Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 14


Hello everyone! 🙂 Sorry for the late update. Let’s get to the episode directly.

RECAP: Shivaay struck a deal with Anika to bring Sahil to the Oberoi Mansion and he would tell her why exactly he had been ‘exceptionally happy’ all day. Continuing…


Some people make you want to smile and laugh. She was one of those. Check.
Some people comfort you in times of crisis. She was one of those as well. Check.
Some people make you want to look out for them. She was one of those, although she could definitely take care of herself. Check.
Some people understand you better than anyone else without having to say a word. Yep, that one too. Check.
Some people make you hear your heartbeat. Well, she was the only one in that case. Check.
I kept checking all of her qualities fitting the bill in my mental list. ‘I should give it a try’, I thought to myself. There’s a lot I wanted to know about her and I had made up my mind. There were many reasons to choose to do this now. After talking to Om, I realized that he was right. “You shouldn’t miss out on what is because of what should be”. And though I had decided to not listen to her, I couldn’t help but remember what Swetlana had said to me, when I had gone to meet her earlier. I had asked her why she kidnapped Anika, and not Tia. Her reply was simple, yet bewildering. “I have been noticing you guys for a while. So I know the chemistry between the two of you. It was just a lucky guess.” Dadi too wanted me to rethink my choice.
I had finally decided to try solving the riddle. We could quit fighting for some time and try being friends. Being on amicable terms might be helpful. I kinda liked it how we could be a team or reach a deal together. I had managed to get her to bring Sahil to the mansion, and I was sure that OmRu would love the surprise! Anika would also be happier with him around. But I had a kind of selfish reason for this too. I wanted to meet the little celeb too, to see the dynamic between his sister and him first hand. I’ll ask her about the friendship thing tomorrow as well. I think she won’t say no. I can’t wait for tomorrow! ‘Sleep well, Shivaay!’ I told myself and went to bed.


I came with Sahil exactly an hour before the puja. OmRu were surprised and delighted beyond words. I saw Billuji smiling at the top of the stairs. Soon enough he was enjoying with Sahil and his face brightened up with all the variety of expressions on his face. He was angry at first, listening to Sahil calling him “Blluji”, but he was soon won over by his cuteness and the infectious innocent chram. ‘My little bro is so cool!’ I thought proudly. OmRu, Saumya and Priyanka were having the time of their lives, watching Billuji and Sahil getting along well. Sahil was super happy to meet Saumya! Rudy and he looked like childhood friends. It seemed as if they had known each other all their lives! Om was also playing around with him, like a kid. Even the elders came to greet him.
I was wary of their reactions to seeing him for the first time, but Sahil had them eating out of the palm of his hand within minutes! I always stayed nearby to keep checking in on him and watch the entertaining sight. After the puja, everyone was enjoying the fireworks. I went inside to wrap up and clean the area, when Biluji came up behind me. “It is good that you kept your end of the bargain.” He was just so sure of himself! “Will you tell me now?” I countered. “Are you free now?” Was he imitating me? I rattled off the list of work to be done. He asked a few people to take care of it and again pulled me with him.
Under the canopy of colourful fireworks in the night sky, surrounded by twinkling lights on the shrubs, we stood holding hands. His eyes were a few shades lighter than the night sky, matching with his dark blue kurta. ‘Our dress match well too’, I thought to myself. I raised my eyebrows to ask “What happened?” He shook his head slightly in the negative and then that happy face was back. “Isn’t it beautiful here? All thanks to you of course!” His sudden change in demeanor confused me again. He seemed to read my face as he prepared himself.
“So you want to know why I was happy yesterday?” he seemed as if he hoped for a no. I nodded and waited for him to begin his speech.


I wished she would let it go, but when did she not do anything I wished she didn’t? I pointed to the table and chairs placed nearby and we went to sit there. Her blue lehenga and the golden dupatta brushed the ground as she walked, looking like an idol of beauty. Settling ourselves and taking a deep breath, I began. “Well, there were lots of good things happening simultaneously. First, we got a huge profit for our latest venture. Then, I got the news that Dad and Bade Papa hadn’t done anything wrong. I thought that they would try to stop me if I looked for proofs, but they helped me instead. Khanna couldn’t find anything because they had made it so. And when they realized I was planning to protect them, they told me everything that happened. We managed to sue the other bad guys and later Bade Papa told me that they had decided to not tell me anything, afraid that I might judge or suspect them. You were the one who kept me in the positive when I was already thinking that they could have been wrong. So, I came to tell you the good news first. That’s the story. And now I’m wondering how is it possible that you were quiet all this time?” I said the last part with such a serious face that she didn’t get it at first. When it did finally sink in, she narrowed her eyes and I surrendered well humoredly.
Now I sat up straight and prepped up inwardly for the next. I kept it short and simple. “Let’s be friends, Anika.” It didn’t exactly sound right to me, but I had said it now and there was no going back. She stared at me and took a few seconds to find her voice. “Why would you want to be friends with me? We’re always at each other’s throats. How can we be friends? Moreover, I work here and you’re technically my boss. And I won’t even be here for long. I need to be here until your wedding. Then I’ll go away. Billuji, how can we be friends for only two weeks?”
She was sad and I was angry with her for thinking like this. I tried explaining it to her like a kid. “I called you family and I meant it. Besides, we aren’t at each other’s throats all the time. See, we haven’t fought for more than 24 hours! And even if you leave the job, you won’t disappear or anything. And we are such a good team!” Why wouldn’t she say yes to such a good offer? I had only seen people wanting to be on good terms with me, and this girl would take so long to shake my hand! “Why, suddenly?” she asked with curiosity written on her face in bold. “Well, we both agree that we have a kind of connection. It occurred to me that we can figure it out together. If we can’t, then at least we’ll be friends.” I could see that she was inclined to accept. Above us, the sparklers painted the dark canvas as if dancing in joy!
After some time that seemed like eternity, she said, “You are lucky to be my friend, Billuji!” I felt like becoming one of the crackers myself!

That’s it for today. I have a feeling that it didn’t come out exactly as I wished, but it’s longer than usual. So please do let me know your views. 🙂
Plus a huge thank you and loads of hearts for all the lovely comments I got 🙂

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  1. Nansshivika

    I just love it ??????????? its so good to read and imagine ???? and I am out of words juts post next asap tats all I can say

    1. Samm

      thanks nans 🙂 i’m so glad you liked it.

  2. Akshaya

    Wow awesome

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  3. Nithu

    Sammm its perfect….njoyd alot

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  4. Yaashi

    too good samm…. you are a fabulous writer my dear…. actually i am running sort of words… but plz post the next part soon….

    1. Samm

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  5. Shivika22kapoor

    Ok now how dare u think that it didn’t turn out to be good, it is much better than expected and super awesome.
    I loved it to core and every bit was amazing.
    Just waiting for the next part, pls post it soon dear.

    1. Samm

      thank you shivika 🙂 sorry for the late reply

  6. Samaira20

    Awsummm…. Waiting for the next one…

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  7. Priyanka_22

    Amazing as alwyz sammiee 😀
    sorry for late comment dear.. shivaay checking all of her outstanding qualities was really cute.. finally he is trying to fig out THE CONNECTION. Waise to der friendship sounds lil weird 😛 ( coz we havent seen anything like dis in show yet ) but m happy for dem.. 😀 and my expectations r really high now 😛
    update soon…

    1. Samm

      thanks priyanka 🙂 i’ll try my best to live up to your expectations 🙂 i hope you enjoy it

  8. yar todays update is so so awesome
    when is the next update yar cant wait for it yar pls update soon

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  9. Anah

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    It is osum… just speechless

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  11. Nice ep

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  12. Diyaa

    I was reading mesmerized. Especially Shivaay’s point of view at the end. The words you used were so descriptive and beautiful!! It was like watching the scene. Waiting for the next update ?

    1. Samm

      thanks diyaa 🙂

  13. Ishqkum

    Sry for late comment Dr I am at outstation .I really loved it I like the sentence ur lucky to be my frnd billu ji

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