Preekar…..a realisation of love….Part 2


Hi friends!
Super excited from your comments on my first FF. I just loved your comments and I have not find any script…I just take the previous episode as a base so I have to progress in the same direction. In future also I’ll take references from spoilers to keep story intact.
However, I love Satayjeet Sharma aka Ramnath..Sharvan’s Dad….I just wish the spoiler will turn out to be fake which held Ramnath responsible for Sumo’s condition. As I like him but I keep his negative shade continue till sometime in my FF. He is negative under influence of Yamini but slowly I try to make his character positive.
And yes I am new to this page and this is my first FF. Do motivate me with your beautiful comments for continuing the story.
Love u all.

Precap: Pushkar confront preeti for that kiss scene and Sumo met with an accident.
Part 2
Preeti follow pushkar to operation theatre. She smiles looking towards pushkar but pushkar doesn’t give any expression. Preeti realised how much she hurt him with her words?
Here Pushkar is also very sad. On one hand her friend sumo is suffering through this entire situation and his love treats him as he tried to impose himself over him. Pushkar look towards Sharvan who is completely distraught. Pushkar goes to him and sit next to him. He keeps his one hand on sharvan shoulder. Sharvan look towards him and hugs him and cry. Sharvan told pushkar that you are right….you know my feelings for Sumo before me….I love her pushkar I love her….Please ask her to wake up. I’ll promise I will not fight with her in future. Please pushkar ask her na to come back to me…please.

Pushkar consoles Sharvan whereas Tiwari family is in shock after hearing Sharvan’s confession. Mami ji comments I know it. I understand it the day I saw those pictures…that there is something between these two. Masi nods in agreement to her. Nana ji gave them a stiff look which both of them understands and gets quite.
Suddenly the operation light goes off and doctor comes out. Everyone rushes to doctor to ask about sumo. Sharvan held doctor and say him please say to me that you saved my sumo.
Doctor take a deep breath and said yes operation was successful. Everyone feel blessed and tank god. Doctor interrupts and said but….Sharvan ask but what doctor?
Doctor said but she has lost a lot of blood and she has gone to coma.
Everyone is shocked. Sharvan said to doctor to Doctor this can’t happen. She can’t punish me like this. She have to come back to senses.
Nanu feels a little chest pain. Mama ji holds him in time. Doctor checks him and said that this much stress is not good for him in this age. Take him to home for some rest.
Nanu said that he will not go anywhere until sumo will not get fine. But on everyone’s request he gets ready to go home.

Doctor said in such type of situation normally patient goes to coma but retrieve within 24 hours. Hope suman also gets well. Everyone thanks doctor.
Ramnath ask the family members to go home and he will drop Tiwari ji to their home. Sharvan insists on staying in hospital. Ramnath ask how can you stay here? But Tiwari ji interrupts him and said allow Sharvan to stay because if he stays here I also feel relaxed at home. Pushkar stays back to the place with Sharvan while whole manhotra family leaves.

From Tiwari family mama ji and preeti decided to stay in hospital while Bablu ji decided to go home and do jagran for Sumo’s well being.
While driving back to home Tiwari ji and Ramnath sitting in same car. Ramnath feels guilty for destroying PCT and bring his guru’s natin in this situation. He is not able to make eye contact with Tiwari ji. Tiwari ji said to him. I can understand your situation but don’t worry I know your truth. Ramnath is in deep shock that how can this happen…How could Tiwari ji knows about it?
Tiwari ji: I know you are thinking that how I make eye contact to my guru ji after all this.
Ramnath is in complete shock and feels short of words to express his guilty. For the first time he is thinking that how stoop he laid just to keep nirmala away from his son. He feels like he also betrays his son and guru just like nirmala do to him.

Ramanth: I am sorry Tiwari ji. I really sorry. I don’t know how all this hapeen. Why I…
Tiwari ji: I understand your position. I trust you. I know you are also in the same situation in which I am.
Ramnath is in shock that what Tiwari ji is talking about?
Tiwari ji: I know that you were also unknown about sharvan’s feelings. But ramnath this all is not in our hands.
Ramnath is little relaxed that Tiwari ji don’t know about his deeds but also gets afraid that how he will react when he got to know about all this.
Ramnath: ji Twari ji you are right I also get shocked when Sharvan said all that. But trust me I’ll
Tiwari ji: Ramnath I don’t need any explanation. I just want to ask do you have any problem with this.?
Ramnath becomes short of words and don’t know what to say? He destroys Sumo’s PCT just because he doesn’t want this relation to grow. But, he also guilty for doing this to his Guru’s family.
Tiwari ji: What happened Ramnath? What are you thinking? I understand your situation you were thinking about Nirmala and suman relation.
Ramnath is in shock. And don’t know what to answer.

Ends second part on shocked face of Ramnath. Sorry not writing anything romantic about preekar and sharman. But promise to write a very romantic scene of our Preekar. Do give suggestions about Ramnath’s action to this situation now.

Precap: Preekar romantic scene and sharvan emotional confession of his love.

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  1. Nice epi

  2. LovelyLady

    awww vry nyc epi.. u keep on wrtng… we r here to spprt u….. btw do u hv any nck name as preekrfan is long to wrt….

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku mam…

      Should i call you Lovely di, as everyone on the page call u same or Lovely as I am also a post graduate?

      and you can call me Pihu.

      1. LovelyLady

        pihu di u shd nvr cll me lovely di… as i m soo mch juniour to u….. i jv jst pased my 12 th n u r post graduate ..,….
        n not cll me mam also…. mai bahut choti hu apse……. u cn cll me jst lovely or lovy….

  3. Angel_pari

    nyc epiiii yar feeling sad for sharvan he is broken down and preekar track is also gng good,……. Precap is really intresting waiting for sharvn,s confession 🙂

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku…..hope i can keep on entertaining you guys.

  4. Yeah we r here to support u especially lovly dii she also supported me vryyy muchm yeah like Di said do u have any nick name….. ?? 🙂
    So come to d epi :
    it ws realllly awesome loved it!! 😀
    u write it veryyy well n fr ramnath plzzz try to make him as positiv as u can… 🙂 bczzzz his chracter iss negative in original series….

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku maria.. 🙂

      actually the story track is so messed up write now that it will take me some time to bring out the positive side of Ramnath.

  5. That’ wrote very well..☺
    And its OK..when a situation runs around hospital..? how could it be romantic..say!??
    And u asked..our suggestion for ramanath reaction ..I think..he should be silent..and would be reply..that..we later..when..evrythng..gets well..whn..nanu wnts to ask him..about it once again..he should say..☺??here..ur tiwari mansion came..
    I think..its better he should that situation..and try to make the nick of time when sumo is in hospital..OK..
    Try this..if u like it..
    And all the best yaar…for ur ff☺???

    1. Preekarfan

      that is only the magic of love na….and writers also….
      sorry i m taking a credit here but i don’t feel like anything is over the top they guys knew the situation and are very much in love….so emotions just burst out when they saw each other…
      and to see the romance you have to read the next FF…

      thankx for the suggestion and believe me i also write the same situation and from here on i emphasize on Ramnath guilt to distract the story line to a different shade.

  6. Lado_mishi

    So good yr…kaash serial tumhari ff ke acc chalta…anyways it’s awesome…. Ur imagination is soo good…keep it up
    Well may I know ur name if u don’t mind??

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku dear….thanku so much…:)
      u can call me Pihu..:)

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey yaar I Just read the epi 1 n epi 2 together wow loved the fact someone is also writing a ff on preekar 🙂 cute ff 🙂

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku…i feel the preekar couple more cute and sweet and experiment-able then the lead pair…

      the lead pair is quite stiff and rigid because of their character description…

  8. Sumo

    @lovly I gave her / him d name preekar.. but tell me r u girl or a guy??? n about the episode it was fab… ❤❤✌

    1. Preekarfan

      I am a girl…and thanku..:)

    2. LovelyLady

      kkk sumo di i wll also cll her preeker …. bt she is vry seniour to me thn i have to cll he preeker di.. or PD wt say???

      1. Preekarfan

        You can call me pihu di…
        🙂 :/*

  9. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Preekarfan


  10. loved it

  11. Bhoomi

    Its awesome…??

  12. Khushi

    Wowow….main toh fan ho gyi aapki….kya imagination hai….u r so good …I loved the so much…..please please post the next part soon…..
    So ur name is pihu….well may I call u pihu di…if u don’t mind
    And is it u di…in ur dp???

    1. Preekarfan

      Yes khushi u can call me di…the way u like my ff similarly I loved your comments. …truly everyone thanku so much so much for all this appreciation.
      Yes khushi its me in dp.

  13. Preekarfan

    Hi friends
    I have already uploaded the third part. Hope telly update update it soon.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Angel_pari


    But would u lyk to be my friend as well??????

    And i,ll call u pihu dii
    i love the name pihu

    1. Preekarfan

      i’ll love to…thanku pari for being my friend….

  15. Preekarfan

    part 3 is uploaded guys…please read it and tell me about your opinions… 🙂

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