Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 6


Hi everyone 🙂 thanks for your comments. Let’s begin without much ado. I have added a recap of previous episodes for those who haven’t been following it.

Recap: Anika was kidnapped by some mystery woman, and the O Bros saved her. Shivaay had arranged for 24 hour security around her and did not tell her the details of the threat he had received. The ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa came to the Oberoi Mansion to speak with Anika about her kidnapping but Shivaay stopped him. Continuing…

Episode 6: Precious


“Mr. Oberoi, the police is here for the safety of the common mass. It would be good for you if you co-operate with us to catch the criminal.” This ACP was getting on my nerves with his filmy dialogues!
“I have heard enough of your dialogues. You people bailed out Gayathri when she threatened my family, and then you accused us without proof for her death, and now there’s some other crazy woman roaming the streets, kidnapping my Anika and threatening my family once again! I won’t let history be repeated this time. So if you want to keep your job, let me handle this on my own. You may leave now.” My anger was at boiling point. Somehow this guy always managed to irritate the hell out of me. The ACP smirked at me and left with a fake salute, and I took a deep breath to calm myself.
Some time later, Khanna reported to me about the mystery woman.

It was high time I had a name for the face behind the scarf! At least the tech guys knew what they were being paid for! I went down to the control room to receive the shock of my life.

I quietly looked at the CCTV footage of the camera outside Anika’s house. At five past four, a woman entered the range of the camera. She was standing on the other side of the road. Although her face was covered with a scarf, she had a long plait over her shoulder. After some time of keeping watch, she was joined by a man who came from the direction of the camera. For a few minutes his face wasn’t visible and they seemed to exchange info, but soon he turned to look towards the house instinctively as if he was shocked about something. It was that damned ACP! He quickly scanned the place and turned again. Giving his partner some instructions he left. The woman waited for some time, looking at her watch a few times and then left as well.

I turned and took a deep breath again. I noticed that few of the guys were looking at the video carefully as if bothered about something in it. It was clear that they were intimidated by my mere presence, but I still asked them what it was. One of the guys who seemed very young was brave enough to voice his doubts. “There’s something wrong about that last part. I was covering that part of the house at four o’clock and I’m sure that I had seen a car there. It caught my notice as it was being driven slowly. Did you notice? There was light on the ground in a small part of the video. It was from the dimmed headlights. But the car is nowhere to be seen in the videos now. It seems as if our systems have been hacked again.” Most of the people present appeared to agree with his theory. As for me, I was already on an alert mode. I also knew what this implied. Our accounts and all the financial details were in danger too. “What are you getting paid for, if you can’t handle this?” My anger was evident and Khanna came to their rescue. “Sir, we have the best security in all aspects, but they are all differently encrypted. So, it’s not necessary that they can access everything if they can edit our camera videos.” “How long do you think it will take for them to figure it out?” I asked with piercing eyes. “I want to know all about that ACP. Keep a close eye on him. And look into that car puzzle as well, check other cameras too. If you find the number, find out about the owner. Keep me posted.”
I came up to my room and started thinking. There has to be a clue somewhere. Her overconfidence must have left something for me!


“My Anika.” Billuji’s words kept playing in my head and I felt kinda happy. I was not the kind of girl to go over the moon thinking of my crush’s sweet gesture. He wasn’t even my crush! Hell, I did not even believe in all this silliness! But my heart still swayed like a flower in the wind thinking about him. I was walking across the hall when I tripped over my own feet. I was about to fall when a pair of strong hands caught me. Even with my eyes looking at the floor, I knew it was him. But my sharp brain caught onto something. It was a small square shaped chip. ‘What’s this?’ I wondered to myself. I pressed rewind in my head and replayed that moment when the ACP had come. He definitely had his hands in his pocket when he was talking to me, and he had touched his hand to his forehead when he left. So, could it be that this chip belonged to him? “I have to let him know right away!” I said to myself. Wait, wasn’t he standing right behind me?

I turned to see a confused Billuji looking at me as if I had lost it. “I thought you were just absent minded. But now I know you are 100% crazy”, he mocked me as usual.
“Look here, Billuji!”I held up my hands to draw his attention to the tiny chip. “What’s this?” he asked the obvious question. “It’s a chip”, I replied with ‘obviously’ written on my face in bold. Before he could say anything, I said, “I think it belongs to that ACP.” He looked at me as if his wish had been granted at long last, and there was a spark in his ‘kanji’ eyes. I was thinking about ‘my Anika’ again.
He held out his hand and I took it without thinking twice. He held my hand warmly and I felt as if I could happily drown in those sea blue eyes for eternity. “Come on!” he pulled me with him and we walked hand in hand towards his room.

Do I even have to say it? I’m waiting for your comments! 😀

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