Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 13


Hello people 🙂 How are you guys doing? I hope all of you are doing well and all the best for anything and everything you might endeavor to do 🙂 I guess I’m a very hopeful kind of person, because I hold my hopes up for so many things! 😀 for now, I hope you find something in this episode worth liking. 😀

Episode 13: Precious


OmRu had managed the situation downstairs very well, except the part where Rudy asked if I had proposed to Anika! We had come to my room and I steeled myself for the inquisition. Om asked, “Shivaay, what’s going on?” I was quick to deny it, but Om just wouldn’t let it go! So I told them all that had happened, and the reaction was as expected. Om assumed the worst of our Dads in the beginning, but I put him in the right. Rudy was worried about Anika or me getting hurt. After clearing their doubts, I lay back and said, “You know what? You guys should learn from her. She never once doubted them, whereas even I started thinking that it could be true! She never questioned their integrity, or even thought that we should prepare for the worst. That’s how she was so confident and cool when we were sitting by the pool.”
OmRu who were listening quietly till now, were suddenly over-excited about the last few words. I calmed them down with a lot of effort.

Our conversation drifted from Anika to the details of all that had happened, and back to Anika and her little brother, Sahil. I truly felt OmRu’s eagerness to meet him. They were planning to go to her place and surprise her one day, and meet the little celeb too! It was already getting late, and I thought of going around the house for a bit. As I went downstairs, the sight that met me was beyond words. She had managed to transform the regular huge hall into heaven! Now I understood why she was so happy in the afternoon! This must be what she had imagined long before it was completed.
I walked up to her and trying to be strict, I scolded her. “What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be heading home? Who asked you to work with that hand of yours?”
“Hold on a minute! How do you think everything will be completed for tomorrow, if I ‘head home’? There’s so much to be done!” Why did she have to act so tough all the time?

“Can’t you just sit quietly and ask them to do it? Why are you jumping around with an injured arm?” It was a rather lame defense, but I hoped she would just follow it; which of course she wouldn’t! I gave up after some time and decided to drop her home myself. She didn’t even refuse at first, which put me on an alert.


“What exactly are you so happy about?” I asked at long last. “What do you mean?” he feigned ignorance. It was clear in his smiling eyes how happy he had been all day. “What part of ‘why are you happy’ don’t you understand?” I was getting really annoyed by this brainteaser. He deliberated for a bit and then half turned to look at me with the ‘let’s talk business’ look on his face! “I’ll make you deal”, he stated.
“Oh no!” I groaned. He looked at me as if I had killed his cat. “You didn’t even listen to what I was proposing!”

“I’m sure it won’t do me any good. Why should I waste my time and your energy?” I asked, confident that he cannot up to any good.
“What if it’s a win-win situation for both of us? You might feel bad later for not listening to me”, he said with a smirk. “Okay, fine. Get it over with!” I said, exasperated at his superior way of talking. His lips curved at that and he gave me a wicked look. I was scared now.

“I’ll tell you why I’m happy and you must bring Sahil for the Diwali celebrations tomorrow. Deal?” My suspicion turned to confusion. “Why?” It didn’t make sense. “I want to meet him”, he said simply. Then his eyes tightened as if he had said something he didn’t mean to. “Why should I bring him to the Oberoi Mansion?” I repeated my question. He looked at me as if I was mad. “Everyone would like to meet him, especially OmRu. And he’ll enjoy so much with us. And you’ll get to enjoy Diwali with him, although you’ll be busy with work.” The last part was said so softly that I would’ve missed it if I weren’t watching him closely. Well, he did have a point. Damn! He negotiated really well.

I asked, “What do you get in return?” I could tell that he was impressed by my smart brain! “You’ll know” was his short reply. We had reached my home and he turned off the engine. “So, do we have a deal?” I looked at the security guys patrolling around my house and decided. “You will let these guys go home, and tell me the great secret of your happiness and I’ll bring Sahil to the Oberoi Mansion for Diwali. Right?”
I could see it on his face that he wouldn’t agree to the first one. “They are here for your protection, Anika. I know we caught Swetlana, but we have other enemies too. I can’t take a chance. You can’t be sure that it won’t happen again, so you have to bear it for now. Anyways, you give them such tasty food that they don’t want to come back to me!” I could see how hard he was trying to keep it light, and I was making it more difficult. I tried one more time. “You could decrease the number of guards and let them get some rest, right?”

He thought about it for a second and then smiled slightly. “I was right! You wouldn’t ask anything for yourself. Okay, I’ll send some of them back to the mansion. Happy?” I smiled widely in return and forwarded my hand. “Deal done.” He glanced at my hand briefly and shook it once. I can’t wait to know the key to that million dollars smile, which had brightened my whole day! There was one thing I was absolutely positive about. Same wavelength or not, Billuji was confusing as hell! But he was amazing too. The thought made me smile unconsciously.

PRECAP: Sahil in Oberoi Mansion. Anika is shocked to see something. Shivaay explains to Anika why he was ‘exceptionally happy’ at the news.

I would like it a lot if you guys find the time to comment and tell me what exactly did you like or dislike the most in this episode, or in my ff altogether. It’s a kind of personal survey for me, so that I can review my work closely based on public opinion. It will also help me in determining the number of episodes I should continue for. I hope you guys will support me and please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.
To be honest, I wasn’t exactly happy with the number of comments I got, but I was thrilled that the few who had taken the time to comment were happy with my story. There are a few people who read and comment on my ff as regularly as I write 😀 I totally love you guys! <3 Thanks to all of you with lots of hugs and kisses from me 🙂 You guys are amazing!

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  1. Yaashi

    Awe the episode was cute samm…. And his concern for anika… U are rocking dear…

    1. Samm

      thanks yaashi 🙂 i like your dp, where do you get them from?! 😀

      1. Yaashi

        Well i am so glad that you liked it… And as a person i love to be attatched to nature… like the flower, plants, sky, moon, stars and all… I know i might be freeking out… But yaa thats the reason why my whole lappy only contains these kind of photos in it… And to answe ur question, all thanks to google for giving mee results for my out of box search where i give ridiculous searching option and finally i find these pics… Well i will end it here or you might think me to be mad to give such an ans for the simple question u asked… 🙂

      2. Samm

        of course not! i totally get it, because i love all these pics related to nature. my fb account has groups full of wildlife and nature’s photography! 😀

  2. Akshaya

    Wow samm as always it’s awesome. What billuji is up to ? Interesting precap. Post the next ASAP. I must say it every time in ff that the way you write your ff episodes are adding magical effects to the episodes.

    1. Samm

      thanks akshaya 🙂
      what is billuji upto? you’ll know in the next episode 😉

  3. Shivika22kapoor

    Ok now this is what I call a super duper hit epi. And full to paisa vasool although I didn’t pay for any thing. LOL
    You rocked the epi and I am tooh more excited ? than Anika to know about the reason behind billu ji’s excitement. So waiting for the next epi. Post asap

    1. Samm

      thanks shivika 🙂
      actually i’m planning for a twist. so stay tued 😉 😀

  4. Priyanka_22

    First of all its good to be hopfeul n positive sammiee 😀
    nd yo ff was amazing as alwyz 🙂 m excited to know the reason behind the great SSO’s million dollars smile nd diwali celeb in OM
    nd both Shivika’s POV fo eachothr was superb.. Shivay’s doin Phd on Anika n her out of the world qualities 😛 nd finaly both r getting closer
    hope dey realize der feelingz soon
    update soon

    1. Samm

      thanks priyanka 🙂
      😀 it’s true that Shivaay is doing PhD on Anika! 😛 i love it how he notices her expressions and tries to predict what she’ll do! i want them to realize their feelings soon too 🙂 let’s see how it pans out 🙂

  5. Nansshivika

    I loved it a lot the shivika is POV is what touches ta heart though dialogues are low their POV is what makes a complete episode and its superb waiting for ta suspense or surprise in next part

    1. Samm

      thanks nans 🙂
      do you want me to add more dialogues? if there’s anything you find missing, and want me to add it, please do let me know. 🙂

      1. Nansshivika

        No yaar I was saying this way isso baautiful! I want u to portray like this only no need to change anything??

      2. Samm

        really? thanks yaara 🙂

  6. Kashi

    sheesh samm…i seriously cant deny the fact that i m in luv with ur fan fiction…i luv your writing skillls n the positivity immersed in it…n the wavelength as well… i wonder whats packed in the next epi.. bt reading all the episode till now i just have a feeling tht u r not going to make it ‘terrible’ .. even if it is goood or even if it is not good in terms of shivika,it will be the best since it is written by u..
    so u see the proximity level of mine with u writing skills n ff? the person who cant tolerate any kind of sad ending is willing to read whatever u like, cuz it is ur ff n i m in luv with it(Writing n story) n u have the right to do so..n moreover it is by far one of the best ff i have ever read..
    all the luv for writing this gr8 ff from my side! n all the goood wishes as well..

    1. Samm

      thanks a lot for this long and beautiful comment 🙂
      i don’t like sad endings either 🙂 it’s so depressing that all the effort came upto nothing! 😐 i’m so happy for all the love you guys are showering on me! 🙂
      is kashika your real name? it’s a very unusual and nice name 🙂
      thanks again!

      1. Kashi

        yup thats my real name, thanku for the complement..ik its unusual thats why 95% of people pronounce it wrong….. now we also have same wavelength in one thing 😛 …yup it is depressing…i feel text, music n art r three things that have the power to change your mood greatly…. i didn’t knew that comments r beautiful also :’) but i agree to the fact that they make the writer happy..n it does thus, i would say again that your ff is luv….n probably the first one i tend to open when i open telly updates..
        welcome again! n thanku as well…

        n sorry for the long comment…u know, i m a bit..i write long things whether its os or comments ,u know like i m not able to fit my things in small packets…
        but some people have tht gr8 quality to express themselves beautifully in a small if u got bored reading long ones,then i m sorry! 🙂

      2. Samm

        all of these comments are beautiful for me 🙂 😉
        of course i didn’t get bored by reading your comments! when you guys never get bored of my long posts, how can this be considered boring? especially when it’s full of compliments for me!! 😀 i would love to get more of such awesome and long compliments from you! 😉 🙂

  7. Sk2211

    I luv u r ff. I’m waiting for the next episode. Pls upload soon.

    1. Samm

      thanks sk2211

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