Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 10


Hi everyone 🙂 Did you guys miss me? Today’s episode is not exactly long or very significant to the story. I’ll totally get it if you guys want to murder me after reading it! 😀 But I still hope you guys will enjoy!

Episode 10: Precious


Billuji surprised me at times. I sometimes felt that he was something else entirely! As if he didn’t belong to this planet. All my life, I had fought to live. Sahil was the only one who gave me a purpose to live, and we were there for each other at all times, good or bad. But enjoying the fight wasn’t something I knew was possible, at least not until I came to know Billuji. Fighting with him over something as trivial as my choice of words made me feel alive! And fighting by his side was something I knew I would do, no matter what. Today was a roller coaster type of day! As soon as I reached home, I hurriedly finished all the work that had to be done and dumped myself on the bed. While talking to Sahil, I don’t know exactly when I fell asleep.



She came! “My Billuji!” she sang and walked up to me as if she had springs under her feet! She looked like a kid in her cold shoulder blue top and jeans. Her dark curls bounced with her as she walked up to my bed and made a face. “You’re still sleeping!”
“Have you seen anyone sleep with eyes wide open? And don’t you have anything better to do than disturbing me?” I asked, raising one of my eyebrows. As I was lying on a side, I rolled over and turned away from her. She pulled my hand with both her hands like a kid and whined, “Billuji, wake up!” she managed to pull me halfway up, and then came up behind me to push me awake holding my shoulders.

“What is wrong with you Anika?” She leaned over the shoulder she was pushing and held me in a kind of back hug. She turned her face towards me and whispered, “What did you say?” “Why aren’t you letting me sleep?”
“Did you look at the time? It’s so late! Didn’t you say your time was precious? Why are you wasting it by sleeping?” I leaned back a little so that our cheeks were touching and touched the hands that held me. I suddenly became conscious of her injured hand, but when I looked down her hand was fine. Then I realized that this was all a dream, but it was such a sweet dream that I didn’t want to wake up. I sleepily said, “You won’t leave me alone in a dream also! Did you forget? I never do a deal in which I’m at a disadvantage!” I smiled sweetly at her and the dream Anika smiled back. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked with raised eyebrows. “Your meeting”, she said sweetly. “I won’t go!” I felt like a kid who wanted to bunk school! Anything to not get out of bed!
“You haven’t left me a choice, SSO!” She narrowed her eyes mischievously and pulled back her hand. I turned to look at her, annoyed and confused. She walked up to the bedside and picked up something. All of a sudden, I was dripping wet and I shut my eyes on impulse. When I opened them, I couldn’t see her anywhere! “Why did she have to do that?” I cried!
As if from another dream, Anika came into my room just then. She was even wearing the same top and jeans and she held a glass of water. I even double checked her hand for the bandage to confirm if it was for real this time. As she came nearer, I backed off on my bed itself. She seemed confused at first. The look on my face must have been quite a sight, as she stretched out her hands as if to catch me if I fall! The glass of water in her hand scared me for no logical reason. I got out of bed and tried to escape from this sweet dream which was turning into a nightmare! I tried going this way and that, but she was closing in on me. Unexpectedly she slipped, and as usual I caught her before she fell. For a moment it seemed like everything was dreamlike again, like last evening. But the water had to be dumped on me. My only solace was that I wasn’t the only one drenched this time! I made her stand up straight and voiced my complaints.
“What were you thinking? Who throws water on someone to wake them up?”
“But you were already awake when I came!”

Uh-oh. Two Anikas were so confusing! I pulled on my angry face and said in an irritated tone, “Why did you come to my room with water?”
“I had to wake you up. Dadi’s orders”, she said simply. “Look what you’ve done!” she complained. ‘Dream Anika and real Anika are so different!’
Something struck me at that point. ‘Was I dreaming of Anika?!’

PRECAP: Shivaay hugs Anika with tears in his eyes.

Sorry for the delay guys. I’ve been busy, so I couldn’t post it. And I know it’s short and nothing too significant happened in today’s episode either, but I just thought of writing a part of Shivaay’s dream sequence. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll try to post the next one ASAP! 🙂
I haven’t been able to comment on each ff that I read, but I want you guys to know that you guys do an amazing job with words!
As usual, I’m waiting! 😉

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