Precious gift (raglak OS )

Kriya this one is for you ……..
I didn’t thought of any better blessing I can give you than writing what you always wants me to ……..

Some stories get the light , and some are bright ,
While some are hard, and of low of light….
Love remains immortal, through ages,
While the memories are cherished on pages….
With love, comes satisfaction…..we achieve,
That is how, we live….we believe….
Ragini singhania, daughter of Mr Dev singhania is a very pampered child. Her mother had passed away when she was only 10 and since then her father, who is one of the richest businessmen of mumbai, was taking care of her. He just adored his daughter and brought her up like a true princess and kept her far removed from the problems of the real world. He never let her feel pain, either physically or emotionally.

But seems like Destiny has something else only planned for her

Her life which was full of happiness crashed with one incidence which pulled her in darkness
Laksh Maheshwari best friend of ragini ….is a little childish in nature and naughty too but only with his family and two besties for others a serious person
Kavya shergil another best friend of both raglak trio is together from childhood
They shared every single moment of each other life
Ragini was running in whole mansion instructing workers,
The environment was ful of happiness……
Ragini was instructing workers when some one called her
Voice – ragini beta
She turned around smiling seeing her father standing there with food
Dev – beta come have your food
Ragini – dad I will have later see how much work is left
Dev emotionally – why are you doing this to yourself ladoo
Ragini – what dad ?
Dev – don’t you know what I am talking about
Ragini -ary dad (she said wiping few drops of tears which were about to roll down from her dad eyes ) please today no crying you know na today is my best friend marriage ….
Dev – but…….his words were left incomplete when ragini stuffed his mouth with spoon full of kheer from the plate he was holding
Ragini – dad no if and but ….. You go take rest I will eat after completing my work …. Now go (she pushed him slightly) Dev left from there half hearted not able to see his daughter condition
Ragini turned around when two heavy tears make there way from her eyes
She quickly wiped them plastering a fake smile on her face … Continuing her work …
All this seen was noticed by one pair of eyes from a distance
Obviously it was non other than laksh

Hurt…… was the only emotion his eyes held
Can’t take any of her drama more he went near her and dragged her to some empty room holding her right from her arms
He left her with a jerk bolting the door behind him
Ragini – laksh what are you doing let me…….Her words left incomplete as in blink of eye he pinned her against the wall caching her in between him
Looking straight in her eyes he asked – what are you trying to prove ragini
Ragini avoiding eye contact – nothing laksh

He cupped her face and made her to look at him forcefully – ragini tell me what is wrong we will fight with it together but …… Don’t do this to me …… You clearly know how much I love you ….. Please stop this marriage ….. I can’t think about anyone else other than you …..
Tears started to blur both of there vision
She was on the stage of breaking down …… But she knew she can’t …… And now she became master in hiding her for feelings , her pain .. After all from the day she got to know about the worst reality of her life she is practicing it so not to let anyone know it but she knew she can never hide anything from laksh .. Her lucky whom after today she will lost all her rights to call him her ……
It hurts …. It hurts more when he is in fine of you confessing his feelings and you can’t even hold him tight and confess yours ….. But
She can’t fall weak …. From his engagement till know she is hiding the truth from him so how can she tell now when it’s hardly the mater of few hours
She collected all her strength and pushed him with all her force she can
Laksh stumbled a bit but rheumatoid straight looking at her in shock
Ragini shouting – what are you saying laksh ….. I don’t love you …. And don’t raise this topic again you are getting married in few hours and here ………..
She left from there leaving a broken laksh behind……who didn’t had much strength fell on his knees crying …
Ragini came running to her room ….. Fell on her bed before bursting out crying …..
Laksh was sitting in mandap
Rituals were going on …… When the kavya (bride) was bought down by ragini and few of her friends and made to sit beside laksh
Laksh looked at ragini with a hope …… She will drop his marriage . … But she was standing there plastering her fake smile ……
There eyes met conveying the unspoken words which there hearts wants to say…..
Soon ragini broke the eye contact and stood beside her dad
Rituals are being performed in middle ……

Ragini head started to pain …. She held her head in between her hands not able to control it …… Her vision was getting blur …. Knees weak .
She looked around to see people indulged in happiness not wanting to disturb them …. She made her way out from hall .
As soon as she came out she fell on ground holding her head tightly

*Dhuaan dhuaan si hai zindagi
Dhundhla sa hai khwaab kahin*

She held her phone with shivering hands and called someone breaking at each word she speak

*Kho gayi jaane kahaan woh khushi
Dikhti nahin hai roshni*

Laksh looked around and not finding ragini anywhere his heart flinched … A unknown fear took place in his heart

*Kaise din thhe aur kaisi thi woh raatein
Jab karte thhe hum sapnon se hi baatein
Gum ho gayi hai woh hansi*

He panicked and asked dev but when Dev also didn’t know her whereabouts he became more worried ….. He looked at kavya who nodded her head slightly …. He immediately ran from there in search of her

*Ho.. Naa kinara haa.. Naa sahara ha..
Jaane kahaan main ja raha
Chalte chalte.. hey.. raah par kyun
Ruk si gayi hai zindagi*

He was searching her madly when kavya came running to him asking him to come with her …. She knew where ragini is … without wasting time he went with her … And when she stopped the car near hospital …. It seemed to him that his whole world stops …..

*Dhuaan dhuaan si hai zindagi
Dhundhla sa hai khwaab kahin
Kho gayi jaane kahaan woh khushi
Dikhti nahin hai roshni*

He stood on front of OT gazing at ragini who was lying on bed lifeless with many wires and machine attached to her delicate body …… He felt like his worst nightmare came true. ….. Tears automatically made way from his eyes

*Yaari ka aisa asar tha
Na fikra, na dar tha
Zindadili se jeete the hum
Ab waqt hum se khafa hai..
Jeene ki ab na wajah hai
Yeh kaisa toofan aa gaya…
Chhup chhup ke rone main laga*

He felt a hand on his shoulder …. He found dev standing beside him ….. He hugged him tight crying like a child letting all his pain worries to flow off

*Dhuaan dhuaan si hai zindagi
Dhundhla sa hai khwaab kahin
Kho gayi jaane kahaan woh khushi
Dikhti nahin hai roshni*

Laksh broke the hug and looked at dev with questioning eyes – what happened to her dad?

Dev bowed his head not able to speak anything he sat on chair with thud

Kavya understood his condition so she started to tell laksh – actually she is suffering from brain tumor
That’s it he heard the thing which he never wished to……. his heart felt pain
He was busy fighting with the turmoil inside him when doctor came there
Kavya – what is her condition sahil

(Sahil one of common friend of trio is doctor by profession)
Sahil – we need to operate her as soon as possible but her current condition is not favourable for surgery
Laksh in broken voice – so what are we going to do?
Sahil – we need to observe her for some more time before we can decide further treatment…..Saying this he made his way to check ragini
Laksh stood there rooted to ground trying to register everything ….. He thought might be she is angry on him but it was beyond his expectation she hide such a bid thing from him …… His trance was broken by kavya

Kavya – laksh she loves you a lot …… That day when you confessed your feelings to her she was very happy in fact next day she planed to confess you but unfortunately same day she got to know about her brain tumor she didn’t knew weather she will be able to survive so to make you move on she asked me to marry you I was going to tell you truth on engagement day only but then she had my swear not to tell you anything so I kept quite but now it seems no point hiding anything from you
Laksh just nodded his head not able to speak anything …. It was too much for him to take at a time …. It is too horrifying to him. He could not even imagine a small scratch on her but now seeing her on hospital bed with syringes in her body were worst the thing he could imagine
After few hours finally theyvl decided to operate her
Inside her operation was going on and here we can see tended faces of her close one but there was one person who held no emotion on face

Laksh …… only one thing was going in his mind nothing should happen to her …. He was again n again repeating in his heart ‘ his please save her ‘
It’s been more than 4hours her operation is going on
Finally the sad light went off and sahil came out …. All rushed to him hoping for good news
Sahil sighed looking at there tense face – there is a good news and a bad one
Laksh frowned – is she fine ?

Sahil – well the operation is successful ….
All was looking at him curiosity that if she is fine operation is successful then why this but in between
Sahil – due to excess stress and internal bleeding she can’t walk………Before he could complete all shouted together – WHAT?????
Sahil closed his ears with both his hands sahil – ary let me complete first
Laksh held his color – sally dare you speak anything rubbish again and I will make sure that no doctor can save your life
Kavya – don’t forget I have my both brother in police

Sahil looks at them in horror and turned his face to dev pleading him through eyes to save him but dev just shrugged his shoulders giving him look that I – don’t – know – who – you – are
Sahil smiled tightly and freed him from laksh grip

Sahil – then I think I should first go and get OT ready again
Kavlak – shut up
Laksh angrily- I am not here to listen your nonsense tell me her condition fast
Sahil took few steps back and stood at safe distance from them and spoke – she can’t walk( he got angry glare from laksh to which he gulped in fear and cleared his throat ) but for few days only …. Know medicine effect – he smiled sheepishly
All sighed in relief while laksh punched him in his stomach followed by kavya
Laksh – you literally scared us idiot
All left from hospital except laksh as only one person is slowed to stay near patient
He was sitting on hair near ragini bed gazing her …. Telling her heart that she is safe and is in front of him …. It was the worst experience for him …. Those few hours were vulnerable for him …. He just went through the pain where at one point he thought he lost her but….. Now his heart needs full satisfaction of her being fine

He also didn’t knew but staring her for almost three hours when sleep took over him
He was disturbed when he felt some movement
He woke up and looked at ragini who is opening her eyes slowly
He immediately cupped her face painting a sweet kiss on her forehead then hugging her tight – thank God finally you woke up
Ragini looked at him confused – is it a dream
Laksh broke the hug and looked at her questioning face – what ?
Ragini slowly – am I alive ?

Laksh anger grew listening her …… He clenched his fist trying not to shout on her
Laksh whole gritting his teeth – no we are in heaven want to meet shivji
Ragini eyes widens listening him
She asked innocently – then what are you doing with me how much I remember only I have brain tumor
Laksh looked at her angrily ….. He wanted to smack some sense in her pea size brain
Laksh – idiot you are alive and in prithvi lok (earth) only
Ragini smiled widely while laksh room her in his embrace

Laksh whispers in her ear – I love you ragu
Ragini smiles listening him calling her ragu after a long time she wrapped her hands on his back and hugged him tightly feeling him near her
But laksh broke the hug and pouts – here I am confessing my feelings and look at you …… Don’t you know you should reply back I am dying to hear then from your mouth
Ragini was like ?

Laksh smiled seeing her blushing and went close to her and whispers huskily – darling till now I didn’t even started doing anything and you are blushing like this
Ragini face turned more red she just his her face in his broad chest whispering – I love you

Laksh smiled Arabs pulled her carefully making sure not to hurt her
Laksh – love you too jaan

Some stories get the light, and some are bright,
While another some are hard, and of low of light..
No matter how far you are, even if in sight
Love is always immortal, keeping them tight…..
Not all are lucky enough to get there love …. To get a second chance by life to complete there love story …… Only few have there Destiny mended to each other ….They should be thankful to his to have the one whom they love safe by your side throughout your life


I hope I didn’t bore anyone and it so then I am sorry ….. It’s my first time I am writing an os on raglak so please forgive me

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  1. Amazing dear.. Its not boring… Its mind blowing.. Keep writing more raglak stories…!!!

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      Thanks dear

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    It was an outstanding os??
    Happy birthday kriya di????

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  3. Awwwww IAM crying…. Emotional but sweet

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  4. Amazing

  5. plzz write raglak ff its awesome hope we get new ff by u tomorrow I promise to support u fully

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      Thanks nikky for your support ……N I will complete Teri fariyaad in 2episode then surely take up one raglak ff…….i hope you can give me this much time

  6. what to do crazy fan Temish and hurt with partiality of CVS who didn’t give full rights of tejesswi who played character grey shade so awesome that now many famous actresses playing passionate lover role see Jennifer so For me real reason of swaragini popularity is different story of raglak not swasan which is common in all show but raglak no show have such story like the way rag turned shy girl to passionate lover and than dokha the main difference of swaragini popularity is tejesswi acting and then when ragini get his love than CVS did injustice with jabardasti Ka swasan track in raglak track like raglak unite so sudden and faltu swara memory loss lost the charm of swaragini
    raglak didnt get fan support what happened to raglak writer and their love bcoz now swasan ff is increaseing and raglak ff is one or two in no plzzzzzzz try to give more ff plzzzzz now its so less in number plzz try to write more bcoz now days raglak ff is decreasing as compare to swasan bcoz raglak ff os ss ts plzz give more and don’t stop in bcoz many writer are stop in middle and some end sudden plzzz guys prove that raglak fandom is not less plzz guys give some new one try to regular plzz give some new raglak ff and yaa plzz write more at least 100 episode bcoz many swasan ff reached 100 but none raglak ff reach plzz write more guys for raglak its a request by raglak fan

  7. Mindblowing

  8. Kriya.n

    Oooooommmmmmgggggggg. …….avi I can’t imagine you wrote on raglak ….. Seriously it was a Schick to me but I loved it a lot … But don’t think because of it I will forget my gift I need it today night …… But the way thank you my dear friend …. This os was amazing yaar no words to describe…… Or haaa where is disha since her practical started she toh disappeared only ……. Thanks once again ????

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    Frst of all a veryyyy HAPPPPPPPPPPPY BRTHDAYYYY kriyaaaaaa???????
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    1. Avi009

      Thanks dear……….. In starting I also thought of sad ending but then it was on a happy occasion so changed the end ……

  11. Akshata

    Happy birthday Kriya 😀
    what a beautiful story….. the starting of this os is mindblowing and that lines ufff!!!!! just touched my heart. very meaningful and helpful to understand the secrete of life and love. i thought it has a sad ending n i have to cry after reading this, becoz i cant tolerate sad ending, it always makes me sad and emotional, but no you have written such a beautiful climax. finally ragini won the battle against death, finally laksh’s love won, gain ragini in his life and they became one and this time forever……

    1. Avi009

      Thanks dear …….. It meant ato lot to me ……. I mean your comments

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    happy birthday kriya enjoy alottttt amd this was sooo amazinggg once i she will die lile srk in his movie…. i was just praying to god plzzz let her be alright and she was thank god

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      Thank you so much dear ? how can i kill ragini ….

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