Prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff episode 8 last one


Hii guys thank you commenting in my previous episode nimmi , Purnima.agarwal30 , Dolly , Fan , Angita ,Sayeeda di , Shatakshi ,apoorwa , kruti, sana(ammu), zayb_zikra ,Dreamer….arundhati, saby and thanks all silent readers too for reading it.
The episode starts with leap of 7 years and a big place is seen and on the entrance written that “International airport”.✈
Just then a tall boy is shown who is looking dashing and handsome but doesn’t seems to be happy.(I think he is looking for the happiness of his life).
And now the boy face is clearly visible and he is none other than our handsome hunk Kunj.

Kunj p.o.v
Yeah I am going back from london after 7 you said twinkle I studied hard and doesn’t even tried to find you but now its enough of my patience. Don’t know when our destiny make us meet as you said.I missed you so much and I had not seen you from 7 years 4 months and 11 days.Please come back to me to your kunj and his eyes get moist as he is thinking all this.
Just then he hear someone calling his name and turns get shocked seeing twinkle there.he went near her and hugged her tightly and tells I love you so much but its turns out to be his imagination and when he turns he sees a lady calling for her son.He gets upset.
And then he goes to broad his flight.

And after some hours he returned back to his home city ,the city which makes him meet his love and the city which takes his love away, the city which gives him happiness and the city which takes away his reason of happiness, the city in which he used to smile and the city which gives him reason to cry.

And he went to waiting area for his luggage to come.
On the otherside a cutteee and gorgeous looking girl who is wearing a simple top of red colour and a jeans of black one is seen.she is simple but looking adorable and her eyes is moist as she is crying.and she too walking towards waiting area and sit opposite side facing kunj back.

Girl p.o.v.
So i am back here but i have to be sure that i will not meet him.And saying this she cries silently in her heart.
Both are unaware of each other but both can feel the presence of someone who is much close to their heart and they are continuously looking here and there.after sometime Kunj is about to go when he bumped into a girl and he get mesmerized to see her back and remember all the past years .The girl get up and about to scold him when he hugs her tightly and tells that don’t leave me now never.I love you twinkle and started crying.he continued see you only said naa destiny played prank to make us meet and that day comes.he said sobbing (So the girl is none other than twinkle)
Twinkle too hugs him this hug was a full of emotions which shows the time they wait for each other, their true love towards each other,Kunj anger for twinkle to leave her ,the time when they miss each other and many more at same time.
But suddenly twinkle moves back as the thought of being bad omen for him strikes in her mind and she runs from their murmering that dont come near me otherwise you get hurt which makes Kunj numb.after sometime Kunj get his consciousness and he understand all the things that happened sometimes back.he too run behind her to make her understand that she is his life.He find her running as a mad on road and suddenly sees a car approaching towards her in full speed.he too runs to save her and make her land on otherside of road and start scolding her.
Kunj:twinkle,Oh sorry siyappa queen what are thinking about yourself haa ?what are you trying to do are you think that you went away from me and I live my life with happiness?
Twinkle: Kunj yes you are right you will be happy as I my faith is bad and it will destroy you if you live with me.see na today only you’re going to met with an accident to save me who only gives you pain,who destiny always harm you and she started crying.
Kunj screams and tells her to be quite and listen to him first.and he tells that you’re thinking that you are bad omen and you want to get away from me let me tell you that you are my life and if you want to apart me from you than too I will surely accept this but you know what I can’t live even a second with you and saying this he went from there and come back after a few seconds with a blade in his hand.

Then he takes blade to his hand and make it reach to the wrist of other hand and about to cut his wrist. when twinkle turn to him to say him something and saw him doing so and screams at him.
Kunj are you mad?what are you trying to do haa ?how can I be able to survive without you?
Kunj asks cutting hers words and asked her why can’t you survive?
Twinkle yells because I love you.
Kunj replied I love you too and twinkle no one is curse for anyone .and about you I want to tell that you are luckiest person for me.I love you so much.
Twinkle:sorry Kunj but I love you more.

And they burst into laughter.and share a passionate hug and get lost into each other.
So guys end of my ff and always remember one thing that” if we are truely made for each other then destiny surely makes us meet by playing some or other prank.and trust it is the most important thing in any relation either its of friendship or any thing else just like kunj trust twinkle words and doesn’t try to find her because he know that destiny make them meet if their love story is true.We should always remember that no relationship and no one is curse to anyone. We should always ready to sacrifice things if we truely love some.and most important things we will surely meet only with them who is in our destiny. And everyone comes in our life with some special motives some as friends and some as enemy but we should always try to be stand by true.and at last but not least someone who always shows that they are well wisher is may be truely not as it happens in twinkle case by Maya.”

Thank you so so so much for your support till now and please guys don’t forget me.and please comment. Guys today I want to do some bakbak please read it ok don’t scroll down.????mujhe pata hai you all are not interested but phir bhi mere liye at least itna kar do behen hu mei bhi aapki?? kyu hu na?(plz reply) Ok so let’s start ok its thanking ceremony for those who has comment in ff till now?.
Firstly I want to thanks my friend cum Di she helps me in writing this episode and my os too.and I will write by no. Of times one comment ok.?☺
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  1. Angita

    Wonderful I just loved the ending

    1. Thanks dear

  2. Shruthis

    achaa behana …mai tujhe kaise bhool sakhthi hu bol i love you :*
    aur thanks nai bol sakthi bolke bole jaa rahe hai haa?
    and loved the episode dear 🙂 be in touch 🙂

    1. Di ye bhi koi kehne ki baat hai.

  3. SidMin

    loved the episode

    1. Thank you sidmin

  4. Sameera

    Miss u ?? and I apologize for not commenting on 2-3 epi but I read ur all the episodes this epi was too good but the lines u said in the was just fab u had left tear in my eyes plzz it’s a request come back soon with another ff ????

    1. Thanks dear and I am glad that you like my lines.

      1. No dear you can order me not request because as I think we are friends right? And I will surely write if I get time.

  5. amazing and emotional one too… please write more ffs and os luv u

    1. Thanks and I will surely write whenever I get time.

  6. Sayeeda

    Lover dear this is not not not done u can’t end ur ff so soon …..I really love ur ff a lot….
    Plzzz come back with new one ….or promise kro ke u will never leave TU ..u will always mark ur present through ur lovely comment …
    U know na how much I love u …I will miss u ….
    But what ever it is u did a great job with this ff nd ended it one a great note ….will miss u ….love u …lots of hugs

    1. Sorry di but what to do I have to end naa as I have said and I will surely comment on ff and never even think of leaving tu promise. And I will surely right when I get time.

    2. One more thing I love you and miss you more.

  7. Callmenazu

    yes lover ur right akhir bari behen ka choti pe itna to hak banta hi hey na ?
    btw coming to d epi D epi was just awsm luved it to the core
    will be looking forwards if u will ever decide to start a new ff or to write a one shot
    best of luck for ur new beginning {11th class} all d bst wishes 2 u
    dont forget us ?and luv u 2 ????

    1. Thank you so much for your wishes and comment tooand I will w4ite whenever I get time. Bcaz i love you more na but please comment whenever I write.

  8. Loved the epi was amazing
    Why I ended it soon
    Will miss ur ff
    Come up with another

    1. Thanks dear and. Sorry to end it soon but kya karu mei bhi

    2. Sure I wille up with another one when ever I get time.

  9. Kruti

    Y did u end it so soon ya …..I wanted more from u……anyways lovely ff
    Thank u for such a lovely story

    1. No dear I am thankful to you for liking my ff and if you want more you can order me I will surely come when I get time for your lovely comment. Love you

  10. Syeda Farhana

    Yaar u made me emotional. I will miss u. And the ending was just superb. U know what u r Lover but from now on I’m the lover of ur FFs. I will eagerly wait for ur next FF or OS, plz come back again with another amazing FF of urs

    1. Ok dear sure and thanks .but you can’t be my lover as you’re my friend. And please keep supporting.

  11. thanks lover for mentioning my name & pls don’t say sorry….today’s epi was mindblowing ….too emotional…but I must say ur ff give d exact meaning of true love ….loved it to d core…..hope u will return with d new ff….waiting for it…..& ya I always read ur almost all epi..leaving 1 or 2.. all was just fab…

    1. Thank you so much dear and I am glad that you like it.

  12. Shatakshi

    Hey lover
    The ending was so cute❤❤❤
    N please even if u stopped writing…do visit tu page…its not a request but an order from ur sister…so u have to follow…
    Really I will miss this story
    Love u❤❤????????❤

    1. Sure how can I not follow your orders and thank you so much.

    2. But Love you more sista

  13. Fan

    Hey lover first of all all the best for ur studies…ur ff was one of my fav n iam very sad that u ended it but studies come first so i can understand…i will surely remember u n ur ff…i can understand that u r busy as i am 12th grade even i dont get time to read n comment on ff..will miss ur ff alot?..

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment and miss you more.

  14. & really sorry for not commenting in many epi

    1. No need to say sorry

  15. Lover I just loved ur ff n I’m feeling bad dat ur ending ff bt I always loved ur ff
    Ofcourse ur my sister????

    1. Thank you so much.and don’t worry i will write whenever I get time but for that I need your support

  16. Dreamer...arundhati

    Lover,… Muah.. .It was a wonderful journey of love and twinjistan through this ff.
    U know na how much i m gonna miss this ff.
    Luv u loads 4 this wonderful ff
    U rocked the epi.
    Sista bae.. .Luv u forever

    1. Thanks aru love you too and I will surely try not to give you a single chance to miss me

  17. Saby

    tussi ja rahe ho?…. ho sake toh rukk jana…
    will miss uh sho sho sho much
    ur ff…. i m really very sorry i cudnt comment on ur every episode
    feeling guily…. srry again
    and ur ff was just damn goof thanks for giving a cute ff
    love uh lots and lots more….. forever

    1. Don’t worry dear I will write whenever I get time and thanks for your support but love you and your ff more.and haa mei nhi jaa skti itni pyari beheno ko chod kar.

  18. Hey lover first of all m really really sry for commenting late….
    Bt kya karu bahot busy thi n u kno wen I read ur title dat it’s ending
    Trust me I ws lyk in a type of shock ek sadma u kno…??????
    Plzz tussi na jao….I kno I understand u r busy bt still..?????
    N ya tysm for such amazing words for me …..??????
    Thanks for telling me that m ur supporting backbone…..???
    Tysm for such lovely n osmm words.. ?????
    Uh will be missed alot… .?????
    Bt plzzz do write atleast an OS…..plzzzzz. ?????
    N luv u to d moon n back….????????????
    Will always keep loving u …n missing ur writing……????
    U will b missed alot….?????
    N u kno I ws really busy k mai ne 3 baar ff adha adha padha…..
    I kno it sound funny bt kya karu trust altast I ws like ab toh pad k hi
    N luv u ….???
    Keep smiling…..?????????
    N b back back soon …..?????
    Luv u to d core

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and I will surely write after sometime when my study got stable ok but love you more bye

  19. hey lover will miss ur ff
    n bdw i had read ur all epi bt had not cmnt bcoz of laziness
    so sorry
    but plz cm back with another one yaar waitingfor it

    1. Thanks yaar and I will surely write another one when I get free time.

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    Wonderful…mind blowing… y did u end it so soon…????

    1. Bcaz of my studies dear and thank you very much.

  21. Directionert91


    1. Thank you

  22. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    I have all ur episodes but was not able to cmmnt as I was always late reading the ffs…my mother wont give me mobile. ..she gives me at a time…n also the schools…but now id holidays…n todays episode tho what to say yaar…I dnt hve words. …it was just mindblowing …wish u to keep writing. ..

    1. Thank you so much

  23. Realy a nice epi cmebck soon with new ff

  24. yr lover amazing srsly sry i m srsly a stupid n dumbo 2day also cmntd late bt sry kya karun ws busy wid studies n yah yr ur ff ws amazing n ll srsly miss u cm wid a new ff soon c u soon

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