Prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff episode 4


Hii thanks for your support dear ??love you all.
So let’s continue with episode 4:
The episode starts with twinkle and kunj both are lost in each other just then Maya said are you fine ?(kabab mei haddi disturb two love birds)
Then twinkle composes herself and ask kunj to leave her in a cold tone.
Kunj leaves her and twinkle went out to her way without even uttering a word.
Kunj p.o.v:what a strange girl she is?I helped her and she is showing her attitude and went without saying thanks to me.Okay I don’t want her thanks but I want to talk to her.How to gain her attention? Oh shit because of these I am getting late.Thinking this he too went out.
Maya p.o.v:It seems that both like each please this time too not some years back same incident has happened with me just because of that b***h twinkle. I will not let this happen twice??(she thinks that she will separate them but she don’t know they are made for each other. am I right??Ok I know I know I am always right ok now leave all this)
Flashback (yes guys she went to flashback at least we also have right to know what has happened some years back that makes Maya evil and against twinkle okay now don’t get furious I will tell you no I mean show you as its a flashback na)
Fb shows two girls who were returning from school (don’t start thinking two much its only our sweet bubbly twinkle and your evil girl Maya hahaha?).(I think its their result day because they had report card in their hands let’s hear what they were talking).
Maya:give your result to me I want to see your grade.

Twinkle:Maya your grades are better than me.I am sure this time you have got better marks than me.don’t worry first let’s come home then I will show you my result. Maya(sadly):ok
Saying this they reached their home and their parents take both result and start comparing with each other .(parents=prnt) Prnt:Wow twinkle thats great a result.see maya you have got only 90% marks whereas twinkle had got 95% marks.its better for you to learn something from her.
Saying this they went Maya broke down and twinkle try to console her but of no use.Maya went to her room and cry.Maya p.o.v:this time too I have to tolerate this and twinkle what she think of herself that she is oversmart .Don’t worry twinkle from now on there is only aim of my life which is to destroy you completely and i will change your destiny to worse that you can’t even think of.
Next month their new session starts and while going school they collide with a person and he is none other than our hot dashing charming kunj sarna (any girl will love to fall for him but he doesn’t talk to them because he don’t like their chipkoo behavior.) And they both fall on ground and twinkle starts scolding him for making him fall whereas Maya get lost in him.
Kunj started thinking she is first girl who is fighting with me that too after seeing me .I must have to say that she is not ordinary girl and I must want her to be my friend (I think he has forgotten that friendship is first stage of a love story).
And now he back to present after breaking his chain of thoughts and said sorry to her like a good boy.And said to twinkle will you be my friend?
Twinkle p.o.v:strange boy I have tell him this much due my frustration but he accept his mistake and asking me to become his friend.
Twinkle too come out of her thought and said yes and they both shake hands.
Kunj:Kunj sarna student of class 7 and you?
Twinkle:Twinkle…Twinkle taneja(with full attitude) And we are in same class.Suddenly twinkle saw Maya and introduces her to him.
Maya:hii kunj I must say you are looking smart.
Kunj give not interested look and said hii only.
And trio move to class.

Flashback ends (I hope you have not forgotten that we are in flashback till now).
Presently Maya smile evilly and said twinkle last time you take my love and destiny play a prank on me but this time I will not let this happen and episode ends with her evil smile.
To be continued and I hope you are liking this. please do comments and tell your views either its in favour or against because I know I am not able to write well. I am thinking to add some lines in Hindi only if you don’t have please reply??
And thank you so much shruthis, aashi, Krystal di , kruti ,Zikra ,sayeeda di , shatakshi ,twinjfan-(tamanna),crazy di ,dreamer….arundhati, fan ,Sam ,apporwa for giving your valuable comment.?
And at last a special message for my friend( I will not reveal the name).Dear tu mujhe nahi samajh payi kyuki agar samajhti to aisa nhi bolti ……Jo bhi tumne bola ek quote sunati hu tujhe iss pe “Friendship is not merely a word but its a relationship saying I was,I am,I will be…..always with you.?(agar tumne isse padha to comment pe ek reply jarur dena bye hope tum samajh gayi hogi)

Sorry friends for writing personal message here but what to do my friend is not understanding me.

Ok bye I know there I have done a lot of bakbak so once again sorry for that.

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