Prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff episode 3

Hii guys I am before time today as I am free so I thought to give you all surprise with my fast update .??So no more bakbak lets move to episode 3:
It Starts with recess time when many girl went to kunj and trying to take his attention to them but kunj was busy in studying(after all he is a studious boy and don’t like to talk with these chipkoo girls so he better think to ignore them).
Kunj p.o.v:What the hell is this? Babaji In this world only I have seen by you for this type of crap why?The girl I want to talk is not paying attention and these types of girls whom I hate most is irritating me.
Screen shifts to twinkle she is feeling jealous but showing that she is not paying attention and busy in studying.
Twinkle p.o.v:what yes I am jealous after all he is my one and only love of my life my kunj but these girls what they are trying to do?chipkali always busy in flirting with new boys idiot creature who don’t have shame ;by the way they are habitual but why kunj is not telling anything ?is he too enjoying ?no what are you thinking twinkle, Kunj also don’t like these types of girls but why is not saying anything? Oh no now I got it he is trying to ignore them oh my sweet cutie pie. Maya p.o.v: in my who life I like a only boy but these girls why are they not focusing on their own work. Oh sorry they are only doing their work because its their work only.
Just then bell rings and all went to their seats.
Next scene all are busy in their work and twinj are busy staring each other and suddenly their eyes meet.It is a sweet cuteeeee one second eye lock because it is break by twinkle and she went to flashback.
Fb shows that it was day when the play is going on(the same one which they were practising for a long time)and all were busy in doing arrangements for this while is becoming jealous by seeing their closeness and he went away from.Twinkle saw him going but she was forced due to play to do her role.After that she went to found Kunj but too her surprise he was not there she became so tensed…..
Fb ends as her thoughts is disturbed due to another bell and school ends.Now all started to leave and twinkle too starts to leave but she was busy in thought that she is about to fall due to jerk given by Maya intentionally to make her fall but kunj saves her and they share an intense eyelock.
Episode ends with Maya irked face and twinj happy face.
To be continued…..
And thank you dear sayeeda, dreamer….arundhati, sanjanadivya, ria, Zikra ,shatakshi, twinj fan(tamanna), zaku , Sam for your lovely comments…??And thank you silent readers for reading it love you all lots….
And thank you writer of twinj tale(forever fan of twinj)for making me think to write my own ff.

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  1. Shruthis

    superb dear 🙂

  2. Awesome epi

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    Fantastic n i read ur episodes they r fab my lover hehe keep it up

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    Nice epi

  5. Amazingggggggggggg fab do cont soon

  6. Amazing…. loved it…ur ff is awesome..

  7. Shatakshi

    The episode was osum
    Loved it??

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    awesome. ..

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    Hai dear lovely episode
    Keep writing!
    Good luck

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    Lover dear loved it

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    Awesome epi..

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    Ye le comment kr diya sorry thoda late tha but kiya toh sahi
    But tune mujhse ye kyun pucha ki koi changes chahiye kya.
    Teri story pehle se hi dhuandar hai.

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    So sorry for the late comment but, the episode was amazing.

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