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Suman and Shravan both are collage students and they have a gang of friends with them. They both love each other but don’t know about it.
Shravan- heyy sumo came
Riya- let her come what to do she betrayed us
Manav- yes she is so cheap girl
Disha- yess she gave us lectures about not taking drugs and now she
Aman- she only takes drugs she hurt us from now we don’t know her ignore her

Sumo- hey guys what are you all discussing any serious talks or exam made all of you serious huh (giggles)
Sumo(serious and tensed)—what happned guys why ar you so silent
Riya—oh for god’s sake don’t talk
Manav- please leave us
Sumo- what happened why are you talking to me like this what i did
Disha- what you did you hurt us you betrayed us
Sumo- me??
Aman- don’t act smart I told you at first only orphan girls are like this only they teach other good manners and the themselves are like this
Listening all this sumo ran to other side of collage where there was no one and cried
Shravan came to her and started laughing loudly…….
Sumo looked him and her eyes were filled with tears
Sumo—shravan tell them naa i didn’t do any thing you now na my family you all friend are my family i i am to orphan please tell them naa
Shravan(smirks)—so how was my prank!!!

Shravan—yes prank cum revenge you played a prank on me and i too played a prank on you I told everyone that you take drugs and showed some edited pics to them
Sumo—and they they believed you
Shravan- yes the did i am very good at convincing some one
Sumo(angered)—the prank i played was not like this. Tumhe pata hai meri family the tum log kitna pyaar kiya maine tumhara nai chaiye tum logo ki doosti muje
Shravan—relax they were not in my plan
Sumo—par unhone tumhari baat par vishvas to kiya naa aree bas 2 hi cheezo ke liya jeethi thi mai ek meri maa ka sapana aur dusra dusre tum log tumne to mere jeene ke vajood ko hi mar daala
Shravan shocked
Sumo—yaad rakna shravan mai ek din vaps aaungi aur tumhe batadungi ki tumne sumo ka dil dhukaya hai aur aaj tumhari vaja se mera vishvas uth gaya dosti se
Suman goes out of collage

Shravan felt really bad and went to his house.There he saw a card given to him by sumo. The card said “BE HAPPY ”
Shravan also thought about sumo ‘ s words were ecoing his mind He decided to tell the truth to everyone about the prank.
Shravan told everyone about the prank. Everyone was sad due to this.
Riya- i feel like slapping myself
Manav- we thought that sumo.. we are not eligible to be called frieds now
Disha- but shravan you know naa she only lived for us she had no one in her life
Aman- yes i told her so many thing i am i am very bad
Shravan- instead of talking let us go to sumo
They go to suman’s house.NO ONE IS THERE. They find a note.
The screen freezes of shravan’s shocked face

Precap- SUMO RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nikita

    Ayy! You’re back. It was great.. I loved it.. bad thing Shravan. Hey, but what prank did Sumo play on Shravan? Post sooon.excited to knowwww
    Lovee yoouuu!!

    1. IME

      Yepppp i am backkkkkkkkkkk
      thank you for lovinggggg it
      Prank………….wait for the nxt part
      Love youu
      take care

  2. Nivu99

    Wow…… Nice episode dear….. Next part soon….

    1. IME

      Thank you soooooooo much dear
      would post soon
      Love you
      take care

  3. Beas

    IT was fantabulous
    Your idea is incredible.
    Great to see you back ?
    Keep writing and post sooon?

    1. IME

      Thank you sooooooooo much dearrrrrrr
      Juat like me Incredible Ishita
      So happy that you liked it
      would post soon
      Love you
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  4. Prettypreeti

    I would love to read the prank….this prank made me happy…u r awesome girl…i m waiting…now post soon.
    Vrna mere sath prank ho jayega..
    Love u…

    1. IME

      Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooo muchhhhhhh dearrrrrrrr
      haa iss baar pakka jaldi post karung pakka
      Love you
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  5. hey ishita. very interesting it is. really nice.
    & superb. post next part soon. can’t wait.
    loads of love. bye…

    1. IME

      Thank you sooooooooo much dearrrrr
      Would post as soon as possible
      But you have to wait dear
      Love you
      Take care

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG i m loving this, this is damn interesting cant wait for the next part
    Naughty Shravan ne yeh Kya Kar Diya :O

    1. IME

      Thank you soooo muchhhh
      Wait to karna pada gaa
      Air naughty shravan me kaand kr diya
      Love you
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