The prank that changed our lives (Part 6)


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Everyone got up and went downstairs for breakfast. They were having their breakfast when they heard a knock on the door. Sumi went to open the door and
1st person(happy): arey Sharmishta ji how are you
Sumi(happy): Sujata ji aap. What a pleasant surprise.
Friends( very happy): aunty and they run towards sujata and took blessings and hugged her
Sujata: khush raho bachcho
Just then someone said
2nd person: arey all the hugs for her nothing for me
Lucky: arey Ram uncle how can we forget you and they rush to Ram
(dp and rp are not brothers. Rp: Ramprasad Roy friend of Kabir Kashyap: father of SanLak)
Sumi: arey please come in and have breakfast with us.
And they finished their breakfast and after that they setlled on the couch when Sanky spoke
Sanky: maa woh I was no we were thinking about the marriage of…
And was cut of by sujata
Sujata: whattt you wanna get married. You should have said earlier na then I would have searched a beautiful girl for you
Sanky: arey nahi aunty I wasn’t talking about my marriage I was talking about Abhi
Abhi was shocked
Abhi: what but why

Lucky: arey forgot so soon. You were the one who was desperate to get married. Now that we’re talking about your shaadi then you are asking us why
Abhi: but..(looks sadly at Kavya)
Sujata: but what about the girl
Sarah: don’t worry aunty we’ve found the perfect girl for him
Sumi&Sujata: what who
Sarah: here’s is the photo
Sumi and Sujata are shocked and happy
to see the photo
Sujata: sachhi
Lucky: haan aunty. Ab jaldi se haan boldo aur maa aap bhi
Sumi&Sujata: haan haan haan
Abhi was looking sad and so was Kavya.
Sanky was going out when
Rp: arey sanskaar where are you going
Sanky: arey uncle we need to do preparations also na.
Lucky: yeah bhai wait we’re also coming
Everyone went outside except Abhi and Kavya
Abhi: Kavya what will we do now
Kavya: Abhi I think you should marry the girl whom they selected for you
Abhi(shocked): whattt are you mad you know that I love you and still
Kavya(crying): I know and I love you too but have you seen how happy they were. Please marry the girl.
Abhi: noo I won’t
Kavya: please for my sake
Abhi(sadly): fine
They hugged eachother and cried. Just then they heard applauses and were shocked to see everyone.

Abhi: woh..
Kavita: woh kya huh. When were you both planning to tell us
Abhi: guys we wanted to tell you all today but you guys brought an alliance for me. So..
Lucky: don’t wanna see the photo of the girl
Abhi: no
Lucky:please I insist
Abhi: fine show me
Then Abhi saw the photo and was shocked and happy
Abhi: really
Sarah: of course yaar
Then Abhi showed the pic to Kavya and she was so happy that she took Abhi in a bone crushing hug. Everyone was admiring tje beautiful couple and then they began with the preparations of the engagement.

They were busy when a beautiful girl entered Baadi in a yellow simple churidaar. Her eyes fell on Sanky and she ran towards him
Girl: Sanskaar
Sanky turned to the girl. He was surprised to see the girl and he immediatly hugged her and said
Sanky: Preeti( role played by Tanya Sharma)
And the rest also turned to see. They were so happy to see Preeti
Lucky(happy): Diiii and ran towards her
(Preeti is SanLak sister. Twin sis of Sanky)
Lucky and everyone else hugged her
Just then Sheetal(mrs. Kashyap) enters Baadi and was shocked to see Preeti and got angry
Sheetal(angry): what are doing here huh. Have you again come to kill my son
SanLak became angry listening to Sheetal and Preeti was crying. Laksh couldn’t take see Preet in tears and
Lucky(angry): how dare you mrs. Kashyap.
Sheetal: Laksh you stay out of it. You don’t know anything.
Lucky: I know every damn thing.
Sheetal: do you even know that she tried to kill your brother. And Sanky couldn’t take it anymore and shouted
Sanky(angry): shut up! Just shut up. What kind of a mother are you. You are saying that your daughter tried to kill me, your son, have you lost it. You know we wanted to tell you that day only what had happened but Preeti stopped us. She didn’t wanted you to feel guilty par aaj toh aapne hadd hi kardi.(he looked towards Preeti) I’m sorry Preeti but today she has to know the truth
Preeti: no Sanky please
Lucky: no dii bhai is righy she has to kbow what had happened that day

Preeti along with SanLak went outing on a cliff side. They were singing dancing and running when a truck came with a high speed in Sanky. To save Sanky Preeti pushed him away and in this process Sanky almost fell from the cliff. And just then Sheetal who came to enjoy with her kids had mistoken Preeti that she wanted to kill Sanky. Then she slapped Preeti. That’s the day when SanLak broke all the relations with their mom
Flashback ends
Sheetal was crying
Sanky(crying): she didn’t want to kill me mom she saved my life
Sheetal went to Preeti and folded her hand
Sheetal(crying): I’m so sorry beta I misunderstood you. Mujhe maaf kardo
Preeti(also crying and holded her hands) noo mom please don’t ask for forgiveness. And she hugged her mom. SanLak were also crying and
SanLak: mom please forgive us
Sheetal: arey beta why are you both asking for forgiveness I should be the one who should ask for it
SanLak: no mom. And they hugged their mom.
Then another girl entered Baadi
Girl: OMG what’s happening here
Everyone turned to see the girl who was wearing a blue lehenga.
Sanky(shocked+happy): Aashiiii and ran towards Aashi
Aashi: Sanky my buddy and they hugged
Aashi: areh what yaar everyone is crying and these preparations. Sanky what’s happening here
And Sanky told everything to her. Then Aashi went to greet everyone. After that they continued their work. Later on the day
Sumi: let’s have the engagement tomorrow
Sanky: haan maa you’re right
Sujata: but what about the guests and there are still lots of work to do. We’re not even finished with decorating
Lucky: aunty don’t worry we’ll manage everything. We’ll divide in 2groups. One group will invite the guests and the other group will be busy in decorating
Sarah: good idea
And they started with their tasks

@night @shekhar and sumi room
Shekhar: misti, I’ve also invited dp and ap
Sumi: that’s great. We’ll meet them after such a long time
Shekhar:yeah and now let’s sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow.

(Sanky and Aashi are best friends
Laksh and Kavya are best friends. Sumi is PreeSanLak’s aunt, bua, they call her maa cause they spent most time with her than Sheetal. Aashi is daughter of Sujata and Rp)

Precap: The Maheshwari’s in Baadi

Sarah: Shiny Doshi
Rahul: Gautam Rode
Kavita: Nikita Sharma
Kavya: Roop Durgapal
Rambo: Vivian Dsena
Abhi: Shaheer Sheikh
Preeti: Tanya Sharma
Aashi: Krystle D’souza

Hope you guys liked it.

Credit to: khushi

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