Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 4


Hi everyone 🙂 Sorry for the late update. I have tried including both Shivaay and Anika’s point of views, but I think it turned out to be in two parts 😐 I’ll try it again until I’m satisfied with my post, but for now you guys will have to bear with me. I hope you still like it and please drop in your comments to help me improve my writing and please remember that all your comments make me extremely happy! I’m mentioning this as there were really few comments in the last post, and I am extremely thankful to all those who made time to comment their opinions and suggestions on my ff. I love you guys a lot for always supporting me.
This episode begins with Anika’s point of view, and today there are more scenes with Sahil too.

Episode 4: Precious
Sahil was so worried after knowing the evening’s events that I thought of not asking anyone anything in front of him. Bua ji didn’t trouble me as much as she usually did either. I put Sahil to bed and lay down myself, thinking about today’s events. ‘Why would anyone kidnap me? What have I done to receive such problems in my life all the time?’ My major concern was that had I put the O Bros in danger too? All these questions would have to wait till tomorrow. I locked them in a drawer and pushed it to the back of my mind. Sleep drew near with soft footfalls as the breeze fanned my face and with a faintly burning touch pushed the strands of my hair behind my ear. The mist turned into a deep blue sea of charming innocence and finally froze into icy steel. Those fire emitting eyes were flanked by OmRu and right in front of them stood the ACP, who suddenly faded away, only to be replaced by Gayathri and then Swetlana. A dark, faceless smoke replaced her and grew as high as the ceiling. Fear gripped me as I ran to save him. The smoke came near him and with glowing eyes and lips smirked at me. It turned suddenly and devoured them in a second leaving emptiness behind. “Shivaay!” I breathed with effort, struggling against the darkness. My hands searched frantically for the light’s switch and the lights came on like a miracle. I opened my eyes to see a worried Sahil shaking me slightly, trying to wake me up without hurting my left hand.

“What happened, Didi?” he asked softly. “Bad dream?” he prompted. I nodded and he calmed me saying, “It’s okay. I’m here now. Do you know? Yesterday roll number 13, Sweety, she fell asleep in class. And when teacher was scolding her she thought she was dreaming. I told her that it wasn’t a dream and she realized it when I pinched her. I also distracted the teacher so that she couldn’t get scolded. I’m such a hero, right?” I ruffled his hair and smiled at him. I rested my head on his lap and he continued with his chatter to calm me down. Soon enough he was dozing off. I made him sleep straight and got up to get a glass of water for my dried up throat, which felt like papad.
That’s when I noticed the security guys patrolling around my house through the window. I was putting them through so much trouble. I felt so bad about it. I was reminded of my doubts today and that moment when he said, “This is not for you. It’s for me.” Yep, that’s right. The boss was at fault here, so why should I feel responsible for their state? I slept looking at Sahil’s cute face.

Shivaay’s point of view:
Morning brought with it lots of energy and happiness for me. The fresh air and warm sunshine refreshed me more than the night’s sleep. I quickly got ready for the day and looking at myself in the mirror gave final thumbs up. “Have a normal day for once Shivaay!” I proceeded with my routine of the day. Breakfast in the kitchen, checking up and updating all the security details, lining up all my meetings of the day, etc. I decided on frittata with toast and juice for breakfast. That’s called keeping it simple! I called Khanna as per my routine when Om and Rudy entered and said, “Good morning” together.

“Good morning, beauties!” I said sweetly. Just then Khanna picked up the call and stammered, “Go… good mm… morning Sir.” Uh-oh. That’s awkward! “Good morning, Khanna”, I said, trying to be normal. OmRu chuckled a bit, and I didn’t have to try being normal anymore. “Updates!” I said briskly. “Breakfast” came the reply. “What?” Why was everything going the weird way this morning? “Sir, we are having breakfast at Anika madam’s house. She makes awesome aloo-puri .” I looked at OmRu with wide eyes, disbelief written on my face.

“She made breakfast for all of you? And you guys are eating now? Go and do your job. You can eat after she reaches Oberoi Mansion”, I scolded. “But Sir, she asked us so sweetly that we just couldn’t refuse. And we’re almost done, we’ll be back to position in a while.” The apologetic tone in his voice didn’t work half as much as Sahil’s voice in the background did. “Uncle, are you talking to SSO?” he asked sweetly. Khanna must have nodded, as I heard him say, “Could you put it on speaker?” OmRu also asked me to do the same looking at the play of expressions on my face. I guess Khanna did the same thing as me because the next voice I heard was Anika’s from a distance. “Sahil, finish your breakfast quickly. You can talk later. Do you guys want anything else? All of you are as coy as a blushing bride!” There were a few chuckles and someone replied to her, “Ma’am, may I have one more? It’s so tasty!”

“Khanna, if your party is over, can we talk work here? Did you notice anything unusual all night? Or did she give you a place to sleep as well?” I was losing it early in the morning. He seemed to have moved away to reply, “No Sir, we didn’t notice anything unusual at night. But around four o’clock we saw someone sneaking up around the back window. I have sent you the screenshot of the camera footage. She hasn’t returned till now.” I looked at the covered face on the screen and shared a serious look with OmRu who had moved to my side. “Ok, what about the Oberoi Mansion?” He continued with his report and some time later we went to have breakfast. Dadi also came and she too seemed to be in a happy mood. I decided to put away the mystery woman problem for later. Of course, Anika will bombard me with questions as soon as she enters. I smiled thinking about her. She never ceased to surprise me. Now I had another point to add to my list of her extraordinary qualities: thoughtful and caring. OmRu and Dadi looked at me funnily as I poured juice into a glass. I raised my eyebrows and they looked away, smiling a little. After about half an hour later, she came. Her smiling face reassured me. Yep, today was gonna go well.

I might seem like a whiny kid, but I’m still gonna request you guys to let me know your views. Since this is my first ff, I’m very nervous and confused about it. I keep thinking whether you guys like it or not. So please don’t keep me guessing. I’m waiting for your comments. And I hope telly updates uploads my post really quickly. I’m waiting for your comments guys. 😉

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  1. Nansshivika

    Its so funny that khanna part ?? episode is good yaar

    1. Samm

      Thanks Nans 🙂 I’m so glad that you liked it 🙂

  2. Priyali

    Hey samm don’t worry about the comments or anything.. the most important is to be confident if urself. Even if 100% don’t read/ comment, always remember that there is always a small percentage of people who read your ff.

    The episode was fantastic and great as usual …

    With lots of warmie hugs,

    1. Samm

      Thanks Priyali. Your comment brought a smile to my face 🙂 love you for your positivity!

  3. It’s super

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    Nice Dr

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  5. Priyanka_22

    Don’t be nervous Sammie
    It was fab as alwyZ
    You nailed it again 🙂
    Update soon n
    Thnks for adding both ani n shiv’s POV as per my request 🙂

    1. Samm

      Thanks a lot Priyanka 🙂 I have tried my best, but I’m still not completely satisfied with it, as I already mentioned. Plus, I think TU has vowed to update my post 24 hrs later! 🙁 Anyways, I’ll try to be regular. So, please don’t hesitate to let me know your suggestions 🙂

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        Sure dear

  6. it’s really good dear

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    Too good… Awesome…?☺?

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    Khanna part was interesting…. Nice update

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    Sorry couldn’t comment on your previous episode as I was busy… Don’t worry my best wishes are with u always…

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  10. Yeah it was funny but i just want to tell u dt if u wanna do the pov thing dn u shd write on top with caps before starting wd pov just to avoid confusion bcz sm amusing scenes smtimes turn confusing by just not mentioning whose pov is being described.dnt b hurt or mad at me kz i told u wt i felt,else ur ff is really interesting n m looking forward to its next update.all d best?

    1. Samm

      thanks aahana. you don’t have to be sorry for anything. i’m so glad you shared your suggestions with me. i have acted on it for the next episode. 🙂

  11. Superb update dear

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