Pragya and Abhi love story part 5


Pragya and Abhi love story part 5
Sorry its short next part will be long

Scene 1
Abhi is seen thinking to himself
Abhi: why couldn’t I confess my feelings to pragya I love her why
Abhi: I will confess today
Pragya enters
Pragya: don’t you have a meeting now
Abhi in his mind
What to do know
Abhi phone rings
Abhi: heloo heloo
Abhi pretends
Abhi: what all my meetings are cancelled
Pragya shocked
Abhi: my meeting are all cancelled pragya
Pragya: ok well stay here
Abhi: I have something to say to you
Pragya: what
Abhi in one breath
I lied to you about coming here this was alla plan for me to get close to you I love you pragya
Pragya: wat did you say at the end
Abhi: I love you pragya
Pragya shocked and speechless
Abhi; I need your response too
Pragya: I love you too
Abhi opens his arms
Pragya hugs him
Abhi kisses pragya on the lips
They go into a deep kiss

Precap: Abhi and pragya get intimate They have a romantic time

Spoiler: soon will post long parts

Credit to: AHTayyab

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  1. Ha ha .. Thy kissed n gets intimate

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