Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 12


Hi everyone 🙂 Today we only have Anika’s point of view, and most of you might not be happy with today’s plot either. I can tell you guys that you should just gear up for a huge surprise. But we still have time for that, so let’s begin with the episode.

Episode 12: Precious


We went down to the underground bright room where Swetlana sat crying quietly. Billuji’s embrace had totally left me spinning and the only thing he said after that was, “They didn’t do it!” I was obviously happy about it, but I really didn’t get the change in Billuji today. This wasn’t the Billuji I knew! He always managed to confuse me. With another “Come on” he pulled me with him. And now, here we were. Looking at Swetlana’s remorseful face, I could totally understand how she felt. The only difference was that I had learnt it the easier way, or had I? Without dwelling on my past, I focused on my present.
Khanna ji was saying something about how Sabrina had misunderstood the situation, and their rivals had some goons make it look like they had done it. The rivals were gone, the days had passed, but the misunderstanding remained. It could be put to bad luck that the sisters were caught in the middle of a row, but that won’t console them. I let Billuji talk to her and the ACP while I watched from outside. I was thinking about Sabrina again. Some people would consider her unlucky, but I thought she was lucky to have her sister beside her. Swetlana might have been the villain for harming the Oberois, and me, for that matter. But she was definitely a hero for her sister. It was clear that the ACP was doing stuff out of fear more than the feeling of revenge, so I didn’t sympathize with him. I figured Sabrina must have come to know that Tej uncle and Shakti uncle weren’t the bad guys, and the trauma of accusing someone who wasn’t wrong could have been the reason behind her silence. She must be a really good person.
As I was lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t realize when Billuji came up behind me. The sudden tap on my shoulder startled me. “What were you thinking about?” he asked with wide eyes, as if he could read the answers on my face.

“It’s nothing. What will you do with them? Are you gonna hand them over to the police or what?” I couldn’t imagine how their lives would change if that happened.
“You don’t want me to?” He seemed surprised and his eyes mechanically went to my bandaged hand. It was clear that he didn’t trust them enough or forgave them to let them go Scott free. I put on my best persuasive face and was about to rattle off some good, old, moral stuff, when he cut me off and said, “You got it.”
I got over my initial shock and managed to ask, “What?” He started walking holding my hand, so that I could keep up with him.
“I’ll not hand them over to the police, but I’ll keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t try anything. Happy?” He must be exceptionally ecstatic today!
“Why am I getting the feeling that right now I could ask you the most precious thing in the world and you would give it to me?” I asked mischievously. “It’s the correct feeling. But I also know you won’t ask anything for yourself.” He turned and walked backwards while still talking to me. I kept looking behind him to see if he would hit something. “You know what, Anika? I have come to know a few things about you in these few days. And the only conclusion I came to was that you don’t really belong on Earth!”
‘I could say the same about you, Billuji!’ I thought to myself. I said aloud, “How does that earn me a hug? I still don’t get it.” He was immediately on his guard and half turned to face forward, but he was walking slower than earlier, unsure of how to answer my question.
“Uh… I was very happy that you were right, and you kept me on the right side too. It was like an ‘in the moment’ kind of thing. It didn’t really mean anything, if that’s what you’re thinking!”
Blood rose to my cheeks as I replied, “No! Definitely not. Was that what you’re thinking?” I turned his question on himself, and he was quick to deny it.
“Aren’t our brains on the same wavelength nowadays?” he tried changing the topic. “Don’t push it!” I teased. We had entered the main hall where the entire family was standing, watching us with gaping mouths. Billuji took a step backwards and looked at me. Both us were thinking the same thing. He whispered to me, “Should we tell them?” “Yeah, why not? It’s all over, right?” I whispered back. “I’ll tell them later”, he declared. That annoyed me and I asked, “Why did you ask for advice when you weren’t gonna follow it?”
“Just checking about the wavelength!” he smiled like a school boy. I narrowed my eyes, but before I could say anything, OmRu interrupted us. “What’s going on guys?”
“I’ll tell them later. You can go”, Billuji said to me.
“Did Bhaiya propose to you?” Rudra asked suddenly, taking both of us by surprise. I looked at Billuji, who was busy imagining Rudy’s face being punched by him. The happiness of the day must have intoxicated me, because I laughed and said, “What makes you think he would do that?” Everyone looked bewildered by my answer. “Go, work!” Billuji said with narrow eyes. I rolled my eyes at him and started moving away, when I realized we were still holding hands! I hastily removed my hand and made my escape. ‘What was wrong with me? This couldn’t be happening, right?’ I thought to myself as I went back to my work, trying hard to focus.

PRECAP: An amazing surprise for Diwali in Oberoi Mansion!

I know most of you guys hoped that the news would be about Tia, and Shivaay would break up with Tia after knowing her truth. But you guys will have to wait for that, as I want Shivaay to realize his attraction towards Anika before he dumps Tia. I hope you’ll like the storyline as its progressing. I would love to receive your suggestions and implement them if possible. So please don’t hesitate to let me know your views 🙂 Although they are on a decline, I’ll be waiting for your comments. 😉 Also, you guys should know that I’m writing this at 03:00 am in the morning. It’s just to assure you that I’m actually serious about the ‘waiting for comments’ thing!

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