Prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff episode 7 part 2

Hii guys part 2 here I hope I had not made you guys wait and hope you are liking it as its second last episode of my ff.Thank you so much Rashi, sayeeda di, fan ,kruti ,sameera ,dreamer…..arundhati,forever fan of twinj(I hope you don’t take off from your words and you have checked reply),shruthis Di,calmenazu ,shatakshi for commenting.?and please keep commenting as may be next one will be my last.?? so back to parts 2 of episode.episode start with kunj opening the letter and its written that(aap hi padh lo)??

Kunj or rather I can say my love my heart my bff I know you are thinking that who I am right? So let me tell you not to think too much as doctors have said you not that not to think too much as it can affect your health and I don’t want it to be happen as I love you till my last breathe and from the core of my heart .So let me tell you my love story I mean our love story .so its mention as how they meet how they become friends how they become love birds How they propose each other what has happened at annual day how he sang song for her on annual day how he save her life by risking his own life how she feel how he feel and then she said on the annual day if on I understand than you don’t be in such a condition know I am bad luck to anyone my destiny it always ready to hurt you these are the best days of my life but worst day of your life kunj as my bad faith is always ready to destroy you… sorry for coming into your life and make it worse.and if you want to know more than read our love story I mean my diary……

And he starts to her diary fb starts…
Kunj saved twinkle that day and also everyday from Maya evil plans unknowingly.but one day when twinj were going to home from school some boys start to misbehave with twinkle and kunj saves twinkle but they beat kunj as they were 10 in number and Kunj is alone so they made Kunj condition worst and doctor tell that there are very less chances of him to survive .and after two day kunj condition become stable and twinkle went to meet kunj in his house then she got the shock of her life that kunj has forget everything that had happened 1 years back.And twinkle went into a shock and not able to believe in this .so doctor recommended twinkle parents to make twinkle away from kunj memories.
Twinkle p.o.v. this can’t happen how can he forget me so easily .then she recollect all the memories and said its correct kunj had forgotten me I never ever come in his way now twinkle p.o.v ends.
Fb ends

Diary next page: but you know what Kunj destiny has something else kept for me as you after two years take admission in same school.I don’t know how I have make me understand in these two years that not to come close to you as it will hurt fate you know naa how bad it was? But I hope you love me always like this and after forgetting my love too your mind has some memories of mine that you even don’t know.I know on the very first moment you saw me before two years from now you fall in love with me twice. And Kunj please do your studies well and don’t forget about me as it really hurts.(tears were coming out of kunj eyes continuously as he is reading this). And he turns next page of diary :
I know you are crying but stop crying as you only used to say naa I hate tears and now only you are shedding it.and I know now you are thinking how I know it that you will cry because I know you more than yourself Mr sadu sarna and this makes kunj smiles a bit.
Ok now please stop smiling and tell me siyappa queen once as it really a long time to hear it.
Kunj said siyappa queen (so loudly but with love)

And continues to read it kunj thanks for screaming my name whole heartidly and please don’t try to find me as I am always in your heart either you remember me or not it doesn’t matter as I know it.If we have meet last time then bye as I don’t if once again destiny plays some prank to make me meet you or not but still I have hope that this time too destiny play some prank which can be beyond our thinking….. Ok bye and promise me that you will never try to reach me till destiny doesn’t make us meet once again ……..take care and be something in your life.
With love
Yours and only yours twinkle.Bye
and kunj gets heartbroken and episode ends with his sad face.
To be continued…….

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  1. ya baby ofcourse how can we forget u

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    It was really emotional…..Nice epi

  3. Nice epi

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    Awesome epi lover..

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    It was so emotional yaar I loved it . it tottaly touched my heart very very deep

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    So emotional one …u made me cry ….love u nd post next one soon

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    Wow lover
    That was so emotional
    Really loved it to the core

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    emotional one

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    Wowww such an emotional one …loved it

  10. ooooo too emotional yaar m on d verge of crying
    it was tooooo good

  11. ??????? such a emotional epi …..
    Heartbreaking tha ???
    Feeling sad for kunj ……

  12. Dreamer...arundhati

    Lover dear bff..muah .., lovely..emotions r expressed so well..I was literally crying
    Ctd soon

  13. yr wow lover osm u made me cry luv dit yr

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