Pragya and Abhi forever

Hey guys! I am making my own ff. Hope you will like it.

Hey! I am Pragya. Pragya Mehra. My life is on a very serious mode. I have lost my husband and ….. Wait… I should start from starting. I was doing aarti with my family early morning in a temple. I was very happy that day because I realized that I was in love with Suresh, my neighbor but I think God didn’t like my choice. We came back home and I just went into my room and hurriedly got ready to go to college. “Bye Maa. I am going to college.” “Pragya please don’t go today. Your mama mami are coming. Moreover, I have to do all the preparations of the marriage which is taking place in our hall. I will not be able to talk to them today easily.” “But maa. I have to go today as I have an important thing to do and Bulbul is there for your help.” “No. I am not di. I am going to my friends house.” “Ok! Fine! I am not going. But let me inform Suresh. He is waiting outside for me.” I said and went out. “Sorry Suresh. I will not be able to come today as Mama and mami are coming.” “Ok! Bye! See you later.” he said and went away.

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  1. hey actually I wrote it very short as I want to know u like it or not

  2. BTW anandi y be u started with I’ve lost my husband .. ????

    1. Its a secret which will revealed soon.Actually she doesn’t really lost him is what I can just say

  3. Anandhi you and me both are updating meri aashiqui tum se hi and kumkum bhagya you are giving tough fight but i am 14 episodes ahead

    1. Ooh! Do u c swaragini? I write its ff too. I hope ur ff will go to heights and all will like it. Or I shld say love it.

  4. Anandi liking the way u narrate .. Wish u add up sum spice .. Romance

    1. Sure u will like it or I should say u will love it

  5. Write in a way .. As such vll luv it .. Vl u ? Hope u vl

  6. Do reveal the secret soon gal …m Waitn

  7. The show is being dragged to long its getting BORING, Let the truth be known soon.

    1. anandi please introduce abhi soon

  8. anandi hope u will take the track good the real kkb got flop at the first track !!!!!!!!!

    and soon introduce abhi

    1. ya umar u r right anandi add some grand spices in your fiction all the best !!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. I will do what u all will love

  10. Frahia Mohamed

    I love it..but please tell us about that part of”I have lost my husband”…mob love dear??

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