Preeran FF ; Realization Part 74

Luthra house

Rishab ; doctor how is she?

Doctor : nothing to worry, it happens on early stage but make sure next time she does not take much stress

Rishab : what?

Doctor : I mean she is pregnant

“What? oh my god Anu gets very happy

Rishab : you are sure?

Doctor : of course I am, she fall unconscious due to shock, I will write tablets for her make sure to give her on time

“Didi, didi Anu hugs her happily

Rakhi : god bless you, nobody cast evil eye on my children (kisses her forehead)

Rajnath comes inside to meet Piyali who is quite upset with everything

Rajnath : I know you won’t forgive me but at least say something, your silent is making me more guilty

Anu : can’t you see my sister needs rest? at least now spare her

Piyali : Anu (stops her), I want to hear him, you say what did you get by doing all this

He is not able to answer

Piyali ; whole life I was craving to get your love, I thought leaving us might be your helpless but I never imagined it would be part of such big conspiracy

Rajnath ; I did all that out of my selfishness, i cannot return your days but do something for repentance

“Anu and Arjun bhai might not forgive you but I will, my forgiveness will be your punishment, from today don’t show your face again to me, just go far away from my life, being a daughter I won’t sent you to jail or get hanged, I don’t want your shadow on my child Piyali’s word hits his heart directly and leaves

Rajnath asks for apology from Nandini and Arjun before leaving. He decides goes far away from everybody sacrificing himself.

Rishab hugs Piyali to console her

“Thank you for giving me such great gift Rishab kisses her forehead

Anu : di I am so excited, you are pregnant but mind it you won’t pamper me less than your child okay

Piyali : I will think about it

“Di she gets annoyed

Piyali : just kidding you will always remain kid for me my princess

All the guests leave post the drama. Roo stands on terrace recalling everything

Kabir (leans opposite side) : you remember what you told me, marriage don’t require love it happens if heart meets

Roo : I don’t know what should I do? my heart is telling me to marry Arjun but I am also a daughter

Kabir : I learned something from my marriage with Kritika, to understand each other we don’t need to have love just read the heart, you ask yourself do you trust Arjun enough ¬†that he won’t ever repeat mistake

Roo closes her eyes only to see broken heart of Arjun who was always scared of loving.

Kabir : we should not judge anybody from their past your brother’s love is example of that

Arjun : mom come let go

“Wait Roo’s voice echoes and starts walking downstairs dressed up

Arjun : what is it?

Roo : I thought were not from people who would run away from challenge, you know to marry me you have to pay very heavy price

Rishab hides his laugh

Roo : come with me (takes him into mandap) I will only asks for three promise and you can ask me rest of them

“You will never bring third person in our relation, nobody will take my place in your heart and you will always love me like this Roo asks him

Arjun puts hand on her as token of promise.

Roo : now your turn (Forwards her hand)

Arjun : you won’t ever leave me, your heart will only beat for me and we will always be together

Both start taking round to complete the ritual. Arjun fills her hairline with vermillion and ties mangalsutra in her neck.

Panditji : now you both are official wife and husband

The newly couple take blessing of all elders.

Piyali : not bad your face is glowing so much, Arjun bhai best of luck

“Ah I badly need it he teases

Roo stares at him

Arjun : see how much she is dominating me from now on

Rakhi : Roo now you are married at least behave like wife

Mahesh : don’t forget we have to visit Elina in hospital also

Anu ; Karan sir said she got twins

“Wow, I can’t wait to see now Shrishti get excited

Everybody gets overwhelmed seeing both small kids. Nandini welcomes Roo after marriage to their house.

Finally things sort out between all couples.

After six months

Relation changes with passing time when trust and faith. Kabir and Kritika end up consummating their marriage.


Phone rings

“Hello Karan picks up while sleeping

“Can I talk to Preeta Luthra please voice says

Karan : whose this

“Your death Anu starts laughing scaring him

Preeta : what?

Karan : this Anu I won’t spare her now

Anu : get used of it Karan sir very soon you will see one more prankster in your life

Karan : keep the phone right now or I will come there and take your class

Preeta and Karan gets video call from Kritika who is at hospital. Piyali delivered baby girl who is mixture of Rishab and her

Preeta ; she is so cute yaar, I want to hold her closer to me tightly

Karan : what about me? you never show that love to me

Preeta : aha look who is saying this

Kritika : I hope this time both of you also plan to become three when you return

Kabir : don’t listen to this crazy, you both enjoy your freedom

“Don’t instigate my brother okay Kritika hits him

and ends up cutting call in scuffle

Preeta : this two won’t mend their ways did you hear what your dear sister said

Karan ; baby doll (lifts her up) whatever you say, I just need chance to romance

Within few monhs Preeta too gives good news to the whole family of having baby boy. They name him Vihaan who have traits of Preeta more than Karan physically and personality.

The scenes ends with Karan and Preeta holding their baby boy in hands together. Their head touches each other smilingly.

The saga of realization ends with finally two souls uniting for lifetime living happily after.

PS : Sorry guys for abrupt ending but I could not think of much for ending. Hope you all enjoyed this another journey of our lovely Preeran. Feel free to comment anything you liked/ disliked most fun, boring entertaining track. Loads of love to all readers

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