by Karan
Na subaah ka pata na khabar shyaam ki
Iski chaahat pe hai bas nasha hi nasha
Koyi maane na maane magar sachch hai yeh sab se hoti hai aisi khata Na subaah ka pata na khabar shyaam ki
Iski chaahat pe hai bas nasha hi nasha
Koyi maane na maane magar sachch hai yeh sab se hoti hai aisi khata Iski pyaas pata chalti hai jab hoton pe lab hota hai
Pyar ka kya matlab hota hai
Pyar ka matlab rab rab rab rab hota hai…(4)

All the couple rejoice their private moment while singing and enjoy their rest of get together till late night. Omisha feels alone and feels bad seeing Sameer and Shrishti together. Next day Sameer suffers big loss when his foreign clients cancels the million dollar deal.

Sameer : you cannot do that, I have invested all money on this project

The foreign clients does not agree and tells him they fixed the deal with Ranveer Singh. Shrishti gets astonished to know when Avni informs about their factory burnt last night

Shrishti : what the hell? you did not bother to inform me last night and telling me right

Avni : I don’t know how did this happen, according to police somebody forgot to turn off the switch and because of rain yesterday short circuit happened in that main switch due to which fire occurred

Shrishti : how will I repay the loan I took from bank, Sameer mortgaged his property and lot of

money on this factory, how will I face him

Avni : and worst news is insurance company refused to pay for compensation because after investigation they found out it was because of short circuit in main switch

The bankers gives Shrishti notice of one week to pay the remaining amount back with interest or else Sameer will lose hie property

Shrishti : god, please show me some way out (prays to find a way)

Ranveer Singh becomes major share holder in Sameer’s company after one of the employee took his signature on transfer paper. Elina consoles Shrishti and tells her to be strong

Shrishti : how should Elina ? it was my fault to convince Sameer to reopen this factory, he warned me but, I hate myself (curses herself)

Elina : Shrishti, its a bad phase which will pass out just like dark clouds

Preeta is kicked out of the reporters office when they hear about the headlines from other day about her and Karan’s relationship

Preeta : Sir you cannot do this, you are taking it personal

Rathore : Preeta, because of that news our channel TRP is going down and I cannot afford that

Isha : Sir, you are forgetting that Preeta is the one who always raised the TRP of our news channel

Rathore : For me my reputation is more important than profit, I am sorry Preeta but you have to resign right now

Preeta signs the termination letter without getting emotional

“Sir, before leaving I just want to say it was great working with you but if a rumor can break the trust from your employee then I would say you are the most weakest person, I gave my whole life to this office I would want to see how well this channel works after I leave ” says Preeta before leaving the cabin

Preeta returns to home after resigning from her job. Elina : Preeta, what is all this happening

Karan : Elina , Preeta can at least get another job but main problem has occurred with Sameer and Shrishti, their both hard work went in vain

Elina : you are right bhai, we should help them overcome this loss, insurance refused to pay the compensation

Preeta does not react to their situation and stays silent.
Karan : why are you silent, say something at least (tells Preeta holding her shoulder)

Preeta : what do you expect, its like life does snot want us move on without any problems Elina : Preeta, we all are together, we will face the situation like always

Preeta : it is not that easy Elina , Sameer’s all hard work will go in vain if we do not repay the loans for that factory which Shrishti reopened

Karan : you are right but if that is the case then (gets into thinking) Elina come with me Preeta senses something wrong when Karan takes Elina with him

Karan : remember Elina , we had a land where you wanted to build hotel, we will sell that land and I think that would cover at least half of the amount of loan what do you think

Elina : bhai are you sure you want to do this, I mean I am not refusing it

Karan : Elina our friend is in big trouble, we can buy that land again but we only have on week to repay that loan, i promise you I will buy you a big hotel that you want

Elina : even if you didn’t wanted I would have sold that land brother, anything for you and Sameer (hugs him emotionally) and even if that doesn’t cover we would sell our farm house

Karan tells Preeta who is standing outside to come in the room

Karan : you journalist, why were you spying on our conversation

“I am not in mood to listen to your conversation Rockstar Preeta says ignoring his attitude

Karan : whatever it is lets keep all that between three of us right now

Elina : but what will we tell Sameer and Shrishti, they will get to know today or tomorrow

Karan : you leave that to me, I will handle it, you go ahead and tell the agent that we want client who can buy our land

Elina : okay bhai but for that I have to go to Cape town today

Karan : fine, you make all arrangements and if you want Rishab can go with you

Elina : its really okay I will manage it

Karan : at least listen to me sometime Elina , don’t go alone alright

Elina : fine bhai

Later Omisha is at her home with candles around her looking at Sameer’s picture

Omisha : I am sorry Sameer, but i didn’t have any choice, you chose to leave me but that Shrishti don’t deserve you, I realized nobody can love you like me

Flashback during get together night
Omisha reaches Shrishti’s factory in the rainy weather. She looks around and hits the guard who does

not see her face properly. She finds the spare key from his pocket and goes inside. She turns the main switch on and open the window so water droplets can come in from outside.

Flashback ends

Omisha : Sameer, this is the only way I could reach you or else that Shrishti would have never let me stay around you, now see how I solve your problem by paying your debt and bring Shrishti down in front of you that because of her mistake you suffered the big loss

Luthra house
Sameer comes home with angry and disturbed face. Shrishti gets scared to face his reaction. Karan : Sameer, please calm down, everything will be fine

“How bro, here my deal is canceled and Shrishti not one time I warned out thousand times to not reopen this factory, it will give you nothing goes to Shrishti while talking who moves back seeing his anger

Preeta : Sameer please don’t get angry

Sameer : how can i not, its not about money but Preeta you have no idea, it not only our loss but all those workers whose life depended on this factory. your sister showed them big dream and in another moment it got all crashed

Preeta : you too think it was Shrishti’s fault for whatever happened

Sameer : I am not saying that but one person’s carelessness has ruined everything, I have to sell my every property to pay loans of this factory and losses I had from my deal

Shrishti gets too much disturbed with Sameer’s words and goes outside the house while Omisha gets happy to see the rift between love birds.

Karan : Sameer, you won’t have to sell anything because Elina and I had a land for our hotel, we will sell that to pay off your loans

Sameer : no way , bhai it was your both dream, I will not take that favor

Karan : I will punch your face very hardly if you ever call my help as a favor

Sameer : bhai but

Karan : no more discussion Sameer, I sent Elina to cape town for the deal, there is one client ready to buy our land

Omisha : Sameer I heard Ranveer Singh became the major share holder in your company and he will have to take all decisions

Sameer : Omisha you know me very well, I built this company with my hard work and will not let anybody take this empire at any cost (says with determination)

Preeta : then there is one idea, do the voting system, ask everybody’s opinion as who should be the

chairman, you gave your life to this company right then trust yourself that you will win this Karan : and what if the decision is favored on his side, we will lose everything

Preeta : Karan, in my whole career I only listened to my mind thats why I have been successful and thats what I am telling to Sameer, we cannot let this company go into wrong hands

Sameer : Preeta is right, and who knows by this I will insult his popularity in front of people that he will not be able to stand on the next election

Shrishti is consoled by Preeta and Karan in the room.

Karan : Shrishti, you know Sameer’s temper, then why are you minding him

Shrishti : I am not crying because he scolded me but he has so much stress due to my foolishness,

Preeta : whatever bad was supposed to happened, it did now stop crying, we are not born to lose alright

Karan : yes Shrishti, you should learn how to be thankless in such situation
Preeta stares at him in red eyes
Karan : I am getting scared (starts leaving the room but Preeta runs behind him )
Preeta : what do you think of yourself Rockstar, wait i will show you (throws pillow at him) Sameer comes to meet Shrishti who fakes anger at him

Sameer : I am sorry Shrishti, I should not have scolded you like that (holds his ears) Shrishti does not react to his apologies and turns back

Sameer : I said sorry na, why so arrogant, even Karan broke your sister’s all arrogance but look at you, nothing could change you

Shrishti : shut up Sameer or else seriously I will kill you (gets up from bed) it is called self confidence and who told you my sister’s arrogance is broke, she is wounded tigress and nobody would dare to mess up

Sameer : oh god, you both sisters are so good in scaring but definitely me and Karan will not be scared from you

Shrishti : whatever (ignores his words)
Next day Sameer goes to his office and tells his staff to help him with the situation.

Sameer : I know its been very tuff but since I am still half share holder of this company, there will be voting system that who will be the chairman of this empire, right Mr Singh

Ranveer : you are wasting your time Sameer, you know that if I go out from here then your so called company will be shut down due to the losses you faced

Sameer : we don’t really care for that because I built this empire with my skills and hard work, I will not let it go in wrong hands, definitely not yours so the panel will decide the new chairman

The board meetings gather in the office and asks the staff to put their vote as who they wants to be their boss.

Scene shifts to Elina who is visiting Cape town to meet the client
Elina : Hi I am Elina Luthra (shakes her hand)
Sandy : hello ma’am I am sandy, manager of this agency
Elina : so I have all the documents signed by Karan Luthra and me, where is the client Sandy : there he is, Mr Agarwal

Elina : Hello Mr Agarwal, I am Elina Luthra, I am so glad you got ready to mortgage this deal in short notice and took time for it

Mr Agarwal : My pleasure, and thats part of my job Ms Luthra
Elina : thank you so much, let finish the formalities
Mr Agarwal : bank would receive the installment soon when the paper work is done in two days Elina : thats perfectly fine, it was nice meeting you
Shrishti looks outside the factory which is burnt badly due to fire.

Shrishti : whoever you are (curses the person who ruined her factory) if you did this to shatter my confidence then just watch you, stay wherever you are till the day you come in my hands, I promise If I did not burned your life then my name is not Shrishti Arora

The screen freezes on all six of them’s determination to end the evil forever to start the new life

Sameer wins the vote of the chairman and gets Ranveer kicked out of the company.

Sameer : your game is up, Mr Singh, now get out (snaps his finger)

Ranveer : Sameer, you will have to pay heavy price for this, because of you all I lost my son, I will make you all punish for this

Sameer ; really? you will punish us, keep on dreaming, that day will never come, now will you go out of this office

Sameer (calls Omisha) : Omisha, its time for final execution, are you ready

Omisha : yes Sameer, I am ready, I am on my way, I called Preeta, she has fitted microphone on my bracelet (reaches Ranveer Singh’s house)

Preeta and Karan are outside in the van recording the footages in the house.
Karan : all the best Omisha, and don’t worry if there is any problem press that red button on your


Omisha goes inside the house where Ranveer is drinking in his bar

Omisha ; dad, what are you doing ?

Ranveer : get off, (pushes her away and grabs revolver) you cheat (grabs her hair and throws on floor)

Ranveer Singh shows his true color and puts revolver around her
Karan : oh my god, (is about to go but Preeta stops him)
Preeta : no wait, don’t be angry, lets see what he does
Karan : Preeta, what if he harms Omisha, we cannot take that risk
Preeta : Karan, calm down, she is a strong girl, she will not get weak
Ranveer : what did you think, you will fool me. by joining hands with my enemies Omisha : yes I did, because you killed me dad, made me orphan,

Ranveer ; so you understand everything, you have grown up, and what did I lack in my love

Omisha : by bringing up an orphan, you thought you since you raised, you can make me do anything, after brother I am the only who know about all your deeds, and i don’t care if I have to go jail for my mistakes but I will punish you

Ranveer : really? what will you say to law? that I have all the black money hidden, I am lead for that terrorist attack happened, that I forced your dad to sell you to clear his debts, who will believe you but before believing you, how will you tell them

Karan calls Ranveer Singh and asks him to turn on the TV

Karan : your funeral is waiting for you, turn on the TV

Ranveer Singh watches TV and sees the footage of him talking Omisha live.

Karan : your game is up, I told you that there is always an end to evil and your time is here

Omisha : sorry my foster dad, but I had no choice, after all i have to bring justice to my parents

After few days court orders Ranveer Singh for lifetime imprisonment.

Sameer ; guys, its cause for some celebrations, cheers to our victory

All of them cheers for their victory. Omisha makes plan to kidnap Shrishti from the party.

Omisha : sorry Shrishti, but next turn is yours, be ready for my war, and then I will start new life with my Sameer

In the evening everybody plans for a party in the hotel. Karan decides to announce Elina and

Rishab’s engagement in the party. Preeta wears full red dress which charms Karan Karan : somebody is looking indian women today (teases her)
Preeta ; why doesn’t your day pass without passing taunt on me (fakes anger)
Karan : okay I am sorry, but my choice cannot be bad, so anything can look good on you Preeta : whatever (goes at other side)

Elina : what is this bro, stop teasing her now please, Karan : okay fine, you come with me

Sameer and Shrishti have their slow dance making Omisha more jealous. She signals one of a person in the party. Omisha goes outside and makes a call to Shrishti by private number

Shrishti : hello who is it, Sameer there is signal problem here I will go outside Sameer : come back soon

As soon as Shrishti goes outside somebody puts chloroform on her mouth and takes her away. Sameer and everybody gets worried when Shrishti does not return.

Preeta ; Karan, where she might have gone
Karan : don’t panic Preeta, we will find her, Sameer, Rishab lets go
Elina : bhai, I will also come with you
Rishab : no you both stay here, we will go
The trio goes to find Shrishti and asks the guard who is injured outside.
Guard : some goons took the girl this way (to the right side)
Rishab : Karan, Sameer lets go come on
Preeta ; Elina , where is Omisha
Elina ; i don’t know, I saw her going out in the middle of the party,
Preeta doubts on Omisha behind Shrishti’s kidnapping
Omisha : open the cloth
Shrishti opens her eyes and is shocked to see Omisha in front of her
Shrishti : what are you doing here?
Omisha : you still didn’t understand Shrishti that I have kidnapped you, seriously you are so stupid

Shrishti fumes in anger as her doubts were always right about her

Shrishti ; I was right, a snake will always be snake, hie nature will always be same

“Yes I did, because I love Sameer a lot Omisha says angrily

Shrishti : not love, he is your obsession Omisha

Omisha : whatever you call but he is only mine, I love him lot Shrishti, you didn’t understand my love either but from today everything will be changed

The goon fixes time bomb under Shrishti’s chair. Sameer slaps Omisha for crossing all limits of shameless

Sameer : seriously, Omisha you have embarrassed me a lot, Shrishti was right you can never change Omisha : Sameer, please at least understand me, I did everything for you
Sameer ; get off me
While Sameer is distracting Karan and Rishab beats up the goon and tries to untie Shrishti.

Shrishti slaps Omisha on floor causing her to bleed. The four of them starts running outside when they hear bomb blast. Omisha is not able to come out and dies instead in the blast. All of them are bit shaken with the incidence but are thankful to Omisha as she fulfilled her task before dying.

After 6 months

Karan and Preeta settled down in New York . Preeta has become successful journalist while Shrishti and Sameer have moved to London after Sameer transferred his business there. Rishab and Elina too have a blissful life in Philadephia.

The scene ends with note
“No matter how big evil can be but always end up in fire


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