Pragya and Abhi love story part 3

.Abhi and Pragya love story part 3
Scene 1
Dadi calls Abhi and pragya
Pragya: dadi you called
Abhi enters
Abhi: dadi you called
Dadi: I want a great great son
Pragya blushes
Abhi and Pragya leave

Scene 2
Abhi; why did dadi say that
PragyaL how am I suppose to know
Abhi: did you tel anything to dadi
Pragya: no why would I
Abhi: I
Pragya: what
Abhi: I need a towel I need to go to shower
Pragya: ok
Abhi in his mind
Dam why didn’t I just say it I love her
Pragya gives Abhi the towel
He goes to take a shower
Pragya in her mind
What was he trying to say I what then he changes the topic I don’t know

Scene 3
Pragya gives Abhi coffee
Abhi: thank you fuggi I
Pragya: WHAT
Abhi: I thank you for the coffee

Abhi is seen thinking what to do to say I love you to pragya

Precap: Abhi tries to confess his feelings
Next part on Monday will be long

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