The prank that changed our lives (Part 1)


Hey guys I’m back with the 1st episode of The prank that changed our lives

There is a huge building on which is written Kashyap Constructions. As we enter the building we see the employees drinking coffee and talking to each other. Just then a car stops in front of the building. A young dashing guy gets out from one side and from the other side another handsome guy gets out of the car and they both enter the building. They are greeted by their employees and they head to their cabins. The first guy enters his cabin and after sometime a man of almost 50yrs enter the cabin.
Mr. Mehra: Gm sir
1st guy: Chachu, how many times I’ve said don’t call me sir just call me by my name. You’re older than me.
Mr. Mehra: sorry sanskaar beta
(yes the boy is sanskaar only)
Just then the other guy enters Sanskaar’s cabin
2nd guy: Namaste chahu and takes blessings from Mr. Mehra
Mr. Mehra: God bless you Laksh
(the 2nd guy is none other than our Laksh)
Mr. Mehra: Sanskaar&Laksh, I came to tell you both that we cracked the deal with mr. Sengupta, but…
Laksh: that’s great chachu but what’s the matter
Mr. Mehra: mr. Sengupta came yesterday from London and for signing the papers you both need to go to Kolkata. Cause he’s staying there
Both Sanskaar and Laksh got schocked listening the word Kolkata.
Laksh: chachu can’t he come here. You know na that we don’t want to go to Kolkata.
Mr. Mehra: but beta…
Sanskaar: chachu don’t worry we will go to Kolkata.

Laksh: but bhai are you sure?
Sanskaar: yes laksh and you know na that it was dad’s dream to work together with mr. Sengupta and to build a branch of Kashyap Constructions in Goa. And if he’s in Kolkata we also should go there and moreover we’ll go there only to sign the papers na.
Laksh: theek hai bhai we’ll. We won’t let our past affect our future.

Of which past was Laksh talking? What happened to them in Kolkata?

Precap: pov of Laksh and Sanskaar

Credit to: khushi

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