The precious gift of love (kaanchi) Episode 15

Hello lovely my readers.. Hope all of you are fine… Guys i have a special contest for you guys.. Will love to see you taking part.. Details are in the end of the epi.. Plz plz do participate.. Love you all…

Recap:- Kaanchi and the gang who went to trip were granted leave by the management to take rest.Sanchi visits the hospital to convince her patient tho eat the medicine and have food while Riya mixed something alcoholic in her water. Kusum calls Sanchi asks her to come to Kapoor mansion as she wanted her to meet some guests. Sanchi drinks that water while she was on the way. Sanchi visits Kapoor mansion. The lady guest got labour pains and Kusum took her to hospital. Sanchi was affected by that water and stated reacting weirdly. She danced in the washroom under the shower and hence was drenched. Kabir somehow handled her and himself changed her clothes having his eyes blindfolded. He injects her and she sleeps.

So hope you remember what happened in last epi. Let’s continue now.

Kabir enters his room. Sanchi was still sleeping. He smiles looking her sleeping peacefully. He went to take bath. He grabs his shirt and was about to wear it when he found one button of his shirt missing. He comes out if the bathroom, shirtless. Sanchi wakes up and gets shocked to see her dress changed and Kabir half naked. She misunderstood the situation. Kabir opens his cupboard and take a shirt out and wears it. He left the room and didn’t noticed Sanchi. She was in tears.

Sanchi: I love him, but we are not married yet… How could i cross my limits..? How..? And why don’t i remember anything..? What happened here….? I am lying here and my clothes are changed and Kabir was shirtless.. Am i right….? Did that happened..? We really came close…? How…? Why Kabir…? How could you…? Maybe i wasn’t in my senses but you could have controlled.. How could you let that happen…? I am sorry maa, i broke your trust… I’m not a good daughter.. I couldn’t meet your expectations..

She started crying.. She saw their engagement photo frame on the bed side table and threw it in anger…

Kabir came inside and saw her like that.. He ran and hugged her…

Kabir: S-Sanchi…? Sanchi… Stop crying.. What happened..?

Sanchi: Why Kabir..? Did you do that..?

Kabir in mind ” Oh.. I think she’s asking about the clothes ..”

Sanchi: Kabir answer me I’m asking something.. Did you do that…?

Kabir: Umm… Sanchi… Actually.. You were not in senses.. So i did that.. I thought…

Sanchi: So you thought to take advantage of me and have some fun.. Right..

Kabir: Sanchi.. It’s not like that… You are misunderstanding something…

Sanchi: Kabir i trusted you so much… I can’t believe you can do that… How could you Kabir…

Kabir caressed her face.

Kabir: Stop Sanchi .. You are taking me wrong… Nothing like that happened between us..

Sanchi looked into his eyes..

Sanchi: ….

Kabir: Let me explain you… You remember you came here…

Sanchi nodded : Aunty called me to meet some guests and she got labor pains and aunty took her to hospital…

Kabir: Exactly….

Sanchi: What happened then ….?

Kabir: I came home and found you jumping and dancing weirdly.. I tried to stop you.. You wanted to dance in rain so i took you to washroom and made you dance under shower… You got drenched.. I took you in room and gave you this saree but you insisted me to do it.. So i blindfolded myself and helped you change your dress.. I injected you and you slept.. That’s all.. I swear on Maa nothing wrong happened here… How could you even think about that…

Sanchi: I… I’m sorry Kabir… I thought.. Oh leave it plz…. Forget it naa… Sorry plz… Forgive me…

Kabir: Ok… Now get up I’ll make some coffee for you…

Sanchi hugged him…

Sanchi: Kabir i hurt you na….

Kabir: I understand your situation… It’s not your fault…

Sanchi: You know what Kabir… I’m very lucky to have you..

Kabir: Really..?

Sanchi: Hmm.

Kabir: Sanchi.. This dress suits on you…

Sanchi looked at him carefully…

She suddenly kissed his cheeks…

Kabir was dumbstruck…

Sanchi: You are shooo cute… Ummmahhh

She again kissed his cheek

Kabir: Sanchi… Control.. Nothing has happened yet but if you start doing it.. Then I’m sure something will surely happen…

Sanchi: Hahah Kabir….

Kabir: Now get up…

Kabir leaves the room. Sanchi saw the broken photo frame of their engagement. She took the photo out and kept it in the drawer.. She collected the glass which was in pieces and threw it in the dustbin…

She combed her hair and Kabir entered the room with two cups of coffee… He puts the cups on the table..

Kabir: Sanchi drink the coffee and then I’ll drop you to hostel…

Sanchi: Did Maa returned..?

Kabir: No.. She is still at the hospital…

Sanchi: Is that lady and her baby fine…?

Kabir: Yeah.. She’s blessed with a baby girl.. They have named her asha..

Sanchi: Really.. That’s great… Umm.. Kabir…

Kabir: Hmm..?

Sanchi: If I give birth to a baby boy then we’ll make him Sabir..

Kabir: And if you give birth a baby girl then we’ll name her Kaanchi

Sanchi: Great idea… Kabir… What do you want first.. Boy or a girl…

Kabir: Sanchi.. It’s not the time for it.. I mean.. We aren’t even married.. First concentrate on your internship..

Sanchi: Plz na.. Tell me..

Kabir: Ohk.. A girl…

Sanchi: But i want a boy first…

Kabir: Destiny will decide.. Come now let’s go… I’ll drop you tho hostel..

Sanchi: I want to dance in rain first…

Kabir: Nooo… Not again… Sanchi… PlZ

Sanchi: Hahahahha

Kabir: If you’re done then shall we leave..?

Sanchi: No.. I want to stay with you for some more time..

Kabir: Ohk…

Sanchi: Kabir… You must be hungry naa.. I’ll make something for you…

Kabir: No need.. I’ll order pizza..

Sanchi: No.. Not at all … I’m going in the kitchen…

Kabir: I’ll help you…

Sanchi: Sit here quietly.. That will be the best help..

Kabir: As you wish…

Sanchi goes in the kitchen and cooks mattar paneer, aloo ke parathe and bhindi along with rice and roti. She prepared halwa and kheer as sweet dishes. ( Actually these are all my fav dishes )

Sanchi: Kabirr….. Come down… Food is ready…

Kabir comes down stairs.. He sits on the dining table..

Kabir(rubbing his hands): Yummmm…..!!! Sanchi these are all my fav dishes..

Sanchi: I know.. Maa told me…

Kabir: Heyy… Why are you standing over there… Come let’s eat together…

Sanchi sits beside him. Kabir praises her food.. Sanchi smiles looking at him as he eats the food like a little child.. Both feed with their own hands…

After they were done, Kabir dropped Sanchi at the hostel…

Isha: Finally you’re back..

Pragya: Abeo..!! Ye kia hai be…?

Isha: Hey Sanchi… You’re wearing a saree… Seriously..?

Sanchi: Yeah.. Umm… He gave me…

Pragya: Wow great… Kabir sir is so a romantic… Veer should start taking classes from him..

Isha: Wese Pragya, Sanchi got engaged, now you and Veer start planning your engagement…

Pragya: I’ll talk to him…

Trio hug…

Precap:- Kabir to give Sanchi a surprise. What is that surprise..? Any guesses..

I know it was a boring one… I read some ff in which authors are doing some kind of contests.. Maybe our sweet Trisha was one of them.. So i am also doing a similar job… But only those can take part who are registered with TU so that i can msg them.. Plz get registered those who a are willing to take part.. I’m going to introduce a new character which will be played by Siddarth Malhotra… He is a childhood friend of Sanchi and has feelings for her.. He will get to know about Kaanchi’s relationship.. Will he forget her or will make some evil plans to snatch his Sanchi… Will he play positive or a negative role..? Leave your guesses in the comment box or message me privately.. Ones who guess right will be offered to demand a scene.. But only those who are registered with TU.. Hope to see you guys participating..Love you all❤❤

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  1. Palak.Sharma

    Omg I loved this episode wasn’t boring at all sometimes we just need a cute Kanchi episode. Sorry mo guesses for Siddharth

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  8. Dhruti

    it was superb, cute, amazing story…….guessing for sid may be he play positive character in front of kanchi and back side play negative roll may be…………………. it was just my guess…..please don’t separate kanchi……and update soon……………tc… you……………….

    1. Jessicca

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  9. Moonlight25

    Jessie dear….the epi was superb…not at all boring…just loved it….and my guess is in front of kanchi he will act innocent….but in reality….he is bad….and wants to Sanchi hehe my guess…love you loads

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  10. Khamoshi

    Jessicca dear…missed ur posts so badly yaar.. i love ur ff dear.. and todays episode was like An icing on the cake..amazing writing dear..
    I think Sidfharth will play a negative role with the positive mask outside. He will make Kabir jealous and Sanchi will enjoy seeing him jealous while Sid is not aware about Sanchi’s hidden enjoyment but he will take it as a love feelings towards him …so he will bring more problems between them with misunderstood feelings…just a guess dear.

    1. Jessicca

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  11. Riyarocks

    too good Jessi dear……..I enjoyed this a lottttttt………..& abt Siddhart……I really don’t want to see him in a negative avtaar……….he could like create problems for sanchi & would look forward ki how kabir handles the situation……just to know that his childhood frnd chose the right guy or not………thats my opinion……….rest is upto u………luv u loads sweetieeeeee…….

    1. Jessicca

      Thanks Riya… Glad you participated❤

  12. Trisha139

    Hey Jessica this was fab yr too good !! I am just spell bound u depicted everything so beautifully ! Nd ofcourse I guess negative as all positive positive will snatch the twists or may be negative in looking nd positive in real !! Else I really don’t know !! Loads of love keep going

    1. Jessicca

      Awww thanks a lot Trishuuu???? So glad you participated…❤

  13. Sajnana900

    Hey jessica dear hru??
    Soo longg naa
    And epi was mindblowing spr fantastic fabulous marvelous and many more
    And about sid i think he ll negative as he is her childhood friend and as in my opinion childhood memories nevr die
    We cant even forget that
    So may b negative
    Rest is up to u that how u setel it

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    This was not boring. I love it. Maybe his possessiveness & Kabir’s jealousy would be better. Waiting for the next part

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  18. Maisarah

    Jes it was fantastico ???
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