Preekar…..a realisation of love…. Part 1


Hi friends!
Like many of you I am also a big fan of Preekar Love Story in sony serial Ek duje ke Vaste. After watching yesterday’s episode I’ll decide to write an FF on their story as major track for the serial. I am writing taking 22nd June episode as a base.

Recap: Yamini calls pushkar and yells over him for making mistake and ask him to come home soon. Pushkar is worried that preeti must have told everyone about their kiss. While on other side Sharvan is in deep thoughts after listening ramnath words.

Part 1
Pushkar reach home and mummers to him that not to worry he can handle the situation he will tell everyone that he loves preeti and marry only her. But he is also worried about preeti’s reaction as he is not sure whether she also feels same for him.
Sharvan left office after talking to Ramnath. He sits in his car and starts driving. He doesn’t know where is he heading to but still driving in a hope to run from the situation. He loves sumo but after that nirmala episode he is completely distraught. Ramnath words are constantly echoes in his head. He stops at red light.
He looks outside and saw sumo on the other side of road. Sumo is looking for auto. They have an eye lock. Sharavan break eye contact and look away and then a loud horn blown and everyone rushes to the other side of road. Someone shouts save the girl. Sharvan turn his gaze and say suman on the ground drenched in blood. He shouts sumo…
He rushes to her and ask her to wake up and open her eyes. He is crying badly and hugs her. She opens her eyes and said sharvan…..
Sharvan smiles and said he will not let anything happen to her and ask her to promise him that she will not close her eyes. He asks for ambulance.

Pushkar at home. Yamini yells where were you I am looking for you. He gets afraid and asks does she tells everything. Yamini said she told me everything. Pushkar said everything and makes a puppy face. Yamini said yes vandy told her….pushkar cuts her in between and said vandy bhabi…what she told you. That you don’t come home yesterday night. Pushkar gives a relax expression and thank god preeti doesn’t told anything to anyone. He smiles. Yamini asks him why he is smiling while she is scolding him for not coming home at night.

Pushkar says mom…but suddenly he gets call from sharvan. He picks for and asks what happened bhaiya. Sharvan told him to come hospital sumo meets to accident. He cuts call and tells everyone. Everyone rushes to hospital. Everyone is tensed while ramnath and yamini is super excited to see the fate transformation. Pushkar rushes to tiwari villa to told everyone.
Pushkar reaches tiwari villa and rang door bell. Preeti opens the door and shocked to see him. She thought that he come to home as she is not picking his call. She shouts…you???? What are you doing here. Pushkar tries to say but she doesn’t let him speak and said Look pushkar go from here otherwise a big problem get created please go. she is about to close the door when pushkar hold the door and said problem is already created. She said what? He told her about accident. Everyone gathered in tiwari villa and worried for suman. They all rushes to hospital.

Ramnath reach hospital and looks for sharvan. Sharvan ran to his father and hugs him and starts crying papa I can’t see her like that please do something to save her. I love her papa. I love her.

Ramnath consoles him while the other members of manhotra family and tiwari family are shocked. Ramnath ask him to sit and vandy gives glass of water to sharvan. Ramnath goes to talk doctor. Pushkar followed him along with sumo’s mama ji.
Doctor said that sumo is critical as she lost huge amount of blood but they are trying. Mama ji pleads him for saving their sumo. Doctor goes inside while everyone is sitting outside very tensed.

Pushkar looks towards preeti and thought that she must be in trauma because of yesterday’s incident and now this accident. He must go to her and say sorry.

Preeti walks towards mandir and pushkar followed him. He asks her to stop and listen to him. She said that she is not interested. He holds her hand by elbow and said that you have to. You can’t avoid me like that since yesterday I am trying to talk you but you are avoiding me. I called you many times but you didn’t pick.

Preeti pulls herself away from pushkar and yells over him for staying away and said why will I listen to you? Don’t come close to me Pushkar. I am not like those girls who get impressed with gifts and will do these things.

Pushkar shouts preeti…how can you think that? How can you think that I am with you for that cheap thing?
Preeti said…maa was right no one gifts you anything without a reason now I got to know what’s your intention behind those gifts and sweet talks. But listen pushkar you can’t trap me with those cheap tactics. Don’t follow me now and never show me your face again.
Pushkar is shattered by her words. He never thought that she will take his actions in that much wrong way. He loves her and that is the reason he kissed her.

Preeti is about to go when pushkar holds her hand pull her towards himself and holds her from her waist. Their faces are very close and they had an eye lock.

Pushkar then asks preeti do you still feel so that I can stoop so low. Look into my eyes…can’t you see in them. Can’t you see my honesty my love for you.

Pushkar yes love. I love you preeti. I love you more than anything in this world. I meet you yesterday just to told you that. I tried to told you but then that happened. I didn’t do that intentionally I just flowed in emotions. I know I do wrong with you. I should confess my feelings I should not take that step without knowing what you feel for me? But believe me my love is pure for you. I love you preeti..I love you.

Pushkar is all emotional and crying while confessing his feelings. Preeti is also in deep shocked after listening to him. She realised that how wrong she interpreted the whole situation.

Pushkar leaves her and faces away to her and said as for now I know you’re feeling for me…You thought me as a betrayer I should leave this place and go away from you. I am sorry for that incident but I am not sorry for loving you. Pushkar cries and goes from there.

Preeti is in shock with all that happened. She realises how wrong she understand the situation and pushkar. She repents for her words and cries thinking the pushkar state. She realised pushkar love for her and their happy moments and how much she is happy with him. She prays to god to save her sister and thanks him for sending pushkar in his life. She decides to tell her feelings to pushkar once sumo gets fine.

Precap: Sumo’s operation gets completed. Doctor comes out of operation theatre. Everyone rushes to him to ask about sumo’s condition.

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  1. LovelyLady

    vry nyc imagination ….. keep wrtng… n btw r u new on thus pg???
    or u wrt any ff by other name…

    1. Preekarfan

      I am new just joined today..:)

  2. Nice story…loved it

  3. Bhoomi

    Very good yaar….. Keep it up….

    1. Preekarfan

      thank you dear..:)..nic dp

      1. Bhoomi

        Thanks … 🙂

  4. Hey…isey..padkar aisa lag raha tumey..kahi..writer Saab ki..likhi huye….papers..milgaye..aur..tum humey agey ki story..usmey dekh kar batha rarahey ho..???☺?
    I mean..ur imagination is that and realistic to the current track of em dujey k vaastey..☺?

    1. Preekarfan

      ha ha ha ha…thanku Sona….:) I hope i’ll entertain you in same in future FF’s also.

  5. Angel_pari

    wowwwwwww yar its nyc i mean i was feeling like i was reading an epi of serial itself nyc imagination anywayz keep it up 🙂

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku so much dear…your comments means a lot to me..:)

  6. nice epi……………………….

  7. Sumo

    It was amazing preekar.. I all call u just preekar is it okay wid u? Well welcome first of all…??????

    1. Preekarfan

      Thank you dear…yup u can call me preekar…
      OMG…in just single epi…i become preekar fan to Preekar..:* :*

  8. Kavina

    I loved it

    1. Preekarfan

      thank you…

      1. Kavina


  9. Khushi

    What an episode yr….u r too good for words I don’t have words to describe ur ff yr….I was amazing… Main toh aapki fan ho gyi ……I was just like m watching the episode in front of my eyes…
    What an imagination dear….
    Well may I know it real name yr…and in which class u r and from where???

    1. Preekarfan

      Thanku Khushi…its a big big big compliment…I am so happy that you all like my Episode..

      U guys can call me Pihu, as everyone in house use to call me with this name.

      @ sumo gives me name Preekar….u can call me that too.

    2. Preekarfan

      and yes…u asked about my education…I am basically from Haryana…and I am a post graduate…planning for my doctorate degree.

  10. Omg!!!! Wat a story..
    N hats off to your imagination…
    Keep Writing

  11. Loved it.

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku Shalini..:)

  12. Nisha Mukherjee

    omg seriously I thought I m reading the original track ….grt imagination yaar ..

    1. Preekarfan

      thanku dear…:)

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