Preekar…..a realisation of love….part 5

Hi Baacha Party!
Here is your part 5 as I promised it will be the most interesting part of the series by far now.

Part 5
Sharvan rushes to Sumo. Sumo blink her eyes and emotionally looks towards Sharvan. Sharvan is very happy as her Sumo is fine. Doctor arrive and checks Sumo and said that She is fine now but she has to sleep for the body rest and gives sumo an sleeping injection and ask everyone to go out and let Sumo rest. Sharvan is super happy. Pushkar ask Sharvan to go home and rest now as sumo is fine now and he can come in morning fresh by that time Sumo also gets well. Sharvan resists going but when preeti and pushkar constantly ask him to go, he agrees.
Preeti calls at Tiwari mansion and inform everyone about Sumo’s condition. Everyone is happy and decided to go hospital right now but preeti make them understand that they can’t talk to sumo right now as she is sleeping. They should come in morning to meet her.
Sharvan reach home and directly go to his father’s room and hug him tight and told him about sumo and also tell him about his feelings.
S: Papa, I was so wrong. You are right; we can’t leave to live just because of one person. We can’t judge the world based on one person. I know papa, Sumo hurts you with that Nirmala Ahuja scene. But I promise you papa, I’ll make her understand and she will not repeat this mistake. She doesn’t do anything intentionally, she just want my bitterness to reduce. Please papa forgive Sumo please for my sake.

Ramnath is tensed with the change in situation. He was trying to make suman and sharvan away from each other but now this seems like impossible. He was in guilt that he ditched his guru and now he was in more grief that what he was doing? He was not helping Sharvan, infact he is giving pain to his own Son by keeping him away from his love. He has tears in his eyes.
S: please papa don’t cry. I’ll never leave you; if you don’t want this relation then I can completely understand you. I’ll marry sumo only with your wish, I’ll wait for the day you forgive Sumo.
R: no my son! It’s not like that I have forgiven Sumo. Even I want Sumo to forgive me I did so wrong with you guys. I tried to make you both away; I didn’t understand your love for her.
S: No papa, you are not at all on fault. It’s me who take time to understand my love for her. My papa can never be at fault. You will never say sorry to anyone.
Sharvan hug his dad and wish him good night.
Ramnath is completely shaken from his deeds and sharvan’s words. He was afraid that what will happen when sharvan gets to know the reality that he broke sumo’s PCT. If sharvan forgive him or leave him. He is super tensed and crying badly that how bad he do with his Son. Ramnath decided that he will the truth to Sumo and leave everything on her that what is she wants whether she wants to forgive or she wants to tell truth to my son.

Yamini enters the room to talk Ramnath. Ramnath told him what he decided. Yamini stops him from doing so. She reminds him that sumo is just like nirmala she will take your son from you, hands over to nirmala. Then what will you do bhai sahib. She tries to brain wash Ramnath.
Ramnath is super confused about what to do know? should he say truth to everyone and just stay quite to keep his image high in his son’s eyes. He straightly went to Sharvan’s room. He saw him peacefully sleeping and sits near to his bed and looks him, creases his hairs. He was afraid of losing his son but also don’t want to hurt him. He holds his hand and sleeps their only.
In hospital, nurse asks pushkar and preeti to go out of the room and allow patient to rest. Preekar is sitting outside the Sumo’s room. Preeti is happy and thanking god for making her sister gets well and bring pushkar to her life.
Pu: so what you ask from God?
Pr: no I don’t need anything I just said him thanks.
Pu: thanks for what?
Pr: for giving u and making di fine.
Pushkar with a smile on his face…not bad…I am impressed.
Preeti also smiles.
Pu: Preeti I want to say something.
Pr: please go ahead.
Pu: I don’t want to tell anyone about this relation right now.
Preeti is looking towards pushkar with shocking face.
Pu: don’t misunderstand me but I don’t want because first is sumo not well second Sharvan bhai confession is so sudden that if I will also say that I love you…my mom will get an attack. So please for sometime can we hide it from family once they finish with bhai and sumo discussion…we will let them know about us.
Preeti is smiling and feeling proud on her choice. She nods in agreement.
Pu: I want one more promise..
Pr: Promise what…?
Pu: that you won’t tell anything to sumo also. Let her concentrate on her love story. Second promise me that you will meet me daily without a failure…if you won’t come then I climb to your room.
Pr: no. no need of that I’ll come daily and also not let sumo know anything.
Then fine they both smile looking each other.

In morning whole tiwari family reach to hospital to see sumo. Nanu ask preeti about sumo she replied that she is sleeping and had not wake up yet.
Nanu ask about sharvan, pushkar replied that he send sharvan bhaiya to home as he is very stressed when sumo gets fine in night. Nanu nods and said good.
Nanu and mama ji ask pushkar to go home and have some rest as he is here for whole night.
Pushkar comes home yamini yells over him that what’s the need to spend whole night in hospital look how weak you are looking…tiwari family has treated my son as their…pushkar cuts her talk and say mom I am feeling sleepy..can I go?

She said ok go and sleep as you haven’t sleep from two nights.
Sharvan wake up in morning and saw his dad sleeping by his side on chair. He wakes him up and asks what are doing here. You should have sleep on bed. This way you will get ill. Ramnath is emotional and hugs sharvan. In new morning light, ramnath’s thoughts are also very clear and he has decided that he will tell truth to everyone and ask his family to forgive him. He believes that this will take time but they will forgive him.
He ask sharvan to get ready as they have to leave for hospital.

Precap: sharvan and sumo hug. Nirmala entry.

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  1. Sumo

    pihu Di … it was mast as usual.. clear sky is d best dat can happen.. I also lyk ramnath ji a lot .. n I also don’t like is negative shade.. thanks for making him positive.. I hope it happens in d show too.. ??

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku sumo…. 🙂

  2. Pihu Di!!!!!! It was an outstanding epi!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 really loved it ……. Really hope dat dis will happen in d show too……
    Lots of luv….

    1. Preekarfan

      aaawwww…i too wish the same Maria…that’s why i am writing…and thanku

  3. Hey..pihu…u rocked was so interesting..and u made the precap much more interesting..keep it on?☺?

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku sona…trying hard as you guys have lot of expectations from me…

  4. Angel_pari

    loved it diiii kash serial mn b sb asha asha hota ur ff is treat really keep gng 🙂

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku angel… 🙂 🙂

  5. LovelyLady

    frst of all di… u hv very beautyful eyes… i was looking in your eyes fr few secnds forgeeting every thng…. also u r cery sweet hearted di… love u loadssss

    cmng to story …. it was very good… waiting fr the shraman hug……

    1. Preekarfan

      I am blushing….thanku…its a lovely compliment just like your name…

      shraman hug next episode…done..and in coming episodes a sizzling hot romantic sequence of Shraman… 😉 😉 😉

      1. LovelyLady

        oye hoye di…. kya bat h

  6. Shalini Naicker

    Wow Ramnath will tell the truth to everyone. Waiting for it eagerly. Keep writing.

  7. Kavina

    I loved it

  8. Preekarfan

    sure…gave you guys next part soon.. 🙂

  9. Khushi

    Dii…..ur dp is so good….aapki eyes bahut achi hai….and yes the description that’s written below ur name…that yuh toh laag lagane….that is so good….
    Now coming to the episode…. Di it was fab….and aa u said very very interesting… M glad that u didn’t made ramnath bad.. Really it was soo good….keep posting di and that too soon….love u sooo much

    1. Preekarfan

      love u too khushi…and thanku so much… 🙂

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