The prank that changed our lives (Part 2)

Hello everyone. I posted an intro, but it wasn’t uploaded. So I’ll write it in this episode. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting on my story. A big thank you to Chandu, Ruhani, Megha123, Rizna and Soujanya.
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Intro of the boys:
Sanskaar Kashyap: one of the biggest bussiness tycoon of India. Loves his younger brother and sister. He’s also one of the main lead singer of a band

Laksh Kashyap: younger brother of Sanskaar. Loves his bro and sis alot. Also a singer in the same band.

Now the band’s name and the group members:

The band’s name is Friends Rock Band and the members are:
Rahul, Kavita, Abhi, Kavya, Rambo and Sarah (all these character are +ve)

Intro of the girls:
Swara Maheshwari: CEO of the Maheshwari Construction. Daughter of Annapurna and Durgaprasad Maheshwari. Has a younger sister Ragini. Loves her alot and can do anything for her happiness.

Ragini Maheshwari: younger sister of Swara, loves her sister alot. She is a fashion designer

As the story will proceed there will be new entries.

Laksh pov
When chachu spoke about Kolkata, I got flashes of my past. We’re going back to place where our lives changed. I just pray to God that I never see her face again.

Sanskaar pov
When Lucky asked me if I was sure to go back to Kolkata I just wanted to yell Noo, but we had had to fulfil dad’s wish. Kolkata here we come. Yes we are going to place which snatched our love, friends and family

Both SanLak left to their house. And just then mr. Mehra got a call.
Mr. Mehra: hello
The person: mehra uncle is the work done
Mr.mehra: yes they are comming
Person: thank you, bye
Call ended

@Kashyap mansion
In Sanskaar’s room
There’re lots of pictures of him with his friends and family
Sanskaar was packing his bag when Laksh came to his room
Lucky: bhai where will we stay
Sanky: we’ll stay at hotel
Lucky: won’t you go to Baadi, bhai
Sanky: I wanna go lucky but I’m scared. I won’t be able to face her.
Lucky: It’s okay bhai we’ll stay in a hotel

Meanwhile in Kolkata
Two persons are talking
1st person: they are comming, but..
2nd one: but what
1st: how will we bring them to Baadi. You know na that they won’t come by theirselves
2nd: don’t worry I’ll bring them.

To be continued

Credit to: khushi


  1. Megha123

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    Awsm yaar????? this suspence is killing me men! ! ????I guess in the last part the persons talking were swaragini ????

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