Prank + Revenge = Love Story….(SwaSan ff) Part 1


Sun Shine building…. It lies in sun City area of Mumbai which is one of the standard area…. It takes in many phases opposite to each other and between these beautiful gardens is present…. Roy family is living in Phase-1 n Sanskar who came Mumbai for his future studies with his care taker (as he is favorite son of whole Mf) since 1 year is living in Phase-2 opposite to Swara…. The biggest coincidence is Swara n Sanskar’s room are opposite to each other so they know each other but only fights happen between both…. They never uttered to each other normally….

Scene 1
@ Garden in front of building….

[Swara is playing cricket with her little friends….(pihu,kuhu,goli,krish,chintu) n many others teams are girls vs boys….]

Pihu – come on Swara di you can do it…. We can defeat these boys…. we need 9 runs but in only 2 balls….?

Swara – don’t worry baby’s we can…. Chilax ….

She just focus on coming ball n hit it to her right side with full force n it results into 4…. ball crosses boundary of their garden…. All girls start cheering Swara….

Now 1 ball n 5 runs….

Swara – hey my bf(best friend) kanha ji pls help me 1 ball 5 runs….

Her focus was on coming ball and she strike it with double force than previously and it goes swing towards the building…. Everyone hears glass cracking noise…. All children’s n Swara get startled….

Kuhu – (in shocked voice) what you have done Swara di….

Chintu – (in shocked voice) don’t know whose car’s glass get broken today….

Swara – (with confident tone with scared face) guys don’t be scared I’m here na no one will scold you…. Come let’s see who’s car it is….

Goli – (frightened) di you go first we’ll come behind you….

Krish – (scared) Ha di you always send us n didn’t come and we get punishment without any mistake….

Swara – ha ha k I’m going…. Come along with me now….

All bacche company n Swara goes towards building n they saw one boy is stepping out of the car looking at his car’s headlight n then at ball on ground with angry look….

Swara looks at him in shocked face….

Swara – (thinking) Oh god…. This Crying cutie…. Now I’m dead for sure….

The boy looks at Swara n bacche company with angry look….

Swara – look Mr. Crying Cutie it happened by mistake then please take a chill pill ok….

Now hearing Crying Cutie Boy starts fuming in anger….

Boy – (yelling) Enough is enough now first of all call me Sanky…. I’m Sanskar Maheshwari not any (making face) Crying Cutie get that….

Swara try hard to contain her laugh, but seeing his face she burst out laughing….

Swara – look I’m sry but what to do you look so cute in angry look also so….

Sanskar – (shouting) so what ha because of your kiddishness look what you did to my Honey(he is very Possessive about his personal thing n specially his Honey i.e. his Car Black Odi….) You haven’t have any idea how much expensive it is….

Swara – (calm tone) Hey, just calm down I said na it happened by mistake I didn’t do it on purpose and I’ll pay for it so chill….

Sanskar – (shouting) it’s not about money it’s about my Honey…. I never gave a single scratch to my Honey nor allowed anyone but because of you for the very first time it’s headlight get broke….

Swara – (trying to be calm) areeee I said na I’m sorry then why are you shouting….

Sanskar – (shouting) I will shout because you act like a 7year old girl who only knows playing with kids…. I tolerate your nonsense a lot, but no more today…. Immediately give the compensation fast I have to rush my honey hospital….

Swara – (making faces) Seriously hospital…. You want to say servicing center….

Sanskar – yeah…. It’s none of your concern….

Swara – (Swara has lost her temper listening word kid for her but still she act calm) It is because I only broke one headlight of your cherished car…. Your saying like it caused a huge accident….

Sanskar – it’s none of your concern…. Come on give its compensation….

One idea strikes into her mind….

Swara – wait for a minute…. (To Krish) hey go get my purse from my home….

Krish goes n bring her bag….

Swara – thanks Krish but hold it for a minute….

Krish – k di….

[till now hearing Sanky’s shouting people gather their….]

Swara – so Mr. Sanky what you stated I’m behaving like 7year old kids…. Now wait and watch what can this kid do when someone make me furious….

Saying this Swara raise the bat, which she’s holding in her hand…. Then she stares bat then at Sanky’s Odi….

Sanky – what you m….

Before he could finish his sentence Swara broke another headlight of Sanky’s Honey…. It’s not enough for her to cool down and then she again raised bat in the air in with full force she hit on Honey’s front glass….

Swara – (smirk on her face) now it really need servicing oops sry hospital care….

Saying this she takes her purse and take out one bundle of thousand then her hand over it to Sanky who is still in daze….

Swara – take this n if you feel less then do tell me….

Swara goes from their living everyone shocked specialcalm, but….

Sanky – (in mind) You have to compensate for this Ms. Volcano….

Sanky too leaves from their….

Scene 2
@ Swara’s home….

Swara goes inside murmuring….

Swara – (mutters) samjhta kya hai apne aapko…. (what he thinks of himself….)

Shomi – (worried) itna gussa kyu shona…. You know na we have financial crisis…. You have to learn to control yourself….

(Shomi sees the whole scene through balcony….)

Swara – (furious) he only makes me angry…. I was calm but he called me kid…. He recalled that I always do childish things….

Shomi – (whisper) so what he said wrong…. You are….

Swara – (taken aback) What do you mean, mom….

Shomi – (calmly) think beta you are 20 year old still you played with kids…. Then you are a girl n science student too and then….

Swara – (Swara feels hurt n tears form at corner of her eye) So what mom, I was a girl and I played with kids is ok but being a science student can’t I have right to love my life….

Shomi – (pleading) your misunderstanding me baby…. It’s not really like that….

Swara – (sobing) then what’s like it mom…. You will never understand me….

Saying this Swara leaves to her room….

Shekhar – (anger n coming toward Shomi) you again made my princess cry….

Shomi looks at main door where shekhar was standing….

Shomi – no shekhar…. I’m just trying to make her realize that she is grown up not a little kid….

Shekhar – But for me she is still kid…. (as always Swara is papa’s princess….)

Sami – for me too Shekhar but she have to understand our state of affairs…. She is the only support of us….

Shekhar – you know very well that what she want, then at least try to understand her situation too…. No more fight now come let me talk to her….

Shomi – your right shekhar I over react…. But I’m also her mom…. I know how to convince her….


Precap – Swara insult Dp in frustration…. The prank which changed Swara’s life….


So will Swara n Shomi patch up….

What will Sanky do after so much of drama….

Thanks to all who commented on Prolouge n Silent readers too…. Roja you guessed correct….

As I said it is inspired by another story I’ll include scenes from that story too….

For me today’s chap is average as it’s first part actual story start from Swara’s Prank i.e. tomorrow chap I have written that chap just final touch then I’ll post on same time….
Do tell me your views on today’s chap….


Credit to: Anika....

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