Prank + Revenge = Love Story….(SwaSan ff) intro n prologue

Swara Roy – (age 20) Aspire to be an actress (in Bollywood)…. Unfortunately to fulfill her mom’s desires, she chose science side n now studying in 2nd year of mbbs….. she’s a perfect example of brain with beauty…. Emotional nature with strong mind….

Ragini Roy – younger sis of Swara…. She’s studying in abroad…. She’s an Arts student….

Shekhar Roy – failed actor (in tellywood) but +ve n free minded person….

Sharmishtha Roy – loving n caring mother n wife with +ve mind….

Roy family lives in dream city Mumbai n are middle class but live a standard life and possess their own home in a lavish building as Shekhar try his best to give each and every happiness to his family…. Roy family is full Modern….

Sanskar Maheshwari – commerce student…. Studying in 2nd year of commerce…. Born with a silver spoon, but not spoiled…. He’s a pure example of a good and obedient son…. Fun loving guy with naughty brain….

Laksh Maheshwari – studying in abroad commerce student…. Fun loving guy n younger to Sanskar….

Dp Maheshwari – successful business man…. Strict nature, love his family…. +ve mind with Orthodox thoughts….

Rp Maheshwari – partner of Dp in business…. Obedient brother, caring hubby, +ve mind, believe in modern lifestyle but as a obedient brother he too follows Orthodox thoughts….

Ap Maheshwari – loving n caring mother n wife…. +ve mind with Modern thoughts….

Sujata Maheshwari – loving, caring n naughty mother n wife….

Laksh is Ap n Dp’s son….
Sanskar is sujata n Rp’s son….

Maheshwari family lives in Delhi-Mathura…. This is the richest family in Mathura…. They possess a lot respect and status in Mathura city…. It’s mix family with Orthodox n Modern people….


Swara’s Pov….

I use to play pranks on the friends for fun and we enjoy a lot, but who recognizes that one prank will change my life forever….

Yes…. One Prank

One prank changed my whole life forever, I just hate that day don’t know whom to swear for it…. to me…. to that baster who spoiled my life my dreams…. to the situation or to God…. No, no I can’t curse anyone specially not God, no ways, but what to do my life was perfect before his arrival and afterwards he made it hell because of his so called revenge my dad got heart attack…. My mom, dad is modern people so they don’t care what happened, they are supporting me and always will but this society is forming my life hell by their taunts…..
My dad always said to me that our lifetime is like a movie where we are actors n GOD is producer, director and creative too…. Which ever things happen in our life has a reason behind it, but the incident happen to me is like I’m not at all find any cause…. If one bad situation comes then after that good days also comes unfortunately in my life I’m seeing only bad days first papa’s failure then struggle to live n now this Sanskar Maheshwari…. I never complained about it to God that why this all things happen to me only but now I can’t take it more so now I’ve determined my future on my own…. I will not become weak by these matters any more…. I will fill my duties as a daughter…. Whatever will be the situation, I’ll suffer strong…. I’ll not ask to God that WHY ME only I’ll say TRY ME…. I have to close the chapter of Mr. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI forever and there is solely one way DIVORCE it will close this chapter forever…..

Sanskar’s Pov….

I never thought that my one stupid revenge will lead to the such beautiful phase of my aliveness…. to LOVE…. to my SOUL MATE SWARA ROY….. I thought to take revenge, but it turned into something which firstly I was regretting but after recognizing my feelings for Swara I was on cloud 9…. I desperately want to confess my feelings for her…. I wanted to make her mine…. My better half…. My soul mate…. Only wait for dawn Mrs. SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…. Tomorrow’s sunrise will going to be the new start of our lives….


What is that prank which lead to such different phase in SwaSan life….

So will Swara be able to get divorce from Sanskar or she will too fall in love with Sanskar….

Will Sanskar succeed in preserving his relationship with Swara….

Will Maheshwari family accept the modern Swara as their daughter in law….

Will Swara n Sanskar will become SwaSan….


First of all I’m big fan of SwaSan specially VK…. I’m Sanskarholic + Swaraholic too both are amazing actors….
I love RagLak too, but they will be introduced after the half story I’m sorry if I hurt any RagLak fan….

This is my first fanfic I’m not new here I always read only…. I’m so amazed by reading such fabulous ff’s…. I will love to know about your opinions on this story too….

I want to tell you that it is inspired by another story…. n characters are same as serial n other will be added according to story….

Thus will you people love to read this love story of SwaSan….

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