Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Prologue

Hi everyone ✋ I’m new here, so chances are that you don’t know me, but I have read few fan fictions and I liked all of them so much that I’m tempted to try it myself. I’m looking forward to making a lot of new friends here, so please let me know your views to help me make it better. This is just the prologue to the story, which will be mostly centered around Shivaay and Anika as I love the way Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna potray these characters.
I really hope you guys like it ? *fingers crossed* ?


My favourite song was playing in my ears as I reached the turn around my house, but I didn’t realize the pair of amused eyes following me from the black, expensive-looking car. Just as I was closing the door, I noticed the almost invisible car in the light from another vehicle passing by. And for some unknown reason, I felt as if someone… No, not someone. I felt as if it was him. Unable to shake off the suspicion, I entered the house, took the back door and carefully hid myself behind the boundary wall to check up on the intruder who dared to spy on me. But surprise awaited me as I saw Khanna ji standing a little away and speaking with someone on his Bluetooth. I didn’t have a doubt about the person on the other end. Just thinking about him brought a warm glow to my face. “Anika”. Although I was thinking about him, his soft voice startled me. “Billuji, I said I can take care of myself “, I said trying to be a little firm.
“And I heard you the first time. But this is not for you. It’s for me”, he replied with his usual cool confidence, or should I say arrogance! Before I could give it back to him, his eyes turned into dark liquid, and I gave in to his protectiveness just like that.
“Don’t worry, I have made sure that they won’t disturb you at all. They will just be keeping a watch on the surroundings. It’s just a precaution. I can’t put you in danger again.” As I looked at him with a hint of smile around the corner of my eyes, he corrected himself. “I mean I can’t put anyone in danger. My family should be safe.” Yep, that’s why there are bodyguards stationed all around my house.

Agreed, Billuji!
Pulling on an expression of utter tiredness, I said, “Why am I even trying to explain it to you?! Anyways, I’m so tired. I’m going to sleep. You should go back home too. After all, you too had a difficult day.” The reaction to the last few words lasted for seconds only, and then the poker face was back.
“Yeah, you should sleep. I’ll leave in a while.” And he went off in the direction where I thought I had seen him before.

Waiting for your comments ?

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  1. nice intresting

    1. Samm

      Thanks sadia
      Sorry, for some reason I couldn’t view the comments, so I thought no one read it.

  2. Nansshivika

    The way u narrate is so different continue. The story u r telling is continuation of which scene? Can u plz clear it out?

    1. Samm

      Thanks nansshivika, for commenting.
      Actually it’s not continuing from any scene. It’s just the prologue, a kind of promo. As I begin with the story, you’ll get to know all that happened to lead to this. But I can tell you this much, I imagined it with all the attacks going on in Oberoi Mansion. I hope you follow the story and like it too. ?

    2. Samm

      Btw, I love your dp! ?

      1. Nansshivika

        Thanks yaar I too loved it specially nakul expression and u can call me nans. Ur story is awesome and waiting for the episodes

      2. Samm

        Thanks nans ?

  3. Samm

    Koi to comment kro yaara! ICBI! Hm itna bura likhte h kya?? ??

  4. Akshaya


    1. Samm

      Thanks Akshaya ?

  5. Rednosedreindeer

    Its really cool

    1. Samm

      Thanks rnr ? May I call you that? Your name is so long ?

      1. Rednosedreindeer

        That’s OK.

  6. Pooja26

    seems interesting……..
    gonna read this 😉 😉

    post asap….

    1. Samm

      Thanks pooja ?

  7. Tany

    Nice man continue don’t worry yaar ITF no body reads also I wil l surely read anyways welcome to ishqbaaz family …..

    1. Samm

      Thanks Tany. That’s so sweet ?

    1. Samm

      Hi shama. Please don’t call your ff backwasss! You’re so cool. ?

      1. Thanks that means u read my ff dear thanks for that …

  8. Priyanka_22

    fab samm 🙂
    awesome narration 🙂
    protective bagadbilla for his Paanika <3
    loved it
    update next part soon 🙂

    1. Samm

      Thanks Priyanka. I’m working on it.

    1. Samm

      Thanks ishqkum ?

  9. This is my first comment in my life.I am a silent reader….ur ff is so interesting… And I liked the way u narrated the story…continue ur ff…best of luck fr ur next parts…and pls update asap…waiting fr ur next part…..bye..take care samm

    1. Samm

      Thanks Mounica ?

  10. Shivu

    interesting prologue…..plz do continue….nd don’t get demotivated with less comments it will increase over time

    1. Samm

      Thanks shivu ?

  11. Samm

    Thanks guys! You all are awesome! I didn’t expect so many of you to like it! I love you guys already ?

  12. Fanficoholic

    Amazing prologue samm. Well i generally read ffs by their names. And ur name sparked the interest in me. I have not read any shivika one shots r ffs before though i used to watch and it used to be my fav serial. I loved the title of ut ff – precious. I felt interested and read the prolgue. Its amazingggg yaar. I jst love the way you descibed the scenes. Ur vocab and eng is really good. If u dnt mind a suggestion frm my side. When u want to write a convo start it in a new para. Jst a suggestion. Bt this is amazing. Plz do continue it. And comments do come slowly. I am confident that it wll gain mre comments bt u need to be patient. Afterall sabar ka phal meetha hota hai.

    Plz tell me whn u wll be posting. I mean wll u be posting everyday r on alternate days r on weekends.

    Hope u and me wll hav a good bonding in future.

    Love u

    1. Samm

      Thanks fanficoholic. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind. And I’m not really sure about when I’ll be able to post because it mostly depends on when I’ll be free. I’ll try my best to keep all of you entertained ?

    1. Samm

      Thanks ?

  13. Jara

    Hey superb way of describing yaar superb.. great talent in writing and as far as comments are concerned don’t see the nos.. coz it doesn’t tell you the fact ..many silent readers will be there so just go on ..and continue with your story..

    1. Samm

      Thanks for the support Jara ?

  14. Yaashi

    This is very fresh and new…. Greaat story and continue…. Waiting for the next update… Post it soon…

    1. Samm

      Thanks yaashi ?

  15. Tulasi

    Hii sammm……intrestnggg yaar…..
    Wen u find time have a look at my ff tooo…..plzzz

    1. Samm

      Thanks Tulasi ? Btw, you write so well ?

      1. Tulasi

        Thnk u soo much samm

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