Preekar…..a realisation of love….part 4

Lots of love to all from your pihu di….you guys are awesome….more than this FF….in just two days I feel like I am the part of this telly family. You guys gave me so much love that I have never thought. Maximum of you are in your school life and earlier college life… it’s the responsibility of this elder sister to take care of you all. I passed out my +2 with non-med and B.Tech with mechanical and M.Tech in Energy so guys are also free to ask anything related to study and any other kind of help I can do just gave me a msg.
Anyway let’s start with our story…guys I know how much painful these head injuries are. I have gone through that phase so I never ever want someone else will go through it even in his/her dreams (not even characters of my story). So I make sumo fine as soon as possible.
Recap: Sharvan confession and preekar fight.

Part 4
Preeti saw Sharvan confessing his feelings. She is all emotional and left the room without saying anything. She came out and sits on the bench next to Pushkar. She is crying.
Pushkar saw her and ask what happened? I am sorry I don’t mean to hurt you. I just confess my feelings. It’s ok if you don’t love me but please don’t cry.
Pr: Stupid!
Pu: What?
Pr: yes, you are stupid.
Pu: but what I did? Is Sumo fine?
Pr: Yes, she is or I would say she have to. How can she not be fine? Di has Sharvan. She has to recover for him. He loves her so much that his love makes my di better soon.
Pu: you are right. Sharvan bhaiya loves sumo very much. But I have never expected it that he will confess his feelings in this way. I mean in front of whole family…(Pushkar has a smile on his face)
Pr: I also have never expected.
Pu: What?
Pr: That you..
Pu: I said na sorry…what you want I came to my knees to say sorry to you.
Pr: yes..
Pu: What? You really want so?
Pr: yes, I want you to be on your knees but not for saying sorry….
Pushkar with full curiosity on his face ask then for what?
Preeti got little irritated and said now do I have to explain you each and everything.
Pu: yes. I don’t want any confusion anymore.
Preeti feel little awkward. She understands that pushkar wants to hear her. She blushed and closes her eyes and makes the cutest face of this Earth and said I want you to confess your feelings in a proper gentlemen way like Ranbir Kapoor not like Emraan Hashmi.
She opens her eyes to look Pushkar reaction but find him seating on his knees holding a bottle. She laughed.
Pr: Pushkar what are you upto?
Pu: I am just obeying you mam.
Pr: Pushkar this is hospital and staff is looking towards us.
Pu: I don’t care. Miss Preeti Tiwari, I love you. Will you accept this rose and become my lover?
Pr: pushkarrrrr…….this is a water bottle not rose.
Pushkar gets up and just irked (Sweet wala Naraj) with preeti reply.
Pu: Kya yr…saari feelings ki Dahi kr di…kya tum thodi der k liye bottle ko rose nhi maan skti…(you just spoilt the mood can’t you imagine bottle as rose for some time)
Suddenly Sharvan opens the door and shouts pushkarrrr….
Pushkar just shakes up and said ji….ji bhaiya….I was just…
Sharvan: Pushkar, Sumo moves her finger and she blinks. Please call the doctor fast.
Pushkar and preeti are super happy. Sharvan again rushes to Sumo.

Precap: Sharvan and Sumo emotional hug.

Hope you guys like this part also. Please do tell me with comments.    
I know this part is little shorter than previous ones but i promise to upload next part today itself.

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  1. I always says..and wanna..say the same for ur upcmng ffs..its gng to sweet like..this..
    Hey..I’m also..the elder one..from our frnds..and little smaller than..u..?☺?
    I’m a graduate☺??
    Nice to meet u my frnd..

    1. Preekarfan

      ur reply my next comment… 🙂

  2. Preekarfan

    thank god sona…you msgd me…i was feeling i am the only one crazy who has still left childhood….
    very nice to meet you
    and thankx for the ff compliments…. 🙂 🙂

  3. Angel_pari

    diiiii it was really nyc its good that u do some change frm serial not making sumo serious,.,,,,

    it was sweetly amazing.,,,,,

    and u say u hv gone through that phase,. Kya hua tha di????

    1. Preekarfan

      Thank you angel….

      Nothing babu I too met with an accident around three back and had internal bleeding in head…very tough time.
      So I don’t want our sumo to suffer with the same 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

      1. Angel_pari

        ohhhhh…. May GOD keep u safe alwayz…. 🙂

  4. Oooh Di!!!!!! Wat say mai toh ap ki bhi fan ho gai!!!!! 😀 itna acha likhti ho ap …….. !! Ap ho bhi boht sweet 🙂 🙂 i really loved ur ff !! Amazingggg!!

    1. Preekarfan

      I am blushing blushing……thanku maria for the compliment and ff….. 🙂 :*)

  5. Sumo

    pihu Di it was amazing… n sad to hear about ur accident..
    update was as usual a treat.. n I will definitely ask u wen I will be stuck in some studies… love ya…???

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku sumo….next part is more amazing than this…..believe me….u will fall in love with that…

      And the house is always open for ur help…no need to get sad…I perfectly fine now.

  6. Shalini Naicker

    Again loved it Pihu di. Youare awesome. It was so sweet of you that you asked us if we want your help we can. You are so sweettttttttt. Keep writing.

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku shalini….thanku so so much..

  7. Khushi

    Ohhhh pihu di…..kya khate ho aap….itne ache ideas aapke dimaag mein kaise aate hain….u r just fab….aww I loved the way pushku just went on his knees without thinking about anything??
    Ur ff is treat di…plz post karte raho… Love u loads….
    M really sad to hear about ur accident di I hope u r fine now…..and yes even I had an accident few months back….but it was not a serious one..???
    Love u di

  8. Preekarfan

    ha ha ha ha ha…..thanku so much khushi….do read the next part…that will be more awesome.. 🙂

  9. Kavina

    I loved it

  10. LovelyLady

    di it was really vry goodddd…….
    actully i read it very early bt cnt cmmnt…..due to bzz shedule……
    hope u dont mnd…
    i mst say di u r really very mch qualified…… frm whr hv u cmpltd your engg????

    1. Preekarfan

      it’s ok Lovely..i understand this time situation…i also read your FF together-forever (EDKV) and liked it a lot….thanku so much.

      I done my B.Tech from UIET, KUK and M.Tech from NIT,KKR and pursuing Ph.D from IIT Delhi… 🙂

  11. LovelyLady

    wooowww di so much talent u hv…..
    actually my dad want me to do btech.. bt i was getting colleges by WBJEE so i cancelled it n now wanna take admssn in BHU in bsc n after masters wll go in lectureeship…
    it wll be be good or not????

    1. Preekarfan

      nice lovely…a good college always matter…one more advice do ur graduation and masters together without break because once you go on break…it will be hard to continue again…and don’t do B.Tech…its going off trend…

      try MSc Biotech if u r eligible or a simple B.Sc… general B.Sc. gives u lots of option for masters…

      All da bst….

      1. LovelyLady

        di do u hv any idea abt bhu admssn…. it is 259 in gen female rank …..
        called fr counselling on this 5…
        mujhe lgta h ki mera chance ni h main cmps me …. kya affliated college mil skta h ki ni bta skti h….

      2. LovelyLady

        pihu di mere phn se msg ni ja rha tha….
        thnkx di… plz kuch bhi pta chale to batayiega n most imp ki mere rank pr kaisa cllg milega ue ota chale to jarur bataiyega….

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