Pragya and Abhi love story part 4


Abhi and pragya love story part 4

Scene 1
Abhi IN HIS ROOM TALKS TO to himself
I should confess to pragya I love her pragya I love her I will confess to her today
Abhi thinks of a plan
Abhi: I will take her somewhere then confess there I will do acting of a meeting
Abhi: fuggi chashmesh pragya
Pragya: what can’t you just call me pragya instead of saying those 3 names together
Abhi: I want you come on a meeting with me it’s in a hotel in Delhi and hotel stay free
Pragya: when do we have to go?
Abhi: tonight
Pragya: ok let me ask dadi

Scene 2
Pragya comes to dadis room
Pragya; Daadi
Daadi: what happened beta
Pragya: dadi wo Abhi and I have to go to Delhi for a meeting and hotel stay for 2 weeks
Daadi: ok go have fun and don’t forget my grandson wish
Pragya blushes
Pragya leaves
Daadi: oo god I wish my wish comes true I hope they become close to each other

Scene 3
Pragya starts packing
Abhi comes in
Aabhi: how long are you gonna pack for
Pragya: give me time I just started I have to pack your clothes and then mine just tell me what files you need
Abhi: leave files they have them there already
Pragya: ok
Kumkum bhagya plays
Pragya: oo yes I almost forgot to put sindoor
Abhi: here catch
Abhi throws it and its about to fell
Pragya catches it
Pragya: this sindoor is too important for me don’t ever do that with it again
Abhi: okay calm down pragya
Pragya: finally instead of chashmesh fuggi you called me pragya I thank you
Abhi: your most welcome

Scene 4
Abhi and pragya are at a plane
Abhi falls asleep and puts his head in pragyas lap
Pragya stares at him
Pragya to herself
He looks good sleeping only if I could tell him how much I love him
Pragya kisses Abhi on the cheek
Abhi moves and smiles
Abhi: did you just kiss me on the cheek
Pragya: you must be dreaming
Abhi sees the moment and kisses pragya on the cheek
Pragya is shocked
Abhi: a kiss for a kiss
Pragya smiles

Scene 5
Abhi and pragya reach the house
It’s a mansion Abhi booked for 2 weeks
Pragya: this isn’t a hotel it’s a beautiful house
Abhi to himself
I booked this house so we can romance freely
Abhi holds Pragya
Abhi: Pragya I
Pragya; what
Abhi: I
Pragya: what
Abhi: I need to show you the top room come with me
Pragya: ok
Pragya to herself
Why is he acting so weird today? There must be a reason or him that positive and good its unbelievable

Precap: Abhi and pragya confess their feelings and they starts romance

Spoiler: Abhi and Pragya will get intimate soon then they’re will be a new twist

Credit to: AHTayyab

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