Preeran FF ; Realization Part 71

Luthra house

After the prayer all the couples go back to their room but again argue for the drama in mall.

Preeta : don’t talk to me, I still have not forgiven you (throws clothes on bed)

Karan ; baby doll why are you venting anger on those poor clothes

Preeta ; then what should I do? you have not mended your old ways

Karan : I have very good surpass for you but for that you have to close your eyes

“No I won’t she resists

Karan ; please okay if you don’t like the gift throw me out of house not just room

Preeta makes O shape looking at him

Karan : please please, one last chance

“Okay fine she agrees and closes her eyes

Karan brings her gift and puts on her hands

“Wait don’t open yet he opens the box with colorful bangles he got for his baby doll

Preeta : how much more time

Karan makes her wear all bangles without hurting her hands. She feels her hands filled with something

“Now open tells her smilingly

Preeta sees very colorful bangles with her favorite colors with it.

“This is are so gorgeous but did you buy whole store of bangles she asks funnily

“What should I have done? first I didn’t know your favorite color for bangles then I thought all color suits my baby doll so I brought so many Karan pouts like child

“So sweet, thank you for this, you knew I love bangles and got it for me Preeta hugs him

“Wow Karan Luthra you are too good, its so easy to pacify your baby doll she is so innocent Karan jumps in happiness thinking about his brothers

Preeta ; what are you thinking?

Karan ; that my poor brothers I wonder which torture their wives will present today

Rishab comes to his room casually thinking Piyali’s might not be angry anymore. He sees Anu sitting on bed rolling her eyes to face at Piyali who is waiting with something in hand.

“Jiju all the best tonight is going to be very long night, god is very happy with you Anu leaves

Rishab : godji if you save me today I will offer 20 coconuts tomorrow promise

Piyali ; no use of dealing with god my husband (walks towards him)

Rishab : piyali my sweet pie please put that vase down I am very sensitive

Piyali : thanks for reminding I didn’t knew, you don’t care for me anymore (sits on bed) I planned such big surprise for you today but you spoiled my mood

“Did somebody told you that you look very cute even in anger mode Rishab kisses her cheek

Piyali : really?

Rishab : I got something for you but you spoiled our both mood

“Okay I am sorry na, please show me gift Piyali pouts

Rishab slides hand from her face to make her close eyes. He covers her with red shining duppatta with silvering lining.

“Open your eyes’ Rishab makes her stand in front of mirror

She is overwhelmed to see herself and Rishab’s choice.

“You got this for me? she asks tearfully

Rishab ; no I am thinking to give this to Anu she will look real beauty

“I will not let that oversmart kid take this Piyali gets possessive

Rishab ; were you always like this or I just didn’t see this personality of yours

Piyali : ask yourself maybe you will get answer better than me (leans to kiss him)

The duo share very intimate moment

Sameer sees Shrishti stamping everything in kitchen angrily. He carries her to terrace blindfolded where he planned small surprise for her for evening.

Shrishti ; leave me I said

“Surprise Sameer opens her blindfold

Shrishti sees her name decorated with rose petals between heart shape

Shrishti : oh my god so romantic

“I am sorry for morning but you should know by now that my heart only belongs to my lambu Sameer kisses her forehead

“i was never angry at you my shorty love you Shrishti hugs him

Bharadwaj house

Kabir sends Elina and Suraj out for dinner to spend time with Kritika. She sees gift Kabir brought for her from mall the salwar suit and matching earring.

“This dress might look beautiful but the one who will wear, her face will glow like moon

Kritika wears the salwaar suit and goes down for dinner. She sees the dark in the hall but only candle on tables.

“Kabir where are you she looks around

“Right here comes in front of her and is mesmerized with her simple beauty

Kritika fixes the dress covering her sleeve properly.

Kabir ; you look good don’t worry come, you didn’t eat from whole day

Kritika ; you were also hungry

He turns around

Kritika : don’t look at me like that, I can read your face, why did you keep fast

Kabir : how can I eat when you friend cum wife remains hungry whole day look what I got

“Chinese she shouts

Kabir : you told bhai that you love chinese, and sorry for mall thing, I was just joking

Kritika : I know you were only trying to make me smile with all this stupid jokes

Kabir ; lets start

The moon glows brighter with all couple enjoying their time

(Chaand Chhupa Baadal Mein

Sharma Ke Meri Jana) -2

Seene Se Lag Jaa Tu

Balkhake Meri Jana

Ghumsum Sa Hai Gupchup Sa Hai,

Madhosh Hai Khamosh Hai

Ye Sama, Han Ye Sama Kuchh Aur Hai

Chaand Chhupa Baadal Mein

Sharma Ke Meri Jana

Seene Se Lag Jaa Tu

Balkhake Meri Jana

Nazdikiyaan Badh Jaane De,

Arre Nahi Baba Nahi, Abhi Nahi Nahi Nahi

Ye Dooriya Mit Janede,

Karan and Preeta sits on swing look in the sky. He gives her swing rounds from back

Arre Nahi Baba Nahi, Abhi Nahi Nahi Nahi

Door Se Hi Tum Ji Bhar Ke Dekho,

Tum Hi Kaho Kaise Door Se Dekhu

Chand Ko Jaise Dekhta Chakor Hai

Aye Ghumsum Sa Hai, Gupchup Saa Hai,

Madhosha Hai, Khamosha Hai

Ye Sama Ha Ye Sama Kuchh Aur Hai

Ho Ho Ho Chaand Chhupa Baadal Mein

Sharma Ke Jane Jana

Sine Se Lag Jaa Tu Balkhake Meri Jana

Aaja Re Aaja Re Chanda

Ke Jab Tak Tu Naa Aayega

Sajana Ke Chere Toh Dekhne

Yeh Man Tarsa Jayega

Naa Naa Chanda Tu Nahi Aana

Tujo Aaya Toh

Sameer Shrishti romance continues on terrace.

Sanam Sharma Ke Kahi Chala Jaye Naa

Aaja Re Aaja Re Chanda

Tu Lakh Duwaye Payega

Naa Naa Chanda Tu Nahi Aana,

Varna Sanam Chala Jayega

Aanchal Mein Tu Chup Jane De,

Arre Nahi Baba Nahi, Abhi Nahi Nahi Nahi

Julfo Mein Tum Kho Jane De,

Arre Nahi Baba Nahi, Abhi Nahi Nahi Nahi

Pyar Toh Nam Hai Sabra Kaa Humdam,

Wohi Bhala Bolo Kaise Kare Ham

Sawan Ki Rah Jaise Dekhe Mor Hai,

Aey Rehne Bhi Do, Jane Bhi Do,

Ab Chhodo Na, Muha Modo Na

Ye Sama Ha Ye Sama Kucha Aur Hai

Aaya Re Aaya Chanda

Kabir and Kritika feeds each other lovingly forgetting the bitter past. Arjun and Roo enjoys outside on road

Ab Har Khwahish Puri Hogi

Chandni Raat Mein Har Sajani

Apne Sajana Ko Dekhegi

Aaya Re Aaya Chanda

Ab Har Khwahish Puri Hogi

Chandni Raat Mein Har Sajani

Apne Sajana Ko Dekhegi

Aaya Re Aaya Chanda

Ab Har Khwahish Puri Hogi

Chandni Rat Mein Har Sajani

Apne Sajana Ko Dekhegi.

The couples look at the moon holding each other’s hands happily. Arjun comes to drop Ruchika at night.

“Good night she leaves dropping her purse

Arjun : this girl na (follows her)

Piyali opens a music box with piano noise which her brother gifted in childhood sitting in garden.

“I am sorry bhai, I cannot tell you truth even if I want to, your choti is in front of you but she cannot say anything she gets emotional

Arjun gets very shocked seeing her with same box he gave to his choti.


Arjun : close your eyes come on

“No bhai choti resists

Arjun ; okay then I will give this gift to somebody else maybe my girlfriend what say

Choti : no its my gift fine

Arjun makes her hear same tune of music.

“Oh my god this is so nice bhai, I will always keep this close to my heart choti hugs him

Arjun : of course this is only for you and if I go away anytime it will be token of our relation

Flashback ends

“Piyali is my choti, how could I not recognize her Arjun recalls all flashbacks

She starts leaving for inside

“Choti he stops her

Piyali’s feet does not move forward hearing the name she was craving to hear from years. She turns around to see him

Arjun : you are my choti (runs to hug her tearfully) my search is over I tried to find you everywhere but my sister was in front of me whole time

She does not react to him

Arjun ; you have grown up and now married, indirectly I saw my sister getting marry, I still can’t believe you are standing in front of me, I missed you yaar

“I missed you too bhai she too gets flood of tears recalling her childhood

Arjun : if you knew why didn’t you tell me before? I was craving to see you

Piyali : bhai how should I even reveal truth when you know everything

Arjun : come home mom will be happy to see you both, you know was feeling so guilty for what happened with you and choti ma

Piyali : no bhai please, I don’t want to reopen her old wounds seeing me and Anu, seeing that person in front of me i lost all hopes

Arjun ; you are punishing me for his mistakes

Piyali ; I am not but if truth comes out in front of everybody your marriage won’t happen with Roo

Arjun : what do you mean?

Piyali reveals shocking truth about their father involvement in murder conspiracies of two innocent people.

Arjun ; what? I don’t believe this

Piyali ; Commissioner uncle told me himself but they could not arrest him due to lack of evidence, does Ruchika know about our past

Arjun ; I am not like dad, I told her everything long time ago but if they come to know about this

Piyali : bhai I don’t know what to say but if you really want to marry her tell everything to her, how hiding things can make relation worst ask me I have been through that

Arjun : how will I tell this to her? I don’t want to lose her love

Piyali : if she loves you or respect your feelings she will accept this bitter truth also bhai

Precap ; Truth comes out on wedding day. Ruchika lands up in big dilemma again


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