Prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff (Intro)

Hellooooo guys I am a fan of you all and after reading ff and os of you all from a long time I am thinking to write an ff on twinj. I don’t know whether you all like it or not but I have tried to write a ff for first time and I am inspired by you all.So let’s move to intro but before that I want to say that love is most wonderful feeling in anyone life and if someone truely loves you or you love someone truely then you can do anything for your love or can go to any extent for the happiness of the person you love.Just like twinj.

So now enough of my bakbak now let’s start the intro ………………………….

Its a story of two love birds who love each other but can’t express it to anyone and most importantly the girl loves boy madly but destiny didn’t like them together it always plays some prank with them.

Main character
Kunj sarna: One of most studios boy of class and handsome too.He is not only good in studies but in everything I.e. dance,anchoring etc.
Twinkle taneja:One of most studios girl of school but don’t talk with boys or even don’t take much participate in functions organized by their class mates i.e. teachers day fair well etc. But in cultural functions like speech on any auspicious day and in dance on annual day she participated with her heart.
Maya Singh:She is also studios and friend of twinkle but sometimes becomes jealous of her. And main thing is they three were competitors of each other.
So its my story if you all like only then I will continue it please tell me via comment.??And thanks for bearing me.

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  1. Nice pls continue

  2. amazing intro
    nice theme
    please continue

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    Plz continue loved the concept

  4. Superb jus cont asap

  5. Thank you for your support.

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    Nice intro.

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  8. Nice plot…. waiting for next one…All the best..

  9. nice concept seems interesting
    carry on
    waiting for next
    plz post fat

  10. Your fan….
    Its mind-blowing …story concept is fab
    Ctd soon

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