Prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff episode 1


Hii guys thanks for your support and firstly I want to convey a message regarding this ff to you all that I am not sure whether I am able to complete this ff or not but I will try to entertain you all through my ff.??
So now let’s begin the first episode of my ff: Episode starts with a room in which there are many benches placed in a row,a blackboard at the centre of room and many students sited in their particular seat and gossiping with each other.Now the whole room is shown where is written class-8.Now came shows stairs where it is shown that a girl is climbing stairs to reach her class and then the girl enter the class and placed her bag on the front bench of class .Her face is shown she is smart and cutteee. Just then a girl come to her and say that why are you too late Maya. (So now it is reviled that the girl is Maya not twinkle , how much have think that she is twinkle ?are yaar herione ki entry aise kaise ho sakti hai)and now the girl continued you know what Twinkle has reacher one hour ago and now she is in office with(no guys not because of punishment but because of punishment but because she has to give a speech on ground in assembly today)

Maya replied:what twinkle has already reached but its only 8:00 now ?she thinks now how can I steals her speech omg now what to do …

Just then a boy enter the class and all girl are staring him and all boys become jealous of him.Maya too is busy staring just then his face is shown he is smart and dashing kunj sarna new student of class.And then he took seat on second bench of boys rows and all girl come out of their thought because of prayer bell and all went to ground for assembly and Kunj too went while going he is lost somewhere and fell due to dash with a girl and he get lost in her beauty and simplicity but the girl the went because she was in hurry and he too come out of his thoughts and smiled then stand in row.After some time a girl is shown at stage for her speech “Good morning one and all” and she continues at last her name is heard Twinkle taneja.She is looking beatiful and her voice is just like cuckoo (a bird who sing melodiously and is black in colour).
Kunj p.o.v:wow wow wow I thought that she is only beatiful but no I am wrong she is not only beatiful but also good at studies too.But why I am thinking all this oh shit man I am in love or that is too love at first sight ??)
Maya p.o.v:oh no I am late that too because of beauty sleep otherwise now twinkle respect and everything get vanished in a second but now I have to wait for another chance but I promise next time I will do it and she smirks?
now claps are heard from all students and screen parts in three first twinkle is shown twinkling?,second kunj smiling?and Maya angry face?…..

To be continued and guys please comment if you like it and if you want any changes than tell it too.
And thank you so much Sam,Fiona,Sayida farhana,Zikra,Ria,Yashashvi,Sayeeda,Sama and dreamer for commenting on my intro??
And silent reader too for reading it….Bye And guys my English is not much good so please bear with it.

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  1. Hey lover it ws gud epi yaar loved it do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  2. Amazing…. waiting for next one…

  3. Dreamer...arundhati

    Very good start dear lover
    Ctd asap

  4. awesomeeeee

  5. Ria

    It was amazing

  6. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..

  7. awesome plot post soon

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