Prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff episode 6

Hii guys I know I have said that may be I will continue but then read the comments of many of you who liked it and me too don’t want you all to be in suspense that if I will continue then what will happen next. And guys I will try to end this soon as I know its a common story.
Okay now enough of my bakbak back to episode:
Episode starts with twinkle engrossing in a deep thought once again after listening to Maya question
Flashback continues(recap dena hoga ;please this time manage naa next time I will surely give recap because I am not in mood.) After twinj cute talks they get separated as they went to their respective groups (remember that no one knows about their relationship except Maya).
And they went on some gossips together .
Suddenly they all hear someone screaming bachao bachao….(save me save ne) and they went to the direction of that sound and saw that a girl life is in risk as she is about to fall from roof.And Kunj gets more shocked to see that its none other than twinkle. He gets teary eyed and scream twinkle forgetting where he is?
Everybody starts to stare at him due to his sudden reaction.

Kunj p.o.v:oh my god again a siyappa no no its not siyappa but its blunder .now what to do how to save her . no kunj do something you have to do it.its about her life your life.(tears were continuously flowing from his eyes)his thought went to applause when he hear her screaming his name.He saw her with pain love and somewhere with guilty eyes because he was unable to save her when she stuck in such situation. (You know naa prevention is better than cure that why he has guilt don’t think that he made her fall as this part is still left I will show it later that how she stuck at roof ? and I hope I am not confusing you please comment if you have any queries or complain)Now Kunj run as fast as he can to climb the stair case to reach the roof and then went to her forward his hand by asking her to catch up his hand to climb up.Their hands meets and he climbed her up.Then without wasting a second he huge her so tightly and scold her for being so irresponsible and careless. And in ground everyone were surprised to see what has happened sometimes back and more surprised to see that how Kunj risked his own life for twinkle.
And both (twinj)composes themselves then return down with a satisfied face as nothing bad has happened.
Fb ends.

Twinkle p.o.v:I know kunj you are always there to save me whenever I fall.thank you so much kunj for coming in my life but my bad fate it always ready to harm you.On that day too because of me you risked your own life and that day only I have to understand about it but I get late to understand this . and because of my fault to understood this late the result is this. But I promise this time I didn’t come close to you and let my fate to trouble you.
She come out of thought when Maya give a jerk to twinkle.
Maya:twinkle where are you lost I have been calling you since past 30 minutes but you didn’t give any response.
Twinkle:nowhere and please ask your question fast as I have to study(acting that she doesn’t hear what she has told).
Maya:do you like new boy ?

Twinkle: nodded her head in no with heavy heart and asks her to leave.
Maya silently went out and twinkle bursts out crying.
Twinkle to herself: why it always happen to me only?when I thought now everything is on correct path then only everything seems to get mess with each other. Jisse picha chorwana chahti thi wahi samne khada hai kaise samna karu uska?kyu babaji mere hi kyu hamesha?(I only which I want to forget is getting in front of me and now how to stand to move on from this?Why this happens with me only? And episode ends with twinkle sad face.
To be continued…
Mujhe pata hai mai last two episode se kunj ko nhi dikha rhi lekin ye story ke liye important hai waise to fb mei twinj scenes hai hi and guys please do comment.????
Thank you so much sayeeda di, shatakshi, sameera,maanvi arora,shrutis,kruti,sonali,Zikra,aashi,dreamer and baby for your precious comments and keep commenting guys love you all??. And thank you saby , sayeeda di and prince for commenting in my last article.??Especially sayeeda di you encouraged me a lot through your comments??.love you di and keep supporting me .thank you silent readers for reading it. Bye
And thank you shamz for making me visit twinj engagement.?

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  1. Shatakshi

    Hey lover
    The episode was Awesome as always
    Loved it????

  2. Kruti

    Nice epi

  3. Syeda Farhana

    Hey I just loved ur today’s ep a lot. And according to me, guess Kunj had an accident and for that accident he is now suffering from a memory loss, so twinkle blames herself for Kunj’s condition

  4. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode Lover…..loved it..
    Nd don’t worry dear I’m always their support u as I know how much it takes time to write a single episode nd if we don’t get expected comments we feel disheartened but don’t worry ur ff is awesome…. continue with it..

  5. Amazing epi lover…
    N don’t worry about comments yaar
    We r here to always support u……..
    N do cont asap as I can’t wait for more….

  6. Fan

    Awesome epi lover..plz dont end ur ff..

  7. Lover i have bcom a lover of ur ff.
    Ctd soon

  8. Shruthis

    superb dear 🙂

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