Preeran FF ; Realization Part 73

Luthra house

Anu ; tell me na di who is this?

“Oh this might her brother which Anu don’t know Rishab wonders

Piyali sees the glass of water near her and drops on her feet intentionally hurting leg little bit.

“Oouch Piyali shouts holding her leg

“Piyali are you okay everybody rushes to her quickly

Rakhi : Rishab take her to room her feet is bleeding

Rishab : yes mom (takes her to the room)

Arjun takes the chance of removing the picture from album before anybody asks.

Piyali : its hurting

“Easy easy he puts dressing on her feet

Rakhi : you have become so careless, take care of yourself na

Piyali : I am fine aunty

Karan : mom bhabhiji is very careful not let her rest come all oldies out of room

“Who are you calling old Mahesh takes him out of room

Anu and Rishab remains with Piyali

“Are you waiting for auspicious moment, go do some work Piyali tells Anu

Anu : di I am waiting for my answer, you have not told me about that picture

Piyali : you are still on same needle

Rishab : Anu she got hurt in her leg, can we please save this for later

Anu : sorry jiju but I think you are too naive to understand my sister, she didn’t get hurt but she hurt herself am I not right sis?

Piyali is taken aback

Anu : don’t give me that look, I am your own sister not an outsider, I saw you dropping that glass on feet

Rishab gets shocked hearing her and scolds Piyali for taking foolish step.

Anu : di, I know for sure you are hiding something from me not today but from many years

Piyali : why would I hide anything?

“Then swear on me, whats going on Anu gets emotional

Piyali is left with no choice but to reveal the most bitter truth to Anu.

“Why don’t you hear the full truth Piyali stops Rishab from leaving room

Karan and Preeta hears their conversation

“Bhai what is going on he asks

Rishab : hear the full story then ask whatever you want

Piyali narrates her dad’s two marriage history and the boy in picture was her indeed step brother. The others are totally blown up including Rishab who was not aware of her dad’s another marriage.

Anu : di we have one brother too? (asks her tearfully)

She nods

Karan : you know where he is?

“In between us she says

Preeta : who is that? tell na

“Arjun she reveals

Karan (shocked) : what ? god how can, bhai we are screwed up

Preeta : Karan that means Arjun is son of the same person who is behind your uncle and Piyali’s mom murder

“I am really sorry guys but I wanted Arjun to reveal all this by himself she get in tears

Karan ; bhai should we tell this to mom and other family members

Rishab  : you know what could happen, dad will stop this marriage right away

Karan : but this is matter of our sister’s life also, we have to think about her

Preeta : you are right, for us the most important thing is Roo’s happiness and we should make sure she does not suffer

Karan : bhai I know Arjun is nice guy but he also have same blood, what if in future due to some reason he end up doing same mistake

“You all are getting wrong, my Arjun bhai can never think of doing this, he has been running from love whole life, please don’t punish him for no mistake Piyali gets in tears

Rishab : its not about punishing but think from our view you are also a sister, what would you do if it was Anu in Roo’s place

Karan : bhai you decide you are elder one

Anu : that means di that person came other day was our dad and you were shocked

Piyali ; I didn’t expected him like that

Anu : di I won’t spare him, because of that person you had to see this day and Arjun bhai has to lose his happiness

Preeta : Anu dear you go to your room please

“Okay di she leaves

Piyali : Ruchika knows everything, about our past just that she is not aware my dad is behind all the bad happened in this family

“She knows it? Karan asks

Piyali : bhai said she agreed for this marriage after he told her everything

Karan : but you both probably don’t know if she finds out she might back out in no moment

Piyali : I know thats why I told bhai to tell her the truth

Rishab : lets not waste time discussing this and wait for Arjun to reveal to her when he is ready to confess after all both has to spend life together

Preeta : I agree with that, if Roo had taken courage to marry Arjun after knowing this much I don’t think it would make much difference about your uncle and her mom

Karan : lets go back to room, good night bhai

Rishab : good night

Preeta : take care of your feet

Piyali : thanks

The four of them remains tensed through all the days before marriage day.

Marriage day

The families gets in full swing for Roo and Arjun’s marriage. Arjun has not been able to confess anything to Ruchika about his dad in fear of losing her.

The girls bring Roo down for ceremony before the procession arrives.

Girls (together) : Oh babul oh maiya oh bhaiya oh sakhiya

Oh babul oh maiya oh bhaiya oh sakhiya oh sakhiya

Ladies : Aangan galiyaan chaubara chhod chali bachpan saara…(2)

Teri son pari kis aur chali kis aur chali

Sajana tere 

Preeta : Sajana tere pyaar mein hum pardesi ho gaye re hum pardesi ho gaye re…(2)

Ho gaye re ho gaye re ho gaye re

Karan : Sajni tujhko dekhe kitne kunware mar gaye re kitne kunware mar gaye re…(2)

Mar gaye re mar gaye re mar gaye re

Sajana tere pyaar mein hum pardesi ho gaye re hum pardesi ho gaye re

Arjun (looks at Roo’s picture) Ghar ki mitti dil ki chitthi roke tera daaman

Mehndi haldi bindiya kajal badle tera jeevan

Roo : Oh sajan tu le gaya mann…

Kabir (goes to Kritika ) Aankhon se kehdo aankhon ki hi sun le aaya hai mauka saathi chun le

Kritika : Main tujhe Kyaa kahun khud ko bhi Kyaa kahun palken yeh chalke

Haye Kyaa karo haye Kyaa karo haye Kyaa karo 

Shrishti : Sajana tere 

Sajana tere pyaar mein hum pardesi ho gaye re hum pardesi ho gaye re

Ghar ki mitti dil ki chitthi roke tera daaman 

Mehndi haldi bindiya kajal badle tera jeevan

Oh sajan tu le gaya mann…(2)

Rakhi (adornes her daughter with jewellery) Oh meri gudiya pehnegi chudiyaan

Mahesh ; Hum ko lage ki suni suni duniya

Roo : Haan yehi sanjog hai pyaar mein ek jog hai

Jaane tu jaane main koyi 

Kyaa kare kare Kyaa kare kare Kyaa kare kare 

Karan : Sajni tujhko dekhe kitne kunware mar gaye re kitne kunware mar gaye re…(2)

Mar gaye re mar gaye re mar gaye re

Preeta : Sajana tere pyaar mein hum pardesi ho gaye re hum pardesi ho gaye re

Roo recalls her moments with Arjun previously.

Chap tilak sab cheen li mohse nayna mila ke re …(2)

Nayna mila ke oh nayna mila ke nayna mila ke

Chap tilak sab cheen li mohse nayna mila ke re…(2)

Kyaa dil ne kahaa Kyaa tum ne suna…(4)

Marriage ceremony starts

Luthra welcomes Arjun and his family with much love and respect. Ruchika is brought down by the girls downstairs.

Panditji starts chanting the mantras. While he is explaining the meaning of seven vows and marriage, Arjun starts feeling extremely guilty of breaking the promise even before making one recalling Piyali’s words

“I can’t do this Arjun gets up from mid ceremony shocking others

Mahesh : Arjun what happened? dear is everything okay

Arjun : I am sorry uncle but I cannot do this marriage based on lie

Nandini : Arjun are you in your sense, today is your marriage

“I know mom thats why I came to my sense, from so many days my mind was battling with heart but today my heart won it told me why should I repeat same mistake as my dad Arjun goes to Ruchika

Roo : what are you saying?

Arjun : I am really sorry Ruchika, I know I told you everything about me, my family past but there is something else which you and your family should also know

Roo signals him not to reveal anything

Rajnath ; Arjun this is not time for confronting, your marriage is going

“Exactly but I am forced and you are responsible for this day in my life, only you Mr Rajnath Arjun gets furious

Mahesh ; can you tell us whats going on here?

Arjun : I will tell you uncle, the person you were blaming for spoiling Kareena aunty’s and the one who gave worst fate to Piyali is in front of you right now

Luthra family remains stunned to hear

Rakhi : what?

Arjun : aunty you are thinking right, Rajnath Sinha who the world worships of being rich and nobel but nobody knows how much selfishness reside in his heart

Nandini : Arjun please (takes him on side) what are you doing? we will talk about this later okay

Arjun : no mom please if I didn’t say today I won’t be able to confess after

Rakhi : why are you telling us now? for humiliating my daughter in front of people

Arjun : no aunty but saving her from big disaster and i have not hid anything from her

Roo sits on floor shaken up with everything. One side of her heart wants to marry Arjun inspite of knowing everything while other side her duty of daughter and niece comes in between of feelings.

Preeta : Ruchika, today you have to control yourself and be strong please

Arjun : do you recognize this girl (brings Piyali in front of him dragging her) yes your own blood, the one you gifted only struggles, it is said girls are precious gem of father and their pride more than son but you disgrace that relation, see the wounds in her hand, scars are left on her heart and body you gave her

Rajnath extremely melted with his striking and heartbreaking words. He realizes how his selfishness causes so much bad to everybody  including his own children.

“my sister was only 14 years, the age where girls hang out, live their freedom, but what did my Piyali di got, she became a mother for me, just like how a mom raises her child, why because our parents were not with us, people saw her with wrong eyes, took advantage of our helpneess and you were living lavish lifestyle here with other wife and kid Anu confronts him face to face

Rajnath ; you can curse me how much you want but don’t take away right of being father

“You are not our father, our dad died the day when his hand got blood of innocent people, you know when I went to school and girls were talking about their dad I didn’t have anything to say that word never existed in my life, every time I broke di handled but nobody gave her shoulder where were you that time, your fatherly love Anu keeps shouting

Rajnath folds his hand in front of both girls and Luthra family

Anu : I won’t ever forgive you, and not let my sister do that mistake either

Rajnath : you all can give me whatever punishment you want, Maheshji please don’t stop this marriage, Arjun is at not fault

Mahesh ; Ruchika, we have not stopped you from anything but today I want you decide your future

She looks up to them with tears.

Rakhi : dear there is no pressure on you, we know Arjun loves you a lot he won’t ever cheat on you but rest is your decision

“Bua won’t you say anything Roo goes to Kareena

“I always considered you like my Kritika, and today also my affection will be same whatever you decide don’t think about anybody else once in life for your sister you left killed your feelings but not this time Kareena hugs her

“More than anybody I owe you this apology, whole life you only saw dark days because of me, today a guilty father is asking punishment from his daughter, if you don’t give me one I won’t get peace Rajnath goes to Piyali whose eyes are dried

She falls on floor in other moment.

“Piyali, didi wake up Rishab and Anu goes to her quickly

Elina starts getting labor amidst the drama.

“Elina what happened Suraj tries hard

Rakhi : Suraj, I think she is getting labor don’t waste time anymore

Karan : I will get the car, Preeta come with me

Preeta : yes (goes with him)

“Suraj its paining a lot Elina shouts in pain feeling sharp inside her

Suraj : don’t worry honey we will be there soon please hold yourself

Preeta rubs her hand consoling her

“Everything will be fine okay we are almost there Preeta helps her

All of them rushes Elina to hospital in maternity ward. Suraj goes inside with her

Karan ; baby doll it must be so painful for a mother

Preeta : thank god you told me

Karan : ah you are getting influenced by me not bad thanks to me

Preeta : please stop it, here so much happened and you are cracking jokes

Karan : baby doll first of all Roo is my sister I am sure she will take wise decision right now I can’t wait to hold that small member in family

Preeta : what do you think? she might have boy or girl

Karan ; maybe boy lets have bet

Preeta : oh Mr loser luthra you might be wining all games don’t challenge me

Karan ; now its question of my image, I challenge it will be girl

Karan ; winner will decide honeymoon place and loser will not deny

Preeta : accepted

“Elina love please few more pushes for our child come one you are brave Suraj hold her hands emotionally

In few hours they hear voice of baby crying.

Suraj : doctor?

“Congratulation you have twins boy and girl Doctor hands him baby

Karan and Preeta look at each other making weird faces.

“We won they both hug each other in front of whole staff

Suraj : guys you guys love us so much I am very happy yaar but this we won slogan I didn’t understand

Karan ; we both had bet if you will have boy or girl but guess what it was tie congratulations buddy (hugs him)

Kritika : let me hold please

“Excuse me, I am their chachu first me Kabir argues with her

Kritika ; and who am I? their masi no I am their chachi

Preeta ; at least sometime behave like couple hold them together

Karan ; but who will give them name? its always bua

Suraj : I leave that to my sister Kritika you go ahead

Kabir ; bhai include me please

“Such a cry baby you are Karan pulls his leg

“Niti, Mayank Kabir and Kritika says together

Preeta : did you both already knew?

Kritika : no way

Suraj kisses both his kids. Niti has all physical features of him while Mayank has looks like Elina and also playful. He goes inside the room to meet her

Elina gives him tissue paper to wipe tears

Suraj : thank you for giving me such great gift

“You should be my dear husband, I worked nine months to get your gift she says

Preeta and Karan argues to hold the babies in hand together.

Preeta ; give her to me, you all men always spoil your daughters

Karan ; baby doll what about our bet? should we also go for honeymoon or not

Preeta : whatever you say my husband

Precap : Leap with final part and epilogue.

Karan Preeta honeymoon with Arjun Roo

Kabir Kritika consummation

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