Prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff episode 7 pat 1

guys and thank you very much for liking my os “in infinity why its you only “this know I am on cloud infinity after reading to all of your comments and I replied to you all (I hope you have read my replies)Now enough of my bakbak let’s move to episode 7:
The episode start a leap of almost 2 years but nothing has changed as kunj used to think ?about how to convey his feelings ?in front of twinkle when she is not even paying any attention to him ?whereas twinkle used to show her attitude? to kunj and used to think ?of some plans to not to talk with kunj as she doesn’t want him to get hurt once again but deep inside she is in immense pain ?that she can’t make herself to win over the prank played by destiny and because of this she is unable to pat attention in her studies too.

and Maya she is busy in planning that how to take revenge from twinkle while thinking these she went to past.(fb of episode 4 continues recap:twinkle and Maya result day where twinkle get better marks than Maya and she is being compared with twinkle and she was asked to learn something from her.only then Maya had take an oath to destroy twinkle .starting of new session of class7 and while going twinkle and kunj bump and fall down after which twinkle gets angry and start to fight whereas Maya get lost in his charming?? personality. and kunj thinks to do friendship?? with twinkle as she is first one who dare to fight with him.(guys don’t take it wrong as he was thinking this because after seeing his charming and hot personality she was first girl to fight with him otherwise all other use to fall for him….).kunj make friendship with her and introduces each other)(now guys fb continues)

So now fb shows that Kunj twinkle and Maya went towards their class and trio ??takes their seat (kunj and twinkle sits beside? each other and Maya with some other girl? as these are two sitter).Days went on and kunj and twinkle has become best friends ?and somewhere now they like each other? but unaware of that fact as when one of them can’t able to come to school then other become restless and used to think ??about them whole day.and now Maya has also become a good friend of Kunj as she always found with twinkle and maya too had a small crush? on kunj.(she want to tell him too but he always used to ignore her as twinkle come between their talks).

One day when Maya think to propose ?kunj and call him to meet her after school. at that day only twinkle fell from stairs and she is being? hospitalized.doctors declared that she has only few time left on that day kunj meet twinkle and tell her? that he loves her.he can’t live without her.and ??twinkle replied that she too loves him and both hug each other while Maya was waiting for Kunj since 3 hours?? but he hasn’t reached.later twinkle tell her everything. and on that day once again Maya feel cheated and she used to be ?sad and went to London with her parents to change her mood.

Fb ends.
Maya p.o.v
Once twinkle cheated me and my trust .she get to know that I love him that’s why she done this. but this doesn’t makes me breakdown as I have to make them apart and I am able to doing so.on that day when I am going to propose kunj destiny played a prank with me and I made my prank to destroy twinkle destiny (and she smiles? evilly).And she return back on the day of annual function (I hope you guys have not forgot recap of fb 2:the play which twinkle has to play with one of his frnd in annual function and then kunj gets jealous because of it and he went from there.twinkle too went to find her after her play but can’t find and then suddenly she hear a voice from stage and saw kunj singing? ishq wala love for her and she too joins after that they share some nok jhoks? ?with love? )now fb shows after songs finished they went to their group and Maya was getting irked seeing there closeness and she had asked twinkle and all of her friend to play truth and dare.and twinkle choose dare and she give her task to climb the roof.and she has to agree because of her self respect as she can’t loose it by saying that she has fear to do it but she gave death glare to Maya for giving such a task to which Maya shows sorry face. (but then she smirks? evilly fb shows Maya to put oil at roof).
And then twinkle climbs and gets slipped ?because of oil.(and then twinkle to scream kunj name and kunj save twinkle by putting his own life at risk as shown in last episode/episode6..)
And fb ends maya self talk:kunj always use to turn as your saviour. that’s why I have to done this with him.

And now its the day its fair well day? organised by their juniour student they have to take part in it but twinkle had not take part in it as after that annual day on class7 she left taking part in these things.And there were many programs organized on this occasion such as ??dance, respect ceremony ?,speech? ,gifting session ??and ??????many last its time for the studios boy to show something special so he hold mike?, play guitar? and starts to sing ???(I love you from bodyguard movie).
Dil kahe kya raaz hai
jaane kya kar gaye ?
jaise andheron mei tum
chandni bhar gaye(×2)?

kare chaand taaron ko mash’hoor itna kyun????
kambhakht inse bhi khubshurat hai tu?
I love you? tu ru ru reah….
(he sings while smiling? towards twinkle and staring at her ).

and now he changes song into khamoshiyan….
and he continues
Khamoshiyan aawaz hai
tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
chuhkar tumhe khil jayengi??
ghar inko bulaao kabhi
beqarar hai baat karne ko?
kehne do inko jaara?

khamoshiyan…..teri meri khamoshiyan?
khamoshiyan ….lipti hui khamoshiyan?
(he continues while twinkle get lost in him and in the moment spend with him while he continues).
Kya USS gaali mein kabhi tera jaana hua ??
jahaan se zamaane ko gujre zamaana hua???????????
Mera samay toh wahi pe hai thehra hua ?
baataun tumhe kya mere saath kya kya hua?

khamoshiyan ek saaz hai?
tum dhun ko lao zaraa
khamoshiyan alfaaz hain?
kabhi aa gunguna le zaraa?
beqarar hain baat karne ko?
kehne do unko zaraa…..haaa…✌

Khamoshiyan…..teri meri khamoshiyan
khamoshiyan…. lipti hui khamoshiyan?

naadiyaan ka paani bhi khamosh betha yaha?
khili chandni mei chili lakh khamoshiyan??
baarish ki bondoon ki hoti kahan hai zubaan??☔?
sulagte dilon mei hai khamosh uthta dhuaan???

twinkle come out of her thought and her eyes went out moist? as she can clearly see love for her in kunj eyes? and she can understand that this song?? is dedicated for her.she composes herself and she silently ?leaves from there.
Kunj is also able to see the immense pain in her eyes ☹but he was unable to understand the reason ??and he too became emotional.and then after sometimes complete the song but this time with pain in his voice.??
Khamoshiyan aakaash hai☁☁
tum udne to aao zara??
khamoshiyan ehsaas? hai
tumhe mehsoos hoti hai kya??
beqarar hai baat karne ko?
kehne do inko ??zara…..
and he thinks about twinkle and get lost and then sings the last line.

khamoshiyan……. teri meri khamoshiyan?
khamoshiyan…….lipti hui khamoshiyan ?
and all started clapping??? where as Kunj went outside in search of twinkle and but doesn’t found her? but find a letter outside in which is written by twinkle for him.
At last guys bear my bakbak its part 1 of episode 7 part 2will be upload soon.and thank you so much for commenting in is bulbul:you are first one too comment.
calmenazu: dear I am waiting for your comment.
alia:I think wrong number will be a common name for that one as anyone can understand what’s the story dear.
sonali:thank you very much.
srija:thank you so much.
saby:I am glad you liked it.
sayeeda Di:thank you so much for missing me.I am always looking for your comments.
amaya(kashish):dear I will surely write more os.
shrutis:Di aapko kya bolu I don’t have words except I love you so much and I am glad that you come in my life.
zayb_Zikra:yes dear I will surely write.
snehal:thank you dear.
Adina khan:thanks for commenting.
lama:I will surely write.
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shatakshi: I am lucky that I am able to grab your attention.
forever fan of twinj: dear I don’t even think of doing such thing and that too with you never.I can’t even think of it.I am angry how can say this as a joke too?waise apna ff jaldi Post kardo.waise tu comment dene mei bahut kanjhusi karti hai.
fan:sure dear.

dreamer…..arundhati: dear please be my friend as I will surely be very lucky to be friend with you.
sana(ammu):thank you and you are not late.
kinjal:thank you.
romainsah:no dear you are not late as the thing matter is that you read and comment.thank you .
even silent thanks for reading it.
and now if I come to my ff then its getting less response only 8 comments so I am ending it soon.I think one or two episode.thank you shatakshi, kruti, syeda farhana ,sayeeda Di ,zayb_Zikra ,fan ,dreamer ,shrutis you all.

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  1. Awesome…..dear it was superb….

  2. Sayeeda

    Hats off dear ….ur Fb scenes were defined nd presented so well ….love them a lot …
    The song was so emotional one nd Twinj feelings made me felt sad for them but this Maya …aawwwww…I want to kill her how dare she to hurt Twinkle ….
    Love ur ff ….continue further… love u dear

  3. Fan

    Plz don’t end ur ff i love it….plz try to continue..dont be disappointed with the less comments iam sure everyone loves ur ff but they dont have enough time to comment…Please its a request continue ur ff……btw the the epi was awesome ..

  4. Kruti

    Awesome epi….pls don’t end d ff

  5. Sameera

    Amazing epi just loved it to the core hats off lover ???

  6. Dreamer...arundhati

    Lover osum
    Super duper epi
    The fb scenes were 2 gud.
    Seriously I m waiting eagerly 4 ur next part of epi.
    Its lovely
    U r writing is muah…
    And ya sure I too would like to have a frnd like u

  7. Foreverfanoftwinj

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    F:- fabulous
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    Aur next j-z se saare taarif next epi pe dungi

    1. So you are not khanjus right?then I will see it in next episode your tarif of j-z ok but dear thank you so much and its really an unique and awesome idea of commenting.

  8. Shruthis

    superb dear 🙂

  9. Hey lover,
    The epi was awsm, Loved it to the core ❤
    Eagerly waiting for ur next part of this epi plzz do post it asap! ?

  10. Shatakshi

    Hey lover
    The episode was really Awesome
    N the songs were really cute
    N the emoticons makes ur ff really Amazing
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤❤❤

  11. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. …

    1. Thanks a lot

  12. Superbbbbbbb osmmmmmmmm loved it

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  13. osm lover osm yr wts in dt letter

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