preeran OS- the proposal

Karan and preeta as usual were staring at the door to find the man whom sherlyn is dating. Preeta glued her eyes on the door not taking it off anywhere. Karan stole glances and kept looking at her.
” two minutes more the man will be here ” whispered preeta .
Karan nodded his head affirmatively.
Nothing was going to distract them today. Finally they will expose sherlyn.
But the screaming from the hall distracted the both.
Karan rushed to the hall leaving behind preeta who continued spying on the door .
As Karan reached the hall ,he found his aunt screaming at Sarla aunty. Thank god his mental was not here.

” what’s happening here? ” asked Karan.
He had to end this drama before preeta comes here.
” thank god Karan you came. Look what are this middle class people telling. They are telling to your mother that you love preeta and proposed her ” said his aunt pointing towards Sarla aunty and shristi.
His mother and everyone was standing confused .
” tell everyone the truth ”
” I love preeta I proposed her. This is the truth ” confessed Karan.

Kareena felt her ears would turn deaf as she heard what Karan spoke.
” Karan you are joking right? ” asked Kareena on the verge of fainting.
Karan looked at his aunt who was more than shocked.
” no Bua I seriously love her. I can’t leave without her. When I found about marriage proposals she is receiving, in fear of loosing her I finally proposed her. I was going to tell everyone about it before that Sarla aunty said the whole thing ” replied Karan by making up a convenient story.
” but why did preeta tell about Sofia then ” asked his confused mother.
” because she is mad” Karan said in a low voice.

” what? ”
” mom she was angry with me. Sofia’s name slipped out of her mouth in that moment that’s all mom. If you are not convinced you can ask kritika she knew about me and preeta from starting ”
Kritika confirmed about everything what Karan said.
Kareena could only give a dissapointed glare to Karan to which Karan gave ‘ I don’t care ‘look.
Rakhi and others were very happy except Rishabh.
” I’m so happy ji. I can’t believe I always wanted preeta as my daughter in law. If I say the truth if Rishabh was not engaged to sherlyn I could have chosen preeta for him. ” said rakhi happily.

” but mom nothing has gone wrong. Preeta is still going to be your daughter in law. I’m any way fulfilling ur wish ” said Karan.
His mental and his bhai no way. Thank god Kareena Bua brought this sherlyn even though she was going to get kicked out very soon.
“so shall I think this alliance is confirmed and we will think of the engagement soon ” asked Sarla .
” off course ji. I can’t wait to have preeta as my daughter in law very soon ” exclaimed rakhi.
Shristi teased Karan.
Preeta entered the hall breathing heavily. She could not believe her eyes.
Prithvi was sherlyn’s ex. No way she was going to marry him. She has to tell Karan this . But what if Karan make fun of her.

She started searching him and found him eating sweets from her mother’s hand and shristi sitting next to him.
What the hell was happening here?
What was her mother and sister doing here?.
Preeta walked towards them not understanding that a heart attack was waiting for her.
Preeta was pulled into a hug by shristi .
” what is happening here shristi? ” asked preeta pulling herself from the hug.
” arre preeta beta. Muh meeta karo tumhara rishta pakh Ho gayi ” said rakhi feeding her sweets.
Preeta turned towards her mother.

” no maa I can’t marry Prithvi . How can you tell yes without asking me. U declared it in front of all . I’m not going to marry that guy ” protested preeta.
” no di you are not going to marry Prithvi. U are going to marry my Karan sir whom you love ” exclaimed shristi.
“what? ”
This not for real. She looked towards Karan who was smirking at her.
“no maa you are thinking wrong . I and Karan no way ”
” it’s ok baby doll everyone has accepted our relationship. Don’t show ur anger on our relationship ” said Karan innocently.

He stood next to her holding her hand and preeta gasped at his audacity.
She tried all her methods to make her mother and sister understand but everyone were so into karan’s fake story that instead of believing her. They asked her to stop her childishness.
Having no other options she stood silently as they discussed about the marriage date etc.
She glanced at Karan angrily but he winked at her back making her shocked .
Their engagement was announced in front of the guests who attended the karva chauth function. On top of that she was asked to break her karva chauth fast in front of him.
If looks could kill, Karan luthra could have been death by the dangerous looks preeta was throwing at him.

He stood in front of her waiting for to break her fast .
Looking here and there, finally not finding any family members near them . Preeta finally spoke.
” what was that Karan? How dare you make my mother believe we both are in love? ”
” hello mental. It was your mother who brought the alliance. Maybe she noticed your craziness about me ”
” you could have said a no for this alliance. What was the need to do this? ”
” why should I tell no for this marriage?” said Karan.

” why did you tell yes for this marriage? U don’t like me also ” said preeta.
” what should I do. I will better bear with you than marrying that Sofia which I could have to because of my mom. What did you think mental that you will make me go through hell alone by making me marry. No way if I’m going to hell I will take you along with me. Agar mein doobe nein wala hoon mein tumhe bein Le dooba ga. ”

” Karan luthra I hate you. I will kill you ” screamed preeta .
” it’s ok. Sweetheart I love you too. My love is enough for both of us. you are not satisfied by daily killing with your looks that you really want to kill me. If you want to kill me its alright but you have to bear with my ghost ” said Karan smirking at her.

Preeta’s eyes widened like always hearing this talks from Karan. She wanted to wipe off that smirk from his face.
Before she could reply him anything. Her mother had appeared and asked her perform the rituals.
Obeying her mother preeta performed all the rituals and allowed Karan to break her fast.
Karan happily broke her fast and fed her food. He purposely fed her more food making preeta frown.
” it’s ok baby doll u can eat properly. I will never ask you to diet for me. ” said Karan.
” how romantic” exclaimed shristi.
Preeta was annoyed but could not say anything.

After all the guests left, she was leaving with her family. Karan offered to drop them for which Sarla agreed reluctantly.
The drive to preeta’s house was silent but Karan kept staring at preeta who was sitting next to him making shristi tease them.
As they reached the house, shristi and Sarla got down and went towards the house. Preeta tried opening the car door which did not open after trying tremendously.
” Karan open the car door ”
” it’s not good to be so rude to your fiancee . Ask little sweetly baby doll ”
Preeta controlled her temper.

” please open the door Karan ” said preeta.
Karan leaned towards her making preeta shiver. Preeta’s heart started beating fast. Before preeta could tell anything ,Karan took hold of her hand and slid a ring on her hand. He moved back to his seat.
” Karan what is it? ” asked preeta furiously.
Karan chuckled at her reaction. His mental is one unique piece.
” ring. Baby doll. U did not like it. I will get you a better one on our engagement ”
” why did you make me wear it? ”

” mental have some brain. It’s your karva chauth gift. ” said Karan.
Preeta gave him a confused look .she opened the car door and went towards her house.
Karan saw her walking towards her house slowly. But what he saw next made him laugh. Preeta almost passed through her house and was going some other direction when shristi stopped her from doing so.
Karan drove back to his house. As he parked his car and went inside his house. He found his aunt and sherlyn worried in the hall. Not wanting to spoil his mood, he ignored them and went towards his room.

Karan phone rang as soon as he reached his room . He saw the name of the caller flashing on his phone screen making him smile.
His fiancee was missing him. Great improvement.
” hello baby doll. Already missing me. Don’t worry if you want I will make our marriage date prepone. What say ” said Karan.
He could hear the soft cruses she was muttering.

” Karan luthra I hate you ”
” it’s ok. U don’t have to tell how much you love me everytime ”
” ur deaf ” shouted preeta.
Karan did not reply anything and listened to her bickering.

” u know Prithvi is sherlyn’s boyfriend ” said preeta.
She heard him giggling on the other end. How dare is he? Here she was confessing something, he was having fun.
” Mr Karan luthra there is nothing to laugh. I was fooled by his words ”

” accept it mental I’m the best gentleman u have meet in your life
At least I don’t fake things. U get fooled by all fake facades people wear. I still can’t believe two days back you were giving lectures how good is Prithvi to me .” said Karan controlling his laugh.
And other half an hour preeta’s lecture was heard by him for trying to make fun of her.
” I am not able to sleep . I don’t know the reason. ” confessed preeta.
” that’s the reason you called me right ”

” yes ”
Karan smiled at her reply. His mental was too innocent.
” u know why I Slid the ring on your finger ”
” because that’s my karva chauth gift right ” replied preeta.

” no pagla. It’s because till our official engagement happens , no other Prithvi tries chances on you. That ring will always mark you as mine. ” said Karan telling the actual reason.
He cut the call before she shouts at him. He went to sleep he could not wait for tomorrow. No one will question them as she is officially his.
He kept his phone in silence.

” how dare he speaks like that? Pick up call. U can’t sleep after taking away my sleep ” mumbered preeta.

Why was she not able to sleep whereas everyone slept. This happened because of this ring which he slid on her finger. She tried to remove it but it was not coming it so stubborn like him.
” I would not spare you Karan luthra kahi ke ” mumbled preeta before trying to sleep again.

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