The prank that changed our lives (Part 4)


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We see a huge and beautiful mansion on its gate it’s written ‘Mahehswari Mansion’. As we enter the house we see a woman of nearly 50yrs ordering the servants to make breakfast. And another woman comes nearly 60yrs and asked the other woman
Kaveri: Ap, have the girls woken up
Ap: Ji woh I was just going to check
Kaveri: let it be I’ll go to wake them up

Here there is a room which is beautiful, but on the tables there lots of papers. It looks like someone has been working all night long. Just then we see a beautiful girl sleeping, but she’s not sleeping peacefully. Looks like she’s having a bad dream. And the bad dream is about her past. She wakes up with a jerk when she heard someone knocking on the door
Kaveri: arey Swara beta wake up or else you will get late for office.
(yup she’s our Swara
Swara: I’m comming bua
Saying this she goes to bathroom to freshen up

There is another it’s also beautiful and everything is putten on its place. And infront of a mirror we see a beautiful girl combing her hair. She’s wearing a blood red kurti which is simple yet beautiful and skinny jeans. Just she hears a knock on the door
Kaveri: Ragini beta I know that you’re ready so come and have your breakfast
(yes the girl is our Ragini)
Ragini: ji bua I’m comming

Both of the sisters come downstair. Ragini in her beautiful kurti and Swara in a beautiful white jumpsuit. They wished everyone and started to eat their breakfast. After finishing it they bid bye to Ap, Dp and Kaveri

Outside MM
Ragini: Di, can we go somewhere today after office
Swara: but why do you want to go somewhere all of a sudden
Ragini: plzz na di, you always keep working I get bored. It’s been a while we did go somewhere. Plzz na. For me(puppy face)
Swara: oh God no one can win over you. Theek hain we’ll go. After office I’ll pick you up and then we’ll go wherever you want. Okay?
Ragini( jumping in excitement): super wala okay di I love you and kisses Swara on her cheeks.
Swara: dramebaaz
Ragini: woh toh main hoon
And both burst into a laughter and then left for their offices
@Maheshwari Constructions
Swara enters the building greeted by the employees and enters her cabin. Then she call her pa and they discuss about new projects (guys I don’t know much about office works for I won’t drag these parts)

On the other side we see a girl shouting on her employees for not doing their work
Girl(angry): what is this huh. Do you call this a design.
Employee: sorry,Ragini ma’am
(yes the girl is Ragini)

Ragini(angry): what sorry huh. Go and make a better design and if you can’t then just get out of this office.
Employee(scared&shocked): yyess ma’am
And Ragini enters her cabin and murmurs
Ragini: this idiots don’t even know how to make a design. Useless fellows
(Ragini is a perfectionist and when someone doesn’t reach her expectations she gets angry)

Precap: Swaragini outing and SanLak masti with their friends

I hope you guys liked it
I know it’s a short update, but what to do I’ve to make a presentation for my spanish class. The next episode will be longer hopefully till then take care guys

Credit to: khushi

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