Preekar…..a realisation of love….part 7


Hi to my lovely dovely friends!

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Part 7
Sharvan enter the room and breathing heavily like he just finished a marathon.
R (look towards him): What? What happen?
S(after deep breath): Nothing…vo…I just thought that you were alone how you will manage sumo alone.
R: you were behaving like suman is kid who will irritate me. Is it so?
S: no…I don’t mean that.
Ramnath and Suman tries to control their laugh.
R: Anyway stay with suman..I need to go court I had some work.
Sharvan look towards sumo…she turns her face to other side…she is also blushing but tries to control her emotions.
Sh: hello! How are you?
S: fine just a small fracture in leg.
Sh: Fracture?? Do you really think fracture is a small thing?
S: but it’s not as big as you are sounding.
Sh: I don’t know what to say? I want to scold you but your condition doesn’t allow me…to do so.
S: Scold????for what reason?
Sh: yes..scold…can you do a single thing without inviting trouble? Can’t you see that manhole? Please keep your eyes open next time you cross road.
S: oh! If your eyes are so big and you have seen that….why don’t you come to tell me?
Sh: because I doesn’t feel a need to do so….you are the one na…who used to say…that I can take good care of myself..I don’t need anyone help etc etc…. so I don’t care.
S: oh really! So you don’t care that is why you were crying so badly after my accident?
Sh: so what you think why I cry?
S: because I am your friend.

Sharvan come near to sumo hold her hand and say not anymore..I lied…. I lied to everyone you me…
Sh: I Love you Sumo.
Suman looks to sharvan with open mouth and wide open eyes.
Sh: what happen?
Sh: I know it sound weird you always took me as your friend but I love you since school times…I wanted to confess so write a letter and keep it in library but didn’t saw it….and then…

Sumo cuts him before he can say further..
S: I know about that letter….
Sh: u know about it how…do you read that?
S: no at that time I didn’t…I find that in the same book while doing packing…when you decided you will go back to London. At that time I got to know that u too loves me.
Sh: stop…u too love me means…
S: yes…I desperately wait for 10 years just to told you that what I feel for you….but u didn’t gave a chance to told you…you came back from London but you hate me…for what reason I don’t don’t trust me…when all that misunderstanding get clear…I have to bear your mood swings….even on that night too…I ask about that girl but…you said u don’t love her anymore…I wanted to say at that time too but suddenly chachi came….and then this and that….and then ur…I mean Nirmala aunty…then…

Sharvan is in complete disbelief that how these can may happen? He is in shock but super happy to get his love….
He rushed to sumo’s bed and gave peck on her lips which shocked suman…she is completely shaken up with the touch of his lips on hers.
Sh: tum kitna bolti ho…(How much you speak?) How difficult it is say…its simple…I love you…but you were talking non-stop… btana tha btaya nhi baki sb bol diya…(What you need to say u don’t you were all other stories)
Sumo shyly look towards him and smiles mischievously.

Sh: ohk now say..
S: what?
Sh: should I have to tell you again what?
S: I…I…I want to sleep..
Sh: What?
Sumo smiles. Sharvan says ok if you insist I can tell you again that how to say it? He moves towards her and bend on her…………..

 keep guessing what will happen till the time I post next part….Loves you all and please don’t forgot to tell me about your likes and dislikes….I am always open for suggestions…your wishes are my commands……so feel free to say what you want?
Romantic Scene se le kr…Ramnath positive…suspense….thriller…sab milta hai yahan…aap to bas hokum kro…..whatever the majority of my readers wish…I’ll form the story to that side….

But before that too….can anyone guess who is going to be in negative shade in my ff?

Precap: Nirmala come back…

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Awesome episode prekar and I like every thing that my friends like like u

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku…so much dear

  2. Marie

    Oooyyyyyy hoyyyyy Aj toh di chaaa gain…..!!!
    Must say amazinggg writer wid amazingggg ff…….!!
    OMG OMG OMG shraman scenes r so so so awesome…!
    I loved it like hell….
    Plz plz plz serial Mai Bhi aisa hojai toh Kia hi baat hai….
    Di I want to say one more thing I want to give ur ff another name
    “Ek duje ke vaaste 2” kaisa…??
    Plz plz plz aise hi shraman ke romantic scenes daalte raho kyun ke serial Mai toh………..
    Ooohhhhhhh I think nir may be nagative….
    By by di
    Love u so much

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku so much maria….I gave you more such moments in next few updates….to watch out the negative shade character. …stay tuned…
      And about name…not bad how many others are in favour that I should change it to ek duje k vaste 2.

  3. This was so cute ? You’re and amazing writer ? Loving your ff ?

  4. Ariana

    Uhhhh!!! I guess I’ll find myself in the hospital room next to Suman’s ward soon. This epi…..too good to make me die peacefully. But hell no! The ending!!! Can’t wait…. Pls post asap. pls pls pls. I can’t wait.
    Love u

    1. Preekarfan

      The ending makes it carzy right….I’ll post next part by today evening and something very romantic is waiting for you…and don’t go to hospital. …if you go there who will read the next part…

      1. Ariana

        Awwwww… nd today evening!!! woho! I’ll manage living that long…

  5. Episode…was too gud…☺☺☺
    Loved the dialogues..of sumo more…???
    Nice precap..Sab teek kar key..ff close karney ka eraadha hain kya Teri?????

    1. Preekarfan

      Socha to yhi h but end itna close nhi yr…abi to bhut kuch h likhne ko….

  6. Sumo

    awwm….. it was sooo amazing… a really sudden proposal… ?

    1. Preekarfan

      Kbi kbi sudden things planned se better hoti h…. sharvan and sumo proposal is somewhat inspired from my personal life…. :p :p

      1. personal haan.. mind if I ask?

      2. Sumo

        personal haan? mind me asking?

      3. Sumo

        really Di? fiance? wow now m really excited.. plz do tell me soon.. or else I will die outta suspense .. how about a post dat says ur story?,????

    2. Preekarfan

      Yup…personal. ..even my fiance proposed me in very unique way…its a long story….I’ll share some other time….our story is more interesting than ek duje k vaste….

    3. Preekarfan

      Post….about my story……I m blushing….

  7. hi di hope u remember me
    i was missing this ff badly
    it was tooooo goodd
    really lovd it n feeled it
    ek aur baat di
    i hd to tell u that i got admssn in BHU

    1. Preekarfan

      Congratulations lovely m so happy for you..and…..I remember everyone…..I don’t find khushi here…where is she?

      1. Sumo

        khushi is a bit busy dese days.. studies n moreover her phone got broken.. ?

    2. Preekarfan

      Oh….hope she will soon join us again…

  8. When ramnath comes to know that Aditya is nirmala Ahuja son and he loves suman, he might be shocked and because of his ego he might not want Aditya to be happy as he is nirmala son, though shravan is nirmala son also, he might think that by suman marrying shravan he might win over nirmala.. This my guess .. Let’s see what happens…?????

    1. Preekarfan

      Hahahha….nice sri…nice story line…but our story doesn’t have aditya….right now and second our ramu is good ramu….I mean positive ramu

  9. Wow… your story is just awesome……and u don’t drag the plot….. I loved the update… soon…

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku so much kaya

  10. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi pihu di! Well even am in the majority of changing the name to edkv2. Well, according to my guess, is ff mai nirmala will be in the negative shade. Anxiously waiting for the evening post. Post soon dear. Lots of love.

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku nandini…sorry for evening promise…just little busy with small happenings at home….I’ll also think to change name….

  11. Nikita

    Hi di!
    Sorry for the late comment, mei school jati hu naa..
    Amazing episode!
    Finally confession!
    Kya likhte ho aap!
    Maybe the negative character’s nirmala..
    And nirmala’s back! Wow…
    Ab aaega maza
    Now post son!
    Chalo bye!

    1. Preekarfan

      Its ohk nikita….study comes first…everything is afterwards. ..yes nirmala’s entry make it thrilled….I’ll try to post next part soon…

  12. Prettypreeti

    Kamqal ki tha
    Loved it
    Post next one soon
    Love u
    Kee p writing

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku pretti….

  13. Sry di I got so late so late so late that I can’t even ask for forgiveness. I hope you will forgive me. And meri pizza recipe acchi nahi he bt if you can ask me anytime….
    epi is supeeeerrrrr amazing, yeah mere Shraman ki shadi hogi…
    sab log positive hain to I think Nirmala is negative…or Kamini chachi…
    Ghatiya suggestion dekar main apke ff ko bigar nahi sakti…aap khud itna accha likh Te ho ….
    love you,forgive me if I get late again??-Neeti

    1. Preekarfan

      No need to ask for forgiveness. you haven’t made any mistake…you can read it any tym and jb dil kre tb comment I’ll reply you always…

      1. Neeti

        Tq pihu di

  14. Mickey Loscalzo

    How I hope your prediction comes true for a ShraMan marriage whatever means he uses to achieve that or whatever be his objective be else what will they show as track which will involve both of them coz Aditya will have to be pushed out of the picture first since nanu seems bent on getting sumo married probably in the same mandap as Preetis Ofcourse the epic PreeKar marriage which was a complete damp squib for all its bouhaha and which resulted only in MUs which were not needed and remain unresolved and gave us in the form of aditya the most unwanted of any characters ever

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